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    hmm thought this was the Mangipane thread..................
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    Ah didnt realize that, good to know. Ya, kinda rare that a thread would go off topic.....
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    Yeah, I agree with this. I mean, I don't agree with the owners, but I agree with your take on where they're at. Let me just say that this is...aweful. Our City deserves better. You can't live in this life being afraid of failure, there has to be a thirst for success. But I think you're right about them. I will say these two things: 1. People and owners can change. This ownership has been talked into rebuilds before, and they will again. Even if they've never followed through all the way. 2. Even if we don't burn it down, it won't stop us from rebuilding. Rebuilds happen to you when you run out of cards to play. That's about to be us. Also agreed, well said.
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    This has been posted previously, https://draftprospectshockey.com/draftsim/#/ I got a fun result 12th- Chaz Lucius C/RW Assuming nobody falls, I think the Flames are taking Lucius or Sillinger. Maybe Lambos is in the mix as well. I'm tired of this team never having RHS forwards so that pushed Lucius ahead of Sillinger and Lambos. Lucius will play next year at the University of Minnesota 44th- Scott Morrow RD Dominant high school player. He could go anywhere between 20th-50th, the fact he played high school hockey may have him available at 44th. Committed to UMass for next season. 76th- Ryan Ufko RD Ranked in the 40-90 range. Posted some big numbers for the Chicago Steel. Has drawn some comps to Adam Fox. Like Morrow, he's committed to UMass. 83rd- Tristan Broz C/LW This one is a bit of a stretch, based on most boards. Broz is ranked anywhere from the 20s to 70s. Skilled player that has dips in his compete level at times. Also committed to Minnesota. 140th- Riley Kidney C/LW Swiss army knife player, can do a bit of everything. Ranked in the 80-90 range so this one isn't realistic. 172nd- Jackson Blake RW NHL bloodlines. Dominant high school player. Played 25 games with the Chicago Steel and put up 17pts. Heading to North Dakota next year. 204th- Verner Miettinen C I liked him at the U17 in Swift Current/Med Hat. Wasn't as good in the U18's this spring though. Hard to make a pick in the 7th in these things. I don't really like these simulators, but they are fun. The first 3 picks are realistic-ish, the Broz one also has a chance. The Kidney and Blake likely won't be available. I didn't actively avoid CHL players, but the fact that 6 of the 7 picks are heading to College or in Europe, it buys the organization time. The timeline to sign CHL players is accelerated and in a year like this, it's hard to know what you have in your picks. With the college kids, you have up to 4 years to see. Also interesting to end up with 2 pairs of college teammates for 21/22.
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