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    Many of us here have noticed that it has been quite a while since Flyerfan52 has made a post... It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Flyerfan52 passed away peacefully while at home the day after his last post... His name was Larry... A lot of us often called him FF52... and I will do that here... After months of some of us trying to contact FF52, yesterday Pyro managed to find an obituary that he thought might be his and passed it along to me... I knew Larry's full name and quite a bit of of personal info, so as soon as I read it, I knew it was his, and I needed a day to digest the sad news and make this post... I thought that I would post it here in the 'Flames Talk' section where he made most of his posts, as he deserved to have it here, and not tucked away in the 'General Discussions' section where many might not see it... As you know, FF52 was a true fan of the game of hockey, and we were fortunate to have him share his tremendous insight of the game, as he was as close to a human encyclopedia of hockey as I have ever known... Larry was also a very kindhearted and soft spoken soul and he also had a great sense of humour and wit... His posts would sometimes make me see a different angle on something hockey related, and he often brightened my day with his good sense of humour... We have lost a good fiend to the Flames Message Boards... Please feel free to post any fond memories of Flyerfan52 in this thread, and I know many of us have them... One more thing... When the Flames host the Rangers Friday night, raise a fresh cold beer and say "To Flyerfan52, SKOL!!!", have a drink and then say "GO FLAMES!!!... the Rangers suck", and have another... He would have liked that, and somewhere in heaven above, he will be smiling... FF52 hated the Rags...
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    I'll just pass along something that is an example of what a great guy FF52 was... One day not long after my house burned along with everything in it a few years back, FF52 and I were talking... He knew that I had a lot of hockey memorabilia, and he says something like "It's such a shame that you lost all that great hockey stuff... Decades of finding and collecting and it all just went up in smoke... Are you going to start to build another collection?"... I said "I don't know man, a lot of it would be pretty much impossible to replace"... Well one of the things he knew that burned was a complete set of those miniature chromed metal Stanley Cups with different team logos on them from Cup wins over the years... You know the ones that came in 24 packs of beer quite a while back, the original ones, not the re-issue 2nd run... A couple of days later, a delivery package shows up at my door... I look at the name and return address and wonder what the heck FF52 could possibly be sending me a package for, open it up and find the Flames Stanley Cup from the original set... So I called him up to thank him and he said "I know how much you love the game, and I know you had a really nice collection of memorabilia and I think you should start building another one"... Then he said "and I knew that to do that you had to start somewhere"... As usual, once again FF52 was right... and I will always treasure that first piece that started me collecting again...
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    Goalies in the system. (in no particular order): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kipper - 6'2". Thanks for everything Kipper! Brian Elliott - 6'2" Traded for a 2nd round pick in the 2016 draft. Had the 2nd lowest goals against and the league's highest save % this past season. Treliving's answer to find a clear cut starter. Ortio - 6'1". Will be pushing for a full time NHL job with the Flames. Still in discussions with Tre Gillies - 6'4" Still ripping it up as usual. Now NCAA champ. Assigned to Stockton. McDonald - 6'4" Canadian kid. Very high upside. Excellent last QMJHL season. Schneider - 6'2" 18 year old invitee to prospect and training camp that surpassed management's expectations and earned himself an entry level contract. Last played with the Medicine Hat Tigers. Rittich - 6'3" Czech pickup on a 2 way contract. Parsons - 6'1" Picked in the 2nd round of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft. Winner of the Memorial Cup with the London Knights.
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    Gentlemen ( ladies if there are any here). Last night was a turning point for me, it will be my final watched game. The aggitaiton frustration, emotional lows for years will now end. Have I been hard on this club, negative yes, but it has been justifiable. Been a Flames fan longer than some of you have been alive, but its time. For the past god for as I can remember I would schedele my nights around watching this team play, if there was a game on i watched it. When the forum was down for me was a hard adjustment. I read posts from eveyone that like me is a die hard fan of the Flames. It was a great day when it came back on line, didn't realize how much I missed the comments and individauls who wrote them. I just wanted for what its worth, to thank those who have taken the time, effort and energy for these forums. The conversations comments and readings have been a huge part of my daily routine. I am a competive person and watching this is extremely frustrating to me. When I am more agitated than the players and staff, its time. This organization is a shell of what it once was, I truely hope that one day it finds it self again. As the sabres fan stated so perfectly, If I had a cardboard cut out in the stands I would remove it to not make them suffer watching this. This is a hard chapter to close, been a routne for years this forum has meant alot to me. I truely and sincerely wish everyone nothing but the best and once again thank everyone for their efforts.
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    Quick crib notes for the uninitiated: Style comparables are not be all end alls,they do not reflect a player's upside. Prospect grades are tied to Aggregate scores, with a max of 10 allocated to each skill. I reused my old categories for consistency. I would say the scaling goes roughly as such: 10: Generational level of ability, compared to the median draft-eligible player across all professional, collegiate, Jr. A and Major Junior leagues 9: Elite, compared to the median draft-eligible player across all professional, collegiate, Jr. A and Major Junior leagues 8: Good, compared to the median draft-eligible player across all professional, collegiate, Jr. A and Major Junior leagues 7: Average, compared to the median draft-eligible player across all professional, collegiate, Jr. A and Major Junior leagues 6: Below average, compared to the median draft-eligible player across all professional, collegiate, Jr. A and Major Junior leagues 5: Average Midget AAA/Jr. B level quality 4: Below average Midget AAA/Jr. B level quality 3: Average Bantam AAA quality (if you're draft eligible and still here, good luck) 2. Hobby player 1. You and me You will, obviously, not see anybody who has a rating below 6 ever. I haven't to my memory even had a player with a rating below 6.5 anywhere near the top 50 prospects (and I've never revealed the breakdowns for guys below that because I don't have that kind of time). I added draft ranges for a more detailed explanation, as I feel like a lot of times people want to know the why: why would teams draft certain players high, why did a guy fall, etc. I have added that in specifically for the high picks to give you guys some insight into the draft ranges of certain players, and how they can get bumps or docked from certain teams' evaluations to put them within specific areas of the draft. I will place a forewarning that my job requires me to focus on Bantam and Midget players as well as lower level junior players, so I don't feel as confident as far as my rankings this year and have had to rely on words from friends more than usual. But then again, I've never been the most accurate anyways. 😂 I'll update this section here with the future posts linked for easy access: Top 10 Rankings 11-31 Rankings 31-50, Overagers, Goalies Mock Draft(s)??? 