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    I Think The time has Come To sincerly Show Appreciation For the wide Range of Moderation Team on this Board They Do a Fantastic Job at what They do and i Sincerely Appreciate The hard work They do During the Regular Season Why am i doing this Cause we Credit the player etc etc but we forget when hockey games are on we are all Here Together As Family and it is Good to Have a Moderation Team that works together and Gives there Spare time so we have a Place to Chat with other Flames fans on Game Nights Etc Etc Hats off to all of you Ty for your Continued dedication it doesnt Go unnoticed
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    Love it or hate it he’s a Flame! There’s almost no one who’s terribly excited about the trade however let’s welcome Milan with some open arms and minds!...because hating on him isn’t helping anyone! Consider the potential of having Tkachuk AND Lucic on the ice...a top pest with a top goon could really be a handful for teams to handle. This gives a little more free reign to our smaller skilled players like J. Hockey but it could allow players like Tkachuk to elevate the intangibles they bring....a fearless Tkachuk will only help him live up to the value of his upcoming contract extension. Lucic adds another net presence we need, we need someone to clear the crease and he could be useful on the PP, he’s hard to take off the puck and he’s a screen for our shooters to use. His physical presence goes without saying. He hits and he fights and talks smack. It’s an element the Flames lacked, he’s not cheap but he’s atleast elite in these categories. He’s sure to be motivated. Edmonton is a graveyard for careers, he’s still young enough to be productive and be effective in his own end. He also knows Mcd and Leon’s tendencies....he could be a great for game planning against those Coilers. End of of the day Lucic at $5.25M is still better than $6M, cheaper than Neal now and if he’s not scoring he’s atleast bringing a physical skill to the team. Maybe yelling out “Loooooch” will be more fun than we think....
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    I hope we do. My hope is peters told Bennett at his exit meeting to get ready for a top 6 role because it’s coming and give him at least 25-30 games before you make any changes. I’m going down with the ship on this one but I really believe Bennett just needs someone to believe in him and a bounce or two to go his way and he’ll be a pleasant surprise.
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    I read that article, it was hilarious how poorly it was written. I mean first of all, he stole Friedman's 31 Thoughts blog and called 31 Takes, lol. Secondly most of the facts are wrong. I am in the camp that is fine with this trade and think it is a minor win for Calgary.
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    But we had the same hole with Neal here ..don't care what he did anywhere else , here he scored seven measly goals.. he was 3rd line at best Czarnik outplayed him ..dude was /is replaceable IN HOUSE When will people realize , these were 2 bad contracts.. people are acting like WE signed him for this money They are 2 different players with 2 different roles .. We had to replace Hathaway..and we did it by reducing our cap $500k.. Without making any more moves (obviously we have to , but just sayin) we are a better team right now than opening night last year Lucic is better than Hathway..that's all we should care about There were no other options with Neal.. you don't think BT told every single team in the league he was available ? Knew every offer available , from teams that even cares to make one ? A buy out ? An 8 year cap hit ? Seriously ?..no.. this was the only option. He saved $500k and improved the overall lineup.. this is a win ..a best case escape from a bad signing.. A bad signing I might add that nearly every single outlet called a major win for us last year .. NOBODY saw this cliff dive coming
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    This move was about saving 12 million in actual dollars and about removing a poor fit from the team. The silver lining is that Lucic might be a better fit in the bottom 6. This wasn't about upgrading the roster, particularly in the top 6.
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    Luuuuuch. Let me say welcome to the flames. Ain’t going to lie - didn’t love the trade. Nothing personal, it’s your cap hit. In fact, I was a big fan of your game and intensity in Boston. I could see your drive to win. Didn’t see the same from you in Edmonton. Something was different there. I hope you find the flames a better fit for you. I hope you see an opportunity to win here. I hope you can do something special. I’m already routing for you.
