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    VS Jan. 9th 7:30pm Home at the Dome
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    Czarnizk might be out and Mangiapane in. Go Flames Go!
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    I want Gio to get a Hattie. For the all star snub
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    I think I would prefer to see Quine on the 4th over Czarnik. I never heard any of the hype surrounding him before he was signed but in 28 games he's been mostly ineffective. Quine is a year younger, bigger, and only $700k. Plus I think he's made more of his opportunities while up.
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    Lets give Carty a break! I'll do the Panthers game.
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    Nope... That's a Marsha's stacked...
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    4 point game considering ARI is stomping on SJS
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    Got them right where we want them big 3rd period coming up Ullmark keeping the sabres in this
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    Ah... and... Good Morning Calgary! Great GDT Rocketdoctor, again great Musik, worth every +1! Let's Rock and Roll...
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    In leiu of an acquisition (and there are many valid reasons why a trade shouldn't happen), I wonder if Peters would enter the idea of swapping Bennett and Janko and have Bennett play center. The idea of wanting Neal to rebound is sound, as is the idea of those 3 guys together but the problem I have is Janko has really under performed at center. Bennett seems to be able to get that line going to a certain degree, and I just wonder if he could take it 1 step further at center rather than wing. I'm also leaning towards Janko being a better winger than a center where he can just use his longer strides to get up and down the ice quick and in better shooting positions for his shot. Less worry about d zone responsibilities and then trailing the play. I personally believe, and numbers back it up, that Bennett performed better at center than Jankowski ever has. I'd try it, as getting a center in here is probably going to be pricey so try your in house options first. I just think what you see is what you get with Jankowski and I don't see how it's going to get better.
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    Don't forget to give rocketdoctor some +1's... Another great GDT rocdoc...
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    I think it would be cool if they could get JBo for a relatively low acquisition cost. I didn't get the impression that he wanted to leave in the first place, but he knew where the team was at at the time. I never liked when they brought guys back in the past, but as I think he'd fit a need, it'd be cool to bring him in while we have a legitimate chance. Aside from that, I wouldn't do a whole lot, and I'd be really hesitant to move the first round pick. Obviously you'd like to see guys like Simmonds, Coyle, or Panarin, but I think that they'd be too costly to acquire. TheBrewCrew mentioned Brian Boyle - I could get behind that, too. Love.
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    Leland Irving? Damn, how am I ever gonna trust your goalie judgment. lol
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    first off..its BT.. i no longer worry about his negotiating ability and cap issues but we show currently 12M + in space next season , and that's if it doesn't go up -- remove Frolik, now its approx 17M, unload Stone, $20M-- I see 7 for Tkachuk, maybe 3 for Rittich... not saying it will be easy , but if he thinks he can make it work , I trust that he can
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    I don't think it's fair to say I am inventing problems, our bottom 6 have a goal differential of -1/60mins, that means our top 6 has to have a goal differential of +2 every game in order for us to win. I am not inventing problems it is a legit problem and it is going to get worse once the races start to heat up after the All Star game and into the playoffs. Teams will start to pay more attention to line matching and that means our bottom 6 is going to see tougher competition and our top line will start seeing tighter checking. I think our top line can overcome it, but the margin for error will start to get much smaller, and having improved depth would make it much easier to handle it.
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    I think as a GM you have to do whatever you can to make your team better. In saying that you have to weigh what adding another player to the lineup will bring you vs what it will do to the locker room. For me I see 2 to 3 holes in the current lineup. I would like to see an upgrade at 2nd line center or that the very least an upgrade at 3rd line center. I like Jankowski but he isn't good enough to produce like a 2nd line center nor is he good enough defensively to be a shut down center. I would like to see someone who can distribute the puck to a guy like Neal. I also wouldn't mind seeing an upgrade at 2nd line RW, Frolik has been on a tear lately but his offensive output is very streaky, he is a great shut down line winger, but I am not sure he is a guy I would count on for offense. I would also like to see an upgrade on the left side of the 3rd pairing. Kylington and Valimaki have been fine in sheltered minutes, but I am not sure I would trust them with more minutes at this point in their careers. If Smith can play like he did last night going forward, that would take away another of my concerns, but if he struggles going into the trade deadline I would look for an upgrade at backup as well. I am not saying we need to go trade for all those pieces, I am saying that those are areas where we could improve, you just need to weigh the cost. I will also add that just because we are rolling now doesn't mean we will continue on this stretch nor does it mean playoff success, sometimes staying with the status quo is just as bad as making a bunch of trades.
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    Had to run to the store, looks like I missed a few... GAUDREAU SCORES!!! TKACHUK SCORES!!! GIORDANO SCORES!!!
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    Honestly I like Some of the Media Iam Extremely Shocked how Well Bill peters Has coached this Team From the Start to this Point The difference Between Last Year to this is night and Day Walking into a New team isnt easy
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    Yessir. In recent memory, even. Marian Hossa. 2008 - Penguins (loss) 2009 - Red Wings (loss) 2010 - Blackhawks (win) Love.