1. LW Alexis Lafreniere, Rimouski Oceanic (QMJHL) [11/10/2001] [6'1", 194 lbs][Shoots Left][PROSPECT GRADE: S] [52 GP, 35 G, 77 A, 112 Pts, 50 PIM, +41][Style Comparable: Jaromir Jagr] Potential Peak: Hockey Hall of Famer and franchise savior Projection: Elite top line forward, perennial 85+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: None; barring injuries, will spend at least a decade in the NHL Offense: 9.5 Defense: 8.0 Physicality: 8.5 Skating: 9.0 Intangibles: 9.0 NHL-Readiness: 9.0 Potential: 9.5 Aggregate Score: 62.5 Report: The clear cut number 1. The best Quebecois draft product since Vincent Lecavalier without hyperbole (and the cream of the 2001-borns, one of the best QMJHL draft crops in history), Lafreniere is as close to a sure bet as you can get. There’s a possibility that one or two prospects eventually surpass him in this draft class as he’s not insurmountable and his potential is “just” franchise-altering, and not generational like a Connor McDavid, but a player who can anchor your franchise for 15 years is well within expectations. He’s on the same level as a Matthews/Eichel/MacKinnon level draft prospect. If your equivalent talents are all franchise players at such young ages, that bodes well. Talent-wise, he can do it all. The guy will score, will dish, will hit, will dazzle and his biggest limitation to his overall potential, skating, is still strong enough to be considered elite. Whenever next season starts, he will be in someone’s lineup (and in a top 6 role) and should be considered a frontrunner for the Calder. Draft Range: Some guys might believe he needs more work on his skating, which takes his skating down a notch. Even with that, his ranking is so secure he will go 1st overall regardless without much fuss, but those scouts will believe he isn’t quite at the level of previous franchise-caliber prospects like Matthews or MacKinnon. Which is always a possibility, considering that they’re basically Hart-level players at 23-25, and that is hard to guarantee for anyone. Either way, it's almost a certainty that Lafreniere goes 1st so the only question is which lucky team gets that 1st pick. 2. C Quinton Byfield, Sudbury Wolves (OHL) [19/08/2002] [6'4", 215 lbs][Shoots Left][PROSPECT GRADE: A+] [45 GP, 32 G, 50 A, 82 Pts, 44 PIM, +26][NHL Comparable: Evgeni Malkin] Potential Peak: Hockey Hall of Famer and franchise savior Projection: Top line scoring forward, 80+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Low; might need some developmental time and may underachieve compared to potential Offense: 9.0 Defense: 8.0 Physicality: 8.5 Skating: 9.0 Intangibles: 8.0 NHL-Readiness: 8.5 Potential: 9.5 Aggregate Score: 60.5 Report: Byfield is as big a question mark for a guaranteed top 3 draft pick as there’s been in the last decade. In terms of raw potential, there is no one in this draft who has more “unicorn” rarity, as a guy who could be a future Hart candidate while sitting 6’4” and being arguably the most talented/gifted center in the draft. Think Evgeni Malkin levels of pure potential. He’d be a solid number 1 pick in many other drafts, but his weak finish to the season and his overall inconsistency make it difficult to see his floor beyond being an NHL player in some capacity. Generally, he’s smart, uses his body really well, and has slick hands. Byfield can score, and he’s well-rounded overall. He's also generally an engaged defensive player and backchecks hard, using his stick well and being effective positionally. If there’s a criticism of his overall skillset in particular, he probably doesn’t have the same level of hockey sense and decision-making as some other top prospects, but it’s still very high-end so at this point we’re just nitpicking and he does have excellent vision when making plays offensively. He’s not as polished as we normally see at the top of this draft, but for that very reason I’m putting him 2nd overall because if he’s this good already, imagine what he can do with a good development team? He can probably play in the NHL next season, (kinda like Kirby Dach played in the NHL this season) but for his development he could really use a year absolutely destroying the OHL and WJCs. Draft Range: If certain teams think he’s more of an 8.0 in terms of NHL-readiness, or feel his skating isn’t quite among the top skaters in the draft, he has a chance to slip anywhere from 3 to as low as 5 or 6. I don’t feel that’s likely, because his position and skillset are at a huge premium in this league, but crazier things have happened. The betting odds are strongly that he falls no lower than 3. 3. LW/C Tim Stutzle, Adler Mannheim (DEL) [15/01/2002] [6'0", 179 lbs][Shoots Left][PROSPECT GRADE: A+] [41 GP, 7 G, 27 A, 34 Pts, 12 PIM, +4][NHL Comparable: Mitch Marner] Potential Peak: All-Star scoring forward, franchise face type Projection: Top line scoring forward, 80+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Moderate; lots of skill, will need to adapt to the NHL-style of play Offense: 9.5 Defense: 7.5 Physicality: 7.5 Skating: 9.5 Intangibles: 8.5 NHL-Readiness: 8.5 Potential: 9.5 Aggregate Score: 60.5 Report: The biggest riser among the elite prospects in this draft class, Stutzle is one of 3 prospects who have really put the DEL on the map as a real prospect development league. His bread and butter are his acceleration and pure playmaking instincts; nobody else in this draft is as electrifying offensively, with his ability to rush the puck, create chances either with his sniping and playmaking, and general control of the puck. He’s got the best acceleration/first steps in the draft, he’s got a ton of creativity and offensive awareness, and he will be a gamebreaker in the NHL very soon. He needs bulk first and foremost if he’s to continue playing against pros, and his defensive awareness is decent but not exceptional, but he brings so much else to the table that there’s nobody out there that wouldn’t take a chance on him. His balance is good but he gets bullied by bigger, older players sometimes, and more strength overall would help him stay on his feet and boost his skating speed to NHL-elite levels. The defense did improve over the year so as long as he continues to progress there he’s fine, and he already has a consistent motor and feel for the game. The biggest thing is he will need to utilize his shot more, and be more efficient with his game; he’s so dynamic as a playmaker that I think sometimes he passes up good chances looking for the perfect play. It is a thing to note, though we’ve seen plenty of players in that vein continue to succeed at the NHL level. Draft Range: I think most scouts have him rated pretty closely to what I have him at. A lot will depend on how scouts see Byfield and Drysdale, and whether they ding them or boost them more heavily for reasons, than anything with Stutzle. There’s a chance a team goes for the defenseman and Stutzle drops to 4, but there’s just as likely a chance that Byfield drops and Stutzle rises to fill the 2 spot. At this point he has basically an equal chance to go anywhere from 2 to 4, but no lower than 5. 4. D Jamie Drysdale, Erie Otters (OHL) [08/04/2002] [5'11", 170 lbs][Shoots Right][PROSPECT GRADE: A+] [49 GP, 9 G, 38 A, 47 Pts, 24 PIM, +9][NHL Comparable: Duncan Keith] Potential Peak: Elite two-way defenseman and franchise player Projection: Top pairing two-way defenseman, perennial 45+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Low; good puck moving defensemen will find homes in today’s NHL Offense: 9.0 Defense: 8.5 Physicality: 7.5 Skating: 9.5 Intangibles: 8.5 NHL-Readiness: 8.0 Potential: 9.0 Aggregate Score: 60.0 Report: The best defenseman in this draft in my mind, and it really isn’t that close. Drysdale is the prototypical modern NHL defenseman; not big, but smart, skilled and fast. His mobility and acceleration are elite and his passing and IQ make him an elite player on the breakout. He’s a strong positional defender with good gap control, and his performance at the WJCs has boosted his stock to the point that anywhere below top 5 would be a huge drop. Cale Makar recency bias also plays a little into this, as Makar and Quinn Hughes’ instant success has opened up doors for a lot of undersized, mobile defensemen who previously may have been undervalued in the draft. I would hazard a guess and say that the days of Erik Karlsson going 15th overall are going away, as those types of skill players are increasingly sought after. He needs to be stronger, obviously, as his limitations come from his stature (though he does get into the dirty areas). It also limits his offensive zone play, as his shot is not very threatening on its own (which is the biggest ding on his offense rating). But overall, he will be a top pairing RHD and those players are arguably the most valuable assets in the NHL. I don’t necessarily foresee him having the offensive upside of a guy like Quinn Hughes or Cale Makar (he’s not a phenomenal power play guy), but he’s got a lot of Scott Niedermayer in him and he’ll be a top pairing defenseman someday. Draft Range: A team that really likes Drysdale (and doesn’t love Byfield) might have him 2nd overall in their final rankings. He might lose marks if teams knock off points on his defense or NHL readiness (I wouldn’t but I can see some teams thinking he’s closer to an 8.0 on the D), which would put him in that 5-8 range with the likes of Perfetti and Rossi. That latter scenario isn’t super likely, however, but he’s the first elite prospect ranked to have a bit of a wider range in terms of draft possibilities. Expect him to go 4th or 5th, but keep in mind there’s always a small chance he might jump or slide a bit depending on individual team needs and opinions. 