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    I hope we do. My hope is peters told Bennett at his exit meeting to get ready for a top 6 role because it’s coming and give him at least 25-30 games before you make any changes. I’m going down with the ship on this one but I really believe Bennett just needs someone to believe in him and a bounce or two to go his way and he’ll be a pleasant surprise.
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    This move was about saving 12 million in actual dollars and about removing a poor fit from the team. The silver lining is that Lucic might be a better fit in the bottom 6. This wasn't about upgrading the roster, particularly in the top 6.
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    Luuuuuch. Let me say welcome to the flames. Ain’t going to lie - didn’t love the trade. Nothing personal, it’s your cap hit. In fact, I was a big fan of your game and intensity in Boston. I could see your drive to win. Didn’t see the same from you in Edmonton. Something was different there. I hope you find the flames a better fit for you. I hope you see an opportunity to win here. I hope you can do something special. I’m already routing for you.
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    Top 5 goalies based on Vezina voting last season: Vasilevskiy: First round draft pick. Back up 3 post draft season, starter 5 season. It was for his drafting team. Great right away. Bishop: Mid-round draft pick. 8-years post draft until he was a starter, lots of up and down before that. It wasn't for his drafting team. Struggle in his first 3 seasons in the NHL. Lehner: Second round draft pick. 7-years post draft until he was a starter. It wasn't for his drafting team. A lot of up and down before starting. Good numbers, but took a lot of back-up time on different teams before getting a chance as a 1A. Fleury: First overall draft pick. Played back-up immediately and starter three seasons post draft. Struggled initially. Did play for his drafting team. Binnington: Mid-round draft pick. Only 1 game played until his 7 post draft season. Only played 32 games in his one and only season, but was exceptional in the playoffs. Plays for his drafting team. We have goalies starting early. Goalies starting later. Ones that were developed by their ultimate team, some that weren't. Some that were strong out of the gates and others that struggled early. Some that came out of nowhere. Some that were thought of as career back-ups. Things don't clear up after the top 5 as well. There is no trend. There is no recipe. There is no common thread or path to follow.
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    I do feel strongly that this whole thing is out of hand , and some team needs to make a statement by letting one of these players sit . My biggest issue is with "percentage of cap ".. I'm sorry , guaranteed it was an agent that came up with it , but its a joke that is creating this mess.. as well as this is one of the first true crops of RFA's who grew up getting participation trophies . In no way should any player in this league be getting paid more than Sidney Crosby.. not his biggest fan , but he has won Harts, Scoring Trophies, Stanley Cups , and I believe a Conn Smythe as well? Not even McDavid is worth it yet .. what has he done ? ok , scoring and Hart.. but hes nowhere near the credentials of Crosby Gio has won a Norris, been in the conversation many times.. Johnny is a true superstar .. they should be our highest paid players , period .. I'm sorry but Matthew hasn't earned it to be our highest paid player .. i could accept equal , but not more.. but he will likely get it In No world is Marner worth more money that Crosby, or even Tavares for that matter .. hes looked good coming out of his entry deal .. awesome , but hes gonna get over $10 M most likely Dubas needed to let Nylander rot on the vine last year , but he caved .. at some point one of these kids need to be told, here is your offer .. call when you are ready to sign it.
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    Would you want that package for Tkachuk? The package for Laine would have to center around one or two of Dube, Valimaki, Andersson or Pelletier, plus add at least one 1st round pick. Then throw in Frolik for cap reasons. Laine may have struggled last season, but he is a top 5 goal scorer in this league and is still only 21 years old, he is not going to be cheap to acquire, plus add in the fact that he is probably looking for more money than Tkachuk. When you add it all up, Laine is a pipe dream, we don't have the assets or the cap space to make it work. I also wouldn't put much stake into then not talking especially the way the rest of the RFA's going right now, everyone is waiting on Marner to sign to set the market.
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    Frolik is the player that has to be traded and preferably for picks so the Flames take on no other salaries. Keeping Brodie would be the intelligent thing to do now with Valimaki out. I don't know if the team will be any better but we did have a good team last season. LINEUP Gaudreau, Monahan, Lindholm Tkachuk, Backlund, Bennett Mangiapane, Ryan, Czarnik Lucic. Jankowski, Tuulola Quine and Lomberg (spares) DEFENSE Giordano, Brodie Hanifin, Hamonic Kylington, Andersson Schlemko (spare) or Davidson GOALIES Rittich, Talbot
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    Deprnds how you define skill it in most cases I’m taking the skill. The odds that skill, such as hockey sense, puck handling, IQ and skating are learned post draft are extremely rare and not likely to happen so you wind up with a bunch of guys they can’t play. Exactly what happened with Sutter. This isn’t an either or thing either. Of course you can find players who have both and that’s the goal. My point would be the fall back shouldn’t be guys who have holes but are “big” with “intangibles” the fallback should be skill. And if that means small so be it. At least if you draft for skill and they don’t pan out they can be depth, trade assets , or play other roles. If they are big and unskilled and they don’t pan out they are in the AHL
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    IIRC that first game Matty ruffled some feathers and Kassian jumped him and took a triple minor in the process, that is a major deterrent for seeking retribution, nobody has to answer and the refs will 99% of the time call it when someone starts punching a guy.
