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  1. well at least we finally got Manning back for the McDavid hit. Honestly though, I just hope these are finally the moves that get Chiarelli's Hash Rate fired. He's a bloody trash fire.
  2. haha and to think that was once in style.
  3. not necessarily.... the bronco does it too. Never once been harassed either, in fact it's the opposite.
  4. Oiler. Killer. Dammit lol
  5. Great post, this is how I see it as well. MacLowe didn't have a clue how to draft a hockey team. beyond the slam dunk round one they were nothing short of dismal. They never once bothered to look at depth, never once bothered to look for grinders. Bar none, the worst hockey management to ever hit the NHL level.
  6. Yup I do, and no I don't. Up until last season I thought the Flames had gotten the benefit of calls far more often than the other teams did, but last year (possibly due to Wideman) it did seem like things evened up or even other teams getting benefits of calls... especially in the playoffs.
  7. You guys, Larsson by far led every other D on that team in plus minus. he was a +21 while second was Sekera at +14 and nobody else was even close. The "elite" guy you mentioned Klefbom (who I agree is emerging as a very good D, MacTavish did do something right it seems) was way back at +7 despite getting double the points that Larsson got. All that, yet Larsson had on average 2 fewer minutes of TOI per game than Klef or Sekera. Larsson is a stud defender on the defensive end, he's unquestionably our best at home defenseman. He isn't flashy and he doesn't put up the points, or have the thunderous slapper from the point, but that's not what he's for. Hockey is far more than that, and Larsson has the defender skills in spades. Again, EXACTLY what the Oilers were desperate for. They had the guys who can score, they didn't have the guys who can defend. Value can be argued and argued, but at that time at that place, for the Edmonton Oilers a defenseman who is great at defending had far more value than a winger who can put up points.
  8. Totally agree. Horrible contracts, and a trade needed to happen. Perhaps not Hall, but there was literally nobody else on that roster that the Oilers were willing to move and was worth Larssen. PC could have held out for a bigger package coming back, but we really don't know which or how many other teams were in on Larssen either. Defensemen are very highly coveted in the league of late. I'm a fanboy, yup... in fact I believe officiating errors and mistakes cost them two games, not one. My true colors are shining through lol! Regardless, they undeniably showed vast improvement over the previous year. Lowe and Co didn't have any idea what they were doing for those 10 years either, which is the biggest part of why they were in that predicament. They didn't have a clue how to build a balanced team and they proved it. Aside from drafting that fancy new first overall every year they picked nobody of substance despite how high they were in the draft order every year. Katz and his cronies cost the Oilers almost a decade of redevelopment because of their sheer arrogance and loyalty to one another. We did lose him, and they did balance the team, and they are much better because of it. I honestly don't think there was anybody else on that roster that Chiarelli was willing to move that would get a Larssen back. Thus, Hall drew the short straw. Again, I totally agree. It was far too soon to throw the world at Draisaitl. I wanted a bridge deal. two years at 5 to 6 million. Show us what you have on a consistent basis and then when it's time to re-sign we will make you a very happy hockey player for most of, if not the rest of your career. Media shmedia... I don't even bother reading most of it. Most media know-it-all's have their heads so far up their own checking from behind that they look like a donut.
  9. Well, I understand your reluctance to give credence to the trade. But at the risk of appearing to brag it would appear that the trade did work out for the better, considerably. While Hall again put up a ton of points this time on his new team, it helped catapult them right into last place in the conference. While the Oilers who lost that point production from him, replaced him with a very reliable defender (who I believe you are giving WAY too little credit to) and a physical forward who doesn't put up a ton of points, and it helped them make the playoffs and into the second round (where I still think if not for some lopsided officiating would have made the conference finals). You need a balanced team, Larssen (among others) provided that balance. And he's a far better D-man than you give him credit for.
  10. Yup... Strome needs to work out for sure. But, he doesn't need to do a heck of a lot. If he is better than a pylon in the D end he's already better than Eberle on that side of the ice lol! I still think that Eberle and RNH were the two expendable players because A: their price tag, B: they were regressing, playing themselves off the team. and C: there are other names who can now take the reigns. Like I said earlier, I think the trick is in moving RNH out without retaining salary.
  11. Yup they are doing that exactly... and if you ask me as an Oiler fan it's a good thing. The last rebuild was an exericise in futility. They built a lopsided team. Lowe co. were completely clueless, Too many flashy wingers and no meat. And yes, I do hope RNH is next to go.
  12. haha it's just because he's wise beyond his years with hockey knowledge
  13. True... but they would still have been a lotto team regardless of Hall, they proved that for several straight years. The devils right now are realizing that they are in desperate need of D help, losing Larsson hurt them. Larsson wasn't an unknown at all, he went 4'th overall for a reason. This I totally agree with, they do need more than one line. I think that IF they can move Drai back to his natural center on the second line and give him decent linemates (goodbye soft Eberle and softer RNH hopefully), Strome has to work out, Jokinen SHOULD work out, Puljujarvi COULD make the team this year. Lots of ifs, but honestly I don't see this team in the bottom four any more for the forseeable future.
  14. Not sure how, but ok. Yup, the only one of his NHL career in fact, followed by one of his next highest total games played seasons at 72 with NJD... indicating he's at a high physically. He's 25, scoring as high as he ever has, finally playing injury free and full or close to full seasons. If that isn't his peak, then I don't know what is. What do you think should be considered his peak? According to the experts it is between the ages 25-29. which would put it right about now: Regardless, I think it's silly to argue semantics. Hall was traded when he was either at, or coming to his prime playing years. Of course not, he's a defenseman who is not known for scoring. The Oilers didn't need another forward who could score points but not help stop the other team from scoring even more, they had plenty of those guys. What they needed was a stud defenseman. One who can clear the net, transition the puck, stop the opponents from getting scoring chances. No there is no flash, no he will never be considered a top ten player in this league. But they needed him in a bad way. Do you think Hamonic will ever be considered a top 10 player? But... was he worth acquiring? There's a bigger picture at stake here though jj. The Oilers traded a former first overall forward for a former fourth overall defenseman. They traded from a position of strength to fix a position of weakness. The deal was overpay for sure, and that was my argument when it happened. It was an overpay without question, but there was no choice but to overpay. Good defenders right now in the league are at a premium league wide. Nobody is giving up premium defenders unless you pay for them. The Flames just traded a first and two seconds for travis hamonic, who has never been known as a scorer, and went a whopping -21 last year. He's never in his career played even close to a full season and averages less than 20 points a season. I don't think anybody is in any position to accuse the other of overpayment to acquire a defender.