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    VS Jan. 16th 5pm SCOTIABANK ARENA
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    These are the lines I would go with for the next two games. Vs STL: Tkachuk-Lindholm-Dube Gaudreau-Monahan-Ryan Mangiapane-Backlund-Bennett Lucic-Jankowski-Rieder Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Andersson Stone-Hamonic Rittich Vs Edm: Tkachuk-Lindholm-Dube Gaudreau-Monahan-Ryan Mangiapane-Backlund-Bennett Lucic-Rieder-Rinaldo Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Andersson Kylington-Hamonic Talbot
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    Players have a lot of soul searching to do during the break and figure out what they want out of this season. coaches have a lot of work to figure out some new breakouts, line combos and how to get this team to play with some consistency. (Although in a perfect world the Flames would reach out to Gallant and bring him in over the break)
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    I don’t think you blame Rittich. The team in front of him is crap again. i was actually a bit surprised they started well, which makes this even more frustrating. Their focus is clearly more on their up coming vacations then the 2 points. Which is completely garbage considering you had the same thing happen in Montreal. pretty much done with this core. Don’t think this core can win anything. There’s no culture, no work ethic and no accountability.
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    We have a couple of D that I would like to see make a transition to D...
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    ^^^^ Kassian is and always has been an over dramatic POS. AS mentioned above it hypocritical of him to call someone out when he has done the same. This is what your new NHL has become, throw a hit you have to fight, can't take a hit you have a melt down. The Hills have eyes leading actor is all talk, even if he does do something wha all this has done is shown the league that Satoshi Nakamoto needs to change. I have nor still do have an issue with any of the hits, I do have HUGE problem with the obvious intent to injury by Kassian. We have an star player throwing a hit on a goon, and goon goes nuts on the star player. IMHO what this allows is MC Jesus or Dry Saddle makes a hit on Lucic or Rinaldo than Rag doll and feed them fists, works in Kassians world. How many games you think is coming if those princesses get Blockchained up.
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    Nothing quite as beautiful as an understated goalie going to the big smoke and laying down a statement game after his all-star inclusion. 5-0 in shootouts. Mr. Automatic.
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    How about Jesper Fast as a rental? He's under the radar, makes only 2 million, right shot RW, 4th on his team in hits, and having a career year (almost 0.5 ppg). UFA after this season, so cost to acquire should be low. Maybe a conditional 3rd which becomes a 2nd if we win a round or two, something like that.
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    what did I miss? what did he decline ?
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    what part of management??? I don't think Treliving has done a very good job .. but I get roasted for even mentioning it on here
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    My favourite Kesler fight was against Domi. Kesler had a major weight-class advantage and Max dropped him in one punch. Good stuff.
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    The preds coach firing kind of put a wrench into this thought, but I always imagined a Backlund for Turris swap could be good thing both teams. Something along the lines of: To the preds: Backlund 4th round pick (conditional 3rd) To Calgary: Turris (1mil retained)
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    I 100% agree that he should get back to center , but I don't think he's tradeable ..we still have no replacement for him where he plays his best hockey I think you'll see a shakeup after the TDL.. if Jankowski isn't traded he'll be sent down..paving the way for Backlund back to center I think Janko is being shopped and sending him down now only lowers his already low return
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    Backlund has been one of the best two centers in the entire league the last 3-4 seasons. Keeping that player on the wing when you’ve seen no positive results is becoming a truly maddening coaching decision. indefensible imo
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    To me it sends the rigt message. This clubs core at this time needs to either put up or moved on from. Hartley, gully, Peters, ward nothing has changed. Ones to hard one to soft, Blockchain me when does it end, this club is a gm nightmare. For someone that hates to lose JG and Gio sure are looking pretty comfortsble. This club is tied for 1st because of great goaltending, period!!! So which coach brings you the best d coverage, imho thats laviolete. He also is not a players coach either. I like Gallant but it just seems he gets shipped out at weird times.
