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    Why is everyone so salty recently? I get the playoffs sucked but man sometimes it's hard to come here with so much negativity all around. This thread is a good example. Mad about Talbot, mad about Gilles, mad about development and we aren't chatting about how Rittich looks like the starter, was one of the best goalies for over half a season last year and without injury sure looked like he was going to be a starter. Personally i'm really excited and encouraged with having Rittich and giving him a chance next year. Good story.
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    Love it or hate it he’s a Flame! There’s almost no one who’s terribly excited about the trade however let’s welcome Milan with some open arms and minds!...because hating on him isn’t helping anyone! Consider the potential of having Tkachuk AND Lucic on the ice...a top pest with a top goon could really be a handful for teams to handle. This gives a little more free reign to our smaller skilled players like J. Hockey but it could allow players like Tkachuk to elevate the intangibles they bring....a fearless Tkachuk will only help him live up to the value of his upcoming contract extension. Lucic adds another net presence we need, we need someone to clear the crease and he could be useful on the PP, he’s hard to take off the puck and he’s a screen for our shooters to use. His physical presence goes without saying. He hits and he fights and talks smack. It’s an element the Flames lacked, he’s not cheap but he’s atleast elite in these categories. He’s sure to be motivated. Edmonton is a graveyard for careers, he’s still young enough to be productive and be effective in his own end. He also knows Mcd and Leon’s tendencies....he could be a great for game planning against those Coilers. End of of the day Lucic at $5.25M is still better than $6M, cheaper than Neal now and if he’s not scoring he’s atleast bringing a physical skill to the team. Maybe yelling out “Loooooch” will be more fun than we think....
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    so here is where I get a bit antsy when people talk about Backlund, there is not near enough appreciation for what he does and a lot of misconceptions. In 5 on 5 points last year Backlund ranked 37th among centers. He was 33rd in goals. If you go back for the last 3 years, he is in the top 50 for points and goals at 5 on 5. All while drawing the hardest match-ups on the team, and among the hardest in the league. All while continuing to be highly ranked in possession driven stats, not just on the team but the league. He is Mr Consistency. His last 4 years his 5 on 5 numbers don't really fluctuate much. he consistently makes his linemates better and leads guys to career years. Again, this is consistent across multiple seasons/coaches. He's finished 8th, 13th, 4th, the last 3 years in Selke voting I think the "issue" people have with his offence stems more from the PP than anything else. His 5 on 5 numbers indicate a pretty good number 2 center, but his PP numbers don't give him the boost you need if you want to be that 60-70 point center and it seems to me most people cling to that as 2nd line numbers (which isn't fair or factual but that's another argument). Over the last 4 years he ranks 12th for Flames in terms of TOI/Game on the PP and 7th for forwards (including guys no longer here) and of course with the Flames having Sean Monahan he's on the number 2 unit. He's also now working on his 2nd coach who believes in riding the first unit pretty extensively over balancing out the numbers. Finding a center that does what Backlund does is significantly more difficult than I think people realize. he is Very, Very good at what he does. I really disagree with the perception many seem to have on here of Backlund. This isn't directed at you TD it's a general post, and I do agree with your conclusion that if you want to take about trading Backlund that's fine. But i think it would be really important to recognize what a massive hole he would leave at the center ice position if he were to leave and it wasn't for an upgrade, as well to point out that an upgrade is not really that easy. Some may think "well just move Lindholm to center" but I would counter that to say there is really isn't much about Lindholm's background (other than draft poistion) to think he can do this to the level Backlund can. It took being paired with Gaudreau for Lindholm to put up similar 5 on 5 numbers that Backlund has been doing almost year in and year out for the last 4 years.
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    I was just looking at Neal and Lucic's totals over the last 3 years and some might be surprised that Neal only has produced 1 more point than Lucic at 5v5 in the last 3 years. All the while Lucic has been a much better possession player over that time frame while playing on the Oilers, while Neal played on good teams like Nashville, Vegas and Calgary.
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    Personally I’d let him sit out a year, while bringing in some guys that have more interest in playing the game than getting max pay. Every single NHL player is overpaid versus regular folks.... as is the same in many industries... but, doesn’t make it right.
