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  1. So I'm back.

    1. DirtyDeeds


      WB DX. You driving the Bandwagon again this year? Need a GPS Mapping system or something for a perk?

    2. The_People1
    3. The_People1
  2. Skinner signs 6yrs/34.3M$. Can't wait to see what the those young guns in Edmonton will eventually want!

    1. ali-iggy


      i hope hall and Eberle sign in Calgary (:

    2. Flyerfan52


      A guy named Staples has a take on it in the Edmonton Journal.

  3. We could probably immaturely debate whose cup win was more mem- Oh wait.
  4. Next debate: Does crying yourself to sleep after not making the playoffs hurt less than crying yourself to sleep after losing your chance at the stanley cup. And go!
  5. Enstrom gets a nice 5 year deal from the Jets. Good job locking him up!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Flyerfan52


      ^ important rather then import

    3. Crzydrvr


      Am I crazy for thinking he's one of the most underrated players in the league, or is it just me?

    4. Flyerfan52


      He seems to be under the radar of

      most fans. But few watched the Thrashers. The excitement of the new Jets (& availability of their games) has brought him to the attention of the mainstream.

  6. >mfw when reading the last two pages of this thread.
  7. Erixon gets handed some poetic justice!

    1. Kulstad


      couldn't have happened to a more-deserving guy.

  8. Weber agrees to offer sheet, teams interested were SJS, PHI, DET, STL. Could the market shift towards Bouwmeester? Check out Bouwmeester's Possible Destinations!

    1. CastleMania


      Lol...is this a sales pitch?

    2. CastleMania


      Lol...is this a sales pitch?

  9. Canes offer Doan a 4yr/30M$ contract. Wow!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FlamesLogic


      If thats true, doan needs to sign that asap

    3. Flyerfan52


      Ouch! $7.5 per on a 35+ contract.

    4. Coolie


      I hope this isn't true.

  10. Dolph Ziggler wins MITB! #markoutmoment!

  11. So all four of those teams over the last 4 years have been better than the Canucks. Case point. I agree with FF52 on that one. You can have a team that has players that wins the Norris, Art Ross, Hart, Vezina, Lindsay, etc. all you want. If you haven`t won the cup, especially with that stacked of a roster, you aren`t the best.
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