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    I Think The time has Come To sincerly Show Appreciation For the wide Range of Moderation Team on this Board They Do a Fantastic Job at what They do and i Sincerely Appreciate The hard work They do During the Regular Season Why am i doing this Cause we Credit the player etc etc but we forget when hockey games are on we are all Here Together As Family and it is Good to Have a Moderation Team that works together and Gives there Spare time so we have a Place to Chat with other Flames fans on Game Nights Etc Etc Hats off to all of you Ty for your Continued dedication it doesnt Go unnoticed
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    I like the fit with PHI as a trade partner. If they sign Provorov by opening night, they will have 8 NHL D, none of them being waiver exempt either. Adding Braun and Niskanen this summer has guys like Hagg and Morin without a chair. I would like to see a Morin for Czarnik deal. Morin brings a defence-first approach to the game, which aside from Gio and Hamonic, these team doesn't have much of. Czarnik could slot in on the Flyers 3rd line. I think it makes some sense as it gives Peters two different options for his 3rd pair, Kylington and his puckmoving or Morin and his stay-at-home game, I also don't love Czarnik here as a 4th liner, he needs to play top 9 to be noticable, also saves abut 500k in this deal.
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    If you trade Gaudreau you aren't getting anything as close as good as him in return, you would end up with a bunch picks and prospects that amount to hopes and prayers. The idea of trading to Gaudreau to get better is laughable.
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    I'd like to add a list of players who should have had astronomical value. Gretzky, Messier, Thornton, Jagr. None got any type of haul. The minute BT picks up the phone to shop him is the minute another GM would question why and offer less. If someone offers you something of good value how many people would not view the seller as desperate and offer less. I believe if we traded Johnny or Gio tomorrow the return would be less than most here expect.
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    This move was about saving 12 million in actual dollars and about removing a poor fit from the team. The silver lining is that Lucic might be a better fit in the bottom 6. This wasn't about upgrading the roster, particularly in the top 6.
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    Top 5 goalies based on Vezina voting last season: Vasilevskiy: First round draft pick. Back up 3 post draft season, starter 5 season. It was for his drafting team. Great right away. Bishop: Mid-round draft pick. 8-years post draft until he was a starter, lots of up and down before that. It wasn't for his drafting team. Struggle in his first 3 seasons in the NHL. Lehner: Second round draft pick. 7-years post draft until he was a starter. It wasn't for his drafting team. A lot of up and down before starting. Good numbers, but took a lot of back-up time on different teams before getting a chance as a 1A. Fleury: First overall draft pick. Played back-up immediately and starter three seasons post draft. Struggled initially. Did play for his drafting team. Binnington: Mid-round draft pick. Only 1 game played until his 7 post draft season. Only played 32 games in his one and only season, but was exceptional in the playoffs. Plays for his drafting team. We have goalies starting early. Goalies starting later. Ones that were developed by their ultimate team, some that weren't. Some that were strong out of the gates and others that struggled early. Some that came out of nowhere. Some that were thought of as career back-ups. Things don't clear up after the top 5 as well. There is no trend. There is no recipe. There is no common thread or path to follow.
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    I do feel strongly that this whole thing is out of hand , and some team needs to make a statement by letting one of these players sit . My biggest issue is with "percentage of cap ".. I'm sorry , guaranteed it was an agent that came up with it , but its a joke that is creating this mess.. as well as this is one of the first true crops of RFA's who grew up getting participation trophies . In no way should any player in this league be getting paid more than Sidney Crosby.. not his biggest fan , but he has won Harts, Scoring Trophies, Stanley Cups , and I believe a Conn Smythe as well? Not even McDavid is worth it yet .. what has he done ? ok , scoring and Hart.. but hes nowhere near the credentials of Crosby Gio has won a Norris, been in the conversation many times.. Johnny is a true superstar .. they should be our highest paid players , period .. I'm sorry but Matthew hasn't earned it to be our highest paid player .. i could accept equal , but not more.. but he will likely get it In No world is Marner worth more money that Crosby, or even Tavares for that matter .. hes looked good coming out of his entry deal .. awesome , but hes gonna get over $10 M most likely Dubas needed to let Nylander rot on the vine last year , but he caved .. at some point one of these kids need to be told, here is your offer .. call when you are ready to sign it.