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    Phaneuf is not welcome here
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    I am one of the most critical and negative poster on here. Sorry for that. I do want this team to be a model of consistency and a perennial threat. I just don’t see it yet with this group and we do have good to great parts. There are holes and will always be holes. But one of the things we don’t have is drive or killer instinct. I’d say Johnny and Benny are the ones with the highest compete on the team. The problem is that Benny has never taken the next step. Others have it as well, but we just aren’t quite there yet. Plus the coach refused fused to fix parts of the roster that wasn’t working and then became a one line team. There are a lot of great parts. The mix needs tinkering. So sorry about it. I really don’t know what can be done to fix it. How many moves can Bt realistically make? I think Talbot could be a good add. I’d honestly hope it is for a few more seasons than a 1yr. We love to say if we could just get league average goaltending. I kind of think Talbot’s numbers could fall somewhere in the middle of those numbers with and not with Edmonton, which would equate to about league average.
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    Ah, reactionary name calling without having an answer to the question. Good job, I'm sure everyone will surely recognize your superior insight.
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    I agree, the complaining about Barzal is a bit much. he was a top 5 pick pre season tore his knee and it still didn't move him out of the top 10. He should not have been there when the Flames picked and that isn't on Treliving for other GMs being dumb. Sucks, but there was nothing wrong with the Hamilton trade at the time and there still isn't. It's remains a very good move by Treliving. I also don't agree with this idea that Treliving has sacrificed the future. He's the best drafting GM the Flames have had since Fletcher has already hit on more picks than his predecessors and despite dealing some high picks the Flames continue to get praise for their drafts. Quite frankly, the draft and his ability to stock for the future is exactly why I think Treliving is so good at what he does.
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    Disagree. You can’t just look at points, you have to look at the whole situation. Nylander is probably at best the 5th most dangerous guy on the Leafs, behind Tavares, Mathews, Marner and Reilly... and you could easily argue he’s also behind Kadri, Marleau, Kapanen and Johnson. In other words he’s an afterthought as far as opposition game-planning is concerned.... the guy the opposition wants to see because they are basically getting a rest when he’s on the ice. Gaudreau on the other hand is THE single most important offensive guy on the Flames, the one every team does special game planning, line matching and special defensive alignments against because they know if you shut down Gaudreau, you shut down the Flames. Your whole proposition is preposterous and incredibly lacking in insights to the game. We do not need more Nylander..... just the opposite.
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    I am on the side of I am If he gets offer sheeted at $8,118,642 or more you take it. So are we a considerably worse team without Tkachuk? NO Could we be a considerably better team with multiple 1st rnd picks and an extra 8-10 cap space? YES
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    The mistake was signing Neal in the 1st place. This trade is an attempt to make the best of a bad situation. We don't need Lucic to be a top 6 player just like we didn't need Neal to be a top 6 player. We need is someone to fit a role, Neal didn't fit a role on this team and never would have. I don't think the Flames are expecting Lucic to be a top 6 player. I also don't think Neal is a top 6 player anymore, though he may get played in the top 6 in Edmonton, but that is just because of their lack of any kind of scoring depth. We are replacing a 3rd line player with a player with a 3rd line player who fits the role better, and contrary to popular belief has put up similar or better numbers on the PP and 5v5 over the last 3 years. I see us getting a player with similar offense, but is much better in his own end and is one the most imposing physical players in the league. I get that I may be in the minority but I have to agree with Cross, I think we are getting the better player, and the numbers sure bear that out.
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    Why in the F do some people keep mentioning Bennett for trading. Bennett was by far one of our most effective players this past season and now has 4 years experience, not to mention paid accordingly. Trade some combinations of Jankowski, Frolik, Mangiapane, Czarnik or Dube on their potential to some other team to better our RW. Bennett IMO became the definition of compete level other players on this team need to strive for next season.
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    Just to add to your thoughts, even if Neal returns to 20 goals with the Oilers, it really shouldn't be all the concerning for us for two reasons. 1. He wasn't going to score 20 goals for us and would have continued to struggle and put up similar numbers as last year. He just didn't fit here. 2. If he does score 20 goals, that's all he will do, he doesn't play defense, his physicality is really overblown and mostly non existent, he doesn't make his teammates better.
