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    Opening night 2021/22 season. Round 1 Battle of Alberta @ SATURDAY 16 OCTOBER 2021 8PM MT CBC SNE SNO SNP SPORTSNET FAN960
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    For what it’s worth I was listening to NHL Radio on Sirius, and the host had someone game Jason Fraser on (I think from elite prospects). They were talking about prospects to watch this year, but at the end of the interview, he was asked where he thought Eichel would end up, and without hesitation he said, “the flames”. It kind of took the host by surprise, but he had no reservations on his words. I don’t know if it’s personal opinion or based off of insider information. I tried all day to find the clip but I couldn’t, so I apologize for that, but it was definitely interesting. He was then asked what they would have to give up and he bailed our and said, some salary and some first round draft picks. Like I said, take it for what it’s worth, but combine that with Friedman saying Calgary tried very hard this summer, smells like a lot of smoke.
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    Hindsight is boring. Move on.
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    There isn't a right or wrong way to be a fan. If you want to cheer for an individual player or players, go for it. If you are more interested in team success good on you. If its a bit of both for you and you want to see your favorite players on your favorite teams, there is nothing wrong with that. I do think fans can be a bit fickle. The threshold between untouchable and 'get them the heck of my team' can be a bit small at times. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting a Giordano trade due to the draft expansion, his age, and his cap. There is absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting the Flames make changes to the current core given the past track record, and that includes trading core player like Gaudreau or Tkachuk. I really like Gaudreau. I have a signed heritage jersey from his rookie season. I also get he is a pending UFA and the Flames haven't done a lot of winning the last number of seasons. Tkachuk might be my favorite player in the NHL. But I get he is a pending RFA, the Flames will be capped out at LW, and that his entire family is on record bragging about being difficult come negotiation time. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty for any suggestion I might make about moving one of those two guys.
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    The trade X top player from the Flames for something suggestions aren’t about turning on the players. In the salary cap era, especially with flat or almost flat cap, and the fact that Calgary needs to re-sign Tkachuk, Gaudreau, Mangiapane, Zadorov plus at least 4 other forwards and 1 other D with 5.25 million to cover all raises. Maybe an extra 400 k if you can replace 800 and 900 k contracts with 750 k contracts, but that is still not much. Tkachuk already makes 7 million and is supporting the idea that Brady holds out to get the money he wants. Likely Matt will look at holding out too unless he is getting 9+. If JG gets an extra 2 mil, and Mangiapane gets 2 mil extra, that eats all the cap and then some with nothing to sign the other 5 needed contracts. So it has nothing to do with a lack of loyalty but being realistic about the fact that the team will not be able to keep everyone, regardless of what they want, so you need to make trades. In 2 seasons we will be able to save on the Lucic contract when Monahan needs a new contract, but that is a year too late. In order to trade Lucic, you will need to retain salary or bring back an equally bad contract so that is not helpful. The Flames were losing someone in the expansion draft regardless. Your choices would have been turning your back on Giordano, Hanifin, Andersson or Tanev. So you lose a big D piece regardless. The only way to stop that would have been to mortgage the future by trading significant picks. So loyalty to Giordano for a couple of years while gutting the team in a few years once Giordano retired. Loyalty and emotional decisions are great to have, but you will end up getting angry later. So yes let’s be loyal to all our players, cheer for them hard this season and watch 1 or more walk away for nothing next summer because there simply isn’t enough cap space to sign them all. Or we can choose to trade at least 1 player to improve the team now and in the future. That is a loyalty to the team rather than individual players.
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    I want to rock and roll all night and part of every day! Love.
