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    What I've seen through 5 games is a team that ASSUMES they are good enough to be a playoff team without bringing the work boots. You know the saying about ASSUME, it makes a you know what out of you and me... Flames had a great regular season last year, but won't surprise anyone this year. This league is also so tightly contested that you can't afford ti bring subpar efforts very often, points are too valuable, make teams beat you by them playing well not from a weak Flames effort. Hate to say it but the Oilers are a good example, their underlying numbers and weak competition will catchup to them, but they are winning games, working hard and have a real nice start under their belts
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    The team needs more Bennetts and not less. Hes fast, skilled and not afraid to be gritty. Hopefully hes given more minutes with skilled players this season. Id really like to see him on the right side of the 2nd line.
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    I’m with you Conundrumed. I like Tkachuk, I really really do. And I want to see him play for the flames for a long time. But not at any cost, and not a cost on par with any of the aforementioned players. if Columbus offer sheeted Tkachuk in the price range that would get us 4 first round picks (as I’ve heard Columbus’ wanted to offer sheet Marner including a $14mil season), I take the picks and fill his absence using the newly available cap space.
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    For some players motivation and work ethic comes more naturally and is more consistent... Some players have better leadership qualities than others, and some players need that inspiration for motivation, and when they are motivated their work ethic improves... None of us know exactly what goes on in the dressing room, or what is said on the bench... But it is during times like this when the Flames need that kind of leadership and inspiration from those that are supposed to be the leaders on the team... Of course the coach has an good amount of responsibility for doing that, but on the best teams it also consistently comes from the players that are leaders on the team... and that is done by setting an example on the ice, and guidance in the locker room and on the bench... and we need both the players that wear a letter on their jersey, and others that have already earned that kind respect, to step up and lead the team...
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    Interesting, It was about a 4-5 game stretch last year where he struggled (and bounced back) and that's enough to have doubts.... To each their own, but IMO the sample size is far greater that he looks like a starter than it is that he doesn't.
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    Mangiapane - the 2nd smallest guy on the team? - ripped MacDermid off of Tkachuk! Love it!
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    With Tkachuk back Peters has already confirmed he's putting the 3M line back together. Could just to be to start but that's the initial plan. Will continue to "move Benny around". Hopefully can experiment a little more in the regular season once Tkachuk back up to speed but it sure is disappointing that no matter how Bennett plays he's always the first guy to get jerked around the line up.
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    At the same time words like “death blow” and “debacle” are overly dramatic. Flames are going to get tkachuk signed and once they do they’ll be in great cap shape moving forward. Of course mistakes have been made but every team and every GM makes them.
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    GM_3000 I was not getting "bent out of shape". There is nowhere I made any emotional comment anywhere in my post. I made direct, fact based comments about why it makes no sense to bringi in Patrick at C when we already have Backlund. Based on comparables at C with similar age and output, with the increased salary cap means that Patrick is likely making similar cap hit to Backlund and currently has LOWER offense and LESS defensive pedigree than Backlund does at the NHL level. The whole thing was pointing out why trading Backlund and bringing in Patrick to replace him, either in 1 or multiple moves, makes little to no sense. The only savings would be cap space savings THIS season with a likelihood that with players to be replaced next season you would not be able to re-sign Patrick because most of the cap you would free up moving Backs would be taken up by signing Tkachuk this season. The rest needed to fill holes created next season. You are focusing on offense only, and on one player only, who at this time appears to be missing at least a portion of the season as he is not signed to a contract. There is a chance Tkachuk doesn't play at all this season due to contract ask and cap constraints. Moving one of the most consistent 2 way centers in the league with reasonable offence for a 3rd year upcoming RFA with less pedigree but likely similar cost next season to try