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    Many of us here have noticed that it has been quite a while since Flyerfan52 has made a post... It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Flyerfan52 passed away peacefully while at home the day after his last post... His name was Larry... A lot of us often called him FF52... and I will do that here... After months of some of us trying to contact FF52, yesterday Pyro managed to find an obituary that he thought might be his and passed it along to me... I knew Larry's full name and quite a bit of of personal info, so as soon as I read it, I knew it was his, and I needed a day to digest the sad news and make this post... I thought that I would post it here in the 'Flames Talk' section where he made most of his posts, as he deserved to have it here, and not tucked away in the 'General Discussions' section where many might not see it... As you know, FF52 was a true fan of the game of hockey, and we were fortunate to have him share his tremendous insight of the game, as he was as close to a human encyclopedia of hockey as I have ever known... Larry was also a very kindhearted and soft spoken soul and he also had a great sense of humour and wit... His posts would sometimes make me see a different angle on something hockey related, and he often brightened my day with his good sense of humour... We have lost a good fiend to the Flames Message Boards... Please feel free to post any fond memories of Flyerfan52 in this thread, and I know many of us have them... One more thing... When the Flames host the Rangers Friday night, raise a fresh cold beer and say "To Flyerfan52, SKOL!!!", have a drink and then say "GO FLAMES!!!... the Rangers suck", and have another... He would have liked that, and somewhere in heaven above, he will be smiling... FF52 hated the Rags...
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    I'll just pass along something that is an example of what a great guy FF52 was... One day not long after my house burned along with everything in it a few years back, FF52 and I were talking... He knew that I had a lot of hockey memorabilia, and he says something like "It's such a shame that you lost all that great hockey stuff... Decades of finding and collecting and it all just went up in smoke... Are you going to start to build another collection?"... I said "I don't know man, a lot of it would be pretty much impossible to replace"... Well one of the things he knew that burned was a complete set of those miniature chromed metal Stanley Cups with different team logos on them from Cup wins over the years... You know the ones that came in 24 packs of beer quite a while back, the original ones, not the re-issue 2nd run... A couple of days later, a delivery package shows up at my door... I look at the name and return address and wonder what the heck FF52 could possibly be sending me a package for, open it up and find the Flames Stanley Cup from the original set... So I called him up to thank him and he said "I know how much you love the game, and I know you had a really nice collection of memorabilia and I think you should start building another one"... Then he said "and I knew that to do that you had to start somewhere"... As usual, once again FF52 was right... and I will always treasure that first piece that started me collecting again...
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    VS Mar. 21st 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Mar. 16th 5pm BELL MTS PLACE
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    VS Mar. 19th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    I have been reading the flames forums for the past three seasons now but had never felt any great need to join the discussions until now. I have been so overwhelmed by the efforts and Carty and Pyro to learn of ff52’s fate and the show of support from posters that I now felt compelled to become a member. This is the sort of community I want to be a part of. RIP Flyerfan52
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    They keep deleting the best versions, so I will go with this one... It's from '07 at the O2 Arena in London, so Jason is on drums and not his father John, but it's still got cowbell ... and it reminds me of being a sports fan... There are good times, and bad times... and these are good times...
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    I know I'm a little late, but Conundrumed and 420 are over here watching the game and having a few beers with me... JANKOWSKI SCORES!!!
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    This one goes way back... I'm hoping that the Flames smash the Nucks like a Fireball...
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    I am not sure there was a poster on here that watched more hockey than FF52, if I had a question about a player from another team, in particular the Flyers and the Jets, I knew FF52 would have an honest and accurate take or report on that player. These forums have lost a lot of knowledge and one heck of a poster. RIP FF52 you will be missed.