5. LW/RW Lucas Raymond, Frolunda HC (SHL) [28/03/2002] [5'11", 161 lbs][Shoots Right][PROSPECT GRADE: A+] [33 GP, 4 G, 6 A, 10 Pts, 4 PIM, +6][NHL Comparable: Artemi Panarin] Potential Peak: All-Star scoring winger, perennial PPG player Projection: Top Line playmaking winger, 80+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Moderate; needs to simplify and adapt to a smaller rink Offense: 9.5 Defense: 7.5 Physicality: 7.5 Skating: 9.0 Intangibles: 8.5 NHL-Readiness: 8.5 Potential: 9.5 Aggregate Score: 60.0 Report: Raymond started the year as a top-3 prospect, and he held pretty steady there in terms of his own personal development. An elite offensive talent, with good feet and a good motor, Raymond has a flair for the dramatic and has been a staple of Swedish national teams as a focal point of their offense. His hands are silky and while his numbers don’t stand out, a large part of that was due to the minutes he received on a strong team meant to win rather than develop younger kids. Like Stutzle, Raymond needs to be stronger. His actual defensive IQ is not bad, though I wouldn’t classify him as elite, but part of his struggles at the pro level in that end are due to his lack of strength. His balance is very good and he can fight through checks pretty well if needed, but he doesn’t initiate contact as well. If he were playing in the CHL he’d likely be considered a more well-rounded player with his speed and stick, and everything else is considered to be NHL ready right now. More importantly, he has shown a bit of a negative propensity for playing on the perimeter at times, especially against older competition, which could limit his actual effectiveness. Draft Range: Part of what hurts Raymond’s rankings are the fact that there’s another player playing in Europe who has a very similar skillset, is a little more explosive as a skater, has a better engine and consistent motor, and has already shown the ability to produce playing against men. For that reason, it’s hard to see Raymond rise above Stutzle as they fill the same archetype but Stutzle has shown more at this stage on a regular basis in a very underrated league (the DEL gets a weak rap for not producing prospects in the past, but that's because hockey isn't a big sport in Germany yet. It's arguably as good if not better than the Swiss and Czech leagues at this point thanks to the money and caliber of players). That being said, in any other draft Raymond is a near guaranteed top 3 caliber player so that just speaks to the quality at the very top of this particular draft (after the top 10 or so, it slides back into a regular draft in terms of quality). If teams don’t like Raymond's penchant for playing on the perimeter, he could also slide into the 6-8 range. He’s a bit of a wildcard in that regard, but at the very least he should go somewhere in the top 6, and no lower than 8 or 9. 6. LW Cole Perfetti, Saginaw Spirit (OHL) [01/01/2002] [5'10", 180 lbs][Shoots Left][PROSPECT GRADE: A] [61 GP, 37 G, 74 A, 111 Pts, 16 PIM, +49][NHL Comparable: Logan Couture/Sebastian Aho] Potential Peak: All-Star scoring forward, perennial PPG+ player Projection: Top Line scoring winger, 70+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Moderate; has a lot of good qualities but a few that need improvement Offense: 9.5 Defense: 8.0 Physicality: 8.0 Skating: 8.5 Intangibles: 8.0 NHL-Readiness: 8.0 Potential: 9.0 Aggregate Score: 59.0 Report: Whatever you feel about skillset and projections, there’s no denying that Perfetti can produce (at the junior level) like no one else in the draft besides the guy sitting number 1. People started the year thinking he was a pure goalscorer, and while he can definitely finish Perfetti has shown this year that he is more than just a shooter. His hands, IQ, and ability to make space and capitalize on opportunities are NHL-caliber. On offense alone, he could be a top-6 NHL forward immediately. Defensively, he’s fairly intelligent and has potential to get better with his smarts and effort level. He battles and while he isn’t big he’s pretty good at leveraging his balance and driving the net or playing in the tough areas of the zone. Basically, anything related to scoring he has pretty much down. His skating is good, overall, but he will need to work on his top speed and acceleration. Right now he uses good edgework to create opportunities, a la Jeff Skinner, but it bears watching as he lacks a real top gear. An elite talent who, like you’ll be reading a couple more times, in almost any other draft is likely a guaranteed top 4 or 5 pick. Draft Range: Depending on how you feel about Perfetti in terms of intangibles and NHL-readiness, he might be a 4 or 5 overall pick (although this also requires a bit of a down opinion on a number of players ahead of him in my rankings). His sheer offensive dominance should keep him in the top 8, but he’s fairly equal to a number of players in that particular tier and a lot will come down to team preference. I could see him slipping as low as 9 if teams feel that Perfetti is more likely to be a winger rather than a center. I think the most likely option is that he, Rossi and Raymond are fighting for that 5 spot and Perfetti is most likely to be drafted anywhere from 5 to 7. 7. D Jake Sanderson, USA-U18s (USNTDP) [08/07/2002] [6’1", 170 pds][Shoots Left][PROSPECT GRADE: A] [47 GP, 7 G, 22 A, 29 Pts, 12 PIM, +13][NHL Comparable: Ryan McDonagh] Potential Peak: All-Star two-way defenseman, in the mold of Ryan Suter Projection: Top pairing two-way defenseman, 35+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Moderate; hard to gauge where he is in development compared to peers Offense: 8.5 Defense: 8.5 Physicality: 8.0 Skating: 9.0 Intangibles: 8.5 NHL-Readiness: 7.5 Potential: 9.0 Aggregate Score: 59.0 Report: This might be your first big surprise, but Sanderson is a guy who has done everything he could to pressure Drysdale as the best defenseman available. A local kid, I actually remember watching Jake (and older brother Ben) play within the NWCAA organization before Jake headed to the Edge program and then the US National Development team. An excellent all-around player, Jake is not likely to be an elite scorer, but his skillset is very promising as a potential minute muncher top pairing defender and play driver in the vein of a Charlie McAvoy. Sanderson skates well in all 4 directions and has very good top speed and footwork; he plays a very good defensive game predicated on a mixture of physicality and smarts. He gaps well, and any mistakes he makes are covered by his skating. Offensively, he doesn’t have the game breaking ability of a Drysdale but he moves the puck well, has an accurate pass, jumps into the play and is intelligent in his decision-making. He doesn’t have a huge weakness overall, but there is a lot of rawness to his game that makes you feel like he has even more to give. His potential is skyhigh as a result and more than a few NHL teams feel that they can be the organization to really unlock that potential. Draft Range: If you value bloodlines, he gets an even bigger intangibles bump. If you like something about him in his offense, defense, or physicality, and he gets another bump there, he can easily push into a team’s top 5. On the flip side, if you feel he’s more of a project in terms of readiness or his potential isn’t quite as high as some people have him, he could also be a guy who slides down into that 14-15 range. I think that lack of consensus is what makes him a bit of a riskier selection at the top, as we don’t really know what he will be. There’s a lot of volatility in his draft position and a whole lot will come down to fit and need in addition to his potential. I feel like Sanderson is a good bet to be a top 10 pick, but anything could happen really. Regardless, he’s going to need some time before he hits that potential so expect a few years before he makes an NHL lineup. 