and bump up the play of 1 player 5 on 5 does not scream improvement for the team to me. Patrick was a -8 last season, assuming 3rd line play. We all know Backlund plays against the top lines and was +34. Could easily go into more advanced metrics, but no real need. I also stated that I would not be against moving Backlund for a clear upgrade, but Patrick is not clearly better than Backlund and there is no guarantee he would improve Tkachuk's play. You can argue that the D that Backs and Frolik provide allows Chucky to be more offensive and still look good on D. Chucky had 34 goals and over 70 points playing mainly with Backs and Frolik. Sure he likely could do better, but he could also do worse. Also your suggestion does not work cap wise moving Bennett for Patrick. Philly has 1.1 in space and Patrick is currently .9 which would give them about 2 mil in total to work with. Bennett at 2.5 is already higher than that, and no way Treliving should eat even half mil of salary for a player with essentially the same numbers who is upcoming RFA. So the cap for Bennett alone doesn't work. Also Philly only has 11 forwards counting towards the cap with that 1.1 mil space, so they need at least league minimum to carry at least 1 more F meaning to have space to add Bennett, the Flames would need to eat closer to 1.5 mil of his salary and that isn't worth it. Some people say that Backlund at 5.35 is overpaid, but that players who have not broken 40 goals or 90 points are worth twice what he is? Those stats are double Backlund's average output in a season, not even accounting for his D (see intangibles), yet young guys who haven't hit those marks are making over 10 mil per season or are expected to get that rate because in 3 years that could be a steal. So in other words in 3 years, with 2 more years left on his contract Backs will absolutely be a steal of a cap hit based on the very same logic. Nowhere is there a manual that says that the second line should be offensive. Maybe drop Chucky to the third line with less D responsibility and more offensively minded young guys and let him just play offensively. Can't pay him 8 mil + a season though to sit on the "3rd" line. I agree cap realities exist. Cross and others have pointed out that in many matrixes both Monahan and Backlund rank in the top 30 for centers. When it comes to goals, Backs is top 50, Monahan is top 15. If the reality is that your top 2 C's in the league for each team are in the top 60, then the Flames are doing fine. Especially since guys on that list, like Lindholm, don't even play C regularly. Assists, Monahan is top 20, Backs is 60, Points Backs is 58, Monahan 13. In +/- Backs and Lindy go 1-2 with Monahan at 45 with only Backs and Lindy be better than +30. You also recommend trading Ryan who has the 2nd best FO% in the league for players over 60 games. He took 26 more draws than Kahdri and was 3% better. What more could you really ask from a bottom 6 C? 13 goals, 38 points playing mostly 4th line with rotating line mates at 3.125 cap hit? Janks also played mostly 3rd line and had more goals and more points than Patrick. So what do all of these stats tell you. Now we look at players coming up like Dube, Rusicka, Philip, Phillips, Gawdin and Zavgorodny. You bring in Patrick, with less offence than Ryan, worse face-offs, worse Defence and he will somehow bring more to Tkachuk? Bringing in another young C who has not beaten out guys like Couturier or Giroux and they have now brought in Hayes, does not point at good things for Patrick. Bringing in Patrick, even if you move on from Jankowski, Ryan and Backlund as you suggest, puts little faith in your own pipeline of players. I did suggest bringing in Zacha when he was un-signed because looking at all the stats, he is on the rise. His offense is growing, as is his speed and he is deemed to be a very good, young, 2-way C. Patrick has been basically the same his first 2 seasons and in fact doing worse defensively. If the Flames had been able to sign Zacha cheap, long term then it made sense as a potential successor to Backlund. I'm sorry, but I look at a whole bunch of stats, cap hits, history, play style and many other features when I comment, which is often why I go long stints without making posts and then write long ones. Looking at making a change for the sake of change works when the team is consistently bad. When the team finished 2nd in the league last season, first in the conference and sure they got swept in the playoffs but most division winners last season got the boot after the 1st round including Tampa (the best in the league regular season), you don't move players who do exactly what you need them to do in hopes that someone outside the team can be better. My suggestions to move Frolik, Jankowski and Brodie are because I feel that they can be replaced (at least in large part) internally and thus leave smaller gaps to fill. My suggestions help fill gaps that would be made without costing significant money and they do not require the other team to struggle either to make things work. Not all GMs are as bad at trades as Chia and not all are as crazy with contracts as Dubas.
