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    I'll just pass along something that is an example of what a great guy FF52 was... One day not long after my house burned along with everything in it a few years back, FF52 and I were talking... He knew that I had a lot of hockey memorabilia, and he says something like "It's such a shame that you lost all that great hockey stuff... Decades of finding and collecting and it all just went up in smoke... Are you going to start to build another collection?"... I said "I don't know man, a lot of it would be pretty much impossible to replace"... Well one of the things he knew that burned was a complete set of those miniature chromed metal Stanley Cups with different team logos on them from Cup wins over the years... You know the ones that came in 24 packs of beer quite a while back, the original ones, not the re-issue 2nd run... A couple of days later, a delivery package shows up at my door... I look at the name and return address and wonder what the heck FF52 could possibly be sending me a package for, open it up and find the Flames Stanley Cup from the original set... So I called him up to thank him and he said "I know how much you love the game, and I know you had a really nice collection of memorabilia and I think you should start building another one"... Then he said "and I knew that to do that you had to start somewhere"... As usual, once again FF52 was right... and I will always treasure that first piece that started me collecting again...
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    VS Dec. 9th 7pm PEPSI CENTER
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    VS Dec. 29th 7:30pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Oct. 31st 6pm BRIDGESTONE ARENA
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    I Think The time has Come To sincerly Show Appreciation For the wide Range of Moderation Team on this Board They Do a Fantastic Job at what They do and i Sincerely Appreciate The hard work They do During the Regular Season Why am i doing this Cause we Credit the player etc etc but we forget when hockey games are on we are all Here Together As Family and it is Good to Have a Moderation Team that works together and Gives there Spare time so we have a Place to Chat with other Flames fans on Game Nights Etc Etc Hats off to all of you Ty for your Continued dedication it doesnt Go unnoticed
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    VS Jan. 7th 6:30pm UNITED CENTER
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    VS Nov. 25th 5pm PPG PAINTS ARENA
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    Looks like it's going to be... About an hour before the game, and lines are still unknown,,, No lines for the Flames yet, so I won't bother to do the Knights because that just wouldn't be right... Here is recent update from the Flames... *** WAITING ON LINES*** GOALTENDERS
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    VS Dec. 19th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Dec. 17th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Nov. 5th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Oct. 22nd 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Oct. 17th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    From numerous players' accounts early on they all say the same thing: "practices are very fast and up tempo", "Peters is a demanding coach", "Peters is a coach that will push you to be better"....those comments, particularly the players from last year who mentioned how fast the practices are, are essentially alluding the fact that that's not how practices were last year. Nor did it seem Gully held players accountable, or pushed them. It seemed - and I don't know for sure - that he cared more about being a nice guy than a good coach. I love that our practices are fast, and the players need to work in practice. That is already translating to a faster, harder working team this year. Another thing that drove me nuts about Gully - and something he flat out admitted - is that he didn't change things up depending on who they were playing or how players were playing. He was so unadaptable. He had his systems, and his game plan, and if the game went sideways he was unable to adapt mid game. Peters seems more than wiling to adapt and at least try out different line combinations, or to try and ice the right players for whoever the opposing coach throws out there. One more thing: I like how Peters 1) holds players accountable, and 2) rewards players. Making Frolik a healthy scratch because Peters see's he's clearly not engaged to where he can be, that's a slap in the face to Frolik, and he's gotta be better when he comes back. Peters saying he needs to find Bennett more ice time, and then actually acting on it and giving Bennett more ice time. Peter's going right back to his young D (Valimaki and Andersson) after a brutal game by them against St. Louis, but he uses it as a learning platform, and instead of sheltering them and limiting ice time in the next game, he had Andersson playing the final minute of a tied game! He seems to reward his players when they deserve it, he has faith in his players and shows it, and he holds players accountable when they are not up to the standard he knows they can be. Those are all things Gully either refused to do or was unable to do. The sample size is real small, but so far I like Peters.
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    VS Nov. 3rd 5pm CAPITAL ONE ARENA
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    Rest in peace FF52. We were two of a few who shared a love for good tough defensive hockey. I'll miss his posts. It was obvious his love for his 3 teams. I will retire his chair and fridge on the bandwagon bus. Everyone raise a beer for a true Flames fan if you haven't already
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    This has been bothering me for awhile: The Vegas Model. It's not a model, they're playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. Keep your sticks moving the puck North. Quick stops and starts, none of this big sweeping curve coming back. Put on the breaks and get hustling back on the backcheck. I can't stand the big sweeping curve. It's lazy and looks a lot like frustration. You lose the puck, hammer on the brakes, get back there and get it back, with all of your might. Gallant taught a bunch of throwaways, "hey boys, this is how you play hockey". And that's all it is to me. The league isn't doing it, so these guys look like superstars. Maybe we don't need a shakeup, but a wakeup. This has bothered me even before Vegas. That $5mil guy, for me, isn't worth that $1mil guy that plays his heart out. That's what pro hockey is. Feel like you should get preferential treatment as a high pick/jr star/scorer? Get lost. This league is about putting everything out there in 45 second stints. Lose your ego. Want to act all put out because things didn't go your way? There's a hundred guys behind you, maybe less talented, but won't do that, so get your head out of your Hash Rate. Washington beat Vegas because they are far more skilled. Gallant just showed everyone how hockey is supposed to be played, the way he played. There is no feeling woe is me, get on your horse and stay on it. This isn't magic, it's called hard work. The league has been pretty lazy for too long. It's over. The kids coming up are blazing and coached better and better with each passing year. No more lazy or frustrated sweeping turns, thank god. It's nothing more than hard work. After that, it's good health, luck and bounces. If you have a team that doesn't understand the level of hard work, get rid of them at all costs.
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    VS Nov. 16th 2pm Gila River Arena
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    Smith has been answering the call as part of the Goalie answer for us. I don't see BT making a change. Now get BSD back I for a few games.
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    Gio always seems to cover Monahans Hash Rate down low in the d-zone. A first line Center in my mind is Peter Forsberg. Battle low against bigger wingers and get the puck. Mony is instinctive and has a big hockey IQ but is a Double Spend. He's, 210 pounds but is scared to be physical. Stick check stuff to not be physical. Backs battles on the boards and knows his assignments. Sammy would be a good first liner cause he's fearless and doesn't make Gio cover his Hash Rate. Johnny is more physical then Mony. 4 surgeries for Mony at years end is beyond me.
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    Based on his comments so far, which are not always gospel, i will be shocked if Peters splits up Gio-Hamilton. He's comments on that pair have been very glowing so far. He mentioned he is a "pairs" guy and not a line guy and every time he speaks of what he's looking forward to he mentioned them by name together. And on the positive side he is basically saying he expects Hamilton to get more points based on the PP. So safe to say it's not going to take him 50 games to use Hamilton on the PP. Another real positive I like, he's talking now on the Fan960 about how his mission is to find the tendency of every player. Where do you want to be on the half wall, how do you like to receive your passes, what's your preference on shooting positions etc. Sounds like he's very open to building his team around the players and not the other way around which i'm sure will be music to a lot of people's ears.
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    to be blunt, who cares if he isn't a number one stud Dman? There are what, maybe 10-12 of those in the league? Given what the Flames gave up via trade and what they are paying him he doens't need to be. I think we have some very unrealistic expecations if people are going to be upset that Hamilton may not be a #1 stud dman but yet recognize he is a top 3 dman and a very good one at that.
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