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    Well yesterday was amazing. Although we lost a hard, contested battle to the Jets, at the end of the game I physically shared a cheers to ff52 aka Larry with 2 other posters. Amazing how common interest strangers become new found friends! Now I can breath a bit easier that FlyerFan is a legacy, not only as a poster, but as a person. Sorrow from us all from the one (you know who you are!) that couldn't make the trip for a legitimate reason and our thoughts are with you too. Special thanks to the gracious host and hostess. I made it back in record time, lol. That was a special day for me. Thanks guys and gal, I hope it meant as much to you as it did to me. *insert joke* And we didn't get all out of it and break stuff, lol. Hi to Opie!!
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    VS Mar. 23rd 8pm ROGERS ARENA
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    Tidy win. The excellent practice that I was hoping for.
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    Gotta say, I'm liking what our depth guys have been doing lately. If our fourth line is able to keep up this kind of play, that could be huge come April.
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    I just love taking the opportunity to quote myself. (sic) But Carty (His Dudeness) gave it away in the GDT with his damn goal lights that everyone has stolen IRregardless, lol. So 420 was all in. I've never met him, nor has Carty, whom I've met once last year and we stay in touch. 420, correct me if I'm wrong, but you literally told me, "Thanks for the invite, I didn't even know that I meant anything to anyone on the board". Now you know buddy. I'm glad we let you know. I was looking at the board at Carty's place on my phone and was reading Ward's post when I had to close. I told Carty afterwards I can't read that thread around people because I well up. He said, "good to know I'm not the only one". Meeting people is fantastic. 420, you are completely right. The how you didn't realize you were recognizable here is disturbing. lol That hasn't been the case for years. Cheers FF52. We shall create a movement of friends that don't have to hide behind keyboards, for any reason. Disarmed by smiles and good nature.
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    After bursting onto the scene Tuulola has quietly gone about his business. I wonder if we will see him in Stockton soon. I think he can turn into an effective bottom 6 guy.
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    Youre watching too eh? Surprised SN west has been showing games here and not blacking them out lately. Go Ducks! (One of the only times I will ever say such a blasphemous thing)
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    While I don't disagree that the sens are currently bad or it would be tough being a fan at present, I think it is worth noting they were without all of Chabot, Ceci, Pageau, Tierney and White. I think that's alot of talent to be missing all at once.
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    Thank you kings 5 point lead 8 games left
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    Breadman with a well-earned first star.
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    Guessing he'll land in Colorado. Or NJ. Hopefully Detroit. I'm not a fan of the draft lottery. I kind of like Burke's philosophy: Draft 1st, not allowed to draft in the Top 3 for 3 years. Draft 2 or 3 two yrs in a row, not allowed to draft in the Top 3 for 3 years.
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    Hopefully we have a solid practice tonight and don't think it's a guaranteed 2pts. They hung 6 on Toronto last Saturday. Let's get on them early and often and don't give them any kind of motivation. The Sharks have LA tonight so let's not overlook this one. Let the Oilers overlook them on Saturday.lol
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    Don't confuse intelligence with education. There are some brilliant high school dropouts and some - arguably many - really stupid MBA grads. True, intelligence is usually considered a requirement for getting a higher education, but don't make the mistake of assuming that just because someone hasn't gone to college that makes them stupid. And that's not even going into all the different types of intelligence. Being good at anything that requires mental effort, be it hockey, painting, writing, engineering, particle physics, etc., can be considered having intelligence.
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    Two more pts in the standings will be Maaaarvelous. Nope. Having the comfort knowing that either can get you the win is a luxury. Average goaltending from either moving forward gives the other guy an opportunity. The two are pushing each other nicely.
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    Hahaha ya, well I’m north of Toronto in Newmarket and you know how it’s Leafs TV 24/7 here. My own father didn’t know the flames were second overall this year when he was trying to rub it in my face that the Leafs were sixth i have had some family and friends send me some kudos for the flames this year which is nice for a change. Even got some of them on the bandwagon! Im going to have a few drinks in Larry’s honour tonight.
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    Should be enjoyable watching Edmonton win out the year, bwahaha. Oh the drama. lol
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    I actually thought that was a Rittich win. His response to Hanifin's headshot was something. The guy wants in every scrum. He is focused and his character is absolutely impressive.
