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    Many of us here have noticed that it has been quite a while since Flyerfan52 has made a post... It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Flyerfan52 passed away peacefully while at home the day after his last post... His name was Larry... A lot of us often called him FF52... and I will do that here... After months of some of us trying to contact FF52, yesterday Pyro managed to find an obituary that he thought might be his and passed it along to me... I knew Larry's full name and quite a bit of of personal info, so as soon as I read it, I knew it was his, and I needed a day to digest the sad news and make this post... I thought that I would post it here in the 'Flames Talk' section where he made most of his posts, as he deserved to have it here, and not tucked away in the 'General Discussions' section where many might not see it... As you know, FF52 was a true fan of the game of hockey, and we were fortunate to have him share his tremendous insight of the game, as he was as close to a human encyclopedia of hockey as I have ever known... Larry was also a very kindhearted and soft spoken soul and he also had a great sense of humour and wit... His posts would sometimes make me see a different angle on something hockey related, and he often brightened my day with his good sense of humour... We have lost a good fiend to the Flames Message Boards... Please feel free to post any fond memories of Flyerfan52 in this thread, and I know many of us have them... One more thing... When the Flames host the Rangers Friday night, raise a fresh cold beer and say "To Flyerfan52, SKOL!!!", have a drink and then say "GO FLAMES!!!... the Rangers suck", and have another... He would have liked that, and somewhere in heaven above, he will be smiling... FF52 hated the Rags...
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    I'll just pass along something that is an example of what a great guy FF52 was... One day not long after my house burned along with everything in it a few years back, FF52 and I were talking... He knew that I had a lot of hockey memorabilia, and he says something like "It's such a shame that you lost all that great hockey stuff... Decades of finding and collecting and it all just went up in smoke... Are you going to start to build another collection?"... I said "I don't know man, a lot of it would be pretty much impossible to replace"... Well one of the things he knew that burned was a complete set of those miniature chromed metal Stanley Cups with different team logos on them from Cup wins over the years... You know the ones that came in 24 packs of beer quite a while back, the original ones, not the re-issue 2nd run... A couple of days later, a delivery package shows up at my door... I look at the name and return address and wonder what the heck FF52 could possibly be sending me a package for, open it up and find the Flames Stanley Cup from the original set... So I called him up to thank him and he said "I know how much you love the game, and I know you had a really nice collection of memorabilia and I think you should start building another one"... Then he said "and I knew that to do that you had to start somewhere"... As usual, once again FF52 was right... and I will always treasure that first piece that started me collecting again...
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    VS Feb. 22nd 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 12th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 15th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    A different kind of tune from the Spaceman's solo album back in 78... But hey, you almost got Frank Sinatra...
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    VS Feb. 26th 5pm Nassau Coliseum
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    VS Mar. 2nd 8pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Feb. 27th 5pm Prudential Center
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    VS Mar. 21st 7pm Home at the Dome
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    It's that time of the season for the Flames to show a bit more of a mean streak...
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    VS Mar. 10th 7:30pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 16th 5pm BELL MTS PLACE
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    VS Mar. 6th 8:30pm T-MOBILE ARENA
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    VS Mar. 4th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    The thing with Rittich is he's never really had a "dip in play" this season. I get his numbers have been up and down but my feel has always been he has been steady. There's been what 5 bad goals on him this year? Guy has 5 regulation losses in 33 starts, and that's not your go-to guy?
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    VS Feb. 24th 5pm Canadian Tire Centre
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    VS Mar. 19th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    I have been reading the flames forums for the past three seasons now but had never felt any great need to join the discussions until now. I have been so overwhelmed by the efforts and Carty and Pyro to learn of ff52’s fate and the show of support from posters that I now felt compelled to become a member. This is the sort of community I want to be a part of. RIP Flyerfan52
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    Very good news. Hopefully he has a speedy recovery.
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    So obviously the Flames have no wins in March but.... 5 on 5 rankings 2nd in CF% 2nd in Fenwick% 3rd in shots for 12 in shots against 4th in Scoring chances for 20th in scoring Chances against 11th in High Danger Chances for 19th in High danger Chances against 3rd last in shooting percentage. Not exactly the picture of a team where the sky is falling. Not to mention in their last 10 games the Flames have more, or the same amount of, wins as :Nashville, Winnipeg, San Jose, Toronto and the New York Islanders.
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    I was livid last night with Smith. Every time he makes mistake, he doesn't picked himself up or makes a spectacular saves after to make up for his previous stupid mistake. Instead, he let in a stinker. I know we need both goalies in the playoffs but we all know who is the starter here. They are still hoping that he will turn around for us as a starter. How many lost like last night does it needs to say that he is not a starter for us this year? Smith has singularly cost us many games this season. We have a good backup goalie in Smith and that's all he is. Rittich is our starter so start giving him more games than Smith. He has earned that position!