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    Could be but i'm not as concerned. I think what has to be understood about Coleman, and why he is different than other FA targets the Flames have signed, is how well rounded he is. This is not a player who can only score goals (Brouwer, Neal) and he isn't a player like Lucic, who even in his prime was not fleet of foot. Coleman has speed and is a very good skater, impacts the game in all 3 zones, can play special teams (more pk than PP) and still is a good shooter. I think this is a player that even if his offense starts to dry up in 3-4 years you will still likely like because of how intelligent he is, he can still impact the other parts of the game at a very high level even if he is not scoring. In terms of his scoring he is a very consistent 5 on 5 player. Whether or not he can be a 45+ point guy likely would come down to PP time and utilization but his scoring rates at 5 on 5 and very similar to Backlund and over the last 3 seasons his goal scoring rate at 5on 5 would put him 70th in the league. I get the counter argument that you are betting against father time and father time is mostly undefeated. However, at the AAV they gave him I feel it's a really reasonable bet for the Flames even at the term they gave him because of how solid a player Coleman is.
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    Without question. Coleman's a terrific player. Helluva forechecker and boards player. $4.9 is what it is in the current market. We want to be harder to play, he certainly helps with that.
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    I would say you don't have a very good handle on who Coleman is as a player if you are going to argue that he is not much of a step up from Lucic. This is a significant step up from Lucic
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    By the looks of it, they wanna stop being soft and lazy, finally.
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    He was at a near 50 point pace pro-rated this year playing on a 3rd line. It's 600K and one year less than Hyman who benefits from playing with superstars. Not a great deal, but for someone who complains about speed and effort, this is your guy.
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    Don't love the pick (and after today the Flames have no 3rd rounders left in next year's draft) but he does look legit. He's been one of the best goalies in the AHL over the past few seasons so there is something there. And as we've seen today even the backup goalie market has exploded. Feels like a high price to pay but if you get even a good backup goalie for only 750K that's about 1 mill to 1.5 mill below market value.
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    I think you can make some comparisons between Vladar and Markstrom. Similar size and athletic ability. I think this is a solid gamble.
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    Would've rather not had to give the pick, but would rather roll the dice on a younger guy with some promise than the veterans that were left on the market
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    and not waiver exempt , so youre probably right
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    Just see more important needs than signing more bottom 6 forwards. The Flames loaded up with Leivo, Simon and others last year hoping one might step up into top 6. It appears to be the same strategy this year regardless of how it didn’t work last year. They keep bringing in experience depth players when young guys like Ruzicka should have a chance from the start, not just a couple Meaningless games at the end of the season. Does this create competition? Maybe, but the Flames have holes to fill and bottom 6 isn’t one of them with what we have signed. Including Froese and Ritchie, Flames have 12 signed forwards. What will Dube sign for? They only have 3 D signed with Zadorov, Valimaki, Kylington and Mackey all needing contracts. The Flames don’t have a backup G, and have less than 13 mil to fill all these spots without a good top 6 RW. Mangiapane should be LW but is likely on the right. Without trading one or more of Tkachuk, Gaudreau or Monahan, the team sits as Gaudreau Monahan?? Tkachuck Lindholm Mangiapane Coleman Backlund Pitlick Lucic ?? Lewis Dube, Ritchie Zadorov is minimum 3.5 to re-sign, Valimaki and Mackey each around 1 mil and Kylington 870 K. That leaves less than 8 mil for a top 6 RW and a backup G. My issue isn’t that the team has added forward depth, and likely upgraded over last year in the bottom 6, but instead it is doing so without filling big holes we have already. Can they still make trades? Yes. So I guess I can temper my annoyance … for now.
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    That all said, I'd really like to keep Chucky. Love.
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    It does seem like something is coming with all the depth on the left side. I hope whatever happens brings us a true top 6 right shot right winger
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    Unfortunately I have to agree with you, that's the price for a snarly high end C. Or at least a healthy one. edit Plus an Eichel vs McDavid BOA would be epic.
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    hard for me to comment as I have no idea on the medical situation he is in and I don't think many actually do. Unless there is a long term fear injury fear or risk I think the Flames should be aggressive on Eichel and if it costs futures so be it. I'd rather get a player like Eichel and actually give this roster a real shot than continue on this path and keep bouncing in and out of the playoffs for the next 2-3 years and just hoping they can go on a run.
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    What he did was wrong, but, let's be honest, the NHL has paedophiles and rapists and wife beaters in its ranks. I really really really really hope nobody replies disagreeing with that, there should be absolutely no need. Starting with this guy is, well, nothing more than a publicity stunt. It was confirmed to me that the whole thing was a politicized hot air balloon when Justin Trudeau decided to go on the news and play ConnorFutureGM. If the NHL wants to get serious on this stuff they can offer this kid some education and improve him while he's young. Then in terms of actually being hard-handed maybe they should have a look at the absolute shiit-storm that is Chicago right now where men are sexually and violently forcing themselves on other men and ruining people and careers. Before they ruin lives over a consentual sex tape. just sayin
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    More importantly, why take him in the 1st round? Clearly he'd have been available later.
