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    So guys, with Danault not signing in MTL, do you think they’d be interested in Backlund as a replacement? Same role. Similar contract to what was offered to Danault. in return we ask for the rights to Danault and a pick? I think Backlund would waive to go to recent cup contenders. And I think it’s time we move on from him.
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    Well perhaps your right but seems to me every yr these reg NHLers are getting more and more 2022-23 season could be a huge change in money and 3.5 for a 3dr line D man could be the norm
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    I fully support that decision and think if we gave him the 5 years, might be able to look at a number around $3 - $3.5/year. He has a player I have wanted for a long time.
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    Was surprised to see NYI protect Martin and Clutterbuck over Eberle and Bailey. Gotta keep the expensive 4th line intact I guess.
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    Given that both Leddy and Keith generated trade value I have a hard time seeing the Kraken passing on Gio. I think they take him and flip him for assets elsewhere. I like Phillips but taking him over the chance to land a couple of draft picks? That would make no sense to me. of course this assumes the flames don’t make a trade to keep him which is still possible
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    I don't think it's likely, but I think he's got a chance at it. I'd guess he's #2 behid Tkachuk. Idk how it's decided, but if Sutter gets a say, I think I know who he's picking and it's not #19. He’s raves about Backlund and I could see his preference being the more veteran guy in Backlund.
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    They'll be revealed tomorrow at 8am mountain time!
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    If $7 x 7 is a reasonable deal for him, what I was trying to say is on a sign and trade I’d rather go $6.125 x 8, same money, we just get one more year with less cap. And yes I know the QO for Tkachuk is a bit of an anchor for this team, not the player, but the cap hit. But going back to what brew said, I’m not willing to part with 12OA if that’s the ask from Buffalo
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