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  1. bronco73


    Hey all, I just saw this. I was away on vacation and popped in to talk some hockey when I saw this thread and my jaw dropped to the floor. I just have to say how deeply this has affected many here and myself included. I know I'm a fan of a rival team, and it's a team that FF52 disliked very much, but he and I always had great discussions and although we may have disagreed on many things between the two teams, we both shared a love for the game of hockey and the BOA and had so many great discussions and debates. My prayers go out to his family and friends. There literally is no replacing an upstanding forum member like FF52, that is is a hole that is impossible to fill. Rest in peace Larry, we may have been on opposite sides of the BOA, but we were always friends. I will both miss and never forget you.
  2. bronco73


    well at least we finally got Manning back for the McDavid hit. Honestly though, I just hope these are finally the moves that get Chiarelli's Hash Rate fired. He's a bloody trash fire.
  3. Happy New Year to all!

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    2. s4xon


      Happy new year bud. Hope next year brings you to the realization that being a Flames Fan is much more fun. ;)

    3. bronco73


      haha! In a way I am one... I'm a HOCKEY fan!!

    4. OilerPensfan97


      Happy new years, Bronc!

  4. bronco73


    I think that bona fide number one all star netminder is getting harder and harder to find, perhaps it's why we are seeing more and more teams going with the tandem.
  5. For those of us unaccustomed to forum lingo... (DL44)... The acronym "IMO" has very common usage in forums. It stands for "In My Opinion". I tried passing nothing off as fact, I simply stated what my feelings, or OPINIONS are on the issue. No need to get all in a huff about it. It may be useless, unproductive, and baseless but it might just be right too.
  6. I pretty much agree with what you said here UC, but I'm going to go further and say IMO that they are already there. Their minds are playing two games every night. One is the one against the opposition, and the other is against each other. They put on a pretty good front but they both know they are fighting one another for the top spot and that has to wear on them menatally. I think they are both feeling some animosity towards the organization (especially Luongo who hasn't forgotten last years playoffs when he was cast aside). You have Schneider who came into the year expecting to be the defacto starter but that didn't happen, and you have Luongo who was expected to be the future of this team and was thrown aside like an unwanted cat. The guy went from being the teams captain and shining star to a bench warmer in very little time, the animosity is there and very strong. This problem will not be fixed until one of them gets moved.
  7. yea it's a real shame to see Malholtras' career possibly over. I don't care who the player is or which team he plays for, it a sad thing to see a career end due to an injury.
  8. Could very well be, maybe they've found that they cannot make an amicable trade for Luongo so they might see moving Schneider as their only option now. The only problem I see is that Luongo and the fans and organization have such horrible relations that it'd be tough to ever see them completely repaired.
  9. Seriously man, what's with the hate? Not everything has to end in a heated debate you know. Capgeek is not some random fans blog, it is right down to the actual numbers real facts that YOU cannot hide from. I read your post, I understood your analysis. I get that you think signing 14 guys is great and you feel they will easily be able to complete their roster next year while remaining under the cap. They likely will, I never argued against that point. My argument was that they will be making lots of changes in order to complete that roster and remain under the cap. In all likelihood, many of those remaining 9 UFA's and 2 RFA's will not be there next season. More often than not, a UFA player who is re-signing with their team signs for more money, not less (I know it isn't always the case, but it happens more often than not). If they are not able to at the very least sign for the same or higher contract amount they look for work elsewhere. Therefore, in order to remain under a cap that will be going down considerably, Vancouver will likely be faced with letting a handful of UFA's walk while trying to find others to fill those spots. It isn't rocket science DL44, teams change and many times are forced by the cap, CBA, and contracts to change.
  10. Feel free to zip on over to capgeek and check for yourself, I went through the top 12 highest cap teams in the league, and not one of them had as many players becoming UFA next year as Vancouver does. So that is not the status of every club in the league, and if it were obvious you would have made note of it earlier. No I was not trying to paint their situation as dire because of this signing, I was painting it as potentially dire because they have lots of players to sign next season. Do you get it yet?
  11. I didn't say which players were becoming UFA. And it wasn't false, unless of course capgeek is in error. That is where I got the info from. http://capgeek.com/canucks/ Malholtra, Raymond, Higgins, Lappierre, Ebett, Vandermeer, Volpatti, Alberts, Barker. All UFA for 2013/14. By my count that is 9. Total *CURRENT* salary for these 9: 11,400,000 there are also RFA's Tanev and Weise at a further 1.6 million. Whether they replace the above players or re-sign them is not important, that they have to find or pay to keep 9 guys to fill spots is.
  12. with 9 more players becoming UFA next season moving Luongo will be just the beginning. there will have to be a lot more changes made.
  13. he's gonna run out of NW division teams to play for
  14. BTW,, nothing personal about you living here either or Broncos,, I had a bad night, hope you accept my apologies for acting like a special friend.

  15. Ran into a few deadhead oiler fans,, they do not represent the true Oilerfans believe me you would have been disappointed, after I ran into the boards here the same night I spouted the crap, so therefore Ill take it like a man and say to you my apologies in all.

    Not a Oiler fan, and not so much Flame fan either but... hopefully you dont run into these chumps pretending to be Oiler fans.

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