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    I hated this trade when I first heard about 9 hours ago. But I took the time to read all the posts and do a little research and now I don't hate it and I don't love it but I am ok with it. I can't get past the fact that Neal was a healthy scratch for game 5. I don't think there is any coming back from that as a flame. He will now join his 4th team in 4 years. Preds exposed him, Vegas let him walk and now we have traded him. I'm thinking he may not be such a great locker room guy. Lucic comes with a terrible contract and I don't understand the conditional pick at all but while his points totals are dropping his possession numbers aren't that bad. If the addition of Lucic allows our skilled players to "play big" as Iggy described it and he is remains capable of taking a regular shift I am ok with it. I don't know where he fits exactly but Neal didn't fit anywhere.
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    I understand that getting Lucic is less than desirable, but moving Neal was imperative. Neal isn't a top 6 player and he wasn't a top 6 player when we signed him, I think it is funny that the Oilers think he can be a top 6 player. Everybody watched Neal play last year right? He was one of, if not the worst players in the entire league last year. Lucic actually out preformed Neal in just about every way last year. Lucic put up slightly better numbers in P/60 and P1/60 (Primary points per 60 minutes). After watching Neal last year I just don't see how he bounces back, he was so bad, quite possibly the worst season I have ever seen from a player in a Flames uniform. He contributed nothing to this team last year. Lucic at least fills a role for this team, he is grossly overpaid, but so is Neal, he is very slow, I would say from what I seen last year Neal is slower. I just really don't think this trade is as bad as people are making it out to be.
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    Indeed. Furthermore, while I realize this is an unpopular opinion around here, I am totally confident that he's going to have a better season. I think that this past year was the outlier, and I suspect that he'll average around 40 points over the next few seasons. He's spendy, but double the production from last year, and it's no longer the worst contract in the league. Love.
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    Dreaming out loud if we were to obtain Ferland, Engelland, Scissons and Watson. Gaudreau, Monahan, Ferland Tkachuk, Lindholm, Neal Bennett, Backlund, Scissons Mangiapane, Ryan, Watson Dube, Quine DEFENSE Giordano, Andersson Hanifin, Hamonic Valimaki, Engelland Kylington GOALIES Rittich, Talbot Good balance of skill, speed, toughness and compete.
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    Antii Niemi immediately comes to mind..
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    For better or worse, it’s pretty clear that after the season the flames decided Rittich was their guy and they were going to give him every opportunity. I don’t think they were ever in the Lehner or Mrzaek sweepstakes because they weren’t looking for people who want to start, they were only looking for someone to backup Rittich Given the market for free agents(ignoring trade market as I have no idea) I think it’s the right call.
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    Kadri is a much better player than those guys. Now I get the hesitation based on some of his antics, but there is absolutely no question that he is a very very good hockey player. Add to that that he is signed to a very good value deal. Getting Kadri would be a huge get for Calgary.
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    And how many reclamation projects of BT's have worked ZERO. Tre should only be allowed to do trades and work the draft. His track record on UFAs are dismal
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    I think Tkachuk gets a Nylander type deal. He’s not quite the face of the franchise or first go to guy so he gets a similar portion of the cap that Nylander gets. I’d put Tkachuk at 7.75-8m/yr. I would prefer 7-7.5 because I am cheap.
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    That would be a pretty major accomplishment, considering that Stone is no longer in Ottawa.
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    To be a playoff veteran you kind of have to lose first. Vegas had/has a nice mix of players who had varying levels of experience from multiple different teams. A lot of our key players have little post-season experience. It took Washington and St. Louis a long while with to win with their cores and many people were questioning if they could ever do it.
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    We may have to lead the way, a la St Louis. No superstar salaries, what is best for the team? If you can get two players/more production/less dollars.... you have to give it serious consideration. Team comes first.