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    I find myself getting the feint smell of opossum at times. Other times, I think he's a good advisor for Rittich because he knows world class shooters all too well. Good chats with Rittich. Maybe it's just me, but that looks like a great relationship. Dubnyk would have ridden off into the sunset if not for one guy. Rittich's play has been sensational at times, only normal to think Smith is doing an amazing job passing the job off, as was the intent. How about that angle? lol
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    I think the ref was shocked tbh. Just, "Dude, dressing room NOW" I can look at McSorly on Brashear and Bert on Moore and can see how the outcome was far worse than the intention. This was something else. Suppose in that split 2nd Mony lifted his left arm to celebrate. We could easily be talking about a shattered forearm and career. So for me, it doesn't matter what he slashed. That is incredibly dangerous, not even in the realm of what Byfuglien did. The league HAS to send a clear message here. Smash your stick on the crossbar, not that close to the scorer on a play that is over. I do think the refs were completely taken aback and 2 minutes flew out of their minds. Just, "get this Blockchaining guy out of here!!!". I wish it happened to a team I don't like, I'd say the same thing. This is one of the worst acts I've seen since Hunter on Turgeon. Frustration becomes a moment of rage. Can't happen. Head shots are gross but they are at speed and can be split second movements. This is entirely different. The league has to nip this. That's twice now and we're only one team half way through the season. Why wait for something bad to happen?
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    I wonder if Marner or Matthews will make it to the offer sheet stage? If so I'd love to see the Islanders make an offer to either for around the 11 mil mark. Just for a bit of an FU to Tavares.
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    I think it’s time to roll consistent lines. The 3M line has shown they are our 2nd line, no need to overthink it. Bennett-Jankowski-Neal will be a good 3rd line if we make it consistent. ?-Ryan-Hathaway is fine as a 4th, likely Czarnik. As a top team, I see no need to adjust for opponents pre-game. It’s almost time to stop tinkering though. Adjust in game if necessary. It looks like we’ve tried most of the formulas to separate 3M, so it’s time to accept all 3 play better as a unit. Let it be. Bennett was flying last night. I can see the 3rd line being a good one but we have to let it grow, get them watching tape together, etc. I believe that can be a very good line with coaching and patience.
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    Wow we never get those calls. With an assist, I don't know how you can keep Frolik off the 2nd line right now.
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    There is lots to be excited about however a new Coach and some new players need time to know and accept what works best. Initially I wanted to see Backlund and Frolik split up if it made us stronger. I suggested way back a line of Tkachuk, Backlund and Lindholm (put the Swedes together) but its hard to argue putting Lindholm with Monahan to help with him coming back off these surgeries and the results to date. Let it ride but don't ignore how well the 3M line has played together and especially Backlund and Frolik. I didn't like BP putting Bennett on RW ad it appears some others didn't either. A line of Bennett, Jankowski and Neal should produce if left to play together, we need to find out. In regards to Ryan and Czarnik or even Quine I think they are quality depth players but the player that has upped his game IMO is Hathaway.
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    Peters shortens the bench in the 3rd and rolls with who he likes. Thst isn't frolik and it hasn't been Kylington lately either. Probably the more plausible reason.
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    I agree with your big fish dealing in the offseason. What they will pay Tkachuk seems to be what has to come first in order to set priorities. I would take my chances on the line of Bennett, Jankowski, Neal catching fire rather than bring in an outsider. If they don't what have lost due to our primary firepower coming from lines 1, 2 and our PP. Bennett and Jankowski are doing lots that is helping the team win, All our 4th line has to be is responsible enough not to allow goals and allow some rest for the other lines and they seem to be able to do that. Once BT gets done with Tkachuk, he will have a better idea what other moves make sense.
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    But i'm sure they could take out the seats and put in smaller ones if you're playing Peeps.....they'll only be using the edge of them anyway.....
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    We were all concerned about Hamonic last season and he as come around in is 2nd season with the team. I'm not going to argue about Neal's value because he has earned the contracts he as had and before it's over here I expect the same. Taking a small sample to base your complaints is hardly a fair assessment of the player but like you said you didn't like him in the first place.
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    There is little doubt the 1st PP unit is loaded while the 2nd is not. Gaudreau and Tkachuk are the best playmakers we have and BP should split them up between the two units. I wouldn't mind seeing what you have suggested for the #1 unit but I would rather see this for Unit #2 Bennett, Tkachuk, Frolik as the forwards with Backlund and Andersson on the points. The reason I would do this is because Backlund supports the LS best and supports getting back to help Andersson. All of Bennett, Tkachuk and Frolik are good lower down working the boards and around the net. Get some pucks to Andersson because he has a fairly accurate shot on net. Watching Hanifin lately scares me for using him on the PP as he isn't the fastest getting back. I have to be honest of not being real impressed with Ryan or Czarnick
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    And I stand by that. Case in point the last 2 weeks. Flames are getting wins almost exclusively due to the top line (Gaudreau in particular) and Rittich. Your high end talent and goaltending is what typically wins you cups.