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    Love it or hate it he’s a Flame! There’s almost no one who’s terribly excited about the trade however let’s welcome Milan with some open arms and minds!...because hating on him isn’t helping anyone! Consider the potential of having Tkachuk AND Lucic on the ice...a top pest with a top goon could really be a handful for teams to handle. This gives a little more free reign to our smaller skilled players like J. Hockey but it could allow players like Tkachuk to elevate the intangibles they bring....a fearless Tkachuk will only help him live up to the value of his upcoming contract extension. Lucic adds another net presence we need, we need someone to clear the crease and he could be useful on the PP, he’s hard to take off the puck and he’s a screen for our shooters to use. His physical presence goes without saying. He hits and he fights and talks smack. It’s an element the Flames lacked, he’s not cheap but he’s atleast elite in these categories. He’s sure to be motivated. Edmonton is a graveyard for careers, he’s still young enough to be productive and be effective in his own end. He also knows Mcd and Leon’s tendencies....he could be a great for game planning against those Coilers. End of of the day Lucic at $5.25M is still better than $6M, cheaper than Neal now and if he’s not scoring he’s atleast bringing a physical skill to the team. Maybe yelling out “Loooooch” will be more fun than we think....
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    I was just looking at Neal and Lucic's totals over the last 3 years and some might be surprised that Neal only has produced 1 more point than Lucic at 5v5 in the last 3 years. All the while Lucic has been a much better possession player over that time frame while playing on the Oilers, while Neal played on good teams like Nashville, Vegas and Calgary.
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    The mistake was signing Neal in the 1st place. This trade is an attempt to make the best of a bad situation. We don't need Lucic to be a top 6 player just like we didn't need Neal to be a top 6 player. We need is someone to fit a role, Neal didn't fit a role on this team and never would have. I don't think the Flames are expecting Lucic to be a top 6 player. I also don't think Neal is a top 6 player anymore, though he may get played in the top 6 in Edmonton, but that is just because of their lack of any kind of scoring depth. We are replacing a 3rd line player with a player with a 3rd line player who fits the role better, and contrary to popular belief has put up similar or better numbers on the PP and 5v5 over the last 3 years. I see us getting a player with similar offense, but is much better in his own end and is one the most imposing physical players in the league. I get that I may be in the minority but I have to agree with Cross, I think we are getting the better player, and the numbers sure bear that out.
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    Why in the F do some people keep mentioning Bennett for trading. Bennett was by far one of our most effective players this past season and now has 4 years experience, not to mention paid accordingly. Trade some combinations of Jankowski, Frolik, Mangiapane, Czarnik or Dube on their potential to some other team to better our RW. Bennett IMO became the definition of compete level other players on this team need to strive for next season.
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    Just to add to your thoughts, even if Neal returns to 20 goals with the Oilers, it really shouldn't be all the concerning for us for two reasons. 1. He wasn't going to score 20 goals for us and would have continued to struggle and put up similar numbers as last year. He just didn't fit here. 2. If he does score 20 goals, that's all he will do, he doesn't play defense, his physicality is really overblown and mostly non existent, he doesn't make his teammates better.
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    I hated this trade when I first heard about 9 hours ago. But I took the time to read all the posts and do a little research and now I don't hate it and I don't love it but I am ok with it. I can't get past the fact that Neal was a healthy scratch for game 5. I don't think there is any coming back from that as a flame. He will now join his 4th team in 4 years. Preds exposed him, Vegas let him walk and now we have traded him. I'm thinking he may not be such a great locker room guy. Lucic comes with a terrible contract and I don't understand the conditional pick at all but while his points totals are dropping his possession numbers aren't that bad. If the addition of Lucic allows our skilled players to "play big" as Iggy described it and he is remains capable of taking a regular shift I am ok with it. I don't know where he fits exactly but Neal didn't fit anywhere.
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    I understand that getting Lucic is less than desirable, but moving Neal was imperative. Neal isn't a top 6 player and he wasn't a top 6 player when we signed him, I think it is funny that the Oilers think he can be a top 6 player. Everybody watched Neal play last year right? He was one of, if not the worst players in the entire league last year. Lucic actually out preformed Neal in just about every way last year. Lucic put up slightly better numbers in P/60 and P1/60 (Primary points per 60 minutes). After watching Neal last year I just don't see how he bounces back, he was so bad, quite possibly the worst season I have ever seen from a player in a Flames uniform. He contributed nothing to this team last year. Lucic at least fills a role for this team, he is grossly overpaid, but so is Neal, he is very slow, I would say from what I seen last year Neal is slower. I just really don't think this trade is as bad as people are making it out to be.