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    If the anticipation is that he should be signing in the 7.5 range, and you make the first offer of 6.5 (only a 1 mil difference) that is not a significant low ball. It's not like I suggested 3 mil. There are always negotiations. It is possible that the agent starts in the 9-10 range. Is that going to make the Flames simply walk? It's called negotiating. 6.5 per season would make him the 3rd highest player on the team behind only Gaudreau (3 time all star, top scorer) and Giordano (Captain, Top D on the team and this years top D in the league). It is a very valid contract offer to make based on the rest of the team. I'm not saying that is where the contract will end up due to comparables in the league, but it is a tactic that could be used. As I said, if another team wants to pay him north of 8.5, I take the compensation and walk. You can sign 2 players or more for about that amount who will replace his output easily. 34 / 43 / 77 / +14 for Tkachuk, Meier 30 / 36 / 66 / +9 and Kapanen 20 / 24 / 44 / +12 = 50 / 60 / 110 / +23. While both Meier and Kapanen combined would be more than Tkachuk alone, you are getting 2 pieces who would likely combine for more. You are also giving him the shorter deal so that the next deal, when made, he will have more stats to negotiate with, likely more outrageous contracts will have been signed and there will be a higher cap so he will likely negotiate a higher salary. 6.5 x 3 works out to 19.5 if he the re-negotiates for 10 x 5 that becomes 69.5. Even if he signed for 8 x 8 now, then it only works out to 64 mil, so taking a lower pay now could easily work in his favour over the same 8 years.
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    I think BT has to do something a little different to get Tkachuk signed. It might not be a popular method, but might be more affective. Make him an initial lowball offer. Use whatever excuse you want being stats, history, limited career, line played on etc, and use a number starting in the 6 - 6.5 range with term that he will still be RFA when contract finishes so 3 years. You stay open to negotiations but use the idea that in 3 more years, the cap goes up, Johnny and Gio's contracts will be up and therefore re-negotiating will likely see a solid pay increase for Chucky with significant term as the cap is likely to have also risen a bit more by then. Once the offer is made, you go out and sign Rittich, Mangiapane, Bennett and a goalie. This leaves only 1 space open on the team without any trades or buyouts and so if Tkachuk really wants to be a Flame, he realizes it and maybe takes the hometown discount with the understanding that his next contract will be better. If an offer sheet comes in over 8.455, I would not match it and instead take 2 1sts a 2nd and a 3rd pick plus cap space. Could also use the cap space to grab someone like a Timo Meier from SJ to replace him on the left side (Similar stats, make him similar offer as he is RFA as well). Space would also allow to trade for RFA's Kapanen or Labanc (Both RW). Basically if you can get Meier + (Kapanen or Labanc) for 10 mil combined or less then I would do that over Tkachuk for 8.5 + as that is better cap and asset management. Especially if to get those players you are moving out cap in the form of Brodie, Stone, Frolik and / or Neal etc.
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    Someone used 9.5% of the cap towards his salary being used which puts him in at around 7.5M which is where I would like to see him. This the Flames can live with.
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    QFlames don’t need William Nylander, waste of cap. We don’t need anymore players who disappear come playoff time. Willie Bystander isn’t playing any kind of 2 way game....he’s Charming soft. These playoffs taught us the value of grit and strong defence,that’s not Willie Bystander. I can definitely see Brodie and Frolik moved in a package with Lazar, Stone perhaps. It’s just hard to gauge what exactly we can get in return. Who has to get moved to free up room for Tkachuk and who can we afford to add that’ll still make us a better team? I still think moving Neal should be the priority, packaging him with Brodie/Stone could prove enticing for any team looking to add solid depth and value.
