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    VS Oct. 31st 6pm BRIDGESTONE ARENA
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    VS Nov. 5th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Oct. 22nd 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Nov. 3rd 5pm CAPITAL ONE ARENA
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    What I've seen through 5 games is a team that ASSUMES they are good enough to be a playoff team without bringing the work boots. You know the saying about ASSUME, it makes a you know what out of you and me... Flames had a great regular season last year, but won't surprise anyone this year. This league is also so tightly contested that you can't afford ti bring subpar efforts very often, points are too valuable, make teams beat you by them playing well not from a weak Flames effort. Hate to say it but the Oilers are a good example, their underlying numbers and weak competition will catchup to them, but they are winning games, working hard and have a real nice start under their belts
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    I have mentioned this numerous times as recently as last night. This club for years has no moxie and hatred. Outside of Gaudreau, Lindholm, GIo, Ritter, Hammer it's a crapshoot who shows up. For example Chuckys best game was against the Kings, Cause he hates Dough Head. I find in this NEW NHL boring lacking and physical intensity and hatred. Funny best game last year was the 1st one against the coilers, everyone loved that kind of hockey but yet its not encouraged for style. IMHO you have a roster of players that do not have a hatred of losing. I love the drive and emotion of JH as he may be small but is competitive. We have to many that have been either watered down by systems/ teaching or just lack that competitive spirit. So your constantly line juggling to find a spark, how many times have we heard that. THis team needs anyone to drag them in to battle, Chucky was good at that, maybe fat wallets lead to piss poor work ethic.
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    I like how Rittich was happy for him after the win too. It’s good to see and I think he has been in that role so much that I think splitting the games isn’t going to be a problem. Not like it was an undercurrent with Smith. I find it weird that we are getting mad at goaltending when in the games Rittich got lit up it was more from the team play. Goalies have bad games too. It sounds like Talbot has a bad game. The LA game Rittich had a few horrible bounces against him and the team didn’t show. I like Talbot and I think once the ya ram figures consistency out, the goaltending will be fine. And like I said earlier, I don’t necessarily think we need Rittich to be the bonafide #1 as he is quite used to platooning in net. he is a team guy.
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    YOU SURE LIKE TO COMPLAIN, SO iF YOU THINK THAT YOU CAN DO A BETTER JOB ON THE GDT's, JUST SIGN UP HERE http://fans.flames.nhl.com/community/topic/22910-sign-up-here-for-game-day-threads/ READ THE NOTE AT THE TOP OF THE PROJECTED LINE COMBINATIONS & DEFENSIVE PAIRINGS POST!!! THEN READ THE OTHER NOTES!!! NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE LINEUPS ARE YET, AS THE FLAMES HAVEN'T SAID... FROM THE FLAMES MAIN PAGE: https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/projected-lineup---flames--ducks/c-310310634 All we know is kylington has been sent down, Quine has been called up, and Talbot will be in net... and then they posted this...
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    For some players motivation and work ethic comes more naturally and is more consistent... Some players have better leadership qualities than others, and some players need that inspiration for motivation, and when they are motivated their work ethic improves... None of us know exactly what goes on in the dressing room, or what is said on the bench... But it is during times like this when the Flames need that kind of leadership and inspiration from those that are supposed to be the leaders on the team... Of course the coach has an good amount of responsibility for doing that, but on the best teams it also consistently comes from the players that are leaders on the team... and that is done by setting an example on the ice, and guidance in the locker room and on the bench... and we need both the players that wear a letter on their jersey, and others that have already earned that kind respect, to step up and lead the team...