8. C Marco Rossi, Ottawa 67s (OHL) [23/09/2002] [5'9", 187 pds][Shoots Left][PROSPECT GRADE: A] [56 GP, 39 G, 81 A, 120 Pts, 40 PIM, +69][NHL Comparable: Claude Giroux] Potential Peak: Elite scoring forward and perennial All-Star Projection: Top line forward, 70+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Moderate; likely to play in the NHL, but isn’t well suited to a lower line role Offense: 9.0 Defense: 8.0 Physicality: 8.0 Skating: 9.0 Intangibles: 8.0 NHL-Readiness: 8.0 Potential: 9.0 Aggregate Score: 59.0 Report: Ignore the size, because Rossi doesn’t need it. The kid is built like a wild boar, thick and low to the ground and that gives him all the power he needs. A top talent who had a huge breakout year, Rossi is a fantastic playmaker first and foremost. His hands, smarts and balance also allow him to break open defenses and make him a very well rounded offensive threat. Besides Lafreniere, Rossi might have the most overall polish to his offensive game, as he doesn’t rely on sheer athleticism or raw skill to the same degree as a Perfetti or Raymond. Rossi’s intelligence also translates to his defensive positioning and stickwork. His low center of gravity is effective at both ends of the ice and he usually wins puck battles through lower body and core strength. When you watch him play, you really appreciate the little things he does to push play or generate opportunities, he's got so much nuance to his game. I don’t know whether he has the same gifts and raw potential of some of the other players in the top 8, but he will be an NHL scorer to some capacity. A top 5 caliber player in most other drafts. Draft Range: Depending on where you/NHL teams view his offensive skillset (you could argue he gets a bump there) and his NHL readiness (he is an older prospect and with his polish could be in the show sooner rather than later), he could swing higher in a team’s rankings, maybe even into the top 4 or 5. If a team feels like they want to go for other positions or such, or that his potential is more of a 2nd line talent (there's an argument there among the scouts), Rossi has a small chance of falling lower in the draft, but that’s very unlikely and at worst he should be a top 10-12 selection. Expect Rossi to be in play anywhere from 5 to 9 whenever the draft occurs. 9. Alexander Holtz, Djurgardens IF (SHL) [23/01/2002] [6'0", 181 pds][Shoots Right][PROSPECT GRADE: A] [35 GP, 9 G, 7 A, 16 Pts, 12 PIM, -1][NHL Comparable: Patrik Laine] Potential Peak: All-Star scoring forward Projection: Top line scoring winger, 65+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Moderate; needs to continue to round out and polish his game Offense: 9.0 Defense: 7.5 Physicality: 8.0 Skating: 8.5 Intangibles: 8.0 NHL-Readiness: 8.0 Potential: 9.0 Aggregate Score: 58.0 Report: A natural sniper first and foremost. Holtz gets plus marks for having a scorer’s touch (maybe the best in the draft) and playing a hard-nosed, interior game. He also shows good use of misdirection and angles and overall has shown a highly developed knack for scoring in a variety of ways. He has good hands to boot, which keeps him unpredictable and allows him to be a good playmaker when needed. His board work is above average for his age, which puts him opposite compatriot Raymond in terms of style of play. Overall, I would classify Holtz as a smart player, with very good offensive IQ. Holtz will need to work on his skating, though he is good enough to play pro. While he is agile and elusive, his top speed and acceleration are just ok. He also will need to shore up his defense; the effort is consistently there, but he needs to iron out details in terms of positioning, aggressiveness (he tends to commit to the puck a little too far) and how to use his strength. Overall though, those limitations are normal and shouldn’t hold him back from being a top flight NHL scorer. He is one of those players with 40 goal potential, and you take that whenever you can get it. Draft Range: A lot depends on how scouts and teams view the other players in a top-heavy top 10. If teams think Holtz is NHL ready sooner than later, and/or give him bumps on other areas (physicality or offense the most likely) that gives him a slim shot at pushing as high as 4 or 5. If they ding his skating and like other players just a little more, he could theoretically slide into the 14-15 range. Neither of those two options seem very likely, and the betting odds are that he falls no lower than 9 or 10 due to his potential as a goal scorer. I think he’s pretty secure in that range and he should be in play as soon as the 6th pick is on the clock. 10. C Anton Lundell, HIFK (Liiga) [03/10/2001] [6'1", 188 pds][Shoots Left][PROSPECT GRADE: A] [44 GP, 10 G, 18 A, 28 Pts, 18 PIM, +11][NHL Comparable: Bo Horvat] Potential Peak: Elite two-way center, in the mold of a Bergeron/O’Reilly Projection: 2nd line two-way center, 55+ point player in his prime Bust Factor: Low; can play in a depth role if the offense never develops Offense: 8.5 Defense: 8.5 Physicality: 8.0 Skating: 8.0 Intangibles: 8.0 NHL-Readiness: 8.5 Potential: 8.5 Aggregate Score: 58.0 Report: There’s no other center in the first round of this draft with the two-way certainty of Lundell, and it’s honestly not that close either. I would go so far as to say he’s in the shortlist for best two-way player in the draft, period, across all positions. Lundell gets underrated a lot for not having the fancy offensive moves that some of the other top prospects possess, but his hockey sense and intelligence is right near the top of the draft. That makes him a very strong bet to be a top 6 forward on a championship team, and there’s still a decent possibility he surprises us given his skills. Across the board he makes good decisions at the right times, playing fast or slow depending on the needs of the situation, and his hands are very good and allow him to move the puck to the right spots. He has good accuracy on his shot, too, allowing him to just pick corners on goalies on his best days. His skating is solid, but he will need to work on his footspeed, acceleration and overall agility as he’s more of a north-south skater than an east-west player. That may be his biggest limitation; he’s strong and plays in the tough areas, and possesses a surprising amount of creativity that you might not expect seeing him at first. I think a lot of people think two-way centers mean they are lacking in that but Lundell really does have a strong sense of spacing and vision and that allows him to find open passing lanes or create space for his linemates. I don’t know if he’ll ever be the type of scorer that makes All-Star games, but he can be a coach’s dream and has the size and smarts to be an impact player in the NHL very soon. Draft Range: Very hard to say. On one hand, he does possess elite traits (hockey sense). On the other hand, with so many of his rivals in the top grouping playing at historically significant levels, he is in tough to break into that top 5. Depending on how teams view his NHL-readiness and potential, if they believe he can be a true 1st line center in the mold of a Toews and is ready to jump into the NHL in a year or even less, I can see a team having him ranked as high as 6 and right there with Perfetti, Rossi and Holtz. There’s a decent chance teams view his skating as closer to average, and feel that he is closer to a 14 or 15 prospect in this draft. Otherwise, I think 10th among skaters is fairly close to his true value in a star-studded top 10, and I would be surprised if he isn’t drafted somewhere in that 8 to 12 range.
