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    Alright I am on the Phillip Tomasino bandwagon. Though I don't really get why he is being ranked as low as he is, and would expect him to be gone by our pick. He has elite skating ability, very good shot and very good hands. He is a RHS C who won't turn 18 till after the draft. He was 2nd amongst all draft eligible CHL players in 5v5 points and 1st in points/60.
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    I think there’s a relatively low chance Hamonic is traded. BT gave up essentially Noah Dobson for him. I can see him re-signing as early as this summer. He also brings an element to the Flames that no other D has. Brodie can be easily replaced in-house by a guy like Valimaki or Kylington. Guys like Hamonic are a needle-in-a-haystack these days It’s also written by Seravali who’s a total clown IMO
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    I see it differnetly. While I agree that there should have been more tinkering with line combos/pp, the Flames did make multiple system adjustment throughout the year. A huge reason they struggle out of the break is they switched their system, and it was also a key reason the top line went cold. The Flames stopped being such a rush team and tried to become a more dump and chase grind away team, and they made some adjustments with their D to stop giving up all the odd man rushes they gave up in the first half of the year. I don't think it was a case of they weren't ready or needing to adjust, they simply needed a better game plan and better execution when it mattered.
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    Not a fan. I think he's a very junior-esque player, he is a talented goal scorer with great hands but his skating isn't that close to elite, his spacing defensively is off, and his problems are exacerbated by his lack of all-around effort (a.k.a. only gives a crap in the offensive zone). To put it mildly, he's a bit of a *****. Insert whatever 5 letter swear you like. Kids like that can turn it around in theory, but from my experience those types of prospects don't ever turn around for you. Kids who don't already have a heart and balls of steel need a kick in the Hash Rate to get it, and usually that ends up being a trade after a few years of struggling. He's a perfectly normal and even likable guy otherwise, but by the time players like that turn into quality assets they've already moved to another team and you don't even see the benefit. Kaliyev isn't the worst in this draft by any stretch in that regard but even in a world where draft prospects who have warts or problems with consistent effort tend to have that ignored in favor of skills among the public eye, Kaliyev is noticeably not an energetic player. Things like that are innate traits and habits aren't easy to get rid of, and a guy who is willing to bail on a puck battle often finds it a slippery slope because the moment you are OK with losing once, what's the difference in losing another? What's the difference between this corner scrum and the last one? I could be wrong, but I'll take a kid with fire to go along with the skill, because it's not like his level of talent is so high I'd live with the rest of his game. Give me the kid who would rather die than quit on this play, every play. To be honest, that's partly why I'm not a huge fan of Suzuki either. You don't have to be big or strong to be a pain in the Hash Rate to play against, so guys who play a perimeter game or expect others to do the work are huge pet peeves with me. I don't ask for much but you better be willing to try and do everything you ask of your linemates yourself or else you're a selfish player.
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    I understand, but then I think the worry could be that if we wait until next year and he has a similar season, he becomes a definitely untradeable player whereas now he teams might think it’s just the fit, or that we used him wrong. I can’t see teams wanting to chance it if he’s still playing like poop then.
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    Sorry But i dont Share this View of giving up on him yet i seen this the previous Season with Hamonic being with a new team now this is the same scenario new team new coach it takes time i think James Neal know he can be alot better and will be when the season starts i just know how hard it can be to go from team to team and adjusting is easier said then done i Know im Gonna take Heat for he is a Professional player but sometimes it is alot easier said then done if after next season there is no Improvement Fine move him but give him that year leeway to get adjusted to the team and the coach
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    Personally I would keep Czarnik. Highly underutilized last year, if he was given a regular shift this season it could really help our forward depth. I've seen some suggestions around the web that we trade Bennett. While he probably isn't top 6 material, he's one of the only guys who upped his game for the playoffs. On a team where the give-a-crap meter was lacking in the playoffs, we can't afford to lose one of the only guys who brought it this year when it counted most.
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    I don't feel what they achieved this season was "winning little things". You seem to want to win a SC but want to trade away the very experienced players we likely need in order to accomplish that feat.
