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  1. Exactly. That was my point. As 52 said, I come in peace (lol). Hey, at least he's off to a good start. He's getting pushed off the puck easily, but a goal is a goal. That has to feel good in your first and only NHL game of the season.
  2. I hear you guys. I'm a former hockey player, so I know enough about hockey in general (not just Philly). I remember Theo. However, I think the Theo comments are a bit overzealous, but I get your point. We'll see. I already intended on streaming the game to watch him. I, not being a Flame fan, could care less about Arnold. My only interest was JG because of the proximity to where he played through his childhood and where he grew up. I guess time will tell! Like I said, I hope he pans out...just skeptical.
  3. Hello from the Flyers boards! I'm only here to participate in this thread because Gaudreau grew up in the town bordering mine (I lived in Pennsville, NJ. Carney's Point is a 5-minute drive), so I hear a lot about him. I was reading through the thread and I was surprised to see how many voted that he'd be a star. I'm not here to be a debbie downer, by any means, but do you guys really see his game translating to the NHL at a mere 5'7? That's where I think he's screwed. My buddy pointed out the potential Briere scenario, but even Danny had 3 inches on him. That makes a difference. I wish the best for him, I have friends who hangout with his sister and such and they're a nice family (from what I've seen). I just am doubtful it'll workout at that size. I know you Flames fans need some hope, so I don't blame you for getting hyped for a good prospect (I'm right there with you with Gotisbehere). Just curious to hear people's thoughts because I haven't seen his height discussed much.
  4. Hahaha, I saw you posted on the Pens thing backing my post (thank you). Of course, I try to come off as a normal person simply stating the truth and it gets deleted. The forum must be run by Crosby himself!

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