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    Top 5 goalies based on Vezina voting last season: Vasilevskiy: First round draft pick. Back up 3 post draft season, starter 5 season. It was for his drafting team. Great right away. Bishop: Mid-round draft pick. 8-years post draft until he was a starter, lots of up and down before that. It wasn't for his drafting team. Struggle in his first 3 seasons in the NHL. Lehner: Second round draft pick. 7-years post draft until he was a starter. It wasn't for his drafting team. A lot of up and down before starting. Good numbers, but took a lot of back-up time on different teams before getting a chance as a 1A. Fleury: First overall draft pick. Played back-up immediately and starter three seasons post draft. Struggled initially. Did play for his drafting team. Binnington: Mid-round draft pick. Only 1 game played until his 7 post draft season. Only played 32 games in his one and only season, but was exceptional in the playoffs. Plays for his drafting team. We have goalies starting early. Goalies starting later. Ones that were developed by their ultimate team, some that weren't. Some that were strong out of the gates and others that struggled early. Some that came out of nowhere. Some that were thought of as career back-ups. Things don't clear up after the top 5 as well. There is no trend. There is no recipe. There is no common thread or path to follow.
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    I do feel strongly that this whole thing is out of hand , and some team needs to make a statement by letting one of these players sit . My biggest issue is with "percentage of cap ".. I'm sorry , guaranteed it was an agent that came up with it , but its a joke that is creating this mess.. as well as this is one of the first true crops of RFA's who grew up getting participation trophies . In no way should any player in this league be getting paid more than Sidney Crosby.. not his biggest fan , but he has won Harts, Scoring Trophies, Stanley Cups , and I believe a Conn Smythe as well? Not even McDavid is worth it yet .. what has he done ? ok , scoring and Hart.. but hes nowhere near the credentials of Crosby Gio has won a Norris, been in the conversation many times.. Johnny is a true superstar .. they should be our highest paid players , period .. I'm sorry but Matthew hasn't earned it to be our highest paid player .. i could accept equal , but not more.. but he will likely get it In No world is Marner worth more money that Crosby, or even Tavares for that matter .. hes looked good coming out of his entry deal .. awesome , but hes gonna get over $10 M most likely Dubas needed to let Nylander rot on the vine last year , but he caved .. at some point one of these kids need to be told, here is your offer .. call when you are ready to sign it.
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    This would have been an excellent way to troll the Winnipeg Jets board lol
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    I agree with Jtech. I still think it’s ridiculous how much players like Backlund and Tkachuk don’t get enough respect in this market. If you want to discuss an upgrade to Backlund that’s fine but good luck finding one as it won’t be easy. He is not just a shutdown center and that has to be one of the dumber narratives that still persists in this market. The bigger problem is the 3rd line was complete crap last year. I think the flames can compete no problem with their top 6 and I’d out their top 6 up against almost anyone. Their bottom 6 is the bigger issue.
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    I used to think the same thing, that we needed more offense from our 2nd line center, but when you look closer Backlund does a great job 5v5. Here are the top forwards at 5v5 P/60: Gaudreau 2.73 Monahan 2.51 Tkachuk 2.25 Lindholm 2.09 Backlund 2.02 Frolik 1.95 Ryan 1.83 So at 5v5 Backlund's production is in line with the rest of the top 6 talent. The stat I find even more interesting is primary points per 60 minutes, it shows who is making plays that lead directly to goals. Gaudreau 2.21 Monahan 2.13 Tkachuk 1.74 Backlund 1.68 Mangiapane 1.51 Frolik 1.5 Ryan 1.37 Bennett 1.35 Lindholm 1.27 Backlund is our 4th best forward at generating goals at 5v5. Where Backlund struggled mightily last year was on the PP and that affected his point totals last year. If he produces better next season on the PP he should be back in the 50 point range. Though I think he does enough heavy lifting at 5v5 and on the PK that you can leave him off the PP and let him rest a bit there and let guys like Ryan and Bennett take more 2nd PP minutes. Backlund does a fine job as a 2nd line center, we would have a hard time finding an upgrade offensively at 5v5 over Backlund.
