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    Projected Lines St. Louis Blues - Calgary Flames Starting Goalies
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    So let's Rock and Roll all over the Blues...
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    VS Nov. 5th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    I hope with the break and film review the flames can do a deep dive into this game. Watch what happens when a team buys in, execute the plan, and does the little things right. that’s the blues and that’s why they are up 2-0 right now. Flames are not playing poorly they are just not executing at the same level. Buy in is not the same.
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    I agree. I think that every player with a glove in the face after poking the goalie, the swinging player needs to at least get a penalty. This should set a precedent. I don’t think so, but I feel the Flames players take just as much punishment whenever they’re in that situation. So if there’s a clear punch in the face... I just feel that LUCIC skated a ways to get at him. I don’t think 2 games was warranted. But maybe a fine or one game at most. quite frankly I am tired of double standard reffing.
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    Phillips can bring that physical edge we need too, lol.
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    omg!! not another year of this!! I can't even make myself watch any more!! it's like we've built an entire team of kevin Lavalee's// too busy skating that their brains can't keep up to their feet!!! An entire team built of Power skaters that can't co ordinate their hands and brain to their feet.. This is a tough move to make but.. if this is the ream we're going to pay for.. maybe it's time to say good bye to the architect and give treliving his walking papers... this effort is so so sad to watch year after year
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    Still miss reading Flyerfan52's posts... Always will... Pretty sure that goes for a lot of us... I'll be looking forward to getting together again to watch a game and clanking a couple of beers together to remember Larry when the opportunity presents itself, and I hope that 420 can make it again as well...
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    I thought Calgary fought hard in this game, after they went down 2-0 it would have been easy to just fold, especially with how hard the Blues were playing, but they kept with it. Gaudreau wasn't near hard enough on the puck in OT and then a bad penalty by Brodie. They showed that they can play with a top, and a heavy team at that. Gaudreau and Monahan were non factors the whole game. Tkachuk-Backlund-Mangiapane were the best line on the ice for the Flames. Really hard on pucks. Bennett provided the emotional quotient for this game. Threw a couple of big hits. Haven't seen enough of that from Bennett this season.
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    It was one of the games you needed to work hard. I think it is not that bad that the Flames are currently in a tough spot, because it gives the opportunity to step up as a team and get better and build character. We need that character to get into the playoffs and to be successful in the playoffs. It is not enough to get into the playoffs when no one expects us to get there and to miss the playoffs when the expectation is high. That is why we need the character to fight and get through these tough times.
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    Frustrating way to lose. They call nothing in the 3rd then sure enough call one on us. That being said had at least 3 opportunities to clear and couldn’t close the deal
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    best part we get to watch and see what happens. Enjoy it playoffs are a long way away.
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    Great work in the 3rd to get a point, nkt easy to do against STL
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    There we go.... the first! And as I said... it is Tkachuk
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    The Blues are a team that takes pride in their play. It shows offensively, and defensively. Every line really works as a 5 man unit.
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    Yup. JG sees nothing, goes for a skate, still finds nothing, coughs up the puck. Someone punch him in the face, he's being way too arrogant imo.
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    Good Morning Calgary! i would love to have the veterans Spot to share on Facebook, since in the current times with all the fascistic and nazi stuff going on in Germany to be remembered that we had to be freed from a dictator. And the puck dropped and the game is on...
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    Stay out of the sin bin, particularly in the first 10 min, skate, crisp passes, 2 pts.
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    Hathaway update. 2G/4A/+3 50 hits. Zero suspensions. lol Should have given him that contract imho.
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    Thanks for doing the GDT cfreining... Nicely done too... No doubt that it took cfreining quite a while to do this, so give him some likes... and then give him some more...
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    Obviously I like Kadri as a player so that hurt, but the biggest reason why it’s hard to get over that deal is I think Treliving was really cashing in on peak value for both Brodie and Janko. From an asset management perspective that was such a home run of a deal it just sucks it didn’t go through. You are not going to get better value than that. im not as down on Jankowski as many here and I think liability isn’t fair. You need more from him for sure but I don’t think he is a candidate to get waived. I think you let him play this out, try and gain his confidence and hopefully you can move him at the deadline. I don’t see the value in rushing the decision. I’m not a Jankowski fan and I don’t think a breakout is happening,but I do think other teams would look at him as an avg bottom 6 center option. Clearly the Leafs did so I would imagine they are not the only ones and that’s a ln asset that should net you something if he can get back to playing his game.