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    I agree rickross (maybe less with Janks), and I would add a few names to that list in Czarnik and Frolik. Gilles has simply lost his spot. He has been outplayed by other goalies and has never made it back fully since his injury a couple of years ago. With the rise of BSD, the apparent raw talent of Zagidulin and with Parsons and Schneider both 3 years younger putting up similar, or better play, there simply is no real reason to have Gilles continuing to take up a roster / contract spot for the Flames. Brodie is considered by many in the league as a valuable, big minute, puck moving D man. He is a good skater but is not overly physical. This is not a knock on him or his style, it is the way he is. There have been many quality D men in the same style, some of whom were run out of Calgary who wanted to be more physical and tougher to play (Bouwmeester). You look at Erik Karlsson as another example. The biggest difference I see is that players like JBo and EK make fewer mistakes than Brodie, have better vision and end up with higher offensive stats. If Brodie put up Karlsson type offensive stats, we may forgive his gaffs a little easier. Sadly he doesn't so we don't tend to forgive as much. The other thing with Brodie who put up 34 points and a +29 last season, is that we also have Hanifin who is 7 years younger who put up 33 points and +18 last year. Add in Kylington who is also a less physical, less D, more offensive 22 year old D and the easiest way to look at it is that Brodie is becoming replaceable by internal sources with potential to bring back a quality piece. Not leaving out Andersson who put up 19 points primarily in limited ice time on the bottom pair and who is a RHS RD. Andersson also plays well with Giordano and other players as well whereas Brodie seems to struggle more away from the Captain. Janks I think gets a bit of a rough ride from fans based on a couple of things. 1, like Colbourne, he simply is not physical and this causes fans, especially Flames fans, a bit of rage. Big body but not physical does not compute for us. 2, the whole Feaster drafting him with a higher pick puts more pressure on him (similar to Bennett). At his cp hit for what he brings to the bottom 6 is far from terrible. He is adequate in the role though I would not be against him being moved for pieces that may fit this team better. I do not consider him a move at all costs or need to move simply for cap reasons. He needs to bring back a viable piece that makes the team better. Czarnik is a reasonable luxury to have at this point in time. He has enough skill to be an NHL player, even if his stats don't really show it. Partly due to the fact that he hasn't had consistent ice time to really gel and get on a roll. I am not saying I think he needs to bump any other players from the regular starting rotation, but he can fit in at any time and not be a massive detriment to the team. He adequately fills a bottom 6 role, just not a standout in that spot. Frolik is an enigma for me. I still see him as a quality player who could add a lot to the team. The issue for me is that the team needs to get younger and more dynamic over the next few years. Fro will be 32 and a UFA at the end of the season. This means that he will be looking to max out his pay for sure and so far this season (I know only 4 games) but it doesn't look to me like he is playing for a big payout. He is absolutely a useful player right now who still does a lot of things well. What he does bring in puck control, defensive awareness etc. would be missed for sure if he was traded, but he is not a terribly dynamic player. Methodical is great for defending leads, but you need to get that lead first which is more difficult. The end result is that not only do I believe that Frolik is expendable but I believe that he should be moved by the TDL in order to recoupe 1 or more pieces to be used either currently or in the future. While gaining the cap room after the season is great, gaining most of that cap space while also adding a piece would be even better. I don't think the bottom pairing D has been necessarily terrible this year, they have not been stellar either. Stone did what he does in his first, and only, game this year. Steady, smart defensive plays and did fine. Andersson has done well enough to be promoted to top pair (at least last game) with Giordano. Brodie has been Brodie and Kylington is still a very young guy with plenty of growth still to come. Yes he makes mistakes but at least he seems to learn from most of them. Hopefully when Valimaki comes back, he is 100% and really steps up. I do believe that we could still do better with 1 more quality, young RD to play consistent 3rd pair and develop, plus another quality bottom pair young LD to challenge Kylington this season wouldn't be bad. The D has not been a huge problem from what I gather at this point. Change to the bottom pair would not be a terrible idea either though. Time will tell what the final results will be. There are only 9 teams who can really take on either Brodie or Frolik cap hits without sending much back. Pittsburgh is not a team currently able to take on cap in any way. They have some big names on LTIR but cap friendly still has them projected over the cap. Janks also doesn't replace a Galchenyuk or Malkin, not even close. Their cap space only exists as long as those players remain injured. Once healthy, they have to be compliant again. I see little that Pitts could do that would really help them out in a trade that the Flames would want to make. I think that Pitts would want decent players, or at least solid future potential in a player who is waivers exempt so that they can send those players down to the minors once the big guys are healthy again without needing to make bigger moves or risk losing a guy to waivers. From the Flames that would likely be Dube or Gawdin, neither of which I think the Flames should move.
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    omg!! not another year of this!! I can't even make myself watch any more!! it's like we've built an entire team of kevin Lavalee's// too busy skating that their brains can't keep up to their feet!!! An entire team built of Power skaters that can't co ordinate their hands and brain to their feet.. This is a tough move to make but.. if this is the ream we're going to pay for.. maybe it's time to say good bye to the architect and give treliving his walking papers... this effort is so so sad to watch year after year
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    Still miss reading Flyerfan52's posts... Always will... Pretty sure that goes for a lot of us... I'll be looking forward to getting together again to watch a game and clanking a couple of beers together to remember Larry when the opportunity presents itself, and I hope that 420 can make it again as well...
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    It was one of the games you needed to work hard. I think it is not that bad that the Flames are currently in a tough spot, because it gives the opportunity to step up as a team and get better and build character. We need that character to get into the playoffs and to be successful in the playoffs. It is not enough to get into the playoffs when no one expects us to get there and to miss the playoffs when the expectation is high. That is why we need the character to fight and get through these tough times.
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    Great work in the 3rd to get a point, nkt easy to do against STL
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    Hathaway update. 2G/4A/+3 50 hits. Zero suspensions. lol Should have given him that contract imho.
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    I want to trade Backlund...I don’t take him for granted but I think we’ve seen all there is to see there. He’s steady and dependable but he takes some really dumb penalties some truly backbreaking ones at that! Ideally we need a 2nd line C scoring 60+ pts...Backlund caps out at around 50 pts when at his best. He still holds very good value league wide and we can get a player with upside and likely younger with more offensive potential. If we can’t find another 2nd line C via trade we could still consider Lindholm as a more than viable replacement on that line.
