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    I get what he is trying to do but man having both Bennett and Mang outside the top 6 makes no sense to me. 1 sure but both? Not a fan.
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    Yet another sign of just how inconsistent they’ve been. They’re either not making the playoffs or if they do they get bounced by the 1st round.
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    Such a frail minded team! One bad play and it just seems to completely suck the life and focus out of this team. It’s been like that for some time now , it’s the same story every time “Flames fail in the face of adversity”. I know it’s early in the season but I already don’t trust whatever mental space they are in. I know the team tries, but it’s usually to no avail. There is no killer instinct to this team and we’ve seen time and time again the inability of this team to regroup when it matters most
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    That's unfair, they don't always make the playoffs.
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    I think the problem is we did it without the right materials. In a way we picked the wrong years to suck like 2014 and didn't suck enough in 2013 to get a MacKinnon, Barkov or Jones. The overachievement in 2015 cost them a chance for McDavid, Eichel or Marner. Add in that Feaster did very little in his 3 drafts outside of Monahan and Gaudreau. Some of the pieces were very good to great, adding in a late bloomer like Gio and we hit the average-good team in a quick fashion but lacked the right pieces to elevate from average-good to great. Which is the dilemma that Treliving is in, too good to draft those players, too difficult to trade for those players, and the elite ones that hit the market like Tavares don't even give them a thought to come here. Tough spot to be in, but still room for growth with many of the guys thats why I remain cautiously optimistic with this team.
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