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  1. swtrooper


    If we did start Ortio,and say he played well,does that mean we would have to waive Hilller or Ramo, or trade one of them? I don't know how this works and am just wondering. I know they are both free agents at the year end so if Ortio played well we could trade one of them for an asset I would take a chance starting Ortio just to see what he can do, this could turn out to be good for us.
  2. HELL YEAH! Cant wait to see him play. Nice way to end the season!
  3. He also played on the 1st line with Theo Fleury but was quickly demoted because he didn't play to their expectations.
  4. Whats with the boot? I know its because of his injury obviously, but has this been brought up in question in any press conference at all? Is there any reason of why they are playing him with an injury? I agree we shouldn't be rushing any player back from any injury or playing them on it, but is there anything more about why this is happening?
  5. Sorry, look on his face wouldn't have been anything like Ristolainens. I don't see how losing with kids is a mistake compared to losing with the team he's gona play with for his career, but I guess losing with team Canada and not even getting a medal would have been an awesome experience for the kid.
  6. Well guess it would nt have helped out his development that much being in a "winning environment" everybody thought he should he have been in. Glad he stayed with the Flames. Playing with men (who he will be playing against his career) and losing is better then playing with a bunch of kids and losing.
  7. I just think Monahan will be a great player juniors or not. If he wasn't off to such a great start he would be there, but I don't think its gonna hurt his development. Monahan staying just so he can win the Calder I don't agree with and its somones opinion so be it. I highly doubt we kept him around just for a chance to win a rookie trophy. Personally I could care less about the Calder. He will have a great future with our team . I dont wanna argue with anyone, this is just what I think.
  8. Hes injured now but will be back before the tournament starts. Not missing the tournament because injury. He's already injured...playing in the NHL? So...I don't follow. What if he was injured walking across the street tommorrow? I don't follow your logic. The world juniors is safer than the NHL. Not by much, but safer. And more rewarding. So you're suggesting to keep him in the league where he was injured, that we know poses a risk to him, because there is still a chance that a safer league could also result in injury.... ok... You stated most players who win the Calder played in WJC right? Those who didn't don't develop well (Skinner) right? So if Monahan wins the Calder which is possible and doesn't play in the WJC what is the point of your whole wining the Calder and playing in WJC? Do you really think he won't be a very good player just because of not playing in the WJC? If so, you are wrong and I will laugh at you in the future!
  9. If Monahan couldn't go to the Olympics I would see a problem, but some junior tournament that happens every year, give me a break. As far as the Calder argument the other night. What if Monahan was injured for the tournament. Does that mean he won't turn into a great player if he wins the Calder and didn't play in the jr tournament? The whole argument of who turns out to be good depending on if they played in the WJC and won the Calder is DUMB! If the player has great skill playing against men he won't lose it just cause he didn't play in a kids tournament. Cant wait to continuously laugh about this when he becomes a cornerstone for our franchise!
  10. I'm not sure those were his words exactly. But more importantly....thank goodness I didn't get my way on all my decisions when I was 19.... It's understandable that Monahan might be more focused on the NHL, and perhaps he should be in his head. That doesn't mean it's the best thing for the player, or that Flames management is paid to think like a 19 year old rookie. Whatever Monahan thinks, there is a better experience waiting for him at the world juniors. Just ask anyone who's been loaned there from the NHL. I agree. I agree, because I think the Calder would be a worthless piece of trash if it didn't take this into account. Off the record, I think it does, and the Flames have severely hurt Monahan's chances of winning it. Huberdeau - won 2012 Calder, played in world juniors. Landeskog - won 2011 Calder...different years, but also played in world juniors. Skinner - won 2010 Calder...missed world juniors playing for US team. - Hasn't gotten any better since rookie season - still has never been made playoffs - still not a clutch player or leader Tyler Myers - won 2009 Calder (too old for wjc). Different years, but also played in WJC (at Monahan's age) -Probably Buffalo's best playoff performer -A leader, and Buffalo's assistant captain Mason, Kane, Malkin, Ovechkin.....Same Thing. There has only been One Calder winner in the last Ten years that hasn't played in the WJC. And in hindsight, they were also the worst selection of the last 10 years. Call it a coincidence if you dare. Personally, when the world juniors are on, I don't even have time to watch the regular NHL season. Each to his own, but... Here we are, a Canadian team, holding back team Canada. The decision seems to be based a lot more on Money than it is on Mony. Ridiculous (in my humble opinion, as always). Just gotta say Myres is not an assistant captian nor is he a leader! I have no idea why you would think that. I know he s on a bad team and will probably be a better player in the future but I think you need to watch some Sabres games before you comment on a player because you are way off the mark!
  11. Agree with you on Feaster. Not a big fan at all. I just think Monahan should stay because he is playing big minutes for a rookie and is a critical part of the future of the franchise. I could understand if he wasn't playing much and sending him, but he is playing a lot with pros and I don't think playing with jrs is really that critical for his development now. As far as winning being part of his development, what if Canada loses again? Right now being on a team that isn't winning doesn't look like its hurting his development that much and thats against pros not kids. He should stay, end of story as far as Im concerned.
  12. You sound like a Leafs fan. I remember how they had a post about no more American management because they didn't like Burke. Look what he did there, and how the team is now. Too bad he was fired before he could enjoy what he built. Don't hear Leafs fans hookinging now either!
  13. Sorry, he s employed by the Flames and should stay with the organization if they want him to. What does this do for his development if Canada suffers a upset? Not to mention the how everybody would want Feasters nuts hanging from their Christmas tree if gets railed by another player and suffers a more serious injury. We would never hear the end of how Feaster shouldn't have let him go. His Jr days are behind him now, he is a professional and should worry about the team who employs him and the focus of honing his skills towards winning a more important championship.
  14. One thing is for sure, Calgary will not play this bad tomorrow! Way to go Casucks!
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