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    I agree with Jtech. I still think it’s ridiculous how much players like Backlund and Tkachuk don’t get enough respect in this market. If you want to discuss an upgrade to Backlund that’s fine but good luck finding one as it won’t be easy. He is not just a shutdown center and that has to be one of the dumber narratives that still persists in this market. The bigger problem is the 3rd line was complete crap last year. I think the flames can compete no problem with their top 6 and I’d out their top 6 up against almost anyone. Their bottom 6 is the bigger issue.
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    This current team has been building towards trying to win a SC and now would not be the time to start trading away the talent that got you this far. Having said this I think as an organization you have to define the time frame (window) to achieve this goal and make changes intelligently. Also as you say paying attention to contracts and especially players on expiring contracts. I think Treliving did the right thing if he was trying to move Brodie and Frolik this offseason using other pieces if necessary. Part of all this is of course in the cap management part and doing what is necessary to get Tkachuk nailed down and added to this core group. I would play out a scenario to use the remaining years with Giordano to win a SC. He is this team's leader and is getting past the time to trade him so make the most of the next 3 seasons. If the effort is not going well I would start trading off the likes of Gaudreau, Monahan Backlund and Bennett to start a new wave of talent to move forward with.
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    Haynes makes a great point in this thread that makes the move make more sense . this opens up a path to compliance .. which takes the hammer away from any GMs trying to low ball us for TJ or Frolik , since now we dont "have" to move them
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    Are you suggesting that we turned down better deals simply because we wanted Lucic? All reports I've seen indicate this was initiated by Edmonton ..many suggest Connor himself due to them working out together I can't see what a Better Deal looks like. Any deal for Neal was always going to be something that fans would have a problem with Can't see any other trade that didn't involve US sweetening the deal. Keeping salary in the books , adding draft picks .I've read more than once that ownership initially rejected the buyout of Brouwer but did finally say yes to sign Neal..so buying out Neal I'd say was never an option . The idea that we ignored better offers I just can't see possible
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    I know whatever we post here is for fun but this would be dreaming in Techno-Colour. LOL
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    Agreed. I don't really agree with the notion that this deal is being held up due to cap or trades for the reasons you stated. If fans on message borad can see the cap and do the math why don't other GMs? I have no doubt Treliving is working deals to both improve the team and clear cap but I don't think that is why Tkachuk is unsigned. He signed Hanifin on Aug 30th, Monahan on Aug 19th and he let Gaudreau to till October. This is how he works, and how most GMs are working now. Time can be an asset in negotiations so why not use it? The cap issue is also being a little overblown. Another comment that stuck out in that article is how Meehan mentioned that the Aho offer sheet "confirmed" the market. The Flames could sign Tkachuk today with the cap space they have and still woudln't be even using the 10% overage. Clearing cap is more about adding some depth and breathing room for the season, not about getting Tkachuk signed. The Stone buyout now means that neither Frolik nor Brodie HAVE to go for cap reasons. I think the Flames only need to clear about around 2 mill and more depending on their target for depth on D. They have the option of moving people like Czarnik or Jankowski in order to free up room as well so there are options out there. Retaining salary on Frolik is an option too and all those discussion take time.
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    Hopefully there is no movement which would mean we would sign Tkachuk at a reasonable contract.
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    IF Frolik is leaving.... and yea.. We need the cap room.. And.. since we don't have any right handed shot forwards.. I'd just as soon try... Tkachuk/monahan/Gaudreau bennett/backlund/Lindholm
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    I believe that has to be a team response not necessarily a line mate. In regards to Tkachuk I don't think we need him in the box unnecessarily either. I have no problem thinking Bennett will do his part to help this team win games.