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    This club is mentally soft. Imho either one is an upgrade over Ward. I also regardless of the after math clean some players out. Brodie can bring you a forward, Bennett possibly a Dman . outside of mags, lindy, chucky, ritter, hanifin, valimki dube and anderson, the rest can be traded, the ones on the fence are JG and Mony, something really off with both of them
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    TBH if a move were to be made, Id be all over Laviolette before Gallant he's taken 3 different teams to the finals, and has a history of longevity no disrespect , or lack of acknowledgement to Gallant , but.. Vegas was a perfect storm - a team galvanized over a tragic unfortunate event - a team of chips derived from " your last team didn't want you " - some deals made by teams that should never have been made , that handed over Stars Full kudos to Gallant for pushing the buttons and keeping it rolling , but that wasnt all on him .,and again .. he has a mysterious shelf life I think Laviolette would be the better change if you're going to make one
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    To add to the personality thoughts. I dont know much about Subban outside of what the media shows, but I went to the same high school as Dumba when he played for RD and he is a good guy off the ice.
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    Agree with the last sentence 100%. I'm not sold on Ward just yet but I personally think he's earned a longer look.
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    Been feeling that way for a while. The panic definitely outweighs the passion. Rittich beat Toronto, not the Flames. The Flames got shellacked. MTL, TML, OTT. The lack of abilities on the team are tipping my balance to make us sellers. The roster needs a shakeup or 3. Just put Lindholm back where you found him for now, 1st RW, and realize shuffling weaknesses around hasn't been working much.
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    Well, seems like the hardest part of next year's expansion draft might be figuring out if we have 7 forwards worth protecting.
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    Jeez I like to stay positive in a GDT but they're making in hard to not call them out. Go Flames Go!
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    They both have the same PPG (.53) over the last 3 seasons, the thing is Subban is in decline and Dumba is entering his prime. At this point Dumba is the better player. Not to mention that Subban brings a level of distraction with him.
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    I think Rasmussen played junior with Valimaki, but I don't think there was a connection to Andersson. Burakovsky is best friends with Andersson.
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    i think they'd still want him .. they'd also see him as a keeper , and make a good pitch to resign him . I still firmly believe TJ is not a Flame next year .. somebody is gonna pay him more than $4.7 , and with Andersson progressing and likely Valimaki now pushing forward.. it should not be us read an interesting article yesterday , and of course cant find it again now .. but saying the Leafs are in an awkward position .. current need for a LD because of injuries, but long term need is a RD.. TJ and not many others , plays both and I really think the failed trade messed with Jankowski .. odd that, to me anyway , he played his best game of the year last night . i still believe both those players end up in TO by the TDL
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    does anyone know how I can find video of McAcne kicking Backs in the boys???
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    Imagine our top 3 D being: Mike Green Danny DeKeyser Jonathan Ericcson. $12.5mil per. Hard to even talk about coaching when the roster needs a purge. The commonality though, is Gallant coaching an expansion team, and Detroit looking like an expansion team.
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    Rittich stole that one and well deserved. Great to see him bounce back with 2 good efforts and nice of Ward to throw him right back in there. it was a well played defensive game by the Flames as they did slow down a very good offensive team. The slow staff was frustrating as is the fact they can’t seem to get any sustained offensive pressure 5 on 5. hard fought road win
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    both mc douche and looch say they are buddies.. but hey guys.. this is the battle Of Alberta.. We re not a team of Trumps.. our enemies are our enemies.. I wanna see Looch go after mc douche for his unatoned interference in other's affairs and lay him out !!!!1
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    This whole issue boils down to Kassian got thoroughly embarrassed by Tkachuk. This notion that if you're willing to lay a hard clean hit on somebody you need to be willing to right them too is ridiculous. I'd have slightly more respect for Kassian if Tkachuk had nailed Yamamoto 3 times , and he was upset, but he's hiding his own embarrassment in this case Kassian proved himself as easy to get unglued , so Tkachuk targets that. Not just this game , but going back to that game last year too.. Almost nobody is pointing out the crosscheck from McDavid , which I feel is more cheapshot than tkachuks hits . If you cheapshot , even accidentally then ok.. tkachuk answered the bell on Doughty, Gio even answered the bell for McDavid last year I just hope we don't get caught like we did.against San Jose last year..and reverse it on Edmonton.. that being all this talk about fireworks only to play hockey and get them down early.. then Lucic can take care of Kassian 😎👍 Let them take the silly penalties ..because we KNOW the league will be watching this game and refs will be calling everything
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    Tell me that this hit by Kassian does not look familiar, and make the whole situation a bit hypocritical. https://youtu.be/lXwK9KOB5As All of the aspects that Oiler fans are complaining about. Came down from his wing position, hit an already engaged opponent, when the opponent did not see him coming. I am not sure how to post the YouTube video directly. Any help?