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    Lets try and move onto something more positive. I think there are some (gasp) reasons for optimism right now. For a few reasons. Almost every team is bad at drafting and developing goalies I looked at each NHL teams drafted goalies from 2005 through 2014 drafts. This covers ten drafts over the cap era without getting into guys who are still developing. I considered any goalie with at least 100 NHL starts as a success. 207 goalies were drafted over those 10 years. 16% of them played 100 games or more. Remove the career back-ups and your at 11%. Remove the guys who broke out with another team and you are at 9%. A third of the league went 10 drafts without getting an NHL goalie, just like Calgary (though Brossoit will likely break the 100 game mark, just not with Calgary). The point is, Calgary isn't unique in our lack of finding NHL goalies in the draft, and our struggles don't translate to a permanent curse. Tampa drafted and developed the best goalie in the NHL. They have drafted 28 goalies over the entire franchise and that was their only hit to date. We have a number of prospects worth paying attention to We have had prospects to get excited about in the past. I get the 'fool me once' tone, but its been a bit since we have had two AAA prospects and prospects across multiple levels. (NHL) Vlader was only moved due to to congestion in Boston's crease (sound familiar) and was moved versus losing him on waivers. He looked great 4 of the 5 NHL games he started for last season (and 5 was a throw away). His pro numbers are really good, and its tough to find many in the know who don't think this guy has NHL upside. A lot of Boston fans are really upset they lost him. (AHL/Junior) Wolf's numbers are insane. The Hockey Writers have him ranked as the 4 best goalie prospect in the NHL (one spot behind the guy who caused Vlader to be traded to Calgary), and that is pretty consistent across the league. Most prospect rankings have Wolf as our fourth best prospect, behind our three first round picks. If he wasn't a bit on the short side (for a goalie) he would be ranked higher. I know that height is an issue, but he isn't that short. Saros, Halak, Quick, Grubaur, etc are all similar height. (Others) Lets face it, the best goalies are often the ones we didn't expect. Sergeyev is a great dark horse prospect. He has passed every test handed to him, he just needs some tougher tests. Chechelev has put up some good numbers in Russia and is making his way to NA. Parsons was highly touted as a prospect before injury, but he rebounded well in the ECHL last season. I keep hearing good things about Werner even though his resume doesn't really scream future NHLer. I get that every team has these types of prospects, and most won't work out. But the Flames have a lot of bullets in this gun significantly improving the chance at a hit. The point is we will have valid prospects at the NHL level, AHL level, and one representing each of the last three drafts. Two of those prospects are highly ranked, with one of them listed as one of the best goalie prospects in the NHL. Meanwhile, we have no need to rush any of them as we have a legitimate NHL starter in net. Don't worry, be happy .... I know enough not to overplay the goalie hand. Its possible none of the guys above work out. But I can't remember the last time Calgary was this flush in legitimate NHL players and prospect at the G position. The history is a concern, but as I said above, that isn't unique to Calgary and some of the best goalies in the league were drafted and developed by teams who historically struggle doing that. I think goal tending prospects is an area of strength for the organization right now. It certainly isn't inline with the general tone of this thread.
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    Hey all, I just saw this. I was away on vacation and popped in to talk some hockey when I saw this thread and my jaw dropped to the floor. I just have to say how deeply this has affected many here and myself included. I know I'm a fan of a rival team, and it's a team that FF52 disliked very much, but he and I always had great discussions and although we may have disagreed on many things between the two teams, we both shared a love for the game of hockey and the BOA and had so many great discussions and debates. My prayers go out to his family and friends. There literally is no replacing an upstanding forum member like FF52, that is is a hole that is impossible to fill. Rest in peace Larry, we may have been on opposite sides of the BOA, but we were always friends. I will both miss and never forget you.
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    The thing with Rittich is he's never really had a "dip in play" this season. I get his numbers have been up and down but my feel has always been he has been steady. There's been what 5 bad goals on him this year? Guy has 5 regulation losses in 33 starts, and that's not your go-to guy?
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    A list of players drafted 24 since Backlund: Mattias Tedenby/Marcus Johansson/Kevin Hayes/Matt Puempel/Malcolm Subban/Hunter Shinkaruk/Jared McCann/Travis Konecny/Max Jones/Kristian Vesalainen/Filip Johansson. Getting a 45 point C who is one of the better defensive players in the league at 24th is exceptional. Even take away his defensive ability and the situations he plays in. Getting a 45 point C late in the 1st is a win. But add that stuff back in and its a home run. Backlund has started in the defensive zone more often then any other Flames regular C over the past 5 seasons, its often against the other teams top lines, and he has still has the best possession numbers among Calgary Cs. He has often done it with limited line mates, and the line mates have all produced at a higher rate on his line then off. That includes recent guys like Tkachuk and Mangiapane. But it also includes guys like Bouma and Colborne that had career seasons playing next to him. The "Backlund Bump" is real. Over the last 5 seasons Backlund had 164 points even strength. Monahan had 195. To put that in perspective, every 11 games Monahan averaged 1 more point. That is with Backlund tasked with the defensive zone assignments and Monahan getting the offensive assignments. Funny enough, Backlund had 13 SH points over that time further narrowing the gap. Don't get me wrong, Monahan is the better offensive player. I also know, like every player, Backlund has his flaws. But he is disappointing because he isn't Patrice Bergeron? The Flames "killed all potential offensive output"? The guy has played almost 750 regular season games as a Flame, played the toughest minutes of any Flames forward, and he has done very well over that time. I have no idea why so many Flames fans crap on the guy.
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    7GP - 4G - 6A - 10P (+7) 19 PIM which was mostly a fight when he stuck up for his teammate Averaging just over 18 Minutes a night, and is on the 1st PP unit I am overjoyed for Benny, and exhaustingly frustrated that we weren’t able to realize his potential. I hope this is an eye opener for people calling for chuckys head. Players need to be put in a position to succeed, just look at Benny.
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    Other guys on the team don't have daughters who were hospitalized and almost passed from a respiratory illness a year prior. I am fine with not wanting him on the team from an on ice stand point, but him opting out of the bubble was 100% legit and shouldn't be held against him.
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    Just want to take this Moment to Give a Big helping hand and Thank to Jtech for all the Signing And trade updates on friday it was a huge help to all of us
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    ffs why do people have to be so freaking negative all the time. Opinions are fine but he constant bashing of the Flames and thier scouts. I came looking for some good info on our draft choices and found a bunch of wannabe GMs and Scouts who are basically clueless whether this kids will pan out or not.