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    I would argue this wasn't a reaction to the playoffs, rather has been his MO from day one First player he signs ..Engelland Adds Brouwer based on one beast mode playoff Traded for Dalton Prout Peluso Went extremely hard at Ryan Reaves BT wanted this player profile all along I'm not overly concerned about the expansion draft just because with or without him we were likely already in a position to make a deal to make Seattle take a player to begin with And like I said before , I look at this as paying -$500k for Hathaway's replacement. Neal's replacement is already in house
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    This logic doesn’t make sense. I think we all can agree that Neal wasn’t going to play top 6 this year, in Calgary. He didn’t fit in the bottom 6 with his style, so we had no where to play him. So instead of paying Neal $5.75M to play in a bottom 6 role that he wouldn’t fit in, we pay Lucic $5.25M to play a bottom 6 role that he will fit in to. I agree it’s too much money to pay a bottom 6 guy, but we were going to be doing it either way. At least we have a better fit this way, and for $500,000 cheaper.
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    You know, for what it's worth, 27 is my favourite number. For some of us, number selection is a big deal. I think for Milan, though, 17 is his first choice. It's been his number on every team except for Edmonton as it's retired (Jari Kurri). Love.
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    I am guessing we should expect 35+ points to be a good thing? I am just so tired of how much the Flames pay their bottom 6 players, and Lucic’s contract makes that even worse. The bottom 6 is ok but not that great to begin with and yet we spend that much on it?
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    Looking at the Buyout I would have preferred they bought out Neal now instead of trading for this buyout-free contract in Lucic. The buyout of neal would have saved the flames roughly 4mil per season.
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    Neal's value is so low, that it can only go up. I mean, could he be any worse than this last year? Why not give him more time to turn things around? Something pushed Treliving's hand here.
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    We could get a better sweetener for Lucic, but then Neal has to be taken out. James Neal eliminates the sweetener into what it was. I think we spent the entire year bashing him, mostly for good reason, season ends and it is get rid of him at any cost and now we are really overvaluing him. Although he doesn't have the bonuses or clauses his contract is still brutal and he was a healthy scratch in an elimination game. I don't believe we are doing Edmonton any favours either, maybe he gets in the right spot and has better luck and gets back to 20 goals, but if his compete level is where it was last year it still won't work for Tippett either.
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    Mangiapane is going to go to waste on this team now. Bennett has a purpose now with Lucic joining the picture, Mangiapane just went down the depth chart a notch. I hate this Lucic deal, I would rather of scene a 3rd line of Mangiapane, Bennett and Scissions (or someone like him) if they are keeping Backlund as the 2nd line C which seems to be the thinking. To be honest I love both Mangiapane and Bennett's compete levels however it appears for yet another season both will go to waste. Losing confidence in Treliving.
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    You can’t take Ferland while you still have Neal. This trade helps the team in some areas of weakness. More still to come.
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    Whats really laughable is the oiler boards now calling for 35+ goals from Neal next year..lol Ya I can see the 21 but he's not suddenly finding the fountain of youth What makes me feel better in this, was hearing that he spoke with BT..he also spoke with Peters . This tells me BP is on board and knows where he wants him to fit .. Neal was always BPs 2nd choice for the top line , like he was given a Tetris piece and told to Fit it in somewhere He phrased it much more diplomatically but I'm also encouraged by Lucic saying he was sick of losing ..trying to do too much.. just wants to play his game again and have it actually mean something Losing can suck life out of you..he's always been a player that brings it when games mean something ..we should see a better version of Lucic here than Edmonton saw for the last 2 years
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    Just replacing 2 left shot winger with 2 left shot wingers. Too much is made of players playing their off side, tons of players play their off side and succeed.
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    Sounds good for Murray Edwards! And if the conditions reported above are correct - we definitely do not want that 3rd round pick. Love.