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    I don't think anyone is blaming Neal for the way the season ended. I think it's just a case of how do we get better next season, and clearing Neal's salary and roster spot opens a lot more possibilities. That's all. I personally think this team needs to upgrade Monahan and get a true number 2 center if we want to improve and take another step. Getting a true number 1 center would take a lot of the load off of Gaudreau, who currently has to carry Monahan offensively and defensively and that's just too much to ask from him. If you move Neal's contract it gives you a lot more room to figure out how to get a number 1 center onto the team.
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    I get what you are saying, but when Bennett is the only one who brings the intangibles that he does to the team, and he has shown time and time again that he is a big game performer, I just don't see how we can trade that away. I also think that Bennett has been given crappy linemates for most of his career and then we question why he isn't producing. Last year it was Jankowski and Neal, neither of whom played at a consistent NHL level. Before that it was Brouwer. Give him better players to play with and let's see what he can do. Heck even a line of Bennett-Ryan-Czarnik, would be the most skilled line he's played on since his rookie year when he played with Backlund.
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    I was watching SportsNet this morning and they had a special section on the 1989 team with some of the team players saying they had a special group and thought they should have won 4 or 5 SCs but managed just 1. First and foremost you need a group of players that play for each other which means no tag-a-longs, everyone has to give max efforts each game out. I look back at that 1989 team and see talent but also a very high compete level and desire to win. Sometimes a team like this year's has to lose in order to gain those qualities together as a team.
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    Based on what? This whole "1 good year = next year bad" is BS. Sure it may seem like that historically but none of those teams from that period were as dominant as last years. Don't forget those years were filled with spare parts from other teams because of the organizations horrendous scouting, questionable management, and carousel coaching. How many times was the team poor enough to miss the playoffs but good enough to miss picking a potential franchise player? Sure there are improvements still to be made but to think that the same core, even with setbacks and injuries won't make the playoffs seems overly pessimistic.
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    Of course alot depends what the other division teams do but the team WILL make the playoffs. Won't be conference or even divisional champs but I think BT will make some but not major changes. BP will have learned more about getting the lines right and getting the most of each one. The regular season wont be as successful but the playoff will be better.
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    There will certainly be changes, as that appears to be Treliving’s M.O. Heck. he changed out 1/3 of the roster and 3 coaches last season. Personally, I think that the current group has learned some harsh lessons from this season’s play-offs. I feel that the ones who do return for next season, will be more motivated and less fearful of the play-offs next season. I don’t expect them to win the conference next regular season, but my guess is that they will go further along in the play-offs, in part due to their trials and tribulations this year.
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    A couple years ago Mark Schiefle was being questioned about his development. It was his third year and people were wondering if he was going to be one of those career underachievers. In the off season he went to that Gary Roberts camp and worked his Hash Rate off on conditioning and skill tuning, and it paid off the next season. That was hard work brought on by the player himself. When the best conditioned players at the start of camp are two of your senior players is it too much to ask that maybe the rest take notice? I'm not saying guys like Johnny, Mony, and Janko aren't working out in the off season but what are guys like Gio and Fro doing different?
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    Any interest in Colin Miller from Vegas? I keep seeing his name out there in the rumour mill. He is a good skating RHS D with a bomb of a shot. He can play on the 2nd pair or bottom pairing. He is signed at $3.88m for 3 more years. If we move Brodie or Hamonic and buy out Stone, Miller would fill in the gaps quite nicely.
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    Actually, the Flames did that with Reinhart when they traded him to the Nucks, to help steal a win or two away from Edm, allowing the Flames to win the league. Although the Canucks almost knocked em out, it was a move to help the Flames win the div.
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    That was one component of many, really none of the lines scored. Name the line, same thing. But that wasn't even our biggest problem, that goes back to what you said about Gio, and generally our defence. We were smoked on defence. The only thing I Can't think of to blame is goaltending, and goaltending also was not cup-worthy. Just, we were given good enough goaltending to win the series and still did not. robrob74 said it best: EVERYONE. At the same time though, some were worse than others. Bottom line, I don't think James Neal is going to solve the problem we have, no matter what you do with him. Yes, it's a worthy discussion topic. As are Most other players on our team right now. Many of which have high trade value. I'm just seeing the buy high, sell low mentality, potentially, and making a note on it.