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    I get what you're saying, and I was actually somewhat surprised JP wasn't involved , but at the same time smoke in the air indicated Bennett was discussed ..and if that was the price , instead of salary retained and a potential pick, then I can see why that wasn't done I'd actually argue that Turris would be a worse decision.. he'd likely be another Neal, if he's not scoring he's useless ..plus I'm not sure Nash is still in a position to take on more cap. Plus had we done a deal like that , we'd still be looking for a Hathaway replacement No doubt ..BT wanted a heavy player ..always has, has been actively looking for one since Engelland left we signed Neal only after Reaves turned us down , so agreed he would fit the bill. All I'm saying is people need to seperate Neal and Lucic .. this is a 2 part deal, no argument we gave up the player who is most likely to save face..but Lucic wasn't picked up to replace Neal , he was brought to replace Hathaway We shed a bad contract of a player who was never going to fit in here , and has already been replaced in the lineup..we won the west basically without and in spite of him ..and not only didn't pay a team to take him, we got paid We were already soft ..and loss of Hathaway made us even softer ..he needed to be replaced ..Lucic is a major upgrade to Hathaway..many will say we could have found his replacement for a million or less , but the reality is we replaced Hathaway for -$500K Not calling it a win, it was a loss the minute the season ended with Neal being healthy scratched and only scoring 7 goals.. but I'd say for sure it was the best available save of a bad situation
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    So what did James Neal do here that makes this such a bad trade? What was it that Neal provided that will be so sorely missed? I honestly remember Neal for losing teeth and being scratched in the playoffs. That’s it. Lucic’s contract is garbage but atleast he can still be effective when not scoring by hitting, fighting/intimidating. Neal wasnt sticking up for anyone, I can’t even recall a nice check he laid out, he provided next nothing to this team. Losing him isn’t really much of a loss at all tbh.
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    I was just looking at Neal and Lucic's totals over the last 3 years and some might be surprised that Neal only has produced 1 more point than Lucic at 5v5 in the last 3 years. All the while Lucic has been a much better possession player over that time frame while playing on the Oilers, while Neal played on good teams like Nashville, Vegas and Calgary.
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    In either case, though, I would have walked away. The whole thing reeks of desperation to get rid of Neal. We know that the Oilers were desperate to get rid of Lucic, but the Flames must have been equally desperate, or else they should have bent the Oilers over a barrel. I can understand all of the arguments about why Milan Lucic is a better fit in Calgary than James Neal, but at the end of the day, the rumoured cost for JP was to take Lucic, so that's what they should have done. I realize that the Flames may have had to add slightly, but anything more than Jankowski or a mid-round pick would have been a no-go for me. It was very well documented that the Oilers wanted to get rid of Milan Lucic, so, going into the trade, I think that the Flames had the leverage. I realize that Lucic makes more sense on the third or fourth line than Neal did, but I think that it's a pretty steep price to pay to do your biggest rival a favour. And from a fan perspective, particularly one that can't afford to see too many games in a season, I couldn't give a good goddamn if it saves ownership a few million dollars over four years. Love.
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    Totally! Except, I don't think he should try to be Gilmour at all... he's Sam mothafukkin Bennet, and he should be number 15. Love.
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    Ironically, I really only consider Brouwer his big UFA mistake . The rest he got done in by unexpected internal growth. He signed Mason Raymond , Josh Jooris surprised out of camp He resigned Michael stone at a time he was a solid 4-5 ..then Andersson , valimaki and Kyllington took big strides He signed James Neal and Lindholm took his game to a whole new level Lance Bouma was an arbitration life lesson he's never repeated Maybe a side effect of having coaching changes and not enough communication between his coach and scouts ..but if it's any sign at all sounds like he had discussion with Peters before pulling the trigger on the Lucic trade so that's a positive step Life could be worse ... Minnesota canned their gm after one year and is now seriously considering Chiarelli..lol
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    On the flip side, can anybody imagine what type of cap situation we'd be in if he went 1 year on Lindholm. Some bad signings for sure, but thats the risk of doing business on July 1, who is actually a good UFA GM?
