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    Here's how I see the teams that Friedman mentioned. ANA- He mentioned on 960 yesterday that Buffalo wants the 3rd overall pick +. We'll see what happens prior to expansion, but the closer it gets to draft day, the less likely I see ANA moving that pick. This is the time of the year where teams fall in love with the prospects they will draft. MIN- They have two prospects in Boldy and Rossi that are likely better than any kids the Flames can offer. I would wonder how the Sabres feel about Rossi though, they picked Quinn over Rossi. They also have two later 1st's this season. I VGK- Krebs and Brisson are pretty similar prospects to Zary/Pelletier. Vegas needs to jump through a lot of hoops to make this happen. They also have a lot of NTC's, and like TB, nobody wants to leave that team. BOS- I think they have almost no shot at landing Eichel. First of all, why traden him in division? Second, they have spent so much draft capital trying to win-now. I struggle to see how they get it done. NYR- They could get it done, but I have a hard time seeing BUF sending him cross-state. Probably takes Lafreniere for the Sabres to send him there. LA- I don't see them doing it. Byfield may well be better than Eichel. I also don't see the Kings spending 30mill on 3 players. I actually think the Flames have a shot at Eichel, unlike others. - Aside from ANA, they can offer the Sabres the highest 1st of any of those teams. Again, I'm not convinced ANA is moving the 3rd pick, we'll see though. - In the 21 and 22 draft Calgary has 9 picks in the first 3 rounds. Most of any team that Elliotte mentioned. BOS has 4 ANA has 6 MIN has 8 VGK has 5 NYR has 6. If Buffalo wants to truly tear it down, the Flames certainly have the ability for BUF to stock up on top 100 picks. Then there's Tkachuk. While I don't think Tkachuk fits with the Sabres trajectory, if they acquired him, they are getting a heck of an asset. If the Sabres were to flip Tkachuk, they could get even more assets. I think the interest in Tkachuk would be very high.
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    It's what makes the whole thing fun. I think 30 years of mostly disappointment has many jaded on that philosophy and even the playoffs in general, but those 30 years the Flames were on the other end of that spectrum quite a bit. Even 1989, they were pushed to the brink of elimination by a team with 43 less points in the first round, then play the 6th worst team in the league in the conference championships. The NHL basically going head to head with the NBA playoffs should be a dream for the NHL in attracting the gamblers, the NBA has had very few 8's win in the first round, where the NHL has one almost every 2 years, occasionally 2 in one year. I think the whole, "just get in philosophy" isn't a real team goal. I think it gets thrown out when the team is either struggling to get in or misses by a little. Its just a message to try and calm the masses who want a complete coaching and management shakeup and roster overhaul, but I believe the team wants a top seed and more potential home dates. The areas where I think the ownership gets unfair criticism on here are for accepting mediocrity or the team only needs to make the playoffs. If those were the case Playfair doesn't get demoted after one year, Keenan doesn't get fired after getting to the playoffs two straight years. This is a team that once couldn't pay their franchise player 5 million a season, but has paid 6 million over 4 years for Troy Brouwer to not play for them. They want to win, they've just made some really poor decisions along the way, but it's not an easy league if it was then 30+ year droughts wouldn't be common, but they are.