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    Just make your pick(s), and make a post with what game(s) you wand to do a GDT for... Include the name of the opposition and the date... Hopefully we see some of the people that have done them before do some more games, and let's see some new blood take a shot at it too... Feel free to be creative and make it using your own style or go ahead and copy the format you like that you've seen someone else do... Whatever works for you... If you have never made a GDT before, take a look at the thread pinned right below this on called "Game Day Thread Creation 101"... DirtyDeeds made that thread a while back, and explained in detail how to do it so it would make it easier for anyone who wanted to make one... If you want to make a GDT and have any questions after reading Deeds thread, there are a few of us around that can answer any questions you might have, so just ask someone who has made one before... Once you have made one, the next one gets easier, so go ahead and give it a shot... Day Date Time Opponent Thu Oct 3 7:00 PM @ Avalanche Sat Oct 5 8:00 PM vs Canucks Tue Oct 8 7:00 PM vs Kings Thu Oct 10 6:30 PM @ Stars Sat Oct 12 8:00 PM @ Golden Knights Sun Oct 13 8:00 PM @ Sharks Tue Oct 15 7:00 PM vs Flyers Thu Oct 17 7:00 PM vs Red Wings Sat Oct 19 8:00 PM @ Kings Sun Oct 20 7:00 PM @ Ducks Tue Oct 22 7:00 PM vs Capitals Thu Oct 24 7:00 PM vs Panthers Sat Oct 26 8:00 PM @ Jets Tue Oct 29 5:00 PM @ Hurricanes Thu Oct 31 6:00 PM @ Predators Sat Nov 2 5:00 PM @ Blue Jackets Sun Nov 3 5:00 PM @ Capitals Tue Nov 5 7:00 PM vs Coyotes Thu Nov 7 7:00 PM vs Devils Sat Nov 9 8:00 PM vs Blues Wed Nov 13 7:30 PM vs Stars Sat Nov 16 2:00 PM @ Coyotes Sun Nov 17 5:00 PM @ Golden Knights Tue Nov 19 7:00 PM vs Avalanche Thu Nov 21 6:00 PM @ Blues Sat Nov 23 11:00 AM @ Flyers Mon Nov 25 5:00 PM @ Penguins Wed Nov 27 5:00 PM @ Sabres Sat Nov 30 5:00 PM vs Senators Thu Dec 5 7:00 PM vs Sabres Sat Dec 7 8:00 PM vs Kings Mon Dec 9 7:00 PM @ Avalanche Tue Dec 10 7:00 PM @ Coyotes Thu Dec 12 7:00 PM vs Maple Leafs Sat Dec 14 2:00 PM vs Hurricanes Tue Dec 17 7:00 PM vs Penguins Thu Dec 19 7:00 PM vs Canadiens Sun Dec 22 5:00 PM @ Stars Mon Dec 23 3:00 PM @ Wild Fri Dec 27 7:00 PM @ Oilers Sun Dec 29 7:30 PM vs Canucks Day Date Time Opponent Tue Dec 31 7:00 PM vs Blackhawks Thu Jan 2 7:00 PM vs Rangers Sun Jan 5 5:00 PM @ Wild Tue Jan 7 6:30 PM @ Blackhawks Thu Jan 9 7:00 PM vs Wild Sat Jan 11 8:00 PM vs Oilers Mon Jan 13 5:00 PM @ Canadiens Thu Jan 16 5:00 PM @ Maple Leafs Sat Jan 18 2:00 PM @ Senators Tue Jan 28 7:00 PM vs Blues Wed Jan 29 8:00 PM @ Oilers Sat Feb 1 8:00 PM vs Oilers Tue Feb 4 7:00 PM vs Sharks Thu Feb 6 7:00 PM vs Predators Sat Feb 8 8:00 PM @ Canucks Mon Feb 10 8:30 PM @ Sharks Wed Feb 12 8:00 PM @ Kings Thu Feb 13 8:00 PM @ Ducks Sat Feb 15 8:00 PM vs Blackhawks Mon Feb 17 2:00 PM vs Ducks Fri Feb 21 7:00 PM vs Bruins Sun Feb 23 5:00 PM @ Red Wings Tue Feb 25 5:00 PM @ Bruins Thu Feb 27 6:00 PM @ Predators Sat Feb 29 2:00 PM @ Lightning Sun Mar 1 2:00 PM @ Panthers Wed Mar 4 6:30 PM vs Blue Jackets Fri Mar 6 7:00 PM vs Coyotes Sun Mar 8 5:00 PM vs Golden Knights Thu Mar 12 7:00 PM vs Islanders Sat Mar 14 8:00 PM vs Jets Mon Mar 16 5:00 PM @ Rangers Tue Mar 17 5:00 PM @ Islanders Thu Mar 19 5:00 PM @ Devils Sat Mar 21 8:00 PM vs Lightning Mon Mar 23 7:00 PM vs Sharks Wed Mar 25 7:30 PM vs Ducks Fri Mar 27 8:00 PM @ Canucks Tue Mar 31 7:00 PM vs Jets Thu Apr 2 7:00 PM vs Golden Knights Sat Apr 4 8:00 PM vs Oilers
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    I haven't seen the same chemistry between Mangiapane and Ryan this year, so I think that duo is written in pencil. I am more of a Czarnik fan than most on here, he is a player that I don't think has been given a fair shot. Much like Cross mentioned that there might be a communication break down between Treliving and Peters in regards to Bennett, the same thing could be said about Czarnik Treliving gave relatively big money to an AHL player, and the talk after he signed is that he could be another Gourde or Marchessault, but he was never really put in a position to show that. I think that ability is there still myself and I wouldn't be opposed to seeing what a prolonged look on the 2nd line would look like.