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    You know, I have been watching this team for decades, and am quite accustomed to frustration. Watching them develop Sam Bennett has been one of the most frustrating endeavours yet. I have been reading a few boards, and I'm also a bit surprised that anyone considers his playoffs performance like it's some kind of revelation. He's always been there, but the Flames have never really given him an opportunity to succeed. Of all of the year-end interviews, his was my favourite because I got the distinct impression that he was happy to play for our team. If I were Sam Bennett, I probably would have made that phone call a few seasons ago - you know the one: I am happy to read Conroy's remarks, and I am hopeful that they'll make good on it. He may never be the top line center that you hope you draft at fourth overall, but I have always believed that he'll be a damn good player, and the type of player that you need if you want to ice a winning team. Love.
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    Sorry I'm never around, I wasn't originally going to do one this year for a multitude of reasons: 1. Been busy with my job(s) 2. My grasp of the draft eligibles these last few years has been less than it used to be due to the 17-18 age group in particular being outside of my focused areas Now that the draft has technically been pushed back I can absolutely try and put something together, if y'all had any interest! I do think this year will be a very volatile draft in terms of hits and misses, and next year even more so.
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    I have been reading the flames forums for the past three seasons now but had never felt any great need to join the discussions until now. I have been so overwhelmed by the efforts and Carty and Pyro to learn of ff52’s fate and the show of support from posters that I now felt compelled to become a member. This is the sort of community I want to be a part of. RIP Flyerfan52
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    Keep the 1st round pick, we'll be fine without trading it.
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    My analysis of Treliving's track record: TRADED 3rd round pick for Brandon Bollig - Poor trade. Bollig is a great guy, but unfortunately, his cap hit and lack of points handcuffed the roster a little bit. Hopefully he has been a good leader for the young guys in the AHL. SIGNED Mason Raymond to a 3 year, $9.5 million dollar contract - Poor signing. Treliving could have done much better. Still paying for the buyout this year and next. Raymond is a great guy, I wish him the best. SIGNED Jonas Hiller to a 2 year, $9 million dollar contract - Meh. He helped us to the playoffs one year, faltered the next, left at free agency. No harm no fowl. SIGNED Deryk Engelland to a 3 year, $8.75 million dollar contract - The AAV seemed a little high at the time, and maybe still does, but his leadership and play was crucial this year, and most probably will continue to be a big factor into the playoffs. Seems to have become a better signing over the course of the contract. RE-SIGNED T.J. Brodie to a 5 year, $23.5 million dollar contract - How did we get him this cheap!?!? What a signing by Treliving! TRADED Curtis Glencross for 2nd round, 3rd round picks - Excellent trade, especially given the fact that Glencross retired that off-season. TRADED Sven Baertschi for 2nd round pick (Rasmus Andersson) - Probably pretty good timing for Treliving. Beartschi had expressed that he did not want to resign with Calgary. While Baertschi is doing reasonably with Vancouver, Andersson looks like he will also be pretty good (if not better). Probably the best we could have hoped for. SIGNED Jakub Nakladal to a 1 year, <$1 million dollar contract - Good player, would have liked to see more of him. RE-SIGNED Mikael Backlund to a 3 year, $10.725 million dollar contract - Like Engelland, the AAV may have seemed a little high at the time, but that has been absolutely disproved this year. One of the most valuable players on the team this year, proving how important it is to have depth down the centre. Like Engelland, the signing seems better over time. TRADED 1st round pick, 2 2nd round picks for Dougie Hamilton - By far, without a doubt, Treliving's best move. Hamilton is an absolute stud, and will be for many years to come. A fantastic addition to a young team. Adds to the core, without removing from it. Saw an advantage with Boston's cap issues, took advantage of it. RE-SIGNED Dougie Hamilton to a 6 year, $34 million dollar contract - Good value for this player. He will do nothing but get better until the end of the contract (barring injury of course). Absolutely fantastic trade and signing. RE-SIGNED Karri Ramo to a 1 year, $3.8 million dollar contract - Not a great signing. Already had Hiller and Ortio, did not really need a third goalie of the same caliber. This moved somewhat handcuffed Hartley, and (in my opinion), was a big reason that Calgary missed the playoffs. SIGNED Michael Frolik to a 5 year, $21.5 million dollar contract - Despite a high AAV, proved that he is a very useful player to the team. Would have liked to see a smaller cap hit, but can't complain too much when he addresses a need and brings value to the team. Also of note that Treliving signed Frolik over Matt Beleskey, which is seeming to be the correct choice. RE-SIGNED Lance Bouma to a 3 year, $6.6 million dollar contract - Overpayment, classic case of getting caught up in heart&soul/one good season. Hopefully this leadership proves useful in the playoffs, would like to get some more value out of this signing. RE-SIGNED Mark Giordano to a 6 year, $40.5 million dollar contract - As much as Giordano brings to this team, the AAV of the signing is high. This contract could very well handcuff the Flames moving forward, especially if Giordano gets injured, slows down etc... For now has good value. Time will tell if it stays this way. WAIVED Paul Byron - Poor decision, especially when looking at this season's production with Montreal. Makes one wonder if it would have been better to keep Byron over the likes of Bouma, Bollig, Raymond, Ramo, etc... TRADED Markus Granlund for Hunter Shinkaruk - Jury is still out on this one. Granlund didn't seem to have a roster spot, but will Shinkaruk? What about expansion draft? Time will tell. TRADED Jiri Hudler for 2nd round pick (Tyler Parsons), 4th round pick - Good trade. Would have liked to see a little more coming back to Calgary, but forwards did not gain a lot of assets at that year's deadline. Also, considering the fact that Hudler has not found his 70+ point form since the trade, looks like a decent result. TRADED Kris Russel for Jyrki Jokkipakka, Brett Pollock, 2nd round pick (Dillon Dube) - Pretty good value for a rental. Probably one of the better trades of the day, Treliving had good timing on this move. TRADED David Jones for Niklas Backstrom, 6th round pick (Matthew Phillips) - Small deal in the grand scheme of things. Well done to get an asset for Jones, maybe he will make the NHL. TRADED Patrick Sieloff for Alex Chiasson - Even though Chiasson hasn't worked out on the top line, glad that Treliving at least took a shot. Relatively small deal. SINGED Troy Brouwer to a 4 year, $18 million dollar contract - This is looking like a poor signing, not because Brouwer is a poor player, but rather because he is being paid like a first liner. Hopefully he steps up and his leadership shines through during the playoffs. SIGNED Chad Johnson to a 1 year, $1.7 million dollar contract - Good signing, he has played as expected. Reasonable cap hit. SIGNED Kris Versteeg to a 1 year, <$1 million dollar contract - Fantastic signing, very well done by Treliving. RE-SIGNED Sean Monahan to a 7 year, $44.6 million dollar contract - Signing needed to happen, probably came in the right price. Certainly didn't get a steal like he did with Brodie, but did not overpay either. Happy with signing as you gotta pay your first line centre. RE-SIGNED Johnny Gaudreau to a 6 year, $40.5 million dollar contract - Took too long to sign, but paid the right price for him. Good signing. SIGNED Matt Bartkowski to a 2 year, $1.3 million dollar contract - Great signing as he slides in to the third paring quite well. Perhaps more importantly, his signing ensures that Calgary does not have to expose one of Brodie, Giordano, or Hamilton at the expansion draft. Very crafty move by Treliving. TRADED 3rd round pick, conditional 5th