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  1. bronco73


    Well deserved suspension coming. He just came off a two game, so I'm betting he gets 5
  2. bronco73


    I'm here to take my well deserved flogging. Yes I said it, and yes it was wrong to do. It was in the heat of the moment after seeing what I thought to be an attempt to injure from Gio to McDavid. It wasn't just me that thought it at the very least should have been a penalty, most analysts (Including former Flame GM Brian Burke) agreed as well. That being said, it was uncalled for and should never have been posted and I do regret typing and posting it. I can't take it back, but I can say that it was wrong and I apologize.
  3. My best to TJ and his family. Hoping for a full and complete recovery.
  4. bronco73


    I completely agree. They mean nothing. That being said, you brought it up after 7 games in, not me. I just refuted one of the arguments. On the Oilers, our goaltending HAS to stay on par with right now or even better. Our D has to stop giving up more shots than a gatling gun, and we really have to improve our bottom two lines in terms of both O and D play and stupid penalties. If they don't, when the PK and PP start receding back to normal levels we could be in a heap of trouble.
  5. bronco73


    yup... if those stats won games they sure would That being said, I did agree that they are going to come back down to Earth. But for right now as far as standings and results go they are at 5 on 5 in the leagues top half, not bottom.
  6. bronco73


    currently they are tied for 8'th overall in 5 on 5 goals for at 16, and 14'th overall in 5 on 5 goals against at 14, which puts them in the top half of the league for 5 on 5 play. I agree they are going to come back down to Earth, especially on special teams, but currently they are not below average in 5 on 5 play.
  7. bronco73


    haha debate? Just fun discussion whether it's 2 or 3 games or a decades worth, power play and pk time will always be a factor in how well a team fares. I'm still of the opinion that it was knocked down with a high stick... but that being said officials miss calls in every game. They aren't robots, and often I get drawn in to complaining about officiating without taking that moment to realize just how hard their jobs are. Both goals were controversial, both COULD or perhaps should have been called. They weren't, and there is no changing it now. I hate to say it but the Flames did deserve at least a tie in that game though, they were the better team in both second and third periods.
  8. bronco73


    ya the actual goal was after tkachuk knocked it down to ice level and caught it on his stick (nice stick work btw) so the goal itself was a good goal, IF it was a high stick (which I believe it was) the play had to be whistled dead before the goal. Since it was missed, the goal itself was good. I think that's the same in both situations to be honest. Flames got robbed on one and benefited from the other. I posted an image of where I thought the high stick occurred last night below. One thing for sure is, this was a LOT closer of a call than the Colorado high stick which was unarguable. Thanks for looking those stats up. I'm sure that the above stats would be approximately the same (well let's be honest, better lol) for flames power play goals last year (and this) as well, it shows that special teams are very important and power play time can and does make a big difference in how a team fares in the standings. IMO it's true for all teams.
  9. bronco73


    Lucic wasn't acquired for scoring (obviously), or even fighting. He was acquired for his presence and hitting. And it wasn't even for the regular season, it was for the playoffs. Playoffs is a different game where whistles get put away, and physical play becomes mandatory. What Neal does now or didn't do for the Flames is irrelevant, it's what Lucic WILL do in the playoffs that matters. Treliving was thinking ahead.
  10. bronco73


    This is absolutely true. I've often argued that power plays (and kills) can make or break a team. Last year, the Flames had 275 power play opportunities vs. Edmontons 222. Not arguing whether or not they were earned or deserved, that's a whole different ball game and not my intent here. But power play opportunities are huge, and can be the difference in every game played. Using an average 25% success rate and 53 more opportunities for Calgary, that equates to 13.25 goals of which many would have been scored in wins that were a 1 goal difference. Teams with more power play opportunities win more games than teams that do not (unless their power play is REALLY bad of course) This year Calgary is at 10 PP opportunities after 3 games and Edmonton is at 12. Is it THE reason Edmonton has won 3 games? No.. but it definitely contributes. I honestly believe that Tkachuk should have been called for the high stick on his goal, that being said the missed call cannot be reviewed since the goal was scored after the high stick and he re-connected with the puck at the ice level. Fortunate bounce and referee oversight, and it got you a point for it. The first period sucked but man the second and third sure made up for it. Fun game to watch.
  11. bronco73


    no, the Oilers rarely get empty netters. But that being said, they didn't pull their goalie, it was a 3 goal lead.
  12. bronco73


    that first was some sort of scary, he made up for it in the second and third though. Our problem though is not Smith's occasional gaffe when playing the puck, it's more that his partner has the leagues worst glove. Until Koskinen can show he belongs in the NHL by actually stopping a puck on the glove side we have to put up with the lesser of two evils lol ended up being a 4 goal game for Neal, good for him because this is really his last shot at being a difference maker in the NHL. He's really playing well for us for sure.
  13. bronco73


    Exactly. Social media is getting to be little more than one liners and drive-by's. Message boards and forums are still in my opinion the best way to discuss and debate a topic.
  14. Love your avatar. Well done, he was all class and sorely missed. On the game, that penalty they just called was ridiculous. Officiating already this year is all over the place.
  15. It's known as the Oiler curse. Every former oiler scores on us. It's just life. The sky is blue, bears poop in the woods, former oilers score on their old team.
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