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    Haynes makes a great point in this thread that makes the move make more sense . this opens up a path to compliance .. which takes the hammer away from any GMs trying to low ball us for TJ or Frolik , since now we dont "have" to move them
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    My feeling through this is Treliving is trying to work a deal including Brodie that would include an upgrade to the forward crop, ala the Kadri deal. I think this is Plan A and he is working it. Plan B is he already has offers to deal Brodie for picks/futures and the cap savings and if he has to go that route, he may keep Frolik so he has the depth up front. I don't think the Flames are in a position where they want to trade both Brodie/Frolik and not get some type of a replacement back at forward as it really thins them out. That's why I think we are not hearing anything. Part of the plan will become clearer with the Stone decision. A buyout of Stone would likely to signal to me that Plan A is not going as well as Treliving hopes.
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    I see it this way. The request for more time is nothing more than self serving campaigning for the next election The city was polled , more than once over the last 5 years or so..majority consensus , in simple terms was " yes we need /want a new arena but don't raise my taxes to do it " Council acted on this , gave a list of parameters to the negotiation team to basically say , meet these condition, or don't come back A negotiated agreement was reached , meeting the conditions ..the only question now is to vote and say yay or nay What will a wait do? The only sticker here is the fact the optics severely suck. Only this council would announce a likely $550M arena on the same day as $60M in budget cuts Those adamantly opposed and demanding more time ..ironically are the same ones rumored to be likely mounting a Mayor campaign in 2 years Jeremy Farkas gets to stand up in 2 years and say "look..I stood up for spending when nobody else did " ..already knowing it's going to pass with or without him.. I like Farkas, but this is self serving political posturing A delay also only serves to hope to announce it when people aren't already ticked off about the other money you're spending ..where was this outcry on the library.. the ridiculous public art ..etc ?.. Bottom line , this is and always will be a polarizing topic .. consultation is what got it to this point .. the deal isn't going to change ..the possibility of tweaking this or that does not exist .. a councillor should already know what parameters your people require to approve or accept (and for bonus points you fought for these when you instructed the negotiations team) A day, a week, a year is useless except for personal political posturing.. just do it and vote the way you believe you should
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    Sorry TD but cannot let this pass. You seem to be on an anti Backlund roll for the past year. It what way can you call his last year underwhelming? And in need of a rebound? The last four years have been pretty similar. Points solid to previous years and yet less PP points and PP time and games +/- improved drastically FO% pretty much the same I have not looked at all the new stats but in this snapshot I see no difference. And yes playoffs he was not particulary good along with some notable others like Gio and Chucky but you have were questioning him long before the playoffs started. We would be a lot weaker down the middle without him. It is not just you by the way. I just do not get the Backlund dislike.
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    Take the $7.4m that they have listed and subtract Gillies, Kylington and Quine from the roster since they will most likely be in the AHL to start the season and you get $2.2m. So the $7.4m plus the $2.2m from those guys going to the AHL and you get $9.6m.