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    At worst, it is a trade of two bad contracts with the Flames saving $7M and potentially receiving a 3rd round draft pick. In real money: 4 years of Lucic for Calgary = $16M. 4 years of Neal for Edmonton = $23M + 3M retained on Lucic. IMO, there was no place for Neal in Calgary's Top 6 and Lucic should fit in fine in the Flames Bottom 6.
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    I was pretty sad to learn that the sweetener wasn't Puljujarvi. I thought he might do well here. So what's our sweetener? To shed salary, we send out Lucic and Kylington for a fifth? Hopefully there's more to this picture, but I don't see this playing out in some way that brings an impact player back to Calgary. Confused. Probably not love.
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    Man...the fall from grace is real! He used to be s sought after player, one that any team would’ve welcomed. Now here we are, some ppl expressing near disgust lol. Let’s blame Chia Pet for the economics behind Lucic. He’s coming from one of the worst franchises in history, Lindholm came here and excelled in this environment maybe the same happens in some capacity for Looch.
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    Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Bennett Lucic-Ryan-Mangiapane Dube-Jankowski-Czarnik This is if Frolik gets moved. I think Bennett can be productive with Backlund and Tkachuk. Lucic gives Ryan and Mangiapane some size on their line, I also think moving Mangiapane to his off wing gives him a chance to shoot more.
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    Hahaha A $1 million prize fighter. I guess it’s less than a main event fighter gets but worth it if Johnny and Monny don’t end off the season with something broken. Hopefully he can help with a new configuration for the PP and can pop an extra few on top of what Neal scored.
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    The way I see it is this .. mostly comes down to fit . We know what we are getting with Lucic : - defensively responsible - a Massive upgrade to Hathaway ..whose role he will likely fill - if he pitches in goals, bonus - that beast in the playoffs we have been missing - a better player than Reaves Edmonton needed him to be a top 6 producing player and was acquired to play on a line with McDavid .. so in Edmonton , Failure .. so long as he more than makes up for the loss of Hathaway , he will fit in way better here I have no issues with him on the ice defending a lead ... I have no issues giving him a regular shift in the playoffs Neal .. if he isn't scoring , he's essentially useless.. hes not good defensively , hes not a play maker .. he uses the body somewhat , but nobody is scared of him Edmonton is gambling that he returns to being a top 6 player scoring 20+ goals.. if he doesn't , and ends up in the bottom 6 again , they will be hating him I'm the first to admit I truly believe this year was a blip for Neal, but hes again going to be asked to produce with fast players.. granted RNH will be much more effective in getting him the puck than Jankowski was , and Tippett knows the player already .. so the chances of him regaining form are good This isn't sour grapes.. I like Neal .. but as long as we get the Lucic we know we are getting .. if Neal rebounds and gets 20 again , then i call it a draw .. If Neal falls off a cliff again , we win .. if Lucic rediscovers a scoring touch and get 15 or more ? we win Czarnik looked great in Neal's spot when he was injured .. so its not like he is leaving a hole .. Lucic fills a hole for us .. an everyday player , who brings toughness, and doesnt hurt you on the ice .. we arent asking him to be a top 6 scoring forward like Edmonton was .. the bar is actually pretty low for him to be successful here Ive said the whole time , always liked the player .. just hated the salary .. i can look past it if he brings the beast for us and besides .. Edmontons playoff run a few years back was due largely to 3 players .. and now we got 2 of 'em
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    I think it's coming,the league and the NHLPA just agreed that the numbers can't be used in contract negotiations.
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    Lucic... He doesn't have to wear an Oilers jersey anymore...
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    This time next year I think Oiler fans will want done with Neal as much as they wanted done with Lucic. Contract sucks but so did Neal’s and honestly I’m not so sure the flames didn’t get the better player here. I hate the contract and I don’t like the trade but I don’t hate it. I do think this makes the flames better.
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    Yup. When a player waives a NMC to facilitate a trade it's up to the team to decide whether or not they want to the NMC put back in. The assumption here is that the Flames said no to that and Lucic still agreed to waive the NMC to facilitate the trade. Not confirmed yet though but I can't see how this deal gets done any other way. Treliving has been public that Flames don't give out NMCs and I cannot see how Treliving would pick up a NMC that would impact the expansion draft. I think simply that Lucic fit the role they wanted Neal to play better than Neal. Neal was going to be kept in the bottom 6 and Lucic fits that role better.