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    Lucic with easiest his best game as a flame. has looked very good.
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    I think with Tippett coaching, they'll play a hangaround game until the 3rd and try to cut the horses loose. But we've already seen 2 glaring mistakes by Smith leading to goals. They're going to need Koskinen because Smith is still the deflating goalie that we had. On Nylander's winner last night, Smith said (to paraphrase), "I thought the puck was coming faster than it was and when I realized that I wasn't going to get there, it was too late". Sound familiar?
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    The Flames have not said anything, so no confirmed lines yet... There is just a tweet, so your guess is as good as mine... GOALTENDERS
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    Charm is good. Everyone should have it. lol My memo to the Flames would be, skate. Or get dumb, lazy penalties, like you're doing. It's not reffing. Put a solid game together. Is that asking too much?
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    Man the refs must have money on this game, completely one sided officiating.
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    Sorry for the inflammatory post. sometimes, I can't help but be me lol. Way too early in the season for that stuff so my bad. But we've already all pretty much agreed that it was an aweful trade, we all knew it the moment it was made, and while I admire people's ability to positively spin it....it's still what it is and it'll be that at the end of the season and after they're both retired. An aweful trade. Give me some credit, I've only made one post and you can imagine what I'm thinking right now.
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    I'll put one together for tonight's game against the Stars...
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    It isn't that hard to figure out where Neal went off the rails. He thought he was coming here to play with Gaudreau and Monahan but Peters had other ideas and he tuned out. Unprofessional yes but not totally unexpected behaviour after being told one thing from a GM that wants to sign you and then finding yourself on a 3rd line by a new coach. Either way it's over, let's move on.
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    But... but.... the Oilers are 2-0 lol, they had to score 6 to beat a bottom 3 team in the league
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    Good Morning Calgary... A bit late today... Carty I love your gameday threads.... because of that... and now.... finish off the Canucks Go Flames Go
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    I am rather surprised how poorly Feaster managed the club. It seems to me that he seriously lacked knowledge about how to do the job. I anticipate variation in GM success, but I never thought someone could get to that level without the requisite hockey knowledge.
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    I'm not saying they will or they won't go for Ho-Sang but we could use his speed and small size increase over Czarnik. for our RW. Inexpensive upgrade worth the risk IMO. Peters appears to want a fast skilled team which Ho-Sang brings.
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    When did Mony become a pirate? go Flames go! Arrrrr!
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    Thought this was interesting, but on the tax discussion a Wealth Firm put out this primer. Would appear taxes are petty important to factor in when you look at cap hit vs take home.
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    I have been a big supporter of SB primarily because I have seen good skill in the presence of poor and changing line mates. I have also seen improvement each year and I see a great heart on a kid I would want on my team. The flames are low in grit and toughness as evidenced by their performance vs the Avs last year. SB is the last guy that should be grabbing so much negative attention on these boards but in speaking of him here I will say that his shooting in my view is poor and I think attributes to his performance relative to expectations. Goalies at this level are far superior and I don’t see strength in his shot even if he is getting chances. He should spend sometime with SM and see what a great shot/ release requires. If I was going to question anyone in a top six role and particularly relative to salary it would be Backlund. His playoff performance was horrible, he is probably the most schizophrenic player I have seen. Simply put, I can’t figure him out at all but after the playoffs, I am surprised to still see him on the team.