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    let’s go 7-2-1 to start the season! we going seven game stints? then 4-2-1 might do! KISS!!! (Keep It Simple Stupid)
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    I have conflicting thoughts when it comes to Tkachuk. I don’t know if I can totally nail down all the reasons, but it is enough for me to say that he is not on my untouchable list and is actually higher on my trade list. The conflict comes from the fact that I like how he is very talented, not afraid to mix it up, plays with emotion and mainly works hard. These are all traits you want in a player. What I don’t like is that he is already at 7 mil cap hit and will likely be looking at a contract in the 9-10 range next season. When he is on his game and being effective, he is a pest, drawing penalties and frustrating teams. This puts a target on his back and his body will take a lot of abuse, likely meaning a shorter career. When he is not playing his game, he is less effective and just tries to be overly fancy. So while I appreciate his abilities and emotions, there are other factors at play. Personally I would not do Eichel for Tkachuk 1-1 right now as the neck injury risk is too high. Gaudreau is likely a non-starter for Buffalo, same with Monahan as the Sabres are looking for youth. I would prefer to keep Mangiapane over Tkachuk because he has the skill, emotion and work ethic without the pest which protects his body more. If Eichel can be had for non-roster players then I would be ok with it except that salary needs to go the other way. Not sure who would go.
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    I don't know where scouts got it wrong with Chychrun because when I watched the under 18s I saw a number one dman. I thought he was fantatic at that tournament and should have eased concerns about his stock, but it seemed to fall. To have guys like Jake Bean and Juolevi go ahead of him didn't make sense at the time and makes less sense today. Seems to me to be a case of over analysis on his game, which I find can happen when guys are pegged at number 1 for such a long length of time. Miss by a lot of scouts though IMO. Take this for what it's worth, but post draft Burke has stated a few times that they had Juolevi and Tkachuk tied. Perhaps someone else was ahead of them but given their love for Tkachuk that would appear doubtful.
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    Also the 3rd times the charm for that franchise '90's Niedermayer, Jovo '00's Weiss, JBo and Horton + an absolute robbery of the Islanders.
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    1. Will the Flames make the playoffs? Yes 2. Pacific Division Standings Predictions? 1.Vegas 2. Calgary 3. Seattle 4. Edmonton 5. LA 6. SJ 7. Vancouver 8. Anaheim 3. Flames Top Three Scorers? 1. Tkachuk 2. Gaudreau 3. Lindholm 4. Eichel 4. Will Gaudreau be traded this season or sign an extension? Signed
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    Right now, I think the absolute best case scenario would be Eichel returns after the olympic break. Maybe he's able to play in the Olympics, not sure if he would be healthy in time though. The longer this goes, the better the chances for the Flames. I would imagine BT hasn't stopped calling the Sabres. It's becoming clear that the Sabres aren't going to get anywhere near their original asking price. I still really believe that they won't trade him to an Eastern Conference team.
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    Hey DD. To be quite honest, I kind of feel the opposite way. I feel that players have no loyalty anymore. They chase the money, want more than they’re worth, choose when and if they feel like putting in a solid effort, and knowingly cripple the teams they play for by taking up a higher % of the cap for themselves. Their interests seem to be aligned with money and personal gain rather than championships. I’ve been vocal about being ok with trading Chucky for Eichel. I mean, I really try to be realistic with my trade proposals - you won’t see me suggesting Ritchie + Stone + 2nd for Eichel. I believe you have to give to get, and if we want a good player (a #1C) I’m willing to give up a #1 LW for the more impactful position. But why have I “turned” on Chucky? I haven’t, really. First, I like the player. I think he brings an honest work ethic to the team - a quality most players in red lack. However, I’ve also been frustrated with how often he tries to pass between his legs and the play dies. I love that he goes to the hard areas (front of the net) where he gets most of his points, but do I love Chucky at $7mil (looking for a raise on his next contract) at LW? Not really. And when there’s an opportunity to get a potential #1C (which we’ve lacked FOREVER) and Chucky may be required to get it done? I’d take that risk. Some wouldn’t. Also, watching the Brady Tkachuk situation play out in Ottawa, and hearing Chucky’s comments, has me a little suspicious about both player’s motives. I see Brady was offered $8mil over 8 years, and now in the eleventh hour, he turns coat and says he wants a bridge deal that would eventually take Brady to the same position we’re in with Matthew this year… 🤔 hmmm, somewhat familiar. Is it not evident that there’s a real possibility (and perhaps strategy) that both Tkachuks plan to only sign a 1-year deal in their RFA year, so they can walk as UFAs afterwards (and go play in St. Louis together?). Lastly, I didn’t like watching how Chucky packed it in last year. As justified as it was, and as much as I didn’t like that the team left him hanging, I still didn’t like his response and it made me reconsider my thought that he should be the next Flames captain. No captain should respond that way in my books. So, here we are. It’s not about me turning my back on players, it’s my calculated response to what I’ve seen, read, heard, and feel is the best direction for this team to bring a cup to Calgary, and the types of players (and their personalities) we need to accomplish that.
