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    It's Go Time !!! No more waiting !!! The long summer is over..... All the planning and figuring has been done. This GDT will be a joint effort. Please give some likes to Carty for his efforts. I'm pumped... Are you ready????
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    VS Dec. 9th 7pm Rogers Place
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    VS Dec. 8th 8pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Nov. 30th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Nov. 17th 8pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Nov. 3rd 8pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Nov. 1st 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Oct. 29th 5pm Air Canada Centre
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    Jan. 3rd 5pm TD Garden
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    VS Dec. 16th 1pm Scottrade Center
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    Preview Flames Coyotes Goaltenders *Note Wills is saying Rittich is starting.. NHL is saying Smith..... And the starting whistle says....
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    VS Nov. 15th 7pm Home at the Dome
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    VS Nov. 10th 8pm STAPLES CENTER
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    VS Oct. 13th 8pm PEPSI CENTER
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    VS Tuesday Oct. 9th 6pm & BRIDGESTONE ARENA
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    VS Dec. 26th 6pm BELL MTS PLACE
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    VS Dec. 12th 6:30pm Home at the Dome
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    I decided to start a new thread for Gio because I feel like he doesn't get enough love. I think he is probably one of, if not the, most underrated players in the league. You can use just about any metric or stat and Giordano year after year is among the elite in the league. The guy is 35 years old and is showing no signs of slowing down. He's not biggest, he's not the prettiest skater he just continues to get the job done. Not bad for going undrafted.
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    VS Nov. 7th 8:30pm The Duck Pond
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    VS Oct. 23rd 5:30pm TACO BELL CENTRE
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    I know others have attended so feel free to add. I'll post a summary of my thoughts if anyone is interested (conundrumed I apologize in advance I did not ask your question... got focused on my own. I'm selfish... my apologies) John Bean, Ken King and Treliving were there. So were Maloney and Pascall but they did not speak. King: A lot of questions around fan experience. Asked for hands, who likes what Vegas is doing? Who would want to see it there? Do you like the fan experience today? On the Arena.. Didn't state this specifically but hinted strongly they won't discuss it. Sounded like he wasn't very happy with how the negotiations went last time (too public) and seemed to hint that this time both sides have committed to keep things quieter. Apologized he hasn't delivered on it and that their presentation wasn't as strong as they would like. Sounds like he's heard that feedback a lot. Clarified the Burke situation. It was an open role and they reviewed it, it was mutual. Treliving now head of hockey opps. Don Maloney is Senior VP of Hockey Ops, Treliving is Executive VP of Hockey Ops/GM. Maloney reports to Treliving. Mentioned the structure of wanting more than 1 person at the top. Liked the job Burke did. Flames will have a 3rd jersey this year and it will be a Retro one. Sounded like it will be the same as it was previously just with Adidas branding. Bean: Their costs are going up so tickets went up. Minimum wage increase is going to cost them close to 2 million this year so that combined with a raise in the cap, and they are still committed to being a cap team, is increasing costs. Again a lot of talk about fan experience. They got more metal detectors to alleviate lines. Playing around alot with the food, trying new things. Mentioned Hockey Happy hour went over very well so they plan to do it again. Need to do a better job of marketing what they have, in terms of foods/beverage options, to the fans. Starting July 1st, you will no longer be able to leave the Saddledome once you're in. No more smoke breaks. Security issue. Alot of talk around Security. They've hired consultants and the NHL is making this a focus as well. You will continue to see a police presence. Flames have an app for the Dome (Saddledome Live app) and they see a lot of future around it. Currently if you are in the lower bowl you can order food/Fan Attic apparel and they will deliver to your seat. Looking into options for the 2nd level that you can order from concessions and have a pick up option (no waiting in line). Also looking into adding a bathroom lineup to the app so you can see what the lineup situation is. Treliving Lost opportunity, not a lost season. Identified 3 main things. 