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  1. So with the release of Brent Sutter (and rumour has it he will Coach the WildRose Party :: or was that to drive the WildRose Coach ?), Who do we get now? With Randy Carlyle engaged, does anyone think we can get permission to talk to Mike Babcock ?
  2. Do you think a couple of quick trades can start the rebuilding process ? Lets get some offers (or draft picks) for Jokinen, Sarich, Backlund, Moss, Stajan, Kostopoulos, yes and even that big contract in Bouwmeester !! Anyone Listening ?
  3. Iginla is not the Problem. Anyone who advocates trading Iggy or Kipper is out of their minds. True, a rebuild will mean not making the playoffs for about two(2) years, but who is going to keep us respectable in the meantime ? Anyone listening ?
  4. Iginla is not the problem ! Feaster said at the beginning of the year he had two choices. 1) make a move toward rebuilding or 2) bolster the ranks for a run in 2011/2012. Now he will rebuild ! That will mean Fans will have to be patient for two more years of missing the playoffs (perhaps a run in the third year, eh?) Meanwhile, Iginla is the Captain and leader that the rookies will look up to and follow. In order to at least have one good line, we should be keeping Tanguay and Cammalleri (keeping Kipper is not in doubt). Trade bait is players like Stajan, Kostopoulos, Moss, Backlund, Sarich, and (sorry Jay, but) Bouwmeester too! We need Bouma and Byron to step up or be gone, and we need Jackman to keep other teams honest, so he stays for now. We need to trade for some draft picks, have a good hard look at our young guys in the minors, and bring up those that have already shown us some good things. Is anyone out there listening ?
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