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  1. He has the size and strength for the big leagues. He dominated Junior. I think he makes the team out of camp.
  2. Kane would rather abuse alcohol and do stupid things then have a dominant career? I don't get it? He can't stay out of trouble.
  3. If BT can't swing a deal for the 3rd pick and stays put. Then thinking he should try for Ryan Strome? RW with size Right handed shot with some snarliness to him? Capalano and Strome don't see eye to eye.
  4. What?? Ramo got sent down to the minors. He did rebound but there was no improvement from the prior season. Ramo was not better this year. Overall team game was bad this year and BH took the fall which I understand. Goalie game was bad this year so why doesn't Sigalet take the fall for that too? Just saying.
  5. Fleury would be looking at a better D in front of him. My confidence with goalie coach Sigalet is shot though. Fleury is a stanly cup vet though which goes a long way. Tough as heck to win a cup as a starting net minder. So I'm on board for what it's worth. He is shaky at times between the ears, thing but he's won the big one!
  6. I'd chase him for sure. Great skater with a pro shot. Kind of like Backlund but has Higher IQ.
  7. irock19


    If Rutherford is reluctant to hand the keys to Murray? He handled the most pressured situation on the planet. Fleury is gone. Hopefully he agrees to come to Calgary. Fleury has always been a little shaky but I'd do the deal in a second.
  8. irock19


    Not sure why people get so worked up over some else's point of view? If you don't like their opinions then just don't reply. Simple. No need to get argumentative in a bad way.
  9. irock19


    What a burn that deal was for Iggy.
  10. irock19


    I get what your saying Cross but the only team in the NHL with sub par goaltending that won consistently is Detroit. How they do it every year since Vernon (My kid beat out his son for AAA midget this year then my kid got hurt so Matt Vernon got to play at the Macs) Is beyond me! Every pro team does need a strong goalie though to have a chance. Just like your saying.
  11. irock19


    You bring up a lot of fair issues with Andersen. Hard to tell if he could be the guy. Lots of unknowns.
  12. irock19


    Wish we still had Kipper and he was still 28 years old. It makes you think about other goalies like kipper that are buried on other teams depth chart that just need a shot? Still trying to figure out how Daryl Sutter new that and no one else did? Not even SanJose knew what they had in Kipper. Cam ward? I don't think anyone knows what Ron Francis is trying to do now a days though?
  13. irock19


    The guys on Fan 960 said yesterday that they figure Wideman and a second rounder would fetch Andre-Fleury. Hopefully they're right. Anderson is only 26 years old he would have at least 8 years ahead of him as a starter. That would frustrate Gilles? But competition brings out the best in people. Flames should pursue a 30 something goalie I think? You're right on Andersons work load. Which can wear on a goalie if he's not used to it. Or proved that he can handle 60 plus games.
  14. You're right forgot about his concussion issues. No wonder Carolina is trying to move him.
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