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    VS Aug. 6th 8:30pm Virus Bubble Dome in Edmonton
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    I can’t think of a pro sports franchise in recent memory that has done less with what they’ve been gifted than the Oilers. it’s almost amazing at this point.
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    VS Aug. 11th 3:30pm Virus Bubble Dome in Edmonton (Home of Zack Kassian)
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    Interesting note from Thomas Drance in The Athletic today. he notes that of the 17 games he watched in the play in round he says the Flames bench was noticeably the loudest. He mentions chirps to opponents, applauding or excitement around executing plays and says they were the most prepared in terms of creating that playoff intensity. I attended several conference calls during the break and one of the loudest themes on every call was the players emphasizing how close of a group it was. Sure seems to be the case. Not sure if it will mean much against the Stars but it's nice to hear about.
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    The little man with the big D! Love.
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    What a great defensive effort. Stars hardly got a sniff all game. Impressive. Don’t think It was there best effort all around but heck of a performance defensively. really like that they got a bit of adversity and bounced right back. No panic or folding in their game.
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    Go Flames Go! Going to be a battle this series. But great start.
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    The Rangers win the lottery. I can definitely live with that. The Leafs won the cup more recently than the last time the Rangers picked first. So, neither nightmare scenario will become a reality, and now we can just enjoy watching some damn summer hockey! Love.
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    How about the Flames beat the Blues and then scoop up their captain in a couple months? Haha
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    yup. There was a reason some people kept calling for better line mates and better opportunity
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    I mentioned it earlier, I think Anderfin is better, the more I thought about it Handersson went towards an old joke regarding playing with yourself.
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    Gaudreau hasn’t been a force or dominant as perhaps you’d like, but his commitment to a 200ft game has been very impressive in this series.
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    B B B Benny pisses on the Jets...
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    That's the spirit Saymzies. Wasn't going to be able to watch today due to work but the rain hit at 12 and shut down my building site. I gave the boys the afternoon off and headed home to watch the game. Go flames go
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    Very excited for today's game - televised over here at 12:30 pm, long lunch at the pub for me! 🍻
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    With Dallas seeming intent on clogging the neutral zone and taking away the stretch pass, I would like to see Gaudreau, Dube, Bennett and Backlund come deeper into the defensive zone to get the breakout pass and attack the neutral zone with speed.
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    Let it grow, Let it grow, Let it grow.
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    I can’t say how much I’m enjoying Bennett centering those 2. And that line is just owning the ice every shift. Loving it.
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    Dallas had the energy and edge in the 2nd, but their goals were very lucky. We’ve done a good job keeping the shots away from the slot and dangerous areas, so I’m happy with that. Just gotta cleanup the front of the net and give Talbot more visibility.
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    I hate it. Puts me to sleep. a missed opportunity there to market the game. Load the break up with top 10 videos!
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    Good to see the Flames show some resolve and get back in the lead...
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    The most exciting part of these playoffs has been the coming out part for the 2nd wave of talent here for the flames. Mangiapane, Dube, Bennett and Anderson all young and playing very well. And arguable their best prospect isn’t playing in Valimaki. So huge for the flames today and moving forward.
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    Officiating already getting under Radulovs skin
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    I'll do one for today's game against the Stars...
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    SOOOOOOOOO relieved Coilers didn’t win this lottery...now they get to watch the Flames win the cup in Edmonton. I will forgive Covid if that happens lol
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    Yup.. I love that we even have Valimaki if we get super desperate . They won't unless they super have to, since one game puts him in the lottery equation, but finals if we get 2 or 3 injuries and have a shot? Warrener still blames Phaneuf for '04
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    There’s never any guarantee in sports right Rob? 😁😬 But, I believe we stand a better chance to advance against the stars. Heck, I’d go so far to say that if we get through the stars, and end up playing the blues anyway, the flames may have a better chance to beat them at that point because they’d build some much needed confidence after winning two rounds. Confidence and belief can be incredible things in sports.
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    I think both teams playing their backup tenders, and Seguin mysteriously being scratched (I haven’t read anything saying “unfit to play” so I’m assuming it’s either to rest him before the playoffs, or avoid him adding some offense against the Blues today) say something about their intentions about who they desire to play. My 2 cents.
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    Effort. Show effort and willingness and I am happy with that. In fact you cannot ask for more. 2 teams in a game and the other side want to win as well as us. When we have our homer head on I think we forget that the other team want to win and there will be passages of play where we get outplayed. Bit of luck, a good bounce here and there, if they stay relatively injury free then yes we could go deep. They could also get knocked out 4-0 in the first round and as long as they show the effort and determination than I will be disappointed but can live with it. However if we see some of the lack lustre, cannot give a Satoshi Nakamoto sloppy play that we have seen at times during this season then I will be more angry then disappointed.
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    I'm with you. I'll be disappointed if it's another first-round exit, although I won't be surprised. I was one of those fans that was hoping for a long run, or an out in the play-in. I won't be sad if they don't win the cup, but gawd, years like last year are a real drag. I realize that's a 5hltty attitude, but it's honest. Love.
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    Good riddance. Glad to see them out of the playoffs we didn't need the BoA BS to side track us with Francis saucing up the Chucky angle.
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    So with the Oilers officially knocked out of the qualifiers I believe they’ve established (or tied) a record for NHL playoff futility. Think this would have them missing 12 out the last 13 years of playoffs. Shameful! It’s so Oilers!
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    Anders Rasmussen! Love.
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    He didn't spliff the D on that goal, but he did get behind them. Love.
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    The mindset definitely needs to be that this is a must win. Cant have it come down to a winner-take-all, anything can happen in that case. The Flames need to finish them tonight
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    Haven't heard from Conundrumed in a little while now,I have cell number, but from what he said last time I talked to him I think he is just laying low for a while through all of this... Cowtown hasn't been around since a bit before Christmas... Both of these guys are missed on the boards... Wish they were here...
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    Also, been a long time since we've seen @Cowtownguy. Where're you at, Steve?! Love.
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    I think Colorado is the last team I would want to play and it has nothing to do with last year. IMO they are the best team in the league right and I would want to play them as late as possible in the playoffs.
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