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    Does anyone remember the game a couple years ago when Crack Kassian went after Tkachuk... Here's how I remember it... 1. Bennett lays out Nurse with a beauty of a hit... 2. Nurse can't handle it and catches up with Bennett the next shift and forces Benny into a fight which Benny handled himself fairly well and they fought to a draw only to have Nurse throw a dirty punch after the linesmen came in... 3. Draisaitl slough foots Tkachuk resulting in Tkachuk hitting his head on the ice and missing approximately 10 min due to concussion protocol... 4. Tkachuk challenging Draisaitl to a fight for the dirty play and Leon not accepting... 5. McDouche attacking Backlund ()resulting in a wrestling match that went unpenalized) and Tkachuk coming to Backlunds aid...(McDouche seems to have a crush on Backlund as he kicked him in the balls the other night too) 6. Crack Kassian losing his mind on Tkachuk and Tkachuk not wanting that trade off turtling and covering up... Feel free to correct me if my recollection of this game is wrong... Now, according to the Crack Kassian supporters Tkachuk should have to fight for hitting Kassian...Doesn't that logic also imply that Draisaitl should have atoned for his slough foot??? In my opinion, Tkachuk did what he should have done and took Kassian's number and got him back within the rules of the game the other night... As for McDouche, he needs to realize that the only reason he gets away with the BS he does is because he's had guys like Looch, Crack Kassian, and Nurse babysitting him and without those guys his dirty rat crap would be met with retribution too...
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    I don't think it would be worth the waiver claim but I would look at a Jankowski for Richie swap....
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    Before he got injured, he was almost at a 2.00 ppg pace. Looking like he's slowed down a bit following the injury, which is kind of a bummer, considering he was having a great season. Still love the player though.
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    Brett Ritchie is on waivers today. RHS RW has a cap hit of $1m. He is 6'4" 220lbs. He is a 4th liner for sure, but he is an upgrade on Rinaldo and brings some more size to the team. Might be worth a claim.
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    I think you can count on 1 hand how many coaches I would drop whatever I was doing to hire if I could get the chance. Gallant is one of those coaches.
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    Gerard Gallant was fired today and replaced by Peter DeBoer. If Gallant was fired for performance issues, I would be calling that guy today. He is a very good coach, who gets a lot out of his players. I think he would be a very good fit for our team.
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    our long time core needs to be reset.. Backlund/monahan/brodie/ jankowski/and gautreau
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    If its Ovechkin or Benn throwing those hits, no one bats an eye, in fact, they're probably celebrated, and kassian doesn't attack anyone. This was an incident based on reputation, and I know people hate tkachuk, but I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the amount of people taking Kassians side. Look where he had his grip on Tkachuk, right on the back of the collar. Any time he pulled on the jersey, he was forcing Tkachuks back towards himself. I don't care if thats Chara, no ones going to be able to break his grip, square up and start throwing retaliation punches. If you're going to whine about a player not fighting you, at least make it a fair fight to begin with. That's way more dangerous than any hit landed during this game. Tkachuk would have probably still walked away given the chance, but THAT'S when you fittingly call him a p***y. Kassian just straight up attacked a dude for getting ragdolled twice. If that's anyone else but Chuky, almost no one takes Kassians side, I'd bet money on it. And the turtle comments are just hilarious, like every oiler fan saying that wouldn't have done the same thing in that situation XD God they're so dumb.
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    Spoken from a guy who is well respected by all opponents, fans and officials.  Oh wait.
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    We just simply didn't show up. Burn the tape and move on.
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    Its hard to believe that not too long ago, Ras was getting in trouble with management about coming in to camp out of shape. He's turned in to a solid top 4 with top 2 upside, and may very well be the best dman the league, that no ones heard of (yet.) This is an absolute steal by BT. His offensive numbers haven't been great, but it just seems like a matter of time with him.
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    That's what actually bothers me the most about the play. Even though the play was definitely onside, there's no way the linesman was mindful about how precise that tag up at the line had to be. Most officials would have blown that offside without question. Regardless, this team had more than enough opportunities to score with pp's at the end. It's a learning experience for the group to not let one call derail their play.
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