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    the top 6 is still a bit of a mess, and when the top 6 is over loaded, the “3rd” line suffers, especially by having Lucic on the LW. for me, I liked the effort and I just think we tend to keep to the outside too much. It’s harder to score from the perimeter. So like in other years, it’s great to have the puck more than other teams, now I want to see ya get bodies into the tough areas… for those that love fancy stats, it was a good win tonight! and my “win” was that an effort was there. I want to see more from the top6. Or get Backlund some guys to play with. Lucic and Lewis doesn’t cut it. Not saying Backs is a god, just that we are now starting to waste his talent.
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    Well the good news is Bennett got a hat trick tonight!!! ……oh….
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    The streak continues. Played well. Tough playing with 11 forwards, this team isn't deep enough for that. 8 quality NHL forwards and then Lewis/Ritchie and a still-learning Gawdin. Had a lot of shots, but a ton from the perimeter.
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    Go Flames Go! Will catch this one on repeat in the morning
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    Worth noting that Hendrix Lapierre was able to play opening night for Washington due to Nick Backstrom being injured. Not sure he plays the entire season with the Caps, as a first year pro. Way too early to determine if he’s better than Zary. Nice for Lapierre to score in his first game, but so did Ben Hanowski…
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    Such a fall from grace.. all he needed to do was play to his 6/4 size and he had it made.. Too soft for such a big guy.. There were a number of ex Flames on the wire today
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    Trading down especially in the first round is almost always a disaster that gets worse over time. Sometimes, it looks bad from the start, like Jankowski. Othertimes, it is hard to say. Like Zary. But over time it almost always fails because there is an enormous separation of talent in the first round, even by a few spots. I mean we are talking about the very very very tip of the talent bell curve. Now sure if Zary turns out and we get a sleeper with the extra picks we acquired, it Might end up looking okay. But math is working against us on this
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    I dunno how close we would watch players drafted around the time we traded down twice for Zary. H. Lapiere scored his first NHL goal the other day. Would Zary have made the NHL yet? I get Zary got injured.
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    Sharp in the opener so far tonight. Damn this kid can goalie.
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    If Treliving and the Flames want to land Eichel, they are going to need to be creative. It will likely need to be a three team trade, which can be incredibly convoluted. The easy thing to say is "move Monahan", easier said than done. Eichel wouldn't likely play until Feb/March. I doubt the Flames would be too eager to move Monahan and create a hole they can't fill for 1/3 of the season.
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    Without question. But he's a 60 pt player. His linemates will elevate that. If Barkov is $10, it's hard to justify Tkachuk at $9.5, by, like, a lot. It's hard to sit on Tkachuk knowing he'll hardline more than he's worth. I'll be really surprised if Brady lives up to that contract. What do they think, they're Jeff Skinner?lol
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    I forget the name but there was a Sportsnet analyst suggesting on Twitter that it was the Ducks who got close. There are only 3 teams in the league who can take Eichel's cap hit without sending salary back, Wing, Jackets, and the Ducks. I could see the Jackets being one of the mystery teams as they do desire a center. Not sure they have the pieces to get this done but Eichel's the type of player they've longed for. I cannot see the Wings being interested. The Sharks, Devils, Coyotes, Rangers and Preds could all do the deal with limited money going back. I can't see Nashville or the Coyotes with interest or a realistic chance. Sharks are a maybe but given where there team is right now it makes no sense for the to do this, and Rangers are really in tough to do this given their cap. Devils could be an under the radar team here too. I'm also pretty sure the Sabres would have to take on some money as dealing Eichel without any coming back would drop them below the cap floor.
