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    I don't feel what they achieved this season was "winning little things". You seem to want to win a SC but want to trade away the very experienced players we likely need in order to accomplish that feat.
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    I don't think anyone is blaming Neal for the way the season ended. I think it's just a case of how do we get better next season, and clearing Neal's salary and roster spot opens a lot more possibilities. That's all. I personally think this team needs to upgrade Monahan and get a true number 2 center if we want to improve and take another step. Getting a true number 1 center would take a lot of the load off of Gaudreau, who currently has to carry Monahan offensively and defensively and that's just too much to ask from him. If you move Neal's contract it gives you a lot more room to figure out how to get a number 1 center onto the team.
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    I get what you are saying, but when Bennett is the only one who brings the intangibles that he does to the team, and he has shown time and time again that he is a big game performer, I just don't see how we can trade that away. I also think that Bennett has been given crappy linemates for most of his career and then we question why he isn't producing. Last year it was Jankowski and Neal, neither of whom played at a consistent NHL level. Before that it was Brouwer. Give him better players to play with and let's see what he can do. Heck even a line of Bennett-Ryan-Czarnik, would be the most skilled line he's played on since his rookie year when he played with Backlund.
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    I was watching SportsNet this morning and they had a special section on the 1989 team with some of the team players saying they had a special group and thought they should have won 4 or 5 SCs but managed just 1. First and foremost you need a group of players that play for each other which means no tag-a-longs, everyone has to give max efforts each game out. I look back at that 1989 team and see talent but also a very high compete level and desire to win. Sometimes a team like this year's has to lose in order to gain those qualities together as a team.
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    Based on what? This whole "1 good year = next year bad" is BS. Sure it may seem like that historically but none of those teams from that period were as dominant as last years. Don't forget those years were filled with spare parts from other teams because of the organizations horrendous scouting, questionable management, and carousel coaching. How many times was the team poor enough to miss the playoffs but good enough to miss picking a potential franchise player? Sure there are improvements still to be made but to think that the same core, even with setbacks and injuries won't make the playoffs seems overly pessimistic.
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    Of course alot depends what the other division teams do but the team WILL make the playoffs. Won't be conference or even divisional champs but I think BT will make some but not major changes. BP will have learned more about getting the lines right and getting the most of each one. The regular season wont be as successful but the playoff will be better.
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    There will certainly be changes, as that appears to be Treliving’s M.O. Heck. he changed out 1/3 of the roster and 3 coaches last season. Personally, I think that the current group has learned some harsh lessons from this season’s play-offs. I feel that the ones who do return for next season, will be more motivated and less fearful of the play-offs next season. I don’t expect them to win the conference next regular season, but my guess is that they will go further along in the play-offs, in part due to their trials and tribulations this year.
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    A couple years ago Mark Schiefle was being questioned about his development. It was his third year and people were wondering if he was going to be one of those career underachievers. In the off season he went to that Gary Roberts camp and worked his Hash Rate off on conditioning and skill tuning, and it paid off the next season. That was hard work brought on by the player himself. When the best conditioned players at the start of camp are two of your senior players is it too much to ask that maybe the rest take notice? I'm not saying guys like Johnny, Mony, and Janko aren't working out in the off season but what are guys like Gio and Fro doing different?
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    Any interest in Colin Miller from Vegas? I keep seeing his name out there in the rumour mill. He is a good skating RHS D with a bomb of a shot. He can play on the 2nd pair or bottom pairing. He is signed at $3.88m for 3 more years. If we move Brodie or Hamonic and buy out Stone, Miller would fill in the gaps quite nicely.
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    That was one component of many, really none of the lines scored. Name the line, same thing. But that wasn't even our biggest problem, that goes back to what you said about Gio, and generally our defence. We were smoked on defence. The only thing I Can't think of to blame is goaltending, and goaltending also was not cup-worthy. Just, we were given good enough goaltending to win the series and still did not. robrob74 said it best: EVERYONE. At the same time though, some were worse than others. Bottom line, I don't think James Neal is going to solve the problem we have, no matter what you do with him. Yes, it's a worthy discussion topic. As are Most other players on our team right now. Many of which have high trade value. I'm just seeing the buy high, sell low mentality, potentially, and making a note on it.