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    Talk about trading Gaudreau propose something, this is the thread for you to come up with suggestions. So come up with stuff. I don't have any man crush, but I ain't singling out one guy and base rash decisions off of one playoff series. Boast about how St. Louis won, cool, they only took 14 years from the start of their rebuild to win and had many series losing to teams well below them in the standings during that period. People care, just because we don't complain about everything doesn't mean we care less, because we feel that a 99 pt scorer on a 6.7m contract may provide greater value to us than ridding of that doesn't equate a man crush. You get way too emotional here, I don't think sports are for you.
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    IIRC that first game Matty ruffled some feathers and Kassian jumped him and took a triple minor in the process, that is a major deterrent for seeking retribution, nobody has to answer and the refs will 99% of the time call it when someone starts punching a guy.
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    We need to remember too, as much as we value Valimaki, and expected him to take Anderson like strides this year.. we are looking for a 6/7 Kyllington will likely have dibs on the 6 spot, his to lose ..and we already have Davidson.. it's just if one more goes down we have no depth.. Fantenberg in hindsight was perfect..that's likely what BT is targeting..unless Brodie is still on the market
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    Keep in mind Crosby signed a 12 year deal that was front loaded it was worth 104m and he's already earned the majority of that money, he's made far more money than his cap hit indicates and the cap was almost 20m lower. I do agree that the best should be the highest, but thats just not how pro-sports work. I don't know what these players are asking for, but I have a feeling that the issue is that the players are wanting to follow Matthews and take the deals that don't eat up 2 or 3 UFA years.
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    Although inflation is a natural price inflator, I generally agree with what you are saying. To me, let them all sit, or sign a season-proportional salary when you’re ready to play. Hey, if they all sit the Flames may actually come out ahead because the impact of missing Tkachuk is quite often less than other strong teams (e.g. COL, TBL, TOR...). In this whole discussion where do the fans come in? Why should we be paying $100-$250/pp/game, plus $20 parking, plus $12 beers and $6 hot dogs just to take the kids out to a game a couple times a year? Talk about ridiculous?!
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    Comes down to his defence. There is no question that Buffalo makes him look worse. But you need to think Real hard about bringing over the worst +- in the league
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    You are dead on with the best player issue, that's why I'd like to see Bennett as 1RW long enough to make it stick or for Bennett to prove he can't do the job. 20-30 games maybe? Bennett has the speed, toughness and WILL be a deterrent which in the long run should enhance Gaudreau's effectiveness when the going gets tough. It also would improve the rest of the line-up as Lindholm drops to either 2C (preferred, w/Tkachuk & Dube/Jankowski?) or 2RW with Backlund, though I'd like to keep Frolik too, with Backlund. Of course, all this is predicated on Tkachuk signing a short bridge deal and Bennett stepping up. Could be interesting.
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    I feel at the end of the day,. Bill Torre's statement to Brian Burke nailed it.. It's no the heavy team , it's not the fast and skilled team and it's not the great Specialty Team that wins the cup.. it's the one that can beat all 3 We have skill, we are a much better at specialty teams. But we get beat up by the heavy teams Nobody knows better what this team is missing than the players in that room..so it says a lot when Frolik states we needed more heaviness,. Gio is pumped to have Lucic and Johnny is over the moon at getting Lucic as well
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    We need to park this deserve "crap" and get players into positions to succeed.
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    Do you actually not recognize what a disaster that 3rd line was for everyone on it. You need to wake up and give some players more credit about the talents they possess than simply looking at last year's results and saying that is all the player is capable of now. Have you ever heard of personal growth ? You will pardon me if I disagree with you.
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    ?????? I take it you have not watched much of Dube's game.....