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    Was hoping he'd come home. Too bad. I guess I'll keep my hopes up for Makar in 6 years.
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    We don't want Ceci at all. He's going to be a trainwreck on the Oilers backend. I'm thankful they signed him and paid him as much as they did.
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    Yup. Anyone who has had problem with the Flames speed, forechecking ability, being tough to play against, and the lack of good players deeper in the lineups should be really happy right now. Coleman checks all of those boxes. The Flames basically adding a more physical version of Mangiapane to their lineup. It's not a great contract and you can debate whether or not the Flames should be hunting for players like this on July 1 but at the same time this is clearly the plan. The Flames are not going to rebuild, they want to push forward and in order to do that your going to need good players and this is a very good player.
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    Apparently Rittich is going to the preds Halak to VAN
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    Sure feels like it
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    Still think the Flames have work to do and you can very much argue if they are better, but what you can't argue is Sutter' is getting the type of team he wants. All of these players are very good fits for how he wants to play
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    I would wait to hear from a more legit source on how many banana's Coleman gets.
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    I thought he was was a bit of everywhere in NJ but mostly on the wing. Looks that way when I look at his line combinations. Some time at center, but mostly on the wing.
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    All correct. One positive you missed is that he is completely magnetic with teammates and fans alike.
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    I am more worried about this Coleman deal than I am the Zadorov deal.
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    If Chicago signs McCabe today, it could make Zadorov available. He would be a solid option for the Flames. Brandon Sutter on the right deal would be a solid add for the 4th line. Ondrej Kase could be a good buy low candidate. Tucker Poolman would be solid add for the 3rd pairing.
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    If we sign gudbranson, I may puke. Just in the middle of my day, not knowing anything has happened, I may just vomit spontaneously as the ink is drying on the paper before the announcement is even made.
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    I like Coleman a lot, but he screams overpay IMO. A little scary to think what he might get
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    He was also slow af already. I wasn't one that got excited about that signing at all. I used my excitement up on Brouwer, only to realize guys that can't skate are dead to me.lol
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    Lol. Surely you jest. He has Huberdeau on one side of him, at worst Owen Tippett on the other side, sound dmen and good goalie behind him... You're forgetting he doesn't play for the Flames anymore, he's skating with players that aren't stuck in mud and can easily keep up. It's an entirely different world. It isn't small sample size, it's what happens when a good player goes to a team that isn't deathly lazy.
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    What irritates me is that you have the middling guys like Kulak, Hathaway and Lomberg wanting raises that they've earned and BT, instead of running on the faith in the player, washes his hands of them. Add in waiving Byron, you just washed your hands of 3 guys that would be very useful today. So your stuck with a terrible bottom 6 of camp invites because you didn't see the need for effective bottom 6 guys in your system to give modest raises to. Playing hardball with your low paid guys is idiotic. They do their best and are dedicated to the jersey, you reward them with a slap in the face. Fla and MTL thank you for developing them. Now look at that mess of a bottom 6. It's terrible. Fix your mess, by not doing what you've been doing with lazy fixes. Camp invites terrify me because I know we'll need at least 2 non-NHLers. Never fails.
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    same with Landeskog. He stayed on the cheap! Good situation. This is how I think some players have to think, leave a touch on the table to be a competitive team? Maybe.
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    I am not sure how much truth there is to this but I have read that PIT has decided to move on from Zucker, also they had called Calgary and inquired about Lucic. It most likely would take a sweetener on our end but if this was to get done there would be a better balance on the wings and we could then be able to look at the other Ritchie brother as a physical replacement to Lucic with a little more offense. Feel's like a good fit all around. Also a finish to the trade that never was....
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    Starting to see players staying in good situations rather than try and test for more money. Taylor Hall,Mike Reilly and Montour all could have maybe made more money I think they all made good choices to stay. I like Coleman as a player but unless they have some big moves in mind he doesn’t make a lot of sense and the 5X5 he’s being rumored at.
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    I think Danault is worth the $5m. Doesn’t score a lot but shuts down the other team effectively and gets quite a few apples for setting up his teammates. My desire is he is a Backlund replacement. I wouldn’t want to have both.
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    I'd be interested in guys like Coleman and Danault, just not a 5mil price tag for 3mil players.
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    People try to understand that just because you say something does not make it right. Eichel is not being traded for roster players alone. There will be pieces as in high end prospect and first round picks that will easily make this team weaker down the road. Even if we all could say that such a trade makes us better right away there are still a few factors to consider. Will Eichel be healthy and recover from his coming surgery fully? What kind of future will we have after giving a first round pick and multiple high end prospect? If Jack Eichel never recovers fully or loses a step or 2 are we going to be happy with the cost to acquire him while still paying his salary? I love the "idea" of a number one center in his prime do not get me wrong. I just do not like the risk to reward equation. Just me saying this but Can we not find a trade out there that is less risk and more certainty for a lesser price? I understand swinging big but this is scary, it could actually end up Eichel has the surgery and never plays again. We would then have paid a king's ransom for a spot on our LTIR.
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