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    I am thinking that the relationship between Peters and Neal was pretty darn bad, and quite possibly to the point where it wasn't going to be repaired. The thing here as well is that Neal might have a bounce back year, but it wasn't going to happen in Calgary. He was never going to get a chance to play in the top 6 here. At least Lucic fills a role in the bottom 6. Neal wasn't good enough to play in our top 6 and he doesn't play a role that is effective in the bottom 6, so where does he fit here.
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    To get Treliving to take Lucic, I am sure that means McDavid is also coming to Calgary.
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    The difference lies in skating. Pelletier is an excellent skater, whereas Brink not as much. So yes BPA is subjective, but when there is a big gap in skating then what hand they shoot shouldn't be as important.
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    well it's not exactly easy to find. to find guys that are big, skilled, gritty/sandpaper and check all the boxes you typically need to draft high and getting them outside the first round isn't common. So I don't think it's a question of bad scouting or bad procedure, it's your talking about a limited supply. I think you are touching on what I am too in that size is a bit of a silly argument, sandpaper and competitiveness is what you want to look for and the Flames have. I think this idea that they are only finding small/skilled players in the draft isn't accurate. Under Treliving so far: 2014: Sam Bennett. Not small, plays with sandpaper. 2015: Rasmus Andersson. Not really small and a competitor. Kylingington on the smaller side for sure as is Mangiapange. but again, your talking about a late 2nd round pick and a 5th rounder. 2016: Tkachuk. Don't need to explain that one. Dube (smaller but a fierce competitor) also grabbed Tuulola in later rounds. Fox is someone who can play with fire and then guys like Lindstrom and Phillips not as much but again your talking about late round picks. 2017: Valamaki. Not small. Ruzicka, Fisher and Joly were all not small, nor soft. 2018: Pospisil is not small, nor soft. The rest of that draft is on the smaller side yes but also very skilled and you have buzz around people taken in the 4th/5th rounder. 2019: Pelletier may appear small but if you want sandpaper he has it. So depends on what you want. if you are ok with player who appear small but play the game with fire the Flames are absolutely drafting with that blueprint in mind.
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    I do think that if the Flames want to move stone or buy him out, retain what we would have to pay out in a buyout situation. It would be for a year instead of two.
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    I don't care what anyone says because you need an element of balance with talent, skill, size and the level of compete overall. In the playoffs all levels of your game as individuals will intensify, some more than others. The team that rises to occasion in each series is usually the one that prevails as the winning team. Oh yeah and a HOT goaltender helps lots.
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    Considering how many other missed/blown calls happened throughout the entire playoffs, the Flames were affected minimally. Personally I would say it barely factored into the outcome. As said above bad calls dont account for 50+ shots against.
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    Agree. Why do you think St Louis won the Cup? Decimated both the Sharks, then Dallas, then Boston and wrapped up long series against depleted forces. They built their team knowing playoff rules and it finally won. If the refs called the playoffs the same as regular season, intensity or no, St Louis never would have made it to the Conference Finals. The problem is it is next to impossible to build both a skilled regular season team that suddenly becomes tough and physical for playoffs. The NHL, I'm sure loves this because it allows so-called "underdogs" to rise up and win, seemingly out of nowhere, but largely because they pull the carpet out from under the league's truly elite teams by changing the rules in a major, fundamental way.
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    Intensity is upped, TRUE. However, brutal cross checks, stick work and numerous other, "normal" penalties are ignored and accepted as "toughness" just because its the playoffs. The refs may not want to inject themselves into the play, but by refusing to make the proper calls that is exactly what they are doing. This really affected the Flames, especially Gaudreau, though I agree it wasn't the be all reason why we lost. We got outplayed and they got the bounces. That's all that matters in a close series.
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    Another approach involving Stone to EDM for Puljujarvi could be to retain 1.5M and add next year's 2nd round pick. Keep our 1st round pick for 2020. We should be able to gather up some picks by trading Frolik, Jankowski and Czarnik. If this prevailed they could keep Brodie around.
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    This is why.... The NCAA brings in $1 billion a year — here's why it refuses to pay its college athletes https://www.businessinsider.com/ncaa-college-athletes-march-madness-basketball-football-sports-not-paid-2019-3
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    Mystery solved... That finally explains the reason for the multitude of pro-tank posts that you have made over the past 10 years...