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    The rumored Kadri deal wasn't really a cap savings trade though so that wasn't going to fix the cap situation. Kadri and Brodie was a swap and while i'm not sure exactly the Brown- Janko part of the deal was, the net benefit for the trade was small so I don't think these deals were related in the sense that Treliving needed cap savings he didn't get in the Kadri deal. The Kadri deal was a hockey deal not a cap deal. comes down to what you thikn of Treliving i guess, but here is someone who has been known to be very thorough and calculating. For me to beelive that he had a chance to pick up Puljujarvi AND move Neal and he based for some small cap savings? Ya no chance. he's better than that. I agree, and i think its been basically confirmed now that the Flames were as desperate to move Neal as the Oilers were to move Lucic. once you get there, you also realize that really the contracts are not that different (especially when you factor in the Oilers retaining salary) so the values become a near wash. The rumors about Puljujarvi being included to move Lucic were never around moving Lucic PLUS taking on an equally bad contract, which Neal basically is. It was also never really reported that Puljujarvi was the sweetener it was speculated he was the sweetener, and even then if you are talking about Lucic for Eriksson a real important piece there is Eriksson comes with 3 years left and Lucic/neal 4. That's an extra year of cap savings and flexibility on a buyout so for Vancouver to give up that more is required. Although again it was never really rumored the discussions were Lucic and Puljujarvi for Eriksson it was pure speculation that Puljujarvi was involved. I've never really viewed it as the Flames did the Oilers a favor and I think that's incorrect. They swapped problems so i don't see how that is doing anyone a favor.
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    I don’t think the coach can teach killer instinct. He can preach it, but I believe that is something innate in a player. Like you said, he has it or he doesn’t. What I believe good coaches do is evaluate and assess the strengths and weaknesses of his team, and then develop a game plan that plays to his team’s strengths. Not unlike the game of chess, your strategy must change as you lose pieces on the chessboard. I liked your example of Pittsburgh because they played a style that fit the makeup and roster on that team. As a different example, those New Jersey teams that won cups played a trap style that once again fit the player personnel on those teams. In my eyes, a good coach doesn’t bring the same system to every team he coaches - he has to re-evaluate every team he coaches and decidedly draft a plan and system that gives that collection of players the best opportunity to play to their strengths.
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    For me it’s jusT killer instinct. Either you come to play or you don’t. Maybe that’s what some failure teaches you. But perhaps some players just don’t have it. I think Bennett is that type that has it.
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    As a general rule I just wish we'd stay out of UFA signings for the first couple weeks of FA. Rarely - I can't think of a single exception to this rule but I'm sure there's plenty out there - but rarely does a July 1st (or shortly thereafter) signing end up being worth the money. Later in the summer though? There's always decent depth UFAs looking for a team that sign for awesome contracts, or "show me" contracts. Brad Treliving has done a superb job getting his signed players to resign at good value contracts, and he's done a pretty darn good job building through trades (verdict very much out on the Lucic one though), and the team has done a pretty great job drafting and developing, even convincing bottom tier FAs to sign (Czarnk, Foo, etc), but if there's an area that seams to be his weak point it's the "big" FA signings. In his defense, those signings almost come back to bite every GM in the Hash Rate, yet despite that they just can't help but go after 'em. I for one was stoked when we signed Neal. He seemed like the perfect fit, although he came with several warning signs (most obviously how no team he ever played for cared much to try and keep him, and some flat out wanted him gone, even WHEN he was scoring 20-30/season), but no one could have predicted Lindholm meshing so perfectly on that top line and Neal all of a sudden becoming the worst player on the team. So Treliving won huge in the Carolina trade, and face planted in the FA signing. Brouwer is another example, at the time he seemed to be a good fit of scoring touch, leadership and truculence. Yet for every bad FA signing there's a steal of a trade (I still like the Hamonic trade...I think that guy is huge for our blue line, getting Hamilton was awesome, even Smith was a good pick-up). Overall I'm very confident in BT. I think he's an awesome GM. Bad moves are just going to happen, but I think his good moves far outweigh the bad ones. That being said, unless we can become a legit contender the on-ice product speaks way more loudly than anything else, and we've yet to become an actual threat in the playoffs.
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    Incorrect...😏 Backs is incredible consistent as an offensive producer at 5 on 5. If he was a bigger part of the PP I don’t think there would be any complaints about his offense. That and he happens to be one of their best PKers, which limits his PP ability.
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    That’s what I’ve been saying, that players should only get paid if they’re winners. What have you done? A lot have won nothing and the leafs can’t evem get out of the first round. Take for instance, Tkachuk, I think he deserves 6.5-7.5. I am being generous on the upper scale and think the lower scale is my real thought. you're right. The contracts are getting bad and a whole lot of different wrongs in them. Like bonus structure and how much they get. Lockout.