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    I want to trade Backlund...I don’t take him for granted but I think we’ve seen all there is to see there. He’s steady and dependable but he takes some really dumb penalties some truly backbreaking ones at that! Ideally we need a 2nd line C scoring 60+ pts...Backlund caps out at around 50 pts when at his best. He still holds very good value league wide and we can get a player with upside and likely younger with more offensive potential. If we can’t find another 2nd line C via trade we could still consider Lindholm as a more than viable replacement on that line.
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    I get what you're saying but disagree. Coaching will always overcome this. Keep the best player. In this case, Mangiapane. I think the 1st line should be JG-Lindholm-Mangiapane personally. And I don't think I'm being outrageous. I compare Mangiapane to Rittich in ways. "Have you done everything we asked"? Yup. Give him a shot, he's a scorer is my thoughts. Give him a workload and some leash. Like Rittich in that way imo.
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    37 games played against playoff teams last year: 4 goals 15 points. Not a large difference there in production. You are right that he started slow last year too
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    I think Peters needs to start the 2nd unit more often. I’ve liked the 2nd unit quite a bit and they have way more urgency than the top unit. send a message.
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    I was excited when Geoff Ward was hired, because I thought he would run a good PP, but after finishing 18th last year and sitting at 21st this year, I am not sure he is the right guy for the job. They do an absolute terrible job at opening up the slot, and really slow at moving the puck around the zone. It needs to be addressed soon.
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    I would have to decline on both Petan and Marincin. Marincin at 27 is a career tweener for NHL and AHL. He just hasn't been able to make a quality jump to the bigs. Petan at 24 has not really shown anything in the NHL either. He may have the natural talent but at 5'9, 175 he is another small player. In 118 NHL games he has 6 goals and 25 points with a -18 and 32 penalty minutes. Ryan, who is similar size, had 13 goals and 38 points in 81 games last season alone with a +21. Mange who makes similar cost, is similar size, has 11 goals, 19 points and a +10 in 70 games. If we extrapolate to 118 games, Mange is on track for 32 points and he is a year younger than Petan. Even Czarnik has better stats than Petan at similar size. People are already complaining about the small Flames, so why add an even smaller one who has less success and is less balanced than those we already have. Unless Petan brings something to the Flames that the other 3 don't, I see no point getting him. If we want more physicality and not worried about offence, we already have Lomberg in the system.
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    I don't know why, but every year it seems it takes about 15 games before the men start separating from the boys. The thing with the Oilers has always been when frustration starts, they're unable to overcome it. Smith and Neal are not the vets to help with that. Time will tell I guess. Could be my Flames glasses.
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    Disagree, think Kylington has come a long way to prove himself a reliable regular, with more to give.
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    If we miss the playoffs this year (very possible), or get burned out again in the first round, I think we are in a position where a tear down is possible. In such a situation, I think a Johnny trade is the way to go. He's got an extremely friendly contract, even if he only puts up ~70 points this season. You could definitely pry a blue-chip prospect and a first from a contending team for him. This would not necessarily be a burn it to the ground scenario, but a significant shake-up to our make-up. But trading Johnny is an offseason move in my opinion, as teams have a bit more flexibility with the cap and their rosters as a whole at that time.
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    Just won 3 of 4 in 6 nights. I was hoping that stretch would get them going. I like a condensed sked sometimes because it gets them into a rhythm. Whereas too much road time and a game every 3-4 nights tends to have the opposite effect imo. Arizona has 16 games in November.😲
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    Last season it seemed like there was lead in his skates...
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    Let's hope that we can start a winning streak with this game.
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    yup!!! Double standards. I think they need to just start calling it like it is. do we get upset when flags are thrown in football? Just call every penalty the exact same and you don’t get fans wondering “WTF!?!” it is odd because last year was built on guys standing up for each other.
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    It's the NHL double standards rule... and last week a few Flames got a blocker to the face from the goalie without doing anything like what has been happening to Rittich lately... No surprise that the refs didn't seem to care... Speaking of Rittich taking abuse, it's been happening more often... No wonder Lucic snapped... Not an ideal outcome, but least he will stand up for his teammates...
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    You Cant Expect The same As last year no one Can Teams know how the flames play and know what to expect and plan accordingly to that so it takes time sad to say
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    Problem is, like mentioned in the vid, if that was anyone else (except maybe Wilson or Marchand) the whole incident would be a 2 minute roughing non-issue. Plus many will say the Wideman effect is still in play also.
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    VS Nov. 3rd 5pm CAPITAL ONE ARENA
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