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    Eberle is slowing down skating wise, I don't think he will be able to keep up with the play in the very near future. Eberle is a prime candidate to be a player like Neal where his skating and skills deteriorate so drastically that he can not compete at an NHL level, I mean he already doesn't compete at an NHL level.
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    I get that Neal had some opportunity with 13 and 23, but IMO nowhere near enough. History has proven that it doesn't really matter who's playing with Gaudreau and Monahan, that line still scores... Hudler, Colborne, Ferland, Lindholm. We are stuck with Neal so we may as well do our best to make it work. You'd think Neal would work his tail off this summer to ensure he bounces back. My opinion is since you're stuck with him, you may as well try to make it work. I'd give him the start of the next season on the top line, provided he has a decent training camp. 7-10 games to start the season, if he is a non-factor then you scratch him, if he is then maybe your 5.75 isn't a complete waste. Either way putting him with players like 77, 93, 27 etc isn't going to get more than 19 points next season out of Neal
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    That is odd and interesting at the same time. I would have to review the stats over the year to be sure, but it feels like you are correct. We were getting the points and finding ways to win in the regular season. As such, I assumed that, if healthy, we would really gel in the playoffs. It just never seemed like all 4 lines were capable of performing consistently. That is easy to say as a fan. I am sure that the players would say they worked hard all year long and some games you are rewarded, while you are hooped in others. We lacked consistency in '17/'18 in terms of winning and losing. This last year, it seemed like lines just turned on and off.
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    Yup. Another option is of course not taking on the ridiculous contracts to begin with. But I'm sure BT will do it again this summer and we'll all be impressed. He needs one or two more totally ridiculous signings before he's completely screwed us over.
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    Our team sure does a lot of buyouts. I get teams do it but we are perpetually having buyout money against the cap. How many any of us would give Stone his contract? Maybe one of us?
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    Calgary will lose the rights to Zach Fischer and D'artangan Joly on June 1st if they aren't signed. I can't see them signing Fischer, but Joly seems like a guy with some upside. I believe if we don't sign Joly he goes back into the draft. Joly is a 6'3" RHS RW.
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    It would be good to see "realistic" put back into some of the thinking here.
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    More importantly is that there is no scenario on next season's team to have his situation be any different, so he has to go. I truly think Tkachuk is the best to handle a move to his off hand wing to RW on the top line with Gaudreau and Lindholm not Monahan.
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    To add to what Cross is saying, I think you also have to add what we can add with that added cap space into the discussion. If we trade Neal and a 2nd and are able to add a legit top 6 forward or a legit number 1 goalie on reasonable contract then that is a clear win. The biggest factor with moving Neal is what we end up doing with the cap space.
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    I believe the element you are touching on is the need to build speed continuously around 3 slower types in Monahan, Tkachuk and Neal. I say trade Neal and move Monahan to LW. I don't think he is the type of C Peters wants covering the ice. It isn't worth continuing any debate with posters who say Neal can't be traded, it will or it won't happen. If Peters wants a faster more skilled team something has to give.
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    I actually don't disagree that he must be traded at any cost. The key questions for me is what is that cost is it worth it to pay that cost to move him. For example if it cost a first round pick to move him i'd say no as I don't thikn that is worth it, but if it was a 2nd (and yes i'm fully aware they have no second) i'd say yes in a heartbeat. Depends on cost. Also I will add a caveat that for me this has been a bad deal the second it was signed so even if he "bounces back" it still not a good contract. For pepole who expect Neal to bounce back I would also add who was the last player you can think of who was over the age of 30 and reversed a downward trend in his career? People seem to be arguing that Neal's play fell off a cliff this season, but it really didn't. It fell somewhat dramatically from previous years but it's been a steady decline so I personally don't think it's realistic to expect that Neal is suddenly going to reverse all of that and go back to 20-25 goals and 45 plus points. It's an extremely rare thing to do.
