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  1. cannedice99


    I'd just like to comment on the goaltending ... Is it the Management's plan to tank this year? I just seems to me that it is, since we purposely sent a proven NHL goalie in Joey MacDonald to the AHL (and fourth on the depth chart), in favour of an unproven Europoean in Reto Berra. Sure, he’s the best thing since sliced bread, but I think our recent string of blowout shutouts supports the thought that we are failing on purpose. I would like to see Berra and Mac switch places again, and/or Berra being moved (?). I know our net situation is not the only culprit (scoring on the PP and overall PK as well), but this team needs a change.
  2. cannedice99


    So what we have is Ramo = Berra = JoeyMac? Then I guess the issue is the defense, and this whole thread in unnecessary.
  3. cannedice99


    I'm wondering why we have given up on MacDonald? Speaking of timelines, we brought Berra up way too early, and now we are paying for it. People say Berra is better than Ramo (I consider them equal), but imo, Joey Mac is better than both.
  4. cannedice99


    Decent summary. This is what I'd like to see: Kipper - play out last year of contract MacDonald - trade out Ramo - sign as backup Berra - time in Abbotsford Taylor - starter in Abbotsford Brust - let go Irving - (as much as it pains me) let go Gillies - leave in college Brossoit - time in Abbotsford Ortio - leave in Europe Since the season started, we've added 2 tenders, so it makes a bit of a log jam. Someone could use MacDonald as a servicable backup, and Irving just doesn't look like he has the chops anymore. Brust was on a 1-year AHL deal anyway.
  5. From a guy I work with: Happy Singles Awareness Day!

  6. Don't you just hate it when you're singing along with a song and the artist gets the words wrong?!

    1. Anie8706


      Every time at a concert -_-

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