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    A loss was bound to happen. Also first time in a while facing a goalie that played well against us. PP was great but relied a bit too much on it tonight to the tune of being outscored 3-1 at 5 on 5 Tough for Rittich. This games not on him by any means but when the last 3 shots you face find the net, it can be a blow to the confidence. Look for him to bounce back in his next start Didn’t mind the game, it wasn’t great the biggest thing was every buffalo goal was a result of a glaring error by the Flames seconds prior
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    You know your team is good when you are shocked and offended when they lose.
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    4 point game considering ARI is stomping on SJS
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    Got them right where we want them big 3rd period coming up Ullmark keeping the sabres in this
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    Ah... and... Good Morning Calgary! Great GDT Rocketdoctor, again great Musik, worth every +1! Let's Rock and Roll...
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    In leiu of an acquisition (and there are many valid reasons why a trade shouldn't happen), I wonder if Peters would enter the idea of swapping Bennett and Janko and have Bennett play center. The idea of wanting Neal to rebound is sound, as is the idea of those 3 guys together but the problem I have is Janko has really under performed at center. Bennett seems to be able to get that line going to a certain degree, and I just wonder if he could take it 1 step further at center rather than wing. I'm also leaning towards Janko being a better winger than a center where he can just use his longer strides to get up and down the ice quick and in better shooting positions for his shot. Less worry about d zone responsibilities and then trailing the play. I personally believe, and numbers back it up, that Bennett performed better at center than Jankowski ever has. I'd try it, as getting a center in here is probably going to be pricey so try your in house options first. I just think what you see is what you get with Jankowski and I don't see how it's going to get better.
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    Don't forget to give rocketdoctor some +1's... Another great GDT rocdoc...
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    I honestly don't really view it as a headache I think it's a good thing because you can probably get 1 of Brodie/Hamonic to sign for a bit of discount (my guess would be Hamonic for reasons you mentioned) and then flip the other one for assets you need. Could be picks to replenish the system or it could be younger/cheaper players that could then fill in some of that depth as guys like Andersson or Valamaki move up. These are "problems" only good teams have.
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    The third line was ineffective without Neal. Hopefully he's back tomorrow.
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    We had 3 on 1 and did not capitalized on that. Sometime when you have way too much time, you make the wrong choice.
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    We need a separation from SJ in point.
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    Czarnik has a wicked shot he needs to shoot more.
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    Wow Thank God Giordano is so smart that he didn't bail out once the puck skipped over his stick when the Flames were in the zone. Proves that hard work really pays off!!
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    BIG SAVE DAVE in the groove right now
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    So glad theydid the right thing and bypassed the forever a flame nonsense.
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    SeniorMembers 1,476 7,727 posts Posted December 27, 2018 · Report post All I want for Christmas is a guns ablazin’ 8 game winning streak. I love quoting myself. I later relented to 7-1. Here we are. lol GFG
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    I still wonder about a guy like Perron , could play left wing with Neal, they had good chemistry last year . Reasonable contract ($4M) I know you typically want the center doing the playmaking but based on his stats he does quite a bit of it from the left side anyway
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    I agree with your big fish dealing in the offseason. What they will pay Tkachuk seems to be what has to come first in order to set priorities. I would take my chances on the line of Bennett, Jankowski, Neal catching fire rather than bring in an outsider. If they don't what have lost due to our primary firepower coming from lines 1, 2 and our PP. Bennett and Jankowski are doing lots that is helping the team win, All our 4th line has to be is responsible enough not to allow goals and allow some rest for the other lines and they seem to be able to do that. Once BT gets done with Tkachuk, he will have a better idea what other moves make sense.
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    If I remember correctly the Forever a Flame program was designed to honour players number rather than retire it, also believe they said only in special cases would that number be worn again. Then they go out and let Freddie, Shore and Bollig wear the honoured number 25, which I think is ridiculous. It’s one thing that if Johnny wanted 25, sure he’s a great player he can wear it, but replacement level players should not be allowed to wear an honoured number IMO. Also 12 and 34 I really hope they just retire them. 14 should be too, Fleury deserves it but i see a reluctance from the Flames to do it