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    I'm actually kind of curious where people stand on this. Are we more on the side of get him signed whatever it takes? Or on the side of , make sure we don't cave to ridiculous demands? Now of course I have no insight to what either side is doing, I actually believe it will be resolved and we will be amazed at what it comes justify in at team friendly wise.. if the consensus is he's similar to Marner, and seeing what Nylander did last year the potential exists for a standoff Taking my love for the player out of the equation, if it comes down to a standoff .. I hope BT stands his ground,. Let him sit the entire season if necessary.. it's important one contract not be allowed to handcuff any team If he gets offer sheeted at 10 or more ? Let him go.. and that's my opinion of any player..if you're Willing to put money ahead of the team, go play for that team that gave you the money . Again, I'm confident this will get done in timely fashion, and a level all sides are happy with . Just curious what fans boundaries are I recall Johnny's holdout ended very shortly after a private meeting and visit from BT..would love to have heard that conversation
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    I just wanted to chime in more on the Pelletier pick versus a Lavoie, Suzuki or Kaliyev (especially as 2 of those 3 are now on divisional rivals). I'll preface by saying that I have no crystal ball here. I sit here right now saying that Pelletier is a good pick compared to what was available but the reality is he isn't a finished product and a lot of that will come down to his development and coaching. As a neutral observer, I have no input over that development process which will be 90% of what he'll turn out to be so whether it works out or not isn't in my hands, but unfortunately in 5-10 years when people look back on this pick they won't remember where he is right now, but where he is at that point in time, and evaluate the pick on that merit alone which isn't entirely fair. Pelletier is the right pick to me because while he isn't a diamond just yet, he has had the pedigree and the attitude to develop from day 1 of his season. He was the 3rd pick in the QMJHL draft in a very strong class for that league, especially at the top end (for comparison's sake, Alexis Lafreniere who will be the 1st pick in 2020 was the top pick in 2017, and fellow 2019 first rounder Samuel Poulin was number 2. Those were the guys he was competing against). But he's also a workhorse and I haven't heard anything less than him being a character player and the heartbeat of his team, in addition to the already concurrent offensive skillset. Does he need time? Yes. I don't think he'll be in the show for at least 2 years (which is now a fairly long time for a first rounder in a cap world where ELCs are worth their weight in gold). Is he a guaranteed star or bluechip prospect? No. He went 26th for a reason, namely a lack of strength and polish in his all-around game. And while I sit here saying he's a good player, I think he's not necessarily an exceptional talent and the odds of him becoming a 1st line player are slim based on that. But I do know he'll work his butt off and if he fails it's more likely due to systemic reasons from the team and his overall situation than from lack of effort, and if I'm a GM with faith in his development team then I'd absolutely shoot my shot for a guy like Pelletier. Lavoie in particular was constantly compared to Pelletier because they played in the same league against the same teams and had a similar pedigree. For me, it's striking because in many ways he's the exact opposite stylistically. He's got all the tools to succeed with his length and scoring ability, although he needs to work on the skating. But he was awful without the puck for 2/3rds of the season and the conversations around him were always concerning his effort and engagement both on and off the ice. I'm not here trying to bash Lavoie but he dropped because of those issues and it's hard to gloss over those when talking about him as a prospect; despite a killer playoff run he regressed in the finals and so when evaluating him the question is this: can you be the organization to get the most out of him and push him to be what he can be? He's Brandon Saad-esque and like Brandon Saad, IMO he needs specific situations and specific external stimulation in order to be pushed into fulfilling his potential, and the same goes for Kaliyev and Suzuki. There are 2 situations where they'd have the highest chance of becoming that top 6 forward: 1. Join a team with one or more of the top 10 players in the game, a team where they know what real ability looks like, and where the vets wouldn't take guff from a kid who's good but wouldn't put in the effort to get there. 