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    Yup! we got the same at the Prospect Tournament in Penticton. All we did was call to him to say, “hey Bob!” And looked up, rolled his eyes and did the half smile. And walked through the tunnel. He looked disgusted, and I've felt the same as you do now, since. His sh!7 does not stink! sorry that happened! They should know that you’re as important to their careers as you are to the players. id tweet it if I were you! Hashtag bob! I don’t tweet so I didn’t do that. ive heard similar from others. Maybe TSN would think twice? pisses me off because it makes a good time sour.
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    Last year the Flames were 36-4-1 when scoring first . For reference, the Lightning were 39-4-3. They also had 8 Wins when trailing after 2 periods. Again for reference, the Lightning had 9. We remember comebacks because they are exciting but they often blur our memories. The Flames did not rely on comebacks last season and no where near to the level they have this season. The Flames either held the lead or were tied going into the 3rd period 50 times last season. It's 9 times so far this season.....
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