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    He still managed -6 but he had some pretty good numbers according to this article https://flamesnation.ca/2019/09/30/sam-bennett-one-of-three-flames-poised-for-a-big-offensive-step/ It is possible some don't give him enough credit here.
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    Winnipeg just lost another D-man to injury, they claimed one but this year they want to stay competitive. I wonder how much it would take/do they feel like they want to trade Laine.... Brodie, Jankowski, Czarnik and a first? They have cap to take Frolik too. Brodie, Frolik, Czarnik and a first for Laine??
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    every team has a curse.. Here in Calgary.. we have the Gary Leaman curse.. we haven't won a damn thing since we traded for him and we almost continued the curse with the trade/no trade for Kadri,, He would have been the absolute wrong player to bring here.. Nothing we've ever done with the Make Beliefs has worked out
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    I like the Ronaldo signing. In the playoffs you need that edge and a slight bit of unpredictability. We don’t need it as much in the regular season, but occasionally you do in the playoffs.
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    No it isn’t. Especially when you consider his lack of speed. Lucic will help on the forecheck but i was hoping for someone that could be brought in with speed and physicality. Someone who can change momentum when you need it. I also would have loved to see more of a presence on the backend. That’s a taller ask though.
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    re: bolded: Before the pre-season started, I thought maybe Smith-Pelly or Rinaldo might be a good add... Too often Smith-Pelly seemed to display a lack of effort, may have been lack of conditioning, but either way it seemed like he didn't want it bad enough... Of the two, Rinaldo had a better showing... As for Reider,I get that he has more speed, but I also agree with you that his addition won't turn around the Flames PK or add much for it without other changes that are not directly connected to Reider anyways... So I have to wonder if Rinaldo would have been the better addition...
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    Hey, there is no bigger fan of the crashing and banging style players than me. I was unhappy to see Hathaway go because his style is a necessary ingredient in the cocktail. Lucic makes up for the loss plus some.
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    I understand the PK but imo that low ranking has more to do with philosophy and execution then it does individual pieces and talent. I’ll be surprised if Reider makes an impact to the PK like I said it's not worth getting upset over or over analyzing. I just wish the contract and the spot was going to bring more physicality.
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    Gaudreau-Monanahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Frolik Lucic-Ryan-Bennett Mangiapane-Jankowski-Rieder Quine Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Hamonic MacDonald-Andersson Stone Rittich Talbot
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    I’ll preface by saying this team ended last regular season not playing their best hockey, but still winning (against mainly teams out of the playoffs). I’d say the team piqued early, and rode the wave, until they got their Hash Rate handed to them by an excited playoff team in Colorado. My expectation this year is that they’ve learned from last year. I don’t expect 2nd overall, but I do expect a noticeable increase in effort come the end of the season and playoffs. Also, as much as I wasn’t originally a fan of the Lucic trade, he does coincide with my belief that intimidation and size remain prevalent factors in hockey. And, as such, I think it’s going to help us two-fold. 1) the obvious: the opposition is going to think twice about taking liberties on our players (JH’s wrists and hands rejoice!) and 2) Our team is going to play “bigger and taller” knowing Lucic has their back. Let’s keep our eyes on that Cup! Go Flames Go!
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    Well it was a good effort by the Stockton Heat. Rieder, Ryan and Mangiapane were really the only forwards that stood out tonight. Talbot played great in his two periods. MacDonald and Stone were solid, Andersson was the best defenseman for the Flames by a fair margin.
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    Watching the Oils fanbase turn on Neal if he continues his trend of underachievement should be entertaining...
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    I really liked the Bennett-Backs-Frolik line last night. I think this normally happens with Bennett, when you believe in him and put him in a good spot he looks very good. I think Peters needs to find a way to keep that going and stop bouncing him around.