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    We need to remember too, as much as we value Valimaki, and expected him to take Anderson like strides this year.. we are looking for a 6/7 Kyllington will likely have dibs on the 6 spot, his to lose ..and we already have Davidson.. it's just if one more goes down we have no depth.. Fantenberg in hindsight was perfect..that's likely what BT is targeting..unless Brodie is still on the market
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    How about Frolik for Pageau from Ottawa? It’s a step down, but Pageau is a righty and okay 3rd liner. Strangely, his salary is higher than his cap hit this year, while Frolik’s is lower. Ottawa would save actual dollars on this deal, while the flames pick up more than a million in cap space.
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    Keep in mind Crosby signed a 12 year deal that was front loaded it was worth 104m and he's already earned the majority of that money, he's made far more money than his cap hit indicates and the cap was almost 20m lower. I do agree that the best should be the highest, but thats just not how pro-sports work. I don't know what these players are asking for, but I have a feeling that the issue is that the players are wanting to follow Matthews and take the deals that don't eat up 2 or 3 UFA years.
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    Although inflation is a natural price inflator, I generally agree with what you are saying. To me, let them all sit, or sign a season-proportional salary when you’re ready to play. Hey, if they all sit the Flames may actually come out ahead because the impact of missing Tkachuk is quite often less than other strong teams (e.g. COL, TBL, TOR...). In this whole discussion where do the fans come in? Why should we be paying $100-$250/pp/game, plus $20 parking, plus $12 beers and $6 hot dogs just to take the kids out to a game a couple times a year? Talk about ridiculous?!
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    I never got the Brodie hype either. I'd be very cool with trading Brodie for Not another Brodie imho. It is possible to acquire defencemen who can play defence. Realistically you tend to get better deals trading D for forwards, goalies or picks. Because if the other team already had a good situation on D, well, they wouldn't be taking Brodie. My only reservation is if someone thinks Ristolainen could be defensively responsible on a better managed team. I don't hold high hopes for this, I think our chances would be better with a new prospect.
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    he actually did very well in Boston, which is a good thing , since that was under Geoff Ward, so if he has use there we have the coach already that knows how to use him I agree we should temper expectations, but i do feel strongly one way or the other this time next year we will be saying good things about him
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    Comes down to his defence. There is no question that Buffalo makes him look worse. But you need to think Real hard about bringing over the worst +- in the league
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    I think this might spurn that 2 yr bridge deal for Tkachuk...yikes!! Bad timing! Speedy recovery for Vali
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    You are dead on with the best player issue, that's why I'd like to see Bennett as 1RW long enough to make it stick or for Bennett to prove he can't do the job. 20-30 games maybe? Bennett has the speed, toughness and WILL be a deterrent which in the long run should enhance Gaudreau's effectiveness when the going gets tough. It also would improve the rest of the line-up as Lindholm drops to either 2C (preferred, w/Tkachuk & Dube/Jankowski?) or 2RW with Backlund, though I'd like to keep Frolik too, with Backlund. Of course, all this is predicated on Tkachuk signing a short bridge deal and Bennett stepping up. Could be interesting.
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    Pittsburgh's back to back teams were below league average for size. Boston the team that almost won was around the same size range as this years Flames (even with a giant they were shorter).
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    I feel at the end of the day,. Bill Torre's statement to Brian Burke nailed it.. It's no the heavy team , it's not the fast and skilled team and it's not the great Specialty Team that wins the cup.. it's the one that can beat all 3 We have skill, we are a much better at specialty teams. But we get beat up by the heavy teams Nobody knows better what this team is missing than the players in that room..so it says a lot when Frolik states we needed more heaviness,. Gio is pumped to have Lucic and Johnny is over the moon at getting Lucic as well
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    Unfortunately, that is probably true. In today's NHL, I think grit is another word for hard working. Continuously doing the things that aren't fun...blocking shots, taking hits to make plays, back checking as hard as you forecheck, battling in front of both nets and standing up for team mates. While I think the Flames are lacking in some of this grit/work ethic, I also think there is also a size element to it. Most of the Flames forwards are small (Gaudreau, Ryan, Mangiapane, Czarnik, Dube), or they don't use their size to their advantage (Monahan, Jankowski, and to a lesser extent Backlund and Frolik). If I was a defenseman on another NHL team, I would look at the Flames roster and think "these guys can score a lot of goals, but I won't need any ice packs after the game."
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    We need to park this deserve "crap" and get players into positions to succeed.
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    Do you actually not recognize what a disaster that 3rd line was for everyone on it. You need to wake up and give some players more credit about the talents they possess than simply looking at last year's results and saying that is all the player is capable of now. Have you ever heard of personal growth ? You will pardon me if I disagree with you.
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    You touched on a thought I have had with respect to Jankowski and maybe we have had an answer staring us in the face. What about Jankowski with Tkachuk ? Tkachuk is as much a playmaker as he is at the other parts of his game and Jankowski definitely knows how to finish. Why not try Tkachuk, Jankowski, Bennett ?
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    That’s what I’ve been saying, that players should only get paid if they’re winners. What have you done? A lot have won nothing and the leafs can’t evem get out of the first round. Take for instance, Tkachuk, I think he deserves 6.5-7.5. I am being generous on the upper scale and think the lower scale is my real thought. you're right. The contracts are getting bad and a whole lot of different wrongs in them. Like bonus structure and how much they get. Lockout.
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    Jusso Valimaki has injured himself and is out indefinitely... This is bad news. https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/valimaki-injury-update/c-308504492 Love.
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