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    Flames will owe Lucic 14 million for the rest of his contract Oilers owe Neal 23 million. Plus they will pay Lucic 2 million. It's a swing of over 10 million dollars with a savings of over 4 million in the first 2 years alone.That could have an impact on Tkachuk as maybe that money can be used to pad a bonus if it took that to get the deal over the finish line. I don't know enough about the negotiations obviously to comment if it would but it's an option. It also brings in the possibility of Pinder's idea, but it also make a buyout a more reasonable option that I thikn first though. A buyout is not expensive in terms of cash it's just cap hit so if it got to the point where Lucic was such a drag you just wanted him gone a buyout doesn't actually hurt you long term. And given that the Flames have already accounted for this cost for Lucic for the next 4 years I think the buyout is actually a legitimate option given it won't take much cash. One Lucic deal expires his dead cap is only 500K Contrast that with Neal. if the Oilers were to buyout Neal in 2 seasons they would have 2 mill on the books for years to come plus their share of Lucic. I think the narrative that Lucic's contract is significantly worse than Neal's has been very misleading. There are some options there so long as you reside yourself to knowing that you have cap pain for 4 more years, which i think the Flames have clearly done (pending of course the ability to deal it to a cap strapped team in a few years or something)
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    But this is why you have to view it as 2 seperate trades. Lucic was signed in Edmonton to be a 20 goal power forward who could ride shotgun with McDavid .. his toughness was a plus No arguing , he is not that player . They still have toughness without him in Kassian , nurse , etc .. Edmonton ate 750m of his salary to move him In Calgary, we needed what they have too much of .. if he only scores 6 goals again.. but brings his other intangibles effectively. He's valuable here ..he was useless in Edmonton Neal was signed to be a 20 goal leader .. bring attitude ..bring leadership.. he brought none of that . We have offense to replace him.we won't miss him in the lineup..so we traded him for a conditional 3rd round pick so Edmonton can gamble he can be that again.. if he busts they eat 6 years of cap to buy him out and still keep paying $750k of Lucic as well..that's nearly a $3m cap hit if Neal busts again this trade can end up costing Edmonton One teams trash is another teams treasure Personally I think we are taking less risk.. Lucic WILL bring us the non scoring attributes .. Neal, is either bust or boom We save 500k cap hit ..and may get a 3rd rounder .. i seriously don't see the Lose here
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    I don't think people understand just how bad Neal was last season, he was far and away our worst player, I would say that he could have been the worst player in the NHL last season. I personally don't think Neal will score 20 goals again in this league. I don't buy the he wasn't a fit or we didn't put him in the right role excuse, he was just plain bad. I also don't buy the whole he will bounce back because he is training with Roberts this summer, because he has been training with Roberts since he was 15 years old. Don't get me wrong Lucic is not a good player, I just think he fits the role we need and Neal doesn't. I also think that Lucic is a better player than Neal even if Neal does somehow manage to score 20 goals. I was once on board with acquiring Turris, but when I think about what we need, Turris doesn't fit the bill. We already have a ton of soft skill players, and Turris isn't that skilled. I honestly think there is a very good chance that Lucic finishes the year with more points than Neal. Maybe I am overly optimistic about Lucic, but I think that Neal really is as bad as he showed last year and don't think he improves. Also the comment about him needing to be convinced to come to Calgary, the best way I heard it explained is that when you break up with your wife you don't just move to the neighbors house. Lucic probably wanted to get out of Alberta, and I don't blame him after the way he was treated by the Oilers and their fans.
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    Are you suggesting that we turned down better deals simply because we wanted Lucic? All reports I've seen indicate this was initiated by Edmonton ..many suggest Connor himself due to them working out together I can't see what a Better Deal looks like. Any deal for Neal was always going to be something that fans would have a problem with Can't see any other trade that didn't involve US sweetening the deal. Keeping salary in the books , adding draft picks .I've read more than once that ownership initially rejected the buyout of Brouwer but did finally say yes to sign Neal..so buying out Neal I'd say was never an option . The idea that we ignored better offers I just can't see possible
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    James Neal was an unmitigated disaster by all accounts.. The issue being.. He was slotted as a top 2 line right winger of which we are in desperate need of.. Lucic// At the same 6 million dollar price is a part time 4th line left winger of which there are a cazillion candidates .. Unless Neal actually screwed Harvey The Hounds wife and needed to leave immediately.. there is no fathomable explanation for this trade.. We now have the same hole on our top 2 lines offence and no money to fill the position
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    At first I didn't like the trade, but now I'm over it. I wish Lucic the best here. My expectations are limited for him. All I want is him to be noticable on the forecheck more often than not. If he can brings what Hathaway brought, then he will be a fan favorite.
