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  1. I think I could probably count on one hand the number of times the Flames have played a complete, 60 minute game so far this season. All the talk about how they lack skill, talent, youth, etc is BS. All they lack is the DESIRE to show up and play hard from the opening faceoff until the final horn.

    1. C_worthy


      HA, that is just not true. The other team is trying to win as well. Sometimes things don't go your way, but that doesn't mean they weren't trying. Do you play pool or darts? Are you at your best every time you play? When you're not, does that mean you weren't trying? In sports like hockey, it is even more convoluded because the other team is pushing back. Fans of every team in every sport make the same claim: our team doesn't put in 60 minutes every night. But ...

    2. C_worthy


      HA, that is just not true. The other team is trying to win as well. Sometimes things don't go your way, but that doesn't mean they weren't trying. Do you play pool or darts? Are you at your best every time you play? When you're not, does that mean you weren't trying? In sports like hockey, it is even more convoluded because the other team is pushing back. Fans of every team in every sport make the same claim: our team doesn't put in 60 minutes every night. But ...

    3. DirtyDeeds


      I'll settle for a full 60 min effort tonight as a start.

  2. Is it just me, or is calling diving AND the supposed infraction simultaneously totally counterintuitive? If you got tripped, you didn't dive; if you dove, you didn't get tripped.

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    2. CastleMania


      yea, it's more a call of embellishing than diving.

    3. hurtin_albertan


      Yeah I guess so, but then just call the dive. Nobody will ever stop diving if they know they won't put their team SH. I've literally never seen it called on its own.

    4. UnrefinedCrude


      I agree with you HA, and not only that but I think the league should start suspending players for cumulative dives. It affect the integrity of the game

  3. Hey remember those player comparisons that used to go in here? How about Tanev vs Carson? Both guys look poised to play a 5/6 spot this season, is it a fair comparison?
  4. 1, 2, 3, and 5 seeds advancing in both conferences...

    1. Baalzamon


      if bettman's going to pre-arrange the outcomes he should be a little more circumspect. HA.

  5. I miss Peter Loubardias...

    1. Louis23


      Summer's gonna be long.

  6. is LOL'ing at our 4th line tonight...Mikkelson, Stajan, Staios...what a pile of crap.

  7. All I want for summer is no more Stajan. And Kotalik. And Hagman. Ok and Staios. lol

    1. Demonous_Xodus


      Staios is gone either way. UFA.

  8. Congrats to the Nucks and fans on 50 wins...that's pretty epic. I'd be pumped if the Flames hit 50.
  9. I hate Matt Cooke.

    1. Anie8706


      I will cheer when he's out of the NHL forever, this guy should not be allowed to own a pair of skates.

  10. Happy St. Patty's Day Flames fans! Get out to your favourite Irish pub tonight and enjoy a green beer or two while the Flames smash the Avs!

    1. Carty


      I've got some Irish blood and I like my beer... But I'll pass on the green brew and have a couple of shots of Absynthe instead... Happy St. Paddy's day... Cheers...

    2. Anie8706


      woot happy St. Patty's day :)