2. Join a team that's already won the Cup and has multiple vets who have already reached the peak, who know what it takes to win, and wouldn't take guff from a babyfaced prospect who doesn't put in the same effort. There's a commonality there: experienced vets and a strong leadership group that even the most braindead kid would recognize and respect. Guys who don't need you to win, know that and make sure you know that, and make sure that if you want minutes and respect you would have to earn it through your play. Saad was drafted to Chicago in 2011 after they had won the Cup already and had arguably 3 top 10 players in Kane, Toews and Keith on the roster as holdovers. He also dropped to the 2nd after being highly ranked all year, adding more motivation on top of being put in a position to succeed. There's a few teams that have the prerequisite veteran and leadership presence in the league: Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston, LA, and San Jose all strike me as teams that have the best chance of turning water into wine. All of them have great vets and/or at least one player that is considered to be in the elite of the elite level of players, like a Crosby, Bergeron, or Kane. A couple more teams have elite-talent players, top 10 in the league or at least debateable, and deep rosters to go with that: Tampa Bay, Washington, St. Louis Colorado, and Winnipeg have players you could call the best and/or the depth and support to ensure that players have to beat out a high-caliber talent to earn minutes (and the Caps and Blues are the most ecent champs, which always helps). The Flames are not quite either of those teams. They definitely haven't gotten over the hump or have any players with household names. Gio and Gaudreau are the closest but Gio is getting up there in age by the time anybody from this draft is interacting with him on the active roster and Gaudreau is an offensive wunderkind but probably not the kind of player to emulate if you're a young player. So for this organization, the level of risk for taking on players with work ethic or character problems is higher than if they were respected around the league or the wider NHL fanbase to the level of a Boston or Pittsburgh. That's gotta be taken into consideration if you're Brad Treliving or the scouts. Lavoie and Kaliyev have now had the indignation of dropping to day 2. If there's any motivating factor, that's it right there, and that's just the start of a long road to becoming NHL players. They wouldn't get that same motivation at 26 to the Flames. Lavoie doesn't need to be a lead dog on the Oilers and they do have McDavid and Draisaitl, so there's a chance they hit a homerun there (and I think it would be more likely with the Oilers after being drafted in the 2nd than with the Flames in the 1st). Same with Kaliyev/Suzuki. But there's legitimate concerns for me around all of them and it is more likely for all of them to disappoint in their career than for even 1 to become a top 6 forward just based on the odds and the history of talented guys with motor concerns. All 3 are guys I would say don't quite have the internal motivational skill to push themselves to be great on their own (nothing necessarily wrong with that, 95% of people are in the same boat) and need external motivators to give them that edge. Feeling slighted or cheated is one possible motivator, being pushed by the peers around you is another. Even if Pelletier busts and one of the above become a top 6 guy, I still would consider Pelletier the justifiable pick. Situations change and what works somewhere else might not work here and vice-versa. I know people are scared he's the next Poirier and I can't sit here and say he won't be (although again, Pelletier had the pedigree long before he played juniors as a potential top prospect compared to Emile), but at the very least I think that he has the mental fortitude and the prerequisite talent to make it with the support the Flames can offer more than the other 3.
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    See this is what I've always spoken of .. to us he's an overpaid #7. Only because of the depth we have built . He's the same quality dman we acquired , and at that time he was a solid 3-4 on this team..even spent time on the top pair of I recall..but then he was surpassed , he did not regress Ottawa? He'd be a 2nd pair easy..and $3.7 second pair is pretty cheap It's a testament to our depth that he's an overpaid #7..not a condemnation of the player Heck even worst case , eat half his salary..you still come out ahead and he's off the books in one year not 2
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    I agree he needs to go, but I'm saying better to send him and a 4th to an Ottawa for like a 5th rounder
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    I hear the sarcasm, but I will answer as if you were one of the hypocrites... The hemp your sandals are made of were grown with a petroleum based ammonia fertilizer, diesel powered equipment was used to harvest it, and different petroleum sources were used to process the materials...... Your bikes tires and all the plastic and vinyl on it are also petroleum based... So are the roads that you like to ride on... As for what you have left, unless you want to go build a lean-to in the woods (don't use nylon rope to make it) and live off the land (without using any petroleum based products), you are pretty much screwed... and don't build a fire to stay warm, as that will only further contribute towards climate change...
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    Looking at the Buyout I would have preferred they bought out Neal now instead of trading for this buyout-free contract in Lucic. The buyout of neal would have saved the flames roughly 4mil per season.
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    This time next year I think Oiler fans will want done with Neal as much as they wanted done with Lucic. Contract sucks but so did Neal’s and honestly I’m not so sure the flames didn’t get the better player here. I hate the contract and I don’t like the trade but I don’t hate it. I do think this makes the flames better.
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    Another approach involving Stone to EDM for Puljujarvi could be to retain 1.5M and add next year's 2nd round pick. Keep our 1st round pick for 2020. We should be able to gather up some picks by trading Frolik, Jankowski and Czarnik. If this prevailed they could keep Brodie around.
