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    No battle for the back up. Vlader is your man this year. Mackey still to be signed and would not suprise me if they go back to Stone as the veteren dman. Up front they always seem to like to sign a few from camp tryouts. Treliving has been very quiet which probably means he is working on something!! Still not convinced he is done tinkering going into the season. 4 weeks to go and optimism is currently ruling pessimism!
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    I have a feeling if we paid that price on Dvorak you'd be the first one complaining about it. I don't know if there is any overvaluing our players, you are basically selling low on every player 25 and over not named Lindholm or Mangiapane, and those are the ones we shouldn't be actively shopping unless it landed a big fish, I doubt it lands Eichel and that is the only big fish I see as available right now. I don't believe we are looking at winning a Gaudreau trade, we are definitely not getting good value for Monahan right now, and Tkachuk is coming off his worst year. But most trades involving 1sts and 2nds this year have been pretty poor, so the positive is we've avoided giving those away.
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    Everyone loves the big splashes, but the Pitlick and Lewis signings were also important ones. Those were glaring holes in our pathetic bottom 6 that absolutely had to be addressed. Both players have played very hard minutes in their careers. Our team seriously lacked that. Zadorov is interesting. My take is that Sutter sees something there that he can mold into what he wants. I have no doubt that at his age and background that he's very coachable. He's very honest. Love his quote about coming to NA. To the effect of, "when you're a defenceman in Russia, if you skate over the red line with the puck, your kicked off the team". Came to NA and, dude, you HAVE to learn how to carry the puck.lol If he turns out to be what Sutter wants, he'll be re-signed. If not, then he won't.
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    I get that the off-season isn’t over but it’s getting really close. We don’t know all of the deals that BT misses on but is always in on. But it’s beginning to feel like the same song and dance lately. Wait on the deal and lose out on other deals. I get they’re just rumours and maybe we don’t want Dvorak, but it sure is starting to wreak of disappointment and overvaluing the team like the last few years. albeit, I don’t mind the Coleman signing. I am afraid of the Zadorov one becomes a 1yr trade like a lot of the others and another wasted pick on a short term deal. There've been too many in BT’s tenure. I like the player and you can’t read the future. Maybe Zadorov likes it in Calgary and extends. Other than the Coleman deal, it has been a very underwhelming off-season.
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