  11. No kidding, what a dbag comment. Grow up you infant.
  12. I'm somewhat freaked out...I have a totally random thought about how Rypien is doing this morning, and it just happens that he speaks for the first time since November? I haven't thought about him once since he took his leave. This is almost as freaky as that kid that controlled the Flames game with his PS3 the other night.
  13. Any more news out of Vancouver on Rick Rypien? Haven't heard anything since November when he left.
  14. You got ripped off if you paid $150 for a jersey that says "Loungo" on the back.
  15. The gold just keeps on coming from you! I'm kind of surprised none of the resident Canuck fans have ripped this apart yet, but then again they're probably just tired of entertaining you. I couldn't leave these two alone though, they're just priceless. Glencross = D. Sedin...You have ZERO evidence on which to base your claim that Daniel's goals are inflated due to playing with Henrik. Regardless, only in your world is Glencross a smarter player than either Sedin...we're talking about two of the most cerebral players to ever play the game. Their hockey sense is off the charts. What's the number one knock on Glencross by Flames fans on these boards? That his mental game is weak. In addition, if you've ever watched them play, you would know that the Sedins are as good along the boards as anybody. Why do you think they're so effective offensively? Not only are they deadly on a rush in open ice, but they also turn cycles into goals better than any other line. You don't do that by being weak on the boards. The Sedins protect the puck and make a play from the boards as well as or better than anybody in the league. Regardless of who plays with who, you cannot compare a 240 goal scorer (D. Sedin's NHL regualr season total so far) to a 64 goal scorer (Glencross). It's beyond ridiculous. Moss > H. Sedin. Ok, now I have officially seen it all in the world of hockey-related message board posts. You consistently claim that your posts are based on facts and evidence - tell me, what facts are you using that have mislead you in such a hilarious manner? Since when is a career depth forward better than the defending Art Ross and Hart trophy winner? Again if you even slightly paid attention to the game, you would know that when Daniel missed 20-odd games early last season with a broken foot, Henrik shut up all the critics who said that he was only a passer that couldn't produce without his brother by finding another gear altogether and doing the goal scoring himself. So your claim that "Henrik is only a passer" is flat out wrong. Without even going into their respective career stats, suffice to say that Henrik pisses David Moss when he wakes up hungover. You sir are so far out to lunch there is no bringing you back. But thanks for the laugh.
  16. Yeah this is getting ridiculous. I think the Nucks have built up enough of a cushion and are still a good enough team up front and in net that they should still be able to hold off Detroit for the top seed. They may lose a bit more regularly now than they have all season but I don't foresee them plummeting or anything.
  17. I can't believe the Nucks lost tonight. I expected more from them. Honestly though you guys must be a little bit ok with losing tonight as winning would have been doing the Flames a massive favour. I know you want to win every game and every point matters but let's be real here the Canucks will probably walk away with top seed in the conference, and it should be a cakewalk at this point to wrap up the division. Nice sig btw!
  18. Sounds very similar to what my prognosis ended up being, with as I said, roughly the same sort of twisting action. Along with the dislocation, I had sprained about every ligament there is, which is pretty much always the case when that kind of shearing force is in play. Of course I'm also in marginally inferior physical shape in comparison to professional athletes ( ) and so the extra strength and flexibility Ballard has over me likely kept his kneecap from popping out of line. At any rate it's good to hear he's not in need of reconstructive surgery so he can be back in the lineup within a month. Of course the other side of the coin is that when ligaments are sprained and stretched like that, they're nowhere near as strong as they were prior to the injury once they heal, so re-injuring it becomes easier and easier with each subsequent incident. And it doesn't have to be the same kind of situation where it's subjected to a gnarly twist and being fallen on; movements which never caused an issue before may now result in re-injury. Of course having some of the world's finest sports-specific medical and rehabilitation staff will definitely help, but that's just the nature of the beast. That may sound obvious but I was surprised at how easily my injury re-occurred, even after 6 months of extensive rehab and strengthening, along with sports-specific braces and taping. My physiotherapist described ligaments as elastic bands that are just tight enough to hold everything together but after each injury which causes them to stretch they become about 50% more elastic. Anyway I'll quit rambling, fingers crossed for the guy.
  19. Man that makes my stomach turn. Looking at the position of Ballard's foot in relation to his knee, I found myself in a very similar situation to that playing rec league hockey a couple of years ago. I was going hard after a loose puck and met the goalie there at the same time, and instinctively sort leaned backwards to avoid a massive collision (almost like I was trying to limbo under his outstretched blocker and stick), but at the same time a defenseman who was right on my tail hooked my foot underneath me so it got caught sideways under my butt the way you see Ballard's above. If your foot is in alignment with your knee you can sit on it and bend backwards all you want...but when it gets turned sideways like that your knee has no choice but to get all mangled up. I was "lucky" to escape with a dislocated patella (kneecap), which was discovered after about a month in an ankle-to-thigh knee immobilizer and a $900 MRI. The doctors all expected to find torn up ligaments and surgical repairs necessary, which in the long run may have been better because I now have a kneecap that dislocates at the drop of a hat. Hopefully Ballard's alright...any word on his condition yet?
  20. Last night's game is a perfect example of why the Flames are so frustrating...hung in a tough game and beat the best team in the conference, yet lose 3 consecutive critical games to the Wild and BJ's. Still not done with the Jekyll and Hyde act.

  21. Brent Sutter's PP line of Regehr, Sarich, Mikkelson, Babchuk, and Bouwmeester...the whole thing is apparently a huge joke to everybody. So proud to spend my hard earned money on watching the Flames.

    1. Flame111


      You see stuff like that and it is an indication of some out right hostility between the coach and the players imo.

    2. trublmaker


      I couldn't stop laughing at that. sure does show the players something.

    3. bigchief


      That was a bad move by Brent. It goes against his message of looking forward, building confidence and staying positive.

  22. Oh look! The Flames come close in the last minute of the game! Hoooooray! Small victories...

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