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    what did I miss? what did he decline ?
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    what part of management??? I don't think Treliving has done a very good job .. but I get roasted for even mentioning it on here
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    The preds coach firing kind of put a wrench into this thought, but I always imagined a Backlund for Turris swap could be good thing both teams. Something along the lines of: To the preds: Backlund 4th round pick (conditional 3rd) To Calgary: Turris (1mil retained)
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    Before he got injured, he was almost at a 2.00 ppg pace. Looking like he's slowed down a bit following the injury, which is kind of a bummer, considering he was having a great season. Still love the player though.
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    If its Ovechkin or Benn throwing those hits, no one bats an eye, in fact, they're probably celebrated, and kassian doesn't attack anyone. This was an incident based on reputation, and I know people hate tkachuk, but I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the amount of people taking Kassians side. Look where he had his grip on Tkachuk, right on the back of the collar. Any time he pulled on the jersey, he was forcing Tkachuks back towards himself. I don't care if thats Chara, no ones going to be able to break his grip, square up and start throwing retaliation punches. If you're going to whine about a player not fighting you, at least make it a fair fight to begin with. That's way more dangerous than any hit landed during this game. Tkachuk would have probably still walked away given the chance, but THAT'S when you fittingly call him a p***y. Kassian just straight up attacked a dude for getting ragdolled twice. If that's anyone else but Chuky, almost no one takes Kassians side, I'd bet money on it. And the turtle comments are just hilarious, like every oiler fan saying that wouldn't have done the same thing in that situation XD God they're so dumb.
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    We just simply didn't show up. Burn the tape and move on.
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    Its hard to believe that not too long ago, Ras was getting in trouble with management about coming in to camp out of shape. He's turned in to a solid top 4 with top 2 upside, and may very well be the best dman the league, that no ones heard of (yet.) This is an absolute steal by BT. His offensive numbers haven't been great, but it just seems like a matter of time with him.
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    That's what actually bothers me the most about the play. Even though the play was definitely onside, there's no way the linesman was mindful about how precise that tag up at the line had to be. Most officials would have blown that offside without question. Regardless, this team had more than enough opportunities to score with pp's at the end. It's a learning experience for the group to not let one call derail their play.
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