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    The mention of "Youth" in the quote you provided refers to this leaked ask by GM Kevyn Adams of the Buffalo Sabres: Those components include a top-six center 25-year-old or younger, a top-four defenseman 25-or-young, a first-round pick and various prospects. The astronomical ask has teams backing off and thinking Adams has misread the market on what other GMs are willing to pay for a player who is elite, but also banged up.The executive said:
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    I am not convinced that Eichel is the answer, or even a player the Flames should target. There are pros and cons to acquiring him, and I think the cons outweigh the pros. Some have already been discussed, but let’s put them together to see what is what. **note** I consider asset management to be far more important than a name to put butts in seats. Eichel Pros Talented player (career almost point per game) *on an overall bad team Good size (6’2, 213) Young Gets more goals and points 5v5 than PP Wants to be traded Eichel Cons Cap hit 10 mil for next 5 years Career -69 Career 44.1% face offs Neck injury requiring surgery (does this cause style change due to mental) Cost to acquire If we compare stats over the last 6 seasons Monahan has more goals except in 19/20 than Eichel. Even adjusting for age, Monahan has a slight edge in goals. Other than 19/20 Monahan has better +/-, Monahan is typically above 50% face offs. Eichel holds a slight edge in points. Monahan has more games played each year, considering his injuries that says something about Eichel and injuries. Eichel has slightly better offensive stats than Tkachuk, though top line vs mostly 2nd line. Eichel has more offence than Lindholm (who is consistently improving here) but Lindholm is far better at face offs and +/-. So the question really is: is Eichel that much better than what we have especially considering his cap hit? While Eichel is a talented young player, I don’t see him moving the needle enough to cover for what is being sent back, or missed out on due to his cap hit. Due to his poor FO% the team is constantly chasing the puck rather than playing with it. With respect to injury, how long will recovery take? Will he have it in the back of his mind that he needs to better protect his body which changes his game? For the same reason I consider moving Tkachuk due to upcoming cap hit, I don’t think Eichel at 10 mil is good asset management. Buffalo is asking a steep price for Eichel. At least a very good young top 6 current forward or top 4 D, 1 very good prospect and a 1st round pick. It may likely even be more than that. Something like: 1 of Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk, or Hanifin, Valimaki, Andersson + 1 of Pelletier, Zary + First round Depending on the players, it may not be enough. An article I read this morning says Buffalo is looking at Cozens, Middlestat and Dahlin as the core they plan to build around. For these reasons, I just don’t see Eichel as the answer. He may be a reasonable move for right now, but would cause big issues in the future. Just my thoughts.
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    From Elliott’s 31 thoughts: Calgary has begun extension discussion with Johnny Gaudreau. This is purely my guess, but Flames probably have to jump over Matthew Tkachuk’s $7 million per season. He’s at $6.75 million now. There were rumours Jack Eichel backed away from the disc replacement surgery and would consider a fusion instead, but several sources refuted that. Not true. There was a time I thought a trade might happen sooner rather than later, but after the expansion draft looks more likely. Who’s in there? My guess is Anaheim, Calgary, Minnesota and Vegas, with Boston, the Rangers and possibly Los Angeles on the periphery. I’m not sure I like JH much higher than Chucky’s $7mil. Especially if there’s term attached. He’s a prime candidate to move IMO. At least the discussions have started and BT will know where JH’s camp stands. That’ll make any decisions about his future with us clear. Happy to see we may still be in the mix for Eichel. Francis’ articles calling it a pipe dream is the result of him comparing LA’s prospect pool to ours. He fails to recognize we have a bunch of 20-somethings on the roster that could move. Buffalo isn’t taking a hard stance on rebuilding through the draft or with prospects. They’ve asked for 25 year olds already to help expedite the process.
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    id be pretty happy with that deal actually and honestly that trade is better than I would have expected. Your getting younger, faster, more upside and the best thing is your saving a bunch of cap space. If the flames trade Monahan I would assume they would need to take on a bunch of money in return so if they can get some good young assets without doing that, that’s a big win for me. Not big on Jones but there is upside there that is enticing but I do like Chytil. I think a Chytil could be ok the cusp of being a really good two way center. Not sure the gap from Monahan to a Chytil is as big as it looks on paper.
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    I don't think Monahan playing through a bunch of injuries has done his worth any favours. And, he's going to learn real quick that playing through injury doesn't do himself any either. Sure he is sacrificing for the team, but if he's not productive, the team isn't going to sacrifice any time waiting for him to come around. The bigger sacrifice , or better sacrifice would have been shutting him down, and if the team let him play through things, it goes to show what they actually think of him, or his future worth to the team. It's now, now later.
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