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    Here's a laugh, 420 knows this because I told him this story while we were driving to Carty's most hospitable home. On NHL Radio, proceeding NJ hanging 6 on the hapless Oilers after us hanging 9 on NJ on the front end of the B2B. It was Koulias and...can't remember... I paraphrase, but it was a 10 minute laugh-fest: "So how about 97's comments after the Devil's beat the Oilers? "We overlooked them". You overlooked them? You're the Edmonton Oilers, teams overlook you. I can see the Lightning having an off night against a bad team. They can say they overlooked them. You're the Edmonton Oilers, there isn't a team in the league that YOU can overlook. What do you mean you overlooked the Devils? You are the Devils". If anyone else caught that segment, feel free to chime in. I laughed my Hash Rate off. Especially the tone they carried, equal measure disdain and chuckling at McDavid's comment.
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    So, anyone catch the multiple Rittich gems this game. The post-game interview talking about Gio "He's old school, but look at his age" or "It was like Nagano '98". Or his response after the Hanifin block (getting the refs attention to stop play, and then immediately running out to him, and staying with him all the way until he was off the ice). And him giving the Blue Jackets a wave off. This guy is an absolute gem, and I can easily see why the players seem to play so hard in front of him.
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    Sharks lose 7-3 To Knights
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    Flames today Officially Clined a playoff spot wild lost last night so no matter how many we lose were in just a matter of what position
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    “I said I know! Everybody funny, now you funny too!”
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    Maybe you could put out a line of luggage... The story behind that is, 420 looks across the deck the other night and says "You look just like The Dude from The Big Lebowski" and Conundrumed and I start laughing... That thought had never crossed my mind in my entire life, so I went and looked in the bathroom mirror with my shades still on... So I go and tell my wife and she starts laughing too... The kicker... The last two days she keeps saying things like "Good morning, The Dude", "What should we have for supper The Dude", and "Oh... Walter Sobchak called"...
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    Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski", you're Mr. Lebowski, I'm the Dude, so that's what you call me, you know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing... Did you ever hear of "The Seattle Seven"?...
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    Have to give the Flames props on a good effort after a tough travel back to back.
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    I'm very saddened by this news, thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I've always felt when someone passes on through this world, they deserve to be celebrated. Life is a precious thing, and we lost a good one this week. We're all very lucky to have been able to interact with him over the years. RIP, friend.
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    I finally figured out how to insert a sig (kind of). I had made a request to some anonymous friend who I knew would have the right words. If anyone wants to use it, feel free! I'm prolly well bad at sizing.... But it's a tribute to one of the truly excellent people here.
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    It was inspired by the movie Alien...
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    Yeah I know. I often wonder how scouts list attiributes for goalies. For me, it would be: 1. Do you know where you are in relation to the net? I'd use Luongo as an example of a guy that gets lost when he leaves the crease. 2. Lateral movement. Quite simply, leg strength, push left, right, forward. 3. Vision. Can you track a puck? Whether you see it or not, can you get up on it? 4. Athleticism. Which is reactionary. For the 1st 3, imo goalies have to have that, early. When you reach pro age, these should not be things to work on, that's automatic in the bag of tricks stuff. Working on increasing speed and reaction time, puck-handling, I get that. Rittich is my example of that. He came from excellent development imho. With Smith, 1 through 3 are suspicious imho. And those are the 3 things a goalie should be able to control, he seems to rely on 4. That's not good enough. And my least favourite part, is that he's forever looking to keep the puck in play, juicy rebounds and scrambles.
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    I don’t post a lot, but I’ve been a lurker for years and always respected what FF always had to say. Very sad news. RIP Larry. I’ll have a drink in your honour tonight.
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    Thanks for sharing this Carty. Always enjoyed his input in this forum, he will be missed. RIP Larry. My thoughts are with your loved ones. Go Flyers