round pick for Michael Stone - Fantastic trade. Stone slides in very nicely on the second pairing, and gives Calgary some much needed depth on defense. Also acquired for a very low price. In fact, some GMs around the league were surpised that a relatively young RHS defenseman got moved so early for so little. Once again, Treliving saw an opportunity and took it. TRADED Jyrki Jokkipakka, 2nd round pick for Curtis Lazar, Michael Kostka - Obviously way too early to tell, but in my opinion, a great (and underated move). Lazar has been a leader throughout his career, a can play centre or the wing. Hopefully he will find some chemistry with Bennett. Also nice to see that Treliving did not overspend on Vrbata/Burrows/Hansen/Vanek/insert rental here. Crafty move. *Also of note, Treliving gave a two year extension to Hartley, fired him after one year, and hired Glen Gulutzan. I will let you decide for yourselves how to interpret this decision. Something that Treliving seems to do consistently well is assess the trade market. He has a knack for swooping in on other teams, and grabbing their excess wealth for a very reasonable price (see Hamilton, Stone, Lazar). Also with trades, he seems to know when to pull the trigger. In other words, he gets pretty good value out of trades, not acting too early or too late (see Glencross, Hudler, Russel, Stone). I think Treliving's ability to trade is superior to many other NHL GMs. I am very impressed by Treliving's ability to trade. Treliving also has a tendency of giving out large contracts on useful, but not elite players (see Engelland, Frolik, and to a lesser extent, Brouwer). I have no issue with these players nor their contracts, so long as they keep being useful to the team. It is clear that Treliving knows how to build a team, but part of me wonders if this will handcuff the team in a few years time, when they will inevitably need to acquire one last piece to put them over the top. That said, this is a few years away, and therefore the team has time. Also, the depth of this team will be very useful in the playoffs and this cannot be overlooked. Therefore, I am cautiously optimistic about Treliving's ability to sign free agents. In terms of Treliving's ability to resign players, he has resigned essentially everybody that he needs to. He got a steal of a deal on Brodie, and he paid about the right amount on Monahan (could have been better, could have been worse, see above). While he did take a long time to sign Gaudreau, he eventually got it done for about the right price (like Monahan, could have been better, could have been worse). I my estimation the Giordano contract was a little lofty, but I guess you gotta pay your captain. All in all, I am satisfied with Treliving's ability to resign his players. This leaves drafting as the last category for assessment. While I did not take the time to look at all of draft picks under Treliving's watch, he has drafted the likes of Sam Bennett, Brandon Hickey, Andrew Mangiapane, Rasmus Andersson, Oliver Kylington, Adam Fox, Dillon Dube, Tyler Parsons, and Matthew Tkachuk. There are evidently some promising prospects in there, but only time will tell how good they are. That said, I am encouraged by Treliving's ability to draft. Evidently Treliving, like every other GM in the league has had some mistakes. Thankfully, he has not done anything that gravely jeopardizes the team for years to come. In fact, I believe he has done the complete opposite. Even more exciting is that Treliving's most questionable moves came at the start of his tenure, when he was still feeling out the team (a team which had just finished near the bottom of the standings). Treliving came in and did an admirable job, and is in position to have take this team to the playoffs for the 2nd time in 3 years. Evidently this is not all Treliving's doing - Feaster and better drafting deserve credit here - but nonetheless, Treliving has shown his ability to manage the hockey time. More than that, he has done it very well. Considering all of these factors, I think Treliving absolutely deserves an extension. He has earned the right to keep building this team, hopefully into a Stanley Cup winner.
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    If you continue by doing nothing more than bleating out your view of the worlds, but your only backup is saying you are right, don't expect anyone to stroke your ego. Voice your opinion all you want, but abide by the rules and the spirit of the forum or leave. Being a STH doesn't make you right. By rights, Hartley should have been canned in November. That's how it works in the NHL. Your team fails and the coach or players are sent packing. In the Flames case, Raymond and Ramo were waived to make the team better. Nakladal was brought up to replace an injured player but sat on the bench. Bollig played a lot of games for a player that was a boat anchor. Hartley was given the rest of the season to get better results. He didn't. Tanking is a lot easier if you tell the coach to give less ice time to the stars. Hard to tank if your top player gets 78 points. If you consider trading three pending free agents as proof of tanking, then you you are wrong. We were out of the playoffs. Russell`s value had increased to a point where he couldn`t be re-signed. Hudler`s value had plummeted and there was no chance we were going to give him an extension. Granlund was traded because he wasn`t good enough at center to stay in the lineup. His spot was replaced by Bennett. We got a top prospect for him that played this year. Year 2 as GM, BT did just about everything as right as you would want. Trade picks for a future top 2 d-man. Sign him below what he turned down in Boston. Re-sign Gio to a contract that is below what top D-men in the league make (Subban, etc.) Re-sign Brodie to a value contract for a top pair d-man. Trade players at deadline for max value. Picks, prospects and a NHL defenseman for three players that were pending UFA`s and a waiver eligible depth center. Two of the best players on the team don`t have new contracts. We don`t have a new coach yet. So what. The buyout period has not begun, expansion has not been announced, and the playoffs are still on. A thorough search for a coach takes time. Well though out deals for top players take time.
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    Go for it. If you follow other teams for as long as you've followed the Flames you'll find the exact same thing unless you jump from ship to ship. You make it sound like this is a Flames specific problem. I'm almost 40, teams I've never seen win the cup: Maple Leafs, Senators, Canucks, Sabres, Sharks, Jets/Coyotes, Thrashers/Jets, Wild, Panthers, Bluejackets, Predators, Flyers. 5 of those I've never seen in the finals. Then are teams that have existed before me that have only won 1 cup in my life, Blues, Capitals, Rangers, Stars, Whalers/Hurricanes, Bruins. Add in the Rangers have only won one cup in both mine and my dad's life despite never struggling to attract top free agents. Any team that has had success has had periods of being dreadful. Wings had a 40 year drought, Blackhawks 39 years, Kings 40+, Penguins probably wouldn't even exist if not for a couple generational players. This is sports, as bad as you think you have it there are plenty of fans just as depressed as you are.
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    Didn't want to bury this in other threads. Mangiapane is becoming one of the best play drivers in the league and one of the most important pieces the Flames have. What a career this guys is starting to carve out for himself after being over looked in a draft and then taken in the 6th round. one of the better Flames draft picks in the last decade. I'm not sure his point total will ever get him enough credit for some fans, but he is turning into one of the Flames best all around players. He should be viewed as part of the the core moving forward.
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    Also being able to talk to Barkov can't hurt. Only a year older, but Barkov is likely the best 2 way C in the game today. Add in the coaching, and Tre definitely have Sam the best opportunity out there. That can't be overlooked either. He really did what was best for team and player.
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    Scratched again....Wardo's favorite whipping boy. For gods sake BT, trade the young man already......this is getting beyond ridiculous and making the organization look extremely bad in my opinion.