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    Classic Hindsight is 20/20. We likely did overpay in futures but Hamonic proved his worth last season imo. He’s a heart and soul player and it’s those intangibles that give him value. He’s still very capable at the position and is active in the community which is a bonus. He’s not my favourite D man by any means but he is a good defender. I do do hope we’re over using our #1,2 Draft picks as simply currency, went thru that during the Sutter years already. We have a decent group still on the rise but we do lack high end , blue chip prospects which will require some luck and lots of losing to get
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    The Flames best players make less then 7 million. We have plenty of kids to spread across the line up. We have a single bad contract on the entire roster. We have a team that was good enough to take first in the west. Your rationale is flawed. 1. We don't have a cap reality that would require us to trade Backlund. See above. 2. We don't have the C depth to afford trading Backlund. Losing him would leave us with the C depth that would be a tremendous obstacle that would remove us from contention. 3. Backlund is not overpaid in a 2C or 3C role. Investing at C is how you win championships. The Flames need to add at C. Not take away. That's why Treliving went after Kadri. It's why so many people are calling for Lindholm to be moved to C. Monahan, Backlund, Jankowski is not good enough. Monahan, Bennett, Jankowski would be absolutely terrible. I would like to see them pair Gaudreau-Monahan, Lindholm-Tkachuk, and Backlund-Frolik. That sets under 35 million for the three pairs. That's a huge bargain (the Leafs are almost paying that for their top 3 forwards) and it leaves us with a respectable Monahan, Lindholm, Backlund C depth.
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    I think we've seen the last of Gillies, I expect him to be placed on loan to another American league franchise. It hasn't been for a lack of opportunity, the Flames have given him every opportunity to be the goalie of the future over Rittich and every single time Rittich has outperformed Gillies even in the AHL where he was given less favorable starts than Gillies (2nd half of b2bs).
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    From what I've read Rantanen wants the $s being mentioned on a 3 year deal. Kinda makes sense why he isn't being offer sheeted, of all the rfa's, he'd be the first guy I'd offer sheet. But it would be $11 over 7 for sure. Looking back a few short yrs ago at Mony, Gaudreau, MacKinnon, Scheifele and what those guys signed for, this thing has ballooned into no man's land. Marner isn't an $11mil player, it's ridiculous. Tkachuk isn't near as skilled as Rantanen or Marner, hence he plays a gritty agitator game. Why the $$ would be in that realm is beyond me. What really annoys me in all of this, is Eric Francis *spit* guessed, of all the RFA's this summer, Tkachuk would most likely be the one that misses the start of the season. He's starting to look accurate, and god knows that won't go to his head. *rolleyes*
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    As a general rule I just wish we'd stay out of UFA signings for the first couple weeks of FA. Rarely - I can't think of a single exception to this rule but I'm sure there's plenty out there - but rarely does a July 1st (or shortly thereafter) signing end up being worth the money. Later in the summer though? There's always decent depth UFAs looking for a team that sign for awesome contracts, or "show me" contracts. Brad Treliving has done a superb job getting his signed players to resign at good value contracts, and he's done a pretty darn good job building through trades (verdict very much out on the Lucic one though), and the team has done a pretty great job drafting and developing, even convincing bottom tier FAs to sign (Czarnk, Foo, etc), but if there's an area that seams to be his weak point it's the "big" FA signings. In his defense, those signings almost come back to bite every GM in the Hash Rate, yet despite that they just can't help but go after 'em. I for one was stoked when we signed Neal. He seemed like the perfect fit, although he came with several warning signs (most obviously how no team he ever played for cared much to try and keep him, and some flat out wanted him gone, even WHEN he was scoring 20-30/season), but no one could have predicted Lindholm meshing so perfectly on that top line and Neal all of a sudden becoming the worst player on the team. So Treliving won huge in the Carolina trade, and face planted in the FA signing. Brouwer is another example, at the time he seemed to be a good fit of scoring touch, leadership and truculence. Yet for every bad FA signing there's a steal of a trade (I still like the Hamonic trade...I think that guy is huge for our blue line, getting Hamilton was awesome, even Smith was a good pick-up). Overall I'm very confident in BT. I think he's an awesome GM. Bad moves are just going to happen, but I think his good moves far outweigh the bad ones. That being said, unless we can become a legit contender the on-ice product speaks way more loudly than anything else, and we've yet to become an actual threat in the playoffs.
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