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    The live look at the winners
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    VS Aug. 14th 8:30pm Virus Bubble Dome in Edmonton
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    I don’t think Rinaldo is anyone’s first choice, but I can see the logic. Fresh legs, plus, Tkachuk is out and Rinaldo can chirp and get under the skin of the opposition. He’s an energy player.
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    Ya I’m quite surprised at the negativity I thought that was a solid smart first period. Dallas isn’t going to give you much and Flames are being very patient with their chances. That’s how you should play Dallas.
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    Well its a win, Outside of Talbot nobody played well. They looked so tired and Dallas didn't. Lets hope we show up next game. It be nice to see this club click for 60 mintues. The comments with JG imho are not warrented though. Evertime he enters the zone he has zero support or he faces 2 guys from the opposition with no close support, its like he is left on an island. Have some run support that pushes the d back, he easy to defend cause he is 1 against 2
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    Have to give Dallas a lot of respect here, it seems like there are 10 Stars on the ice all the time the way the have been so smoothering. They are everywhere. As soon as it looks like Calgary is about to get some open space, a Dallas player closes in on the puck. Have to find a way to spread their defense.
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    Ward definitely deserves credit for going back to Talbot. Wasn’t an obvious decision either way but I sure thought Rittich made more sense. Good to see Ward trust his guy.
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    What a gutsy win. Needed Talbot to come up a huge game. Some things to clean up, like breakouts and zone entries. Did a great job of keeping Dallas to the outside all night. This team is a different team than last year. They got punched in the face, but they stayed on their feet and kept fighting. I have a lot more confidenece in this team this year. I may not agree with everything Ward has done, but he deserves a ton of credit for changing the mentaltity and the atmosphere around this team. He isn't letting them get down on themselves.
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    Honestly, they played Dallas hockey better than Dallas did. Once Dallas opened things up in the third, it played right into our hands.
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    Well at least further than last year
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    Some very good defending here for the Flames. the analytics and time of possession won’t favor them but they had a real nice defensive effort tonight. Forced everything high and outside and Talbot threw in a couple nice saves. they got a bit lucky sure and it wasn’t pretty but they kept it close, and ultimately won, with some good commitment to defense.
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    Gawd. It's nice to have a goalie steal a game. Love.
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    Yeah. I'm really okay with Talbot in net.
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    I like the zone time. It has been really good so far in the third. Not clean, but they’re not in their own zone as much.
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    That's playing the long game. The really... really long game.
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    🙋🏻‍♂️ Pick me! I’ll do it! Benn is just having beard envy
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    I'd really like to see #4 on the PP. Love.
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    it such a flip isn’t it. Usually we lament Monahan for not doing more to help Gaudreau. tonight is the opposite.
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    Should Comeau be given unsportsmanlike penalty for breaking that glass
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    I do want more from Monahan, but the broadcast crew said exactly what I was thinking when Mony carried the puck out of the zone. Everyone is standing still out there and passing the puck off, they gotta start moving their feet with the puck to get going. And, cross, I will say that I’ve never been more ready to trade Gaudreau - my son’s favourite flame, and with our father-son Gaudreau jerseys on, than right now. Hey Buffalo...
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    Which is also what happened to Tkachuk, I think. Love.
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    That was more the Comeau I remember
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    This just in. The 2nd intermission will be cut in half because the Zamboni only has to clean half the ice 🙄
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    this is why i don’t think this team will ever win the cup. They’re not disciplined enough to play the game right.
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    "Papa loves mamboMama loves mamboLook at 'em sway with it, gettin' so Altcoin with itShoutin' Olé with it, wow!" - Perry/Comeau Love.
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    Okay Peeps, that has to be the new worst PP you've ever seen.
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    I have been a huge Giordano fan for a long time now, I don't think he has been quite as bad as people think, but he hasn't been the same level we have been accustomed too. That being said I would switch him out for Andersson on the 2nd PP unit.
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    Solid 1st period. Flames need to go back to breaking out as a unit. Dallas is so good at taking away the neutral zone, short quick passes seemed to work at breaking it down. I like seeing the D jump in, but they have to make sure the puck gets deep if they are going to do it. We played our worst game of the playoffs last game and Dallas still barely beat us, we got this.
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    Yes. I’m just speaking out of frustration. I expected a better start. Dallas isn’t exactly overwhelming us. We can take them, and I think that the flames are playing with fire thinking the same thing. I anticipate the flames are feeling overconfident because they almost made it to overtime yesterday with a poor effort.
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    Top line is hurting - others are doing there part but they are invisible
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    I actually like the response so far. A bit too quick on the pinches have given the Stars some odd man rushes but I think the flames are being patient against the Stars. Smart and engaged start so far. it’s been a back and forth game and flames are finding a way through the neutral zone.
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    Not liking the start. We’re allowing Dallas to walk in the zone 1-on-5 untouched and he gets a shot away. That should never happen. We’re also not getting on our horses for loose pucks. That’s always a tell for me with this team. If we’re trying to be first for loose pucks, we have a great game. If we concede puck possession, we’re going to let the opposition dictate the game. The shot clock is an indication we’re only getting opportunities that Dallas is letting us have, instead of creating our own opportunities. GET ON YOUR HORSES BOYS!! GFG!
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    Man what is up with Gio? To me he looks like a guy who has waited his whole career to play in the playoffs and he wants so bad to be a difference maker that he playing outside himself. I think he needs to settle down and stick to his game.
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    That’s what I’m thinking as well Rob. Would’ve liked to see BSD in the net too, and for the same reason RR. But I’m not upset he went back to Talbot. The game last night could’ve been uglier for us if Talbot hadn’t made some big saves, despite the few he should’ve had.
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    Go Flames !!!!!!! No Mercy...
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    And, I'm not going to lie... last night I really just wanted to punch all of them in their smug faces. As that's not really my style, I'm just hoping that the boys are able to stick it to them tonight. I'd like to see a better game from the captain, for starters, and more from the top line. Love.
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