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    I will say this once again, the line of Bennett, Jankowski and Neal was a disaster for all 3 and to judge any of them from a progression standpoint regarding point production is wrong and inaccurate to their abilities. TD sees Bennett in one light only and sees nothing beyond that picture. Jankowski showed me he is a finisher when provided those opportunities, his defense on the PK grew tremendously this past season. What does everyone here complain about, how he handles himself in our zone, well big lanky guys aren't always the quickest of foot so put some fast quick wingers with him. How about a line of Mangiapane, Jankowski, Czarnik and see what happens ?
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    I view Lucic as a replacement of what they wanted out of Neal. Obviously they wanted goals but outside of that I think they were wanting his edge, his grit and his leadership and I think the reason things went south so quickly is they got none of that, literally zero. I thikn those attributes are what they want in Lucic and are willing to sacrifice goals to get it because they've now got them elsewhere. My guess would be they still get someone for Hathaway's role. Whether that's someone like Dube or Tuulola or external is the question. But I by no means believe the Flames believe they are done just with Lucic.
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    The mistake was signing Neal in the 1st place. This trade is an attempt to make the best of a bad situation. We don't need Lucic to be a top 6 player just like we didn't need Neal to be a top 6 player. We need is someone to fit a role, Neal didn't fit a role on this team and never would have. I don't think the Flames are expecting Lucic to be a top 6 player. I also don't think Neal is a top 6 player anymore, though he may get played in the top 6 in Edmonton, but that is just because of their lack of any kind of scoring depth. We are replacing a 3rd line player with a player with a 3rd line player who fits the role better, and contrary to popular belief has put up similar or better numbers on the PP and 5v5 over the last 3 years. I see us getting a player with similar offense, but is much better in his own end and is one the most imposing physical players in the league. I get that I may be in the minority but I have to agree with Cross, I think we are getting the better player, and the numbers sure bear that out.
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    This logic doesn’t make sense. I think we all can agree that Neal wasn’t going to play top 6 this year, in Calgary. He didn’t fit in the bottom 6 with his style, so we had no where to play him. So instead of paying Neal $5.75M to play in a bottom 6 role that he wouldn’t fit in, we pay Lucic $5.25M to play a bottom 6 role that he will fit in to. I agree it’s too much money to pay a bottom 6 guy, but we were going to be doing it either way. At least we have a better fit this way, and for $500,000 cheaper.
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    Why in the F do some people keep mentioning Bennett for trading. Bennett was by far one of our most effective players this past season and now has 4 years experience, not to mention paid accordingly. Trade some combinations of Jankowski, Frolik, Mangiapane, Czarnik or Dube on their potential to some other team to better our RW. Bennett IMO became the definition of compete level other players on this team need to strive for next season.
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    Just to add to your thoughts, even if Neal returns to 20 goals with the Oilers, it really shouldn't be all the concerning for us for two reasons. 1. He wasn't going to score 20 goals for us and would have continued to struggle and put up similar numbers as last year. He just didn't fit here. 2. If he does score 20 goals, that's all he will do, he doesn't play defense, his physicality is really overblown and mostly non existent, he doesn't make his teammates better.
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    I hated this trade when I first heard about 9 hours ago. But I took the time to read all the posts and do a little research and now I don't hate it and I don't love it but I am ok with it. I can't get past the fact that Neal was a healthy scratch for game 5. I don't think there is any coming back from that as a flame. He will now join his 4th team in 4 years. Preds exposed him, Vegas let him walk and now we have traded him. I'm thinking he may not be such a great locker room guy. Lucic comes with a terrible contract and I don't understand the conditional pick at all but while his points totals are dropping his possession numbers aren't that bad. If the addition of Lucic allows our skilled players to "play big" as Iggy described it and he is remains capable of taking a regular shift I am ok with it. I don't know where he fits exactly but Neal didn't fit anywhere.
