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    The mistake was signing Neal in the 1st place. This trade is an attempt to make the best of a bad situation. We don't need Lucic to be a top 6 player just like we didn't need Neal to be a top 6 player. We need is someone to fit a role, Neal didn't fit a role on this team and never would have. I don't think the Flames are expecting Lucic to be a top 6 player. I also don't think Neal is a top 6 player anymore, though he may get played in the top 6 in Edmonton, but that is just because of their lack of any kind of scoring depth. We are replacing a 3rd line player with a player with a 3rd line player who fits the role better, and contrary to popular belief has put up similar or better numbers on the PP and 5v5 over the last 3 years. I see us getting a player with similar offense, but is much better in his own end and is one the most imposing physical players in the league. I get that I may be in the minority but I have to agree with Cross, I think we are getting the better player, and the numbers sure bear that out.
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    For what it’s worth, Lucic’s contract has considerably less cash value than Neal’s. The owners saved money here, especially waiting for the signing bonus to be paid for this season. That probably factors in too.
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    I would argue this wasn't a reaction to the playoffs, rather has been his MO from day one First player he signs ..Engelland Adds Brouwer based on one beast mode playoff Traded for Dalton Prout Peluso Went extremely hard at Ryan Reaves BT wanted this player profile all along I'm not overly concerned about the expansion draft just because with or without him we were likely already in a position to make a deal to make Seattle take a player to begin with And like I said before , I look at this as paying -$500k for Hathaway's replacement. Neal's replacement is already in house
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    This logic doesn’t make sense. I think we all can agree that Neal wasn’t going to play top 6 this year, in Calgary. He didn’t fit in the bottom 6 with his style, so we had no where to play him. So instead of paying Neal $5.75M to play in a bottom 6 role that he wouldn’t fit in, we pay Lucic $5.25M to play a bottom 6 role that he will fit in to. I agree it’s too much money to pay a bottom 6 guy, but we were going to be doing it either way. At least we have a better fit this way, and for $500,000 cheaper.
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    Looking at the Buyout I would have preferred they bought out Neal now instead of trading for this buyout-free contract in Lucic. The buyout of neal would have saved the flames roughly 4mil per season.
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    I was just looking at Neal and Lucic's totals over the last 3 years and some might be surprised that Neal only has produced 1 more point than Lucic at 5v5 in the last 3 years. All the while Lucic has been a much better possession player over that time frame while playing on the Oilers, while Neal played on good teams like Nashville, Vegas and Calgary.
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