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    So picking on a goalie's stats, which were incredible up until his last 2 games, and performance in said 2 games may have been altered because of injury,. Not at all surprised, when you have it out for him to begin with.
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    Seems like a lot of disappointment already from many on the board. I liked how BT maneuvered and gained the extra 3rd round picks. I’m not Sam Constantino nor do I want his handlebar moustache but at this point these are just names to most of us. I’m trusting the scouts at this point to make the right call. No franchise goes into a draft trying to make themselves a worse team so there has to be some real upside to some of these picks. It’s wait and see before i can grade our 2020 draft haul. Nothing sexy about any of our picks but pretty sure Rasmus and Mangiapane weren’t thrilling any of us when we heard their names called. Let’s atleast give the kids a chance before we write them off. For all we know this could turn out to be one of best draft years down the road. Give it time
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    Not pointing anyone out here, but it's a little silly to get too worked up over these picks. I get that we all have our preferred players, but most of us haven't watched majority of these players play, we are going off their eliteprospects page or a couple of highlight videos on YouTube. Basically we all have really uneducated guesses at these players. The Flames scouting staff has earned the benefit of the doubt at this point.
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    We can't compare Lucic to Neal this season, we have to compare Lucic to what Neal did last season, and Lucic has already done more for this team in 3 games than Neal did all of last season. At the end of the day Neal had to go, there was no way that we could bring him back, and the rest of the NHL knew how badly we had to move him. He was disliked in the dressing room by the coaches and the players, and he was the worst player in the NHL last year. The sad part is that he is so unprofessional that he would have been even worse if he came back to Calgary this season, because he would have been passed by guys like Mangiapane and Bennett on the depth chart. He would have been unbearable. The fact that he takes zero accountability for what happened last season shows the level of character he has. With the rest of the league knowing just how untenable the situation was here between Neal and the team, it is a wonder that we were able to get anything in return. The situation as a whole is a mess and Treliving's mistake wasn't in trading Neal for Lucic it was signing Neal in the first place. The fact that Neal needed to go to a basement team to get playing time shows what kind of player he is. Can we just stop talking about Neal, it just triggers some deep rooted hate for me, I just want to forget the guy even exists.
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    Here is the thing with James Neal, he signed a big money deal to come to Calgary and instead of working hard to get the season started on the right foot, he showed up out of shape and not ready to play hockey. If you don't show up ready to play hockey at the start of the season then you can't be surprised when you aren't given prime playing time, and quite honestly he was given more minutes than he deserved. The James Neal that played for Calgary last season was the worst hockey player I have ever seen play in the NHL, he brought absolutely zero to this team, his skating was atrocious, he handled the puck like a hand grenade, his shot that has kept him in the league was non-existent. More than anything I am happy to not have him on my team any longer. He has scored two goals for the Oilers so far, good for him, both of them came with him banging in rebounds in front of the net, a place he never went when he was with Calgary. The fact that he is playing close to 20mins a night in Edmonton says more about how bad Edmonton's team is than anything about Neal's abilities. In Calgary Neal is a 4th liner, because we have at least 12 better forwards than Neal. Edmonton can have him and I could care less what he does there, Neal is my least favorite Flame of all time, just a terrible season from a terrible player.
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    Why is everyone so salty recently? I get the playoffs sucked but man sometimes it's hard to come here with so much negativity all around. This thread is a good example. Mad about Talbot, mad about Gilles, mad about development and we aren't chatting about how Rittich looks like the starter, was one of the best goalies for over half a season last year and without injury sure looked like he was going to be a starter. Personally i'm really excited and encouraged with having Rittich and giving him a chance next year. Good story.
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    Rest in peace FF52. We were two of a few who shared a love for good tough defensive hockey. I'll miss his posts. It was obvious his love for his 3 teams. I will retire his chair and fridge on the bandwagon bus. Everyone raise a beer for a true Flames fan if you haven't already
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    Didn't know where to put this, but Dillon Dubes AHL season has him in some high end company.
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    I was livid last night with Smith. Every time he makes mistake, he doesn't picked himself up or makes a spectacular saves after to make up for his previous stupid mistake. Instead, he let in a stinker. I know we need both goalies in the playoffs but we all know who is the starter here. They are still hoping that he will turn around for us as a starter. How many lost like last night does it needs to say that he is not a starter for us this year? Smith has singularly cost us many games this season. We have a good backup goalie in Smith and that's all he is. Rittich is our starter so start giving him more games than Smith. He has earned that position!
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    nope , not a chance . too many factors , he will even out for starters.. and there's a reason why hes been to 2 straight finals . Hes the reason I want a playmaker
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    If I'm shopping , I want a playmaker..that depth Dman , and a backup goalie The backup goalie not only gives you insurance , but a possible resign for next season .. I can totally see Smith retiring .. What I'm NOT doing , is giving up any current roster player with the sole exception of possibly Mangiapane.. I feel he is expendable in the RIGHT deal Kyllington , for where he is at in his development , I see being a future stud offensive Dman .. i'm not giving him up .. anybody else off the roster to me is off limits , due to a huge risk of upsetting the team chemistry .
  36. 5 points
    If the Bid for the Olympics is going to include places like Edmonton or Whistler then they should be in the process to bid too. They should also be ponying up some of the funding as well. If Calgary intends it to be the Calgary Olympics then the venues must be Calgary and immediate surrounding areas... Anything else is a big fat NO and lets stop this nonsense now.
  37. 5 points
    Brad Treliving is one interesting character. Every year he steals a headline, mostly for better than worse. He's now managed to refresh the Flames by acquiring Noah Hanifin, Elias Lindholm, Derek Ryan, Austin Czarnik and James Neal within a couple of weeks. Heavy lifting done! Love him or hate him, few GMs have displayed the savvy and gull when it comes to signings and trades. We'll see how these recent moves translate unto the ice but I'll give him him due once again if not for giving us something to talk about and looking forward to every draft and FA period anticipating his next big move. He's an exciting GM to have, you have to wonder how other teams are in awe of how consistently he's willing to gamble to improve his team. All his moves haven't been smart or productive, GG, Bouma, Brouwer and buying out Mason Raymond in the end for example. He's learned from most of his mistakes, I may not agree with term and AAV of every deal but none of his contracts are unmovable...not even Troy's! It's BT 2nd coach now so he needs this team to take that next big step...he's got more tools at his disposal and he's apparently found his coach. No more excuses for players, GMs or coaches on this team.
  38. 5 points
    Obviously it is just a simple misunderstanding of the definition of a 'Jagr Bomb'... The Flames should just inform Jagr of Trudeau's new immigration policy and tell him to just walk across the border like everyone else...
  39. 5 points
    JJ actually provides a good counterpoint when others get a little too gung-ho. I've had a lot of arguements with him but value his viewpoint since I'm not of the ilk where I see every draft selection/trade addition/UFA signing as the last piece to a dynasty Edmonton style. Like him I do post unpopular views when dissapointed by moves made or I think a prospect/players is being over-rated by other fans. If you want all "Rah Rah, Go Flames" (& I usually do the Go Flames every game day) you might want to use the ignore feature on me as well. There isn't discussion without opposing views.
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