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  1. Hey Conundrumed, I see you make reference to the Sting. I am assuming you are a Flames fan in Sarnia?
  2. TIme will obviously tell, but I think Monahan is hurt. If he were not he would have come out and qwashed it in the media already. Needs off season repairs again
  3. I don’t post too often, but do enjoy listening to fellow FLAMES fans. We are all tied by our passion for our team. We are all cut from the same cloth!!! RIP FF52
  4. Hopefully Cassie is not on tonight!
  5. This is the best I’ve felt about our team in over a decade!
  6. I’ve seen enough of Mike Smith. How many bad goals before they get it???
  7. Yeah Baby! Great game boys. Another beauty third period. This team is rolling
  8. I did the same thing, the goal notifications woke me up. Phone was like a flashlight with 3 goals. Got up went to TV and Gio was scoring. Felt good to break the mediocrity that we as Flames fans have grown accustomed to. GFG
  9. Yeah Baby! Great come from behind win boys
  10. You think Prout is the best decision considering we could have also used one of our defensive fwds in his place?
  11. You don’t put a goon on for a 5 on 3 against. Especially when it’s his first game. So this should not happen. Period
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