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    Best news I've seen all month: https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/nazem-kadri-declined-a-trade-with-calgary-with-hopes-to-stay-in-toronto-202155170.html Can I go off on him now?? lol
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    Yeah I hear that, I've always been a general sports follower, but the fact this century had basically gone from one powerhouse to another makes the sport less interesting than others and I've definitely turned away from watching it until this year. That said certain teams like the Spurs and Warriors you can respect for how they built their dynasties mainly from their own drafting and great coaching, which the coaching part could help the Raptors get back sooner than later. This year I kinda jumped on the Raptors wagon from the moment the trade was made, just completely gutsy trading a guy who had been a loyal to a team that had lacked loyal stars for a guy with one year left coming off a major injury that wanted to go home. Everything just worked out perfectly given how the rest unfolded, just imagine he misses that shot against Philly and they lose in OT. Ujiri would likely be gone, Kawhi would've given no thought of even returning. I still believe the team won't fall off a cliff, they went 17-5 without Leonard in the regular season and still have a solid team with Siakam, Lowry, Ibaka, Gasol and FVV that should still keep em in the top 4 or 5 in the weak east, but could be tough getting back until they land another star or 2.
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    No, the clause runs for the league year. I believe the league year runs until 48 hrs after the Stanley Cup is awarded and then after that it's a new league years. It's what allows buyouts to occur, trades etc. July 1st does not represent a new league year it just represents the start of Free agency.
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    Dustin Wolf has already been invited, but yesterday Demetrios Koumontzis also confirmed he has been invited to the US roster for the Summer Showcaes so both are on the radar for the World Junior team. both are in tough, but to have your 4th rounder and 7th rounder on the radar is still great news. With Spencer Knight on the radar it's going to be tough for Wolf to get much of a shot.
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    I thought the coach did what he could. The roster still has a number of flaws. What are we? We aren't fast. We have a few fast pieces, but most of the team is average with some of our expensive pieces (Tkachuk, Monahan, Neal, Giordano) being relatively slow. We aren't tough. Or even tough to play against. We do have agitators in Bennett, Tkachuk, Neal, and previously Hamilton. But they didn't play that way when it mattered. We aren't skilled. Sure we have Gaudreau and Brodie, but most of our top guys (Monahan, Backlund, Tkachuk, Giordano, Lindholm, etc) play a relatively simple game. We aren't defensive. At least at forward. We have Lindholm, Backlund, Tkachuk, and for now Frolik. But a good chunk of our forwards (including our top guys) don't play D. Our questionable goal doesn't help. We aren't a high energy, passionate, out work the opposition team. Etc. What we were supposed to be was deep. It's true four our D. But at forward guys like Bennett, Neal, and Jankowski didn't come together. Our lack of a strong identity and our lack of depth is what killed us in the playoffs. The problem is the Flames are probably going to get worse not better since we will be paying more for a team that is going to lose players. It's not on the coach. He exploited what we had. A mobile team capable of playing a puck possession game, a really mobile D, one elite defensive line, and one elite offensive line. Which got us a regular season conference title. But that isn't enough in the playoffs.
  45. 1 point
    Let's hope Treliving has something in the works for moving Brodie, Stone and Frolik. It's the offseason and a ways to go yet, not everything happens on Day 1.
  46. 1 point
    It’s a little higher then what I hoped for, 2.25 max is what I thought. I’m okay with it though.
  47. 1 point
    2 of Tkachuks suspensions are just pure immaturity, none of his were that dangerous. Kadri has 5 career and 2 in the playoffs and both pretty dangerous plays. I just don't get how quick people are to throw all the current group under the bus and claim they ain't winners and the guy who was suspended for 5 playoff games will not only change his game and change the teams culture. I don't buy it, if he was a guy you win with then his previous team would have had more success because.
  48. 1 point
    8.5 Mill AAV or less for whatever term you get him for (should be at lest 5 years). Ultimately i think Tkachuk will sign a 5, maybe 6, year deal in the 8-8.5mill AVV range. That's my gut feel.
  49. 1 point
    It's maybe the first time ever that it almost feels like they heard my bitcchhhin and thought "ok, it it'll keep him quiet"
  50. 1 point
    Thanks for doing our homework for us Phoenix. I think we are all coming to understand with the direction of the game, smaller players will have their place. The comment I keep hearing about Pelletier is a "high compete" level of play which means he plays big and is effective. Good enough for me for now.
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