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    I get what you're saying but disagree. Coaching will always overcome this. Keep the best player. In this case, Mangiapane. I think the 1st line should be JG-Lindholm-Mangiapane personally. And I don't think I'm being outrageous. I compare Mangiapane to Rittich in ways. "Have you done everything we asked"? Yup. Give him a shot, he's a scorer is my thoughts. Give him a workload and some leash. Like Rittich in that way imo.
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    37 games played against playoff teams last year: 4 goals 15 points. Not a large difference there in production. You are right that he started slow last year too
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    yup!!! Double standards. I think they need to just start calling it like it is. do we get upset when flags are thrown in football? Just call every penalty the exact same and you don’t get fans wondering “WTF!?!” it is odd because last year was built on guys standing up for each other.
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    The next 6 practices should be dedicated only to clearing the zone and breakouts exclusively.
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    The first of 3 games in 4 nights, 4 games in 6 nights. Hopefully this the the time we can find consistent efforts.
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    Or maybe he could just legally change his name to Sam 'Not-Wideman'...
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    There games are not really that similar. I don’t consider tkachuk aggressive, he’s more the agitator (after the whistle, behind the play, get under the skin) type of player. Bennett’s the aggressive, throw big hits, put people on the ice type. not saying Bennett doesn’t need to continue to Work at things as he does. I think he’s made strides with the stick penalties, which are the problem, but you are going to get marginal calls when you play the way he does. He could also start drawing more which would change the conversation.
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    A couple of things 1. Talbot played fantastic. Looked real good. 2. Hockey Gods bailed us out many times with the Ducks shooting wide and whiffing on point blank shots 3. Monahan - I haven’t seen him be that physical since.... ever. 4. Stone - hit the net 3 out of 4 shots, one resulting in a goal. 5. Lucic - hussles, hits, and makes great tape to tape passes. Really liking where I see his game going. Nice to win in Anaheim.
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    GDT's are a thankless job. Anyone who does them does not get paid. Having done my fair share of GDT's I can say without any doubt that some days no one posts the lineups. This is especially true early on in the season. Carty has pretty much stepped up to the plate every night. I would ask every one of you to press the like button at the bottom right corner of his posts. This is the only reward we can show/give him for his efforts each someday. Go Carty.... errr Go Flames !!!!
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    we need skill and scoring. Sorry, a lot on here hated Hathaway and didn’t see the skill. But I agree. There needs to be a balance of guys willing to drag you into the trenches. We had two like that last year. Now just one.
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    Yup. He was one of my faves. If he wasn't running around stirring it up I always assumed he was playing through an injury. I think it was a general shrug from the masses that we lost him. The Caps are a much better team than us. Now their fanbase is saying, "this is exactly the kind of player we needed". Listening to the Caps reporter on NHL radio, he was saying the fans love his game and don't be surprised to start seeing Hathaway jerseys in the stands. Good on him. Where are all of our blue collar guys, again?
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    I haven't seen the same chemistry between Mangiapane and Ryan this year, so I think that duo is written in pencil. I am more of a Czarnik fan than most on here, he is a player that I don't think has been given a fair shot. Much like Cross mentioned that there might be a communication break down between Treliving and Peters in regards to Bennett, the same thing could be said about Czarnik Treliving gave relatively big money to an AHL player, and the talk after he signed is that he could be another Gourde or Marchessault, but he was never really put in a position to show that. I think that ability is there still myself and I wouldn't be opposed to seeing what a prolonged look on the 2nd line would look like.
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    Lucic with easiest his best game as a flame. has looked very good.
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    A few observations from the loss to the Sharks... - The 3M line was looking better... So was Backlund, 81% possession at ES, attempts 17-4 with him on the ice, with 9 attempts and 3 high danger chances... - Bennett and Lucic were a possession sinkhole at 5v5 on the same line...
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    I think with Tippett coaching, they'll play a hangaround game until the 3rd and try to cut the horses loose. But we've already seen 2 glaring mistakes by Smith leading to goals. They're going to need Koskinen because Smith is still the deflating goalie that we had. On Nylander's winner last night, Smith said (to paraphrase), "I thought the puck was coming faster than it was and when I realized that I wasn't going to get there, it was too late". Sound familiar?
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    The Flames have not said anything, so no confirmed lines yet... There is just a tweet, so your guess is as good as mine... GOALTENDERS
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    Charm is good. Everyone should have it. lol My memo to the Flames would be, skate. Or get dumb, lazy penalties, like you're doing. It's not reffing. Put a solid game together. Is that asking too much?
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    Interesting, It was about a 4-5 game stretch last year where he struggled (and bounced back) and that's enough to have doubts.... To each their own, but IMO the sample size is far greater that he looks like a starter than it is that he doesn't.
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