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  1. man.... this place made me think of you... lol

  2. Yeah, maybe not... but i don't think there is a team in the league that would not be better by adding a point per game player (which, when he got injured, he was) to the line up. This being said, i hope the Oilers figure out what they are going to do quickly... If we are going to make the playoffs, beautiful... If not then i would like Taylor Hall, or maybe that Kabanov fellow.
  3. Actually, most of us Edmontonians are fairly happy at the moment; As of today the Oilers broke a franchise record for most consecutive road wins (with five) after going 5 for 5 on their recent road trip. And, as a nice added bonus, the Oilers are on the biggest winning streak of the entire league at the moment. Plus, Penner's play is fantastic this season... Currently he has 18 goals, 36 points, in 32 games. The guy is on pace for a solid 46 goals, and 92 points... which quite frankly, is ridiculous. At this rate, i would say he has a shot at the Olympics. Hell, the guy leads all canadians (well, tied with Bouwmeester) in at 13. That being said, i suppose it is hard to not be riding your high horse after your team overcomes a 3 goal deficit and wins... let alone when you break a franchise record like that. .... Now all we need is Hemsky.
  4. Oh geez it`s been awhile eh? Hope you're doing good and if not then I'd give you a beer, lol.

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