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    What is getting lost with the evaluation on Neal is that it as always been the situation where the other players have made him successful not the other way around. Players such as Gaudreau and Tkachuk drive the action on their lines, Neal is the type of player that is a recipient of such line mates, he is a proven sniper. Last season he was never put in that position and I would say if management doesn't view him as a top 6 player everything possible should be done to trade him.
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    I Think One of the major Problems aswell is personally It is Great that we clinched first but once we did Clinch first Bill peters Sat alot of the top line players so There was no Motivation going into the playoffs cause they werent winning going in cause a majority of there top line was snoring at home Honestly i dont think we Should of rested players i think we should of played Full throttle Going in To the playoffs as we did to clinch so that we had that Swagger and Motivation from winning Games going in even if they didnt Matter to us Now i Maybe wrong but this is just my opinion
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    We have a bunch mid tier guys in Hamonic, Hanifin, Brodie and then we have a couple of guys that are on their way up in Andersson and Valimaki. If we traded Gio this season it would leave too big of a hole on our defense. Really Gio is our only top pairing guy, Brodie played there but he isn't an ideal top pairing defenseman. Andersson played there and didn't look out of place, but he was being carried by Gio, he didn't look like he was ready to run a top pairing. If you look at the team's left in the playoffs they all have multiple top end defense. San Jose: Burns, Karlsson, Vlasic St. Louis: Pietrangelo, Parayko Carolina: Slavin, Pesce, Hamilton Boston: McAvoy, Chara, Carlo, Krug
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    So, from the "blame management" perspective (sorry), 1. Sean Monahan: They played him injured through the regular season. Whhhhhaaaattt....... Then the official press release after the playoffs was that the team was healthy. Despite the actual fact that we know they played Rittich, and Monahan, injured in the regular season (and it showed). 1. They weren't honest (I get that they lied to protect player health, but could have also done this by resting them like a Normal NHL team) 2. They prioritized the regular season over the playoffs 3. We know of Two instances of this. And, referring to point 1, they weren't honest about either one. So unlikely they were the only two. 2. Matthew Tkachuk: I actually thought he did ok, and he even scored a goal or two, and an assist or two, which were somehow credited to other players. I would have liked to see what he could do with more minutes. I'll say this, he was better than most. They continued to give Gaudreau, Monahan the PP and key scoring minutes. Coach could not adapt to the new reallity. Not that it mattered, when we got smoked that bad. * Another comment, something to think about for all of us. We were, defensively, manhandled in that series. It was like we had no defencemen, it was actually some of the worst defence I have, Ever seen. And yet, consistently, the most common feedback on here is about offense. That's not even management's fault, that's our fault. All we seem to care about is offense. And, management delivered. With a team that ices 5 forwards.
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    I honestly don’t think the Flames ever peaked. The first line peaked, but the rest of the team didn’t play along. Then the fourth line peaked in the second half but the first line died. The third line peaked without Neal and then died when he returned. If peaking means playing 2-3 weeks of team hockey then they peaked too early. But they didn’t play as a whole unit for a lot of the season. I think we were lucky to be in first by the end of the year, riding different lines that got hot at the right time in order to get us there.
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    The Flames almost signed Reaves in the summer. Would they have beat the Avs if Reaves was in the lineup? Doubt it. Fact is the Flames peaked too early and weren’t at their best when they needed it most, they didn’t lose because the Avs man-handled them
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    The rebuild went fine. Yeah you didn’t get any lotto luck, but Gaudreau goes 2nd overall in a 2011 re-draft and you got him in the 4th round. Tkachuk likely goes at worst 3rd in a 16 re-draft and you got him at 6 and your 2 biggest arch rivals passed on him. Right there you have essentially 2 lotto picks I don’t see how Monahan was incorrectly developed. He scored 22 goals as a rookie without Johnny on a team that was complete garbage. I think he’s a really goodsupporting player that you can pencil in for 25-35 goals a season and 65-75 points. His skating is what will always hold him back though.