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    Meanwhile Blake Coleman is like
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    is 70 points a 9 mil player? Or is it still a rough mil for every 10 points? For me, a 9mil player is 85-95 points. Maybe 80…
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    Guy just needs to play. Going from April 2019 to January 2021 for not playing in the best league, we should've expected struggles last year. The guy we last saw in April 2019 we had high hopes for, we shouldn't write him off because he wasn't the sharpest after a year and a half away. He also has only played 73 games and is now on coach #3, he hasn't played 30 NHL games for 1 head coach yet.
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    In a heartbeat I would rather pay Eichel 10 than Tkachuk 9
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    I just wanna scout Midget/Jr.lol Particularly Midget.😅 Excellent hockey.
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    Skating on his own but not yet ready to practice with the team.
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    I've said this before but Mang's production really is going to come down to the PP. For the last 2 year's he's been really consistent at 5 on 5 in terms of his production rate. All that has really changed is his ice time and role has increased but there really isn't a spike to his rate of production. Assuming he winds up with ice time in line with what a top 4-5 forward gets his production rate would put him at approximately 22 goals and 40 points just at 5 on 5. I see no reason why he won't get there given the role Sutter appears to have for him, but at the same time I also don't think he's going to wind up with the ice time that a top line player gets so this is probably the ceiling. If that were to change he could score 30 just at 5 on 5. To take the next step I think it's going to come via the PP. He's only averaged 1 min of ice time on the PP the last 2 season and while he is far more productive at 5 on5 he's never really been given a consistent power play role, which so far it looks like he will. if he can translate the 5 on 5 success to the PP then I think you could easily be looking at a 30 goal season. I think he's going to get awfully close just at 5 on 5.
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    Well you're gonna love this. Sting goalie Ben Gaudreau. His only showing last yr was being Canada's U18 goalie. SJ 3rd rd. If he actually played more games last year, maybe last yrs best? I've watched him twice now so far this year. He's reaaally good.
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    FWIW, Pierre Lebrun wrote today that despite the public stance of "we won't talk contract during the season", Lebrun believes that the Flames and Gaudreau's reps are still talking. Doesn't hint anything is close but reiterates he believes Gaudreau wants to stay and both sides continue to chat.
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    There's gonna be a lot of them jj. Put it this way, if Zary or Pelletier played in the OHL, they would have been with Stockton all year. The O didn't turn a wheel, so it may be interesting to see how many 19yo's from the O get taken in next years draft. I may be wrong, but I believe it was this areas Flames scout that told us to take a flier on Beck. I seem to recall that talk. I REALLY feel for all these kids that had zero viewings last year and teams had to rely on their 16-17yo footage. I'm totally with cross about this prospect. When we selected him, the analysts really liked that we went there. I kinda like that scouting had to revert to Midget hockey. That's my fave place to start noticing players. Beck is from the Toronto Marlboros. Always, always a perennially top notch Midget program. My order of Midget, at least what I get to watch, is: USNDP U17 - based in Michigan Shattuck-St. Mary's Toronto Marlboros Detroit Little Caesars Detroit Honeybaked Chicago Mission London Jr Knights Don Mills Flyers If I missed any, somebody fill me in. We have A scout here out of Windsor last I checked. To scout all of, at least, these teams. AND the OHL. I love Midget hockey, it is my fave.They play hard. And the best place to meet the parents. Not hobnob with arrogant scouts. The parents are real. I've met at least a dozen former Olympic athletes that are parents. You won't meet a more humble bunch, just cheering on their kid without thinking everyone is the next Gretzky, as is the case in Canada. They should hire me. lol I'd crush it. Beck is still a big maybe pick. The rest is up to him. Missing a whole yr...thanks covid. But that's a good shot by our scouting, pretty much doing it blind. Expect a jr ppg guy that has a pretty complete game, or would pound points a lot harder if he weren't pretty well rounded. That's a solid pick at 6th rd, regardless of how it goes from here. He's got the tools to transition to harder leagues if he wants it badly enough, which is always the problem.