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    It was 95, I spent a ton of time on that trying to craft the perfect roster. The funny thing is my plan back then was to acquire all fastest skaters, similar to what the game plan for many GM's is now. That game is probably still my all time favorite video game period.
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    I think we place too much on literal speed .Neal has never been a fast skater, but has played with fast players . Monahan isn't fast, neither is Tkachuk.. I wouldn't even say Gio would ever win a fastest skater competition There is a huge difference between Being fast, and Playing Fast. We preach the latter . If you can do both, great.. now you're a top player in the league Look at Monahan ..he thinks the game fast, he gets a pass, it's off his stick and towards where he wants it..rarely a hesitation. Neal's game is being in the ugly spots, fighting his way to get there and scoring the dirty goals because he plays fast. If you are expecting him to lead a rush and best a couple guys for a highlight goal, then forget it..that has never been his game . He needs to play with those players that can get the puck to him when he's in those dirty areas .Get it through traffic, get it on net..then he can do his job I could care less whether you are slow as molasses or not ..just be able to play and think fast
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    I know we are all well intended in searching for real answers for improvement and should some realities settle in such as Neal remaining and no 2nd line C or RW improvement presenting themselves we do have options. I listen and here the reservations about average or bad skating with key players so Peter's job is to figure out who plays best with who. Also if Backlund remains our 2nd line C and our main defender against the opposition's best lines we need to address our options. Here is what I suggest regardless of having two average skaters together. Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk Bennett, Backlund, Lindholm Mangiapane, Ryan, Neal Dube, Jankowski, Czarnik Personally I think as a team we are giving away to much in the size department but maybe this works in the new NHL.
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    I would add Dube to this list as well. I would argue very strongly that the Flames are a better team with Frolik out and giving more ice time to Bennett, Mangiapane and Dube. And that is no disrespect to Frolik, I think all 3 of those guys are underrated quite a bit around here.
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    Top line takes a lot of abuse, and Bennett is probably the best/only guy they have to stand up to that. In addition, he is very fast, which would fit better with Gaudreau, who also excels when attacking with speed. Who plays 1RW does it matter? If that’s a problem for Bennett, let Gaudreau. Personally I don’t think that is as important as the first two issues. I guess that is one of the things to prove out.
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    So let me get this straight. Because Gio won a Norris trophy this year, some of us believe an NHL GM would be willing to give us incredible value in a trade for him, all the while ignoring the very thing we’re concerned about with Gio (age)?
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    Bennett needs to go to 1RW where he can bring that edge, aggressiveness, scoring and speed that has been long-needed with Gaudreau. Lindholme brought similar things last year early, minus the aggressiveness and edge. Keep Bennett there for 20-25 games at least to build chemistry. He can do it. Once the play got more physical and tougher, last year, the Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholme line faded. That frees up Lindholme to go to 2C with Tkachuk and Neal on a well-rounded 2nd scoring line, especially if both Neal and Tkachuk can bring a bit more speed, which they are working at. If Neal is working hard with Roberts, as has been noted... perhaps he makes a turn-around as dramatic as Roberts himself. Jankowski joins Backlund and Frolik on a skilled, elite shutdown line. That would leave Ryan, Mangiapane and Dube/Quine/Pospisil as a dangerous 4th line. Pushing them all will be Tuulola, Pelletier and others.... on D Kylington needs to be on the roster as either 7D or 13th F, utilized as a specialty shut-down shadow against the super speedy McKinnon types. He gets a regular D spot assuming Brodie is traded, but if not I think the Flames should be utilizing his speed as a special weapon in special circumstances, just like they like/need to use a more enforcer type against nasty, physical teams. I’m not keen with trading away our guys for peanuts, but if something good comes up, then yeah.
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    I hear the sarcasm, but I will answer as if you were one of the hypocrites... The hemp your sandals are made of were grown with a petroleum based ammonia fertilizer, diesel powered equipment was used to harvest it, and different petroleum sources were used to process the materials...... Your bikes tires and all the plastic and vinyl on it are also petroleum based... So are the roads that you like to ride on... As for what you have left, unless you want to go build a lean-to in the woods (don't use nylon rope to make it) and live off the land (without using any petroleum based products), you are pretty much screwed... and don't build a fire to stay warm, as that will only further contribute towards climate change...
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