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    I understand that getting Lucic is less than desirable, but moving Neal was imperative. Neal isn't a top 6 player and he wasn't a top 6 player when we signed him, I think it is funny that the Oilers think he can be a top 6 player. Everybody watched Neal play last year right? He was one of, if not the worst players in the entire league last year. Lucic actually out preformed Neal in just about every way last year. Lucic put up slightly better numbers in P/60 and P1/60 (Primary points per 60 minutes). After watching Neal last year I just don't see how he bounces back, he was so bad, quite possibly the worst season I have ever seen from a player in a Flames uniform. He contributed nothing to this team last year. Lucic at least fills a role for this team, he is grossly overpaid, but so is Neal, he is very slow, I would say from what I seen last year Neal is slower. I just really don't think this trade is as bad as people are making it out to be.
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    Also, just wanted to point out that Sven didn't really take off much in Vancouver. The change of scenery was good, but he's yet to play 70 or more games in a season (injury prone), never scored 20 goals in a season, and never more than 35 points. He's got a great shooting percentage, but that's about it. Not a bad player, but probably nothing more than a 3rd liner with the ability to jump up for short stints. I'm not sure things would have been much worse for the guy if we had kept him tbh. Considering we nabbed Anderson with the pick we got, I'd say we came out ahead in the change of scenery trade.
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    Forget PoolParty. He’s already damaged goods being exposed to the Oilers development program let alone he’s already had double hip surgery. He’d come in here expecting top 6 spot while he’s not willing to earn the spot. It’s goes against our old slogan of Earned never given or whatever it was lol
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    That's why I like the idea of trying Bennett on the top RW for more than 2-3 games. Having Lucic on the 3rd line doesn't help as much as having someone stick up on the ice when it happens.
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    Hopefully Chiarelli gets the GM position in Minny!...we could make him do all kinds of tricks! Give up Dumba and Dubnyk retain salary and somehow throw in a 1st because it’s the way of the Chia Pet!
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    I agree. Some thinks he carries the 2nd line and drives play. I think he’s really a brilliant compliment to Backlund, but Backlund still has a big comfort level with Frolik. But I think Backlund drives it and Tkachuk is really good at accepting passes, knowing when to get it back to Backlund or other line mates .
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    It gives BT breathing room more than anything. If they kept him, teams will know he’s in a pinch and throw him anchors. This buys him some space, now he doesn’t necessarily have to move him for strictly picks
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    The good news is that after the Lucic trade it is nearly impossible to post an unrealistic suggestions on here. I'm pushing for Seabrook and I like my chances.
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    I am guessing we should expect 35+ points to be a good thing? I am just so tired of how much the Flames pay their bottom 6 players, and Lucic’s contract makes that even worse. The bottom 6 is ok but not that great to begin with and yet we spend that much on it?
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    Whats really laughable is the oiler boards now calling for 35+ goals from Neal next year..lol Ya I can see the 21 but he's not suddenly finding the fountain of youth What makes me feel better in this, was hearing that he spoke with BT..he also spoke with Peters . This tells me BP is on board and knows where he wants him to fit .. Neal was always BPs 2nd choice for the top line , like he was given a Tetris piece and told to Fit it in somewhere He phrased it much more diplomatically but I'm also encouraged by Lucic saying he was sick of losing ..trying to do too much.. just wants to play his game again and have it actually mean something Losing can suck life out of you..he's always been a player that brings it when games mean something ..we should see a better version of Lucic here than Edmonton saw for the last 2 years
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    Man...the fall from grace is real! He used to be s sought after player, one that any team would’ve welcomed. Now here we are, some ppl expressing near disgust lol. Let’s blame Chia Pet for the economics behind Lucic. He’s coming from one of the worst franchises in history, Lindholm came here and excelled in this environment maybe the same happens in some capacity for Looch.
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    Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Bennett Lucic-Ryan-Mangiapane Dube-Jankowski-Czarnik This is if Frolik gets moved. I think Bennett can be productive with Backlund and Tkachuk. Lucic gives Ryan and Mangiapane some size on their line, I also think moving Mangiapane to his off wing gives him a chance to shoot more.
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