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    I think they have to move him at this point. My impression previously was to make peace, let him get the surgery, and trade him after he is recovered. But I think those bridges are burned. Letting him sit on the LTIR season isn't going to improve his value, and it will tarnish Buffalo's reputation worse then it is now. Given the recent chatter, and their recent compromises, he will be moved soon I think. I guess we will see.
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    And if they had not hired Quenville (rare coach) I think they'd still be "rebuilding" to a certain extent. So many things have to come together and Florida finally getting an owner willing to open up the wallet for a coach was huge.
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    Big, skilled RW, was the 9th overall pick in 2018. Not sure where he would fit in our lineup though. Maybe the 3rd line?
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    Well played my friend, well played.lol
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    Having watched Chychrun a lot, and playing vs the Knights a lot, I was completely beside myself that any scout would have Juolevi above Chychrun as an NHL dman for both floor and ceiling. They were on 2 different planets. They completely used Chychrun's Jr tourney against him. Because, well, scouts are really no smarter than you and I. They're just in the business. He was second only to Stamkos for being great in the community also. Which every team also needs to scout. Tired of him being ARI's only good young player though. Should be a 20G/40A dman, but it's ARI, he'll be -56 with no one to help. The only guy they won't trade, poor sod.
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    I’m with you on this except, I think Monahan is too 3 in scoring, otherwise I’m 100% on board with the standings, payoff predictions and Gaudreau being extended. my top 3 are: 1. Gaudreau 2. Monahan 3. Tachuck And Lindholm tie, Tachuck for goals, Lindhom for assists
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    1. Yes 2. 1. CGY - Hard to play in a soft division 2. VGK - Trading Fleury becomes a huge mistake 3. EDM - Holland turning them into cap hell Detroit 4. LAK 5. VAN 6. ANA 7. SEA 8. SJS 3. 1. Gaudreau 2. Tkachuk 3. Lindholm 4. Extended I've come to learn that consensus is really overstated. So when I see it, I generally go in the other direction. Both ANA and LA could be better than anticipated as they slowly get younger and faster. If Lehner gets injured, which he probably will, Vegas' cinderella juggernaut will take a bit of a nosedive.
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    if only! Not going to happen though… it could be a quick retool. You trade Tkachuk for a 1st. We lose out the season. We win the lotto. Eichel is back and healthy for 2022/23.
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    https://www.nhl.com/flames/news/flames-glad-to-give-hyped-jankowski-time-to-develop/c-775789 Wilson, Hertl, Teravainen, Vasilevskiy All bypassed. But it doesn't matter now. Even though we just did it again with Zary
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    This might be the worst analogy I’ve ever heard.lol c’mon red and cheers. So your making a ham and cheese sandwich and the mustard just flies out too fast. So you add mayonnaise and it turns into a disaster. Kind of analogy.lol
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    I could see that working. Ott - prospect and pick to Buf for Mony Cal - prospect and pick to Buf for Eichel
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    Picks/prospects for getting Mony or Chucky from us. It can be 2 separate trades, or a 3-way. I believe Ottawa was dangling Braanstrom over the summer to acquire a top 6 forward. OTT has a lot of D. Maybe Braanstrom+ goes to BUF in exchange for Mony or Chucky from us. Braanstrom is Swedish and RD and on an ELC and 22 years old. Checks off every box Buffalo has asked for in a roster player. To BUF OTT Braanstrom + OTT 1st + CGY 2nd + CGY Tyler Parsons + CGY Gudbranson (for cap reasons) To OTT Chucky To CGY Eichel
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    I have learned if your going to have a goodtool box Fill it with Quality tools or you will have paid for a screwdriver and and will still need a hammer to put in a screw.
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    I think the league needs di mandate tighter straps. How can a player get his insurance if they’re not wearing the helmets properly.
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