1. inconsistencies (home vs away) 2. depth scoring,, and i'm struggling to remember the 3rd. Clearly was not happy with how the season ended. Understood it can happy but called how they ended the season "unacceptable" Said they still feel they have a good group and good character within the group but they are going to make changes. Was very strong and and flat out said I guarantee you we are going to keep getting better. On the draft - continuing to prepare as if they have the picks, nothing has changed. Didn't comment if he felt they could get more picks but said they are trying. On Free agency - he seemed to hint they are interested more in value signings then a big fish. Mentioned again the most mistakes are made on July 1st and he used the word "value". That being said he did remind us the resources to be a cap team are there. On Gulutzan - repeated a lot of what he said before. Not fair to blame it all on the coaching staff. That being said he did made more than a few negative comments about the coaching staff. Said he was "frustrated" by the lack of changes to the PP especially towards the end of the season when simply changing players wasn't working. Said he felt they had a lot of players not playing to their potential and it was up to the new coaching staff to get them there. Obviously said their PP was unacceptable and it was a huge focus when they hired the new coaching staff. On Peters - Trust him, this is a good coach. Made a comment that someone at a previous event, said they "googled" him and it looks like his results are not very good. That was his response. Mentioned intensity and demanding as 2 specific traits he has that he likes. Very high on Geoff Ward. Said they were getting calls on Ryan Huska so this is not simply a promotion by convenience. Apparently Peters even called last summer to speak to Huska about a job but Flames found a way out. They really like him. Said the staff has been very busy speaking together and sending each other clips. Feels its a very progressive staff, and they've looked into some power plays not just int he league but at the World Championships, in Sweden, Finland etc and are sharing ideas back and forth. Will meet again in Dallas at the draft. Lessons they are learning from Vegas - Seeing what happens when you buy into the TEAM concept. Feels this is Vegas strongest asset. Also mentioned the idea of what happens when you stop pigeon players into roles (ie this is a 3rd liner etc). Seeing what happens when skill meets opportunity. I specifically asked him about guys like Klimchuk, Mangiapane and Andersson. Asked why the Flames continue to have young players succeed in the A but then call them up and are reluctant to play them. He agreed that he felt Mangiapane should have been given more opportunity when he called up. Said he feels if you are a scorer be a scorer here, if you are a pluger down in the A, but one here etc etc. Agreed Mangiapane didn't get enough of an opportunity. Felt both Mangiapane and Andersson are to the point of making the NHL team better. Didn't go further with any other specific players but gernaly speaking he feels very good where their reserve list is (ie depth in the organization) I also specifically asked him about the RS/LS and how imbalanced the Flames are and the trend in power plays. He shot me down a little and didn't seem to agree that the LS/RS thing mattered as much so doesn't sound like the Flames are going to make RS a huge priority in their quest to get better. However, on the PP he did say some cool things about Geoff Ward. Said what you will see is players play their strong sides more and create situations where they can get the puck to the net faster. Felt last year they did not get enough shots on net and Ward is a guy who believes in getting pucks on net and get them on net fast and put pressure on goalies to make a save and multiple saves. So sounds like instead of the slower moving PP they had last year, which seemed to be more about getting the pucks to the wings with screens, they want to be a PP more focused around just getting shots and pucks towards the net but by putting players in situations where shots can come faster. IE Hamilton the left, Gaudreua on the right (he didn't say that specifically but seemed to hint it) Question was asked about TJ Brodie and the left side/right side. Reiterated that TJ is comfortable on both and gave the normal explanation of why it's typical to play your strong side (cutting the ice in half etc). Certainly did not agree it was a left side/right side thing. Said flat out you have to look at a common denominator, TJ was good with Gio and now Hamilton is good with Gio..... Feels Gio is still very underrated. Said they thought TJ and Hamonic would be natural fits but obviously it was not there. Slate is wiped clean for this coaching staff to do with the pairs what they want, but certainly was hesitant to split up Gio-Hamilton given how strong they are. That's what i can remember anyway.... Ask away and I'll see if there was anything I missed and can remember.