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    I think we have an upgrade to Jankowski on the roster already, Derek Ryan. I think Ryan is a very good 3rd line center and is capable of playing well at both ends of the ice. He was 7th in P/60 5v5 and 7th in P1/60 amongst our forward group last year. If there is an upgrade for the 2nd line RW spot out there that we can use Brodie and Jankowski to get, then that's where my attention would go to. If not between Frolik, Bennett and Mangiapane I think we have the guys to put together an effective top 9.
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    It gives BT breathing room more than anything. If they kept him, teams will know he’s in a pinch and throw him anchors. This buys him some space, now he doesn’t necessarily have to move him for strictly picks
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    Their outline is different it doesn't stack, it overlaps
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    Council votes 11 yes, 4 no for a new arena in Calgary...
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    This coming from someone high on Ortio. Ortio was a nothing compared to Rittich, and Ortio is as good as Gillies will ever be as well. my thinking is more that they kept forcing Smith out and ruining Rittich’s rhythm.
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    I have extremely high standards for my big toe doesnt mean it is worth alot though roflmao
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    They were trying to move Brodie and Jankowski earlier so that could be an indication of who they are willing to part with. Would like to see a line of Bennett, Backlund, Frolik again.
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    This is pretty much it for Bennett. Likely his final “show me” deal as a Flame. Hopefully the kid finds his stride within the next 2 years. He’s got the sandpaper, just needs more offence. Very fair deal for both sides. If only BT could make all his deals this well balanced...
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    combination of skill set, results in junior as well as the fact that he just put up an AHL season that has him in some pretty high end company. His progression along the way points his ceiling higher and higher. There are similarities in both the game style and career trajectory of Dube and Brayden Point. I'm stealing this from Darren Haynes but in the last 12 years there are only 7 rookies 20 years or younger that averaged 1.10pts/game or better in the AHL: 1. Ryan Strome 2.Logan Couture 3. Brassard 4. Batherson 5. Rantanen 6. Pastrnak 7. Dube Just for benchmark purposes too it's not like I think RNH is anything special. I think he is an avg 2nd line center so me saying Dube could be as good or better is not setting a very high benchmark.
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    Hard No. Don't deal Dube and if you do get a better return than RNH. Not hard for me to envision Dube being as good, maybe better than RNH.
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    I'm actually pretty confident we will get that third round pick. Neal will very likely play with McD, he will be potting more goals this year. It isn't a stretch to see him score 20 again, but Looch is unlikely to pot more than 10. With that being said, Neal likely would not have played top 6 in Calgary, so if he stayed it was unlikely he would get more than ten next year himself. Even if he rejuvenates next season with Edmonton, we need to keep in mind the same thing might not have happened here, and both teams may be better off now than they were a week ago.
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    Let me say for Neal's sake I'm happy for him to be moving on. I still believe as you mention if Neal was left to play with Gaudreau and Monahan he would have had the same numbers as he has always averaged throughout his career. I don't agree with the suggestion he was "beat out" of the intended position by Lindholm, rather by a new coach with other ideas. Peters decision wanted a RHS RW who was good at faceoffs and line support to help Monahan coming off wrist surgery and a few others. Obviously Peters decision was the correct way to go but left Neal in LF without the essential ingredients for his style of game. I think Neal will rebound and has plenty of game left but it wouldn't have worked here. It should prove quite interesting to see how Peters intends to utilize Lucic.
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    This logic doesn’t make sense. I think we all can agree that Neal wasn’t going to play top 6 this year, in Calgary. He didn’t fit in the bottom 6 with his style, so we had no where to play him. So instead of paying Neal $5.75M to play in a bottom 6 role that he wouldn’t fit in, we pay Lucic $5.25M to play a bottom 6 role that he will fit in to. I agree it’s too much money to pay a bottom 6 guy, but we were going to be doing it either way. At least we have a better fit this way, and for $500,000 cheaper.
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    What makes me optimistic is in several interviews I’ve seen if Keith, he reiterates constantly he wants his boys to be good teammates, maybe that means taking a bit less so they can be surrounded with a better team.
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