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    Kylington was hugely improved last season. He is ready for a regular role.
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    I don't see the strength on defence that others do. As we approach the season start, I'll move to a more positive or at least neutral stance, so I'll not elaborate on my thoughts with our defence. But, I will say that after getting blown out in the playoffs, 50 shots against per game, it was incredible to see an immediate response "we need a better right winger", or "we just need a really good offensive center".. Literally this happened. When you look at a hockey team, you look from the net out. You address your goaltending. Now and more importantly for the future. Next you solidify you defence, your defensive pipeline, you team defence. When that's all down you start talking about forwards. Defence is ALWAYS the priority. Always. It's like making sure your car has tires, making sure you have shoes on when you go for a walk. Even if we Didn't get blown out defensively in the playoffs, we should Never be at point where we take defence lightly or think it's "ok" and move on to the dire situation on the wing.
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    re: bolded... Problem?... I don't see one... The older way still works... We still see it on some teams, just not nearly as much as we used to... What bothers me is when we see another team doing it to our forwards, and our team doesn't clue in and do the same to theirs...
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    I think that we have a solid defence core. The problem that I have is that I may be embedded in the older way of playing defence. I was a big Reggie fan and loved it when he cleared the net. His skating was not great especially after the accident that broke both of his legs. He did generate some fear in the opposing team. You mess with Kipper, and you ARE going to pay. I would like to see more of that. Hamonic and Gio provide some toughness, but not quite like guys did back in the day.
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    Based on last season I'd say its well above league average. I think we put our own team under a microscope, when the Flames were scoring at will early in the year we always praise our effort, but we never say that the other teams D was Satoshi Nakamototy. If you watch every team with the same lens as you do your favourites you will see most teams make the same errors that the Flames make and as often or more often. I don't think you can be a top 10 team in GAA while being one of the worst teams defensively. Just my 2 cents.
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    I think that an injury is a plausible argument for his drop in play. I certainly don't know many NHL players, but I have spoken to a few over the years. There is consensus that there is a lot of pressure for players to keep playing despite an injury. They are encouraged to play through pain, keep their mouths shut when they do, and not bring down others. There is also the pressure of losing one's job. If Rittich's play drops, and Talbot just happens to go on a serious streak like he did with the Oilers that one year in the playoffs, Peters is sure to keep going with him. There is also the concern of being labelled of "injury prone".
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