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  1. Like I said I'm not thrilled with Feaster and King but the reason I rated them higher is that they have a better track record of actively trying to improve the roster than Lowe and his we will be better as everyone is a year older philosophy. TBH neither is ideal but I see the Flames as the better of the two. I'm not saying the players are causing the losing but anyone in the work world knows that if you stay in a bad situation or work environment you tend to get numb to it. It's hard to snap yourself out of it and change things around. The players are numb to losing and okay with it because they have been losing so long. It's actually been proven that if you visualize your dreams and post pictures of your dream house and stuff you are less likely to achieve it as you get satisfaction from the visualization and it demotivated you. I think kind of the same thing is going on with the Oil right now. Honestly I forgot Gagner. But Gags is an RFA next year so will the Oil be willing to pay what he wants? The other thing is I honestly don't see any way that Hemsky and Gagner net you what you need. If Gagner gets signed and puts up another good season next year and Hemsky stays healthy maybe but even still an established 1 or 1a Dman will cost you. The other, other thing is I just don't buy that these kids can win together. They don't know how to. Krueger is fine but this is about the respect factor. Like I said the Oil look pretty good on paper. My suggestions are made to shake up what's between there ears. They need a Wake up call and it has to be by trading a couple of the young core for SIGNIFICANT return, signing an established coach, and bringing in a solid FA from a winning culture.
  2. Not going to comment on most of this as we can all get defensive and have our rosé coloured glasses on when talking about our teams. First it was me who had the bet going with Connor. Didn't see us both this far down the standings but...I'm still winning Realistically I think the Flames have an excellent chance to rebound and make the playoffs within two years whereas I see the Oil struggling. Consider this: 1. Oilers have Kevin Lowe and Craig Mactavish. Flames have Feaster and Ken King. Although I'm not in love with our management I would have to say the advantage would go to the Flames as they have shown more initiative and willingness to actively improve the team and seem less okay with failure. Also Feaster didn't win cups as a player soooooo.... 2. Oilers forwards have exceptional skill in the top six but not a lot beyond that. I don't see them as a deep core and what's worse is that they seem much more emotionally fragile than the Flames. They seem as if they fold easily and almost seem resigned to losing. I don't know if there is an issue in the locker room or whether it goes deeper into there psyches but you can't lose that badly for that long without it leaving scars. Flames get the advantage in depth and resiliency. Oilers get the nod in top end skill and ability. 3. Oilers D is strong on the puck in the offensive zone but seems prone to turnovers in the defensive end. They also seem as if they are unable to read plays defensively at times and run around a lot. Worse the forwards seem to have little to no idea on how to support the D. TBH I see these same problems with the Flames and the Oil D have a little better offensive skill so advantage Oilers. 4. Oilers goaltending going forward is looking okay. Dubnyk probably won't be a Vezina candidate any time but neither will he sink the team. Beyond Dubnyk it's not looking solid but if he can give 60 quality starts a year it won't have to. Flames goaltending is a complete unknown at this point with several goaltending prospects in the system. If one of those turns into a goalie with starter quality we will have done alright. Advantage Oilers. On paper it would seem the Oilers have all the tools necessary to be competitive and the talking heads on TV are in love with them but to me this core is fragmented and too addicted to there potential without being required to fulfill it. I also don't see the current management group being able/willing to change that. For these reasons I think the flames will have a faster rebuild than the Oil despite there head start. To make the Oil better i would: Trade two of RNH, Yakupov, Hall, Hemsky, Eberle for a very good 25-30 year old 2 way defender from a winning culture and a solid 3rd liner akin to a Troy Brouwer type or a Brandon Prust. Yandle, JBouw, or Johnson would be good. Plus something else depending on who's traded. Hire a coach like Ruff or Tippett(if available). Someone with a pedigree and years of experience who can teach the kids how to play. Dip into the free agent market (overpay since FAs don't like Edmonton) for a good 2 way C that can be good on the second line. A Joe Pavelski, Ryan Kesler type. Unfortunately I don't see this management group willing to go this far and so I see several years of struggle ahead of them.
  3. Deleted own post
  4. Blah, blah, blah...and right after Kehatch said to play nice. There are enough problems with the Oilers that we can make fun of without speculating on an individuals posters history or habits. My take is: The Oilers have improved this season, HOWEVER, when you are worst in the league for the last three years there is nowhere to go but up. so the strides taken, while admittedly an improvement, are far from impressive. The Oilers likely won't make the playoffs this year. Proof: The Oilers have to play .700 hockey the rest of the way. 7 of there last 10 are against teams that are currently in a playoff position. When playing those teams the Oil are 5-9-5 so far this year and will have to go at LEAST .500 while sweeping the 3 against teams out of the playoffs. Doable? Yes. Likely? No. The future: With the cap lowering next year plus the number of rfas due BIG raises over the next three years I think the window for this edition of the Oilers rebuild to win is 2 years. You won't be able to sign everyone of the big names and someone (probably 2) will need to go. The other thing is that there will not be a lot of cap space for the Oil to make additions to the roster next year for a playoff push. Last but not least...these guys already have 2-3+ seasons under there belt. The argument that they will be better next year because they are a year older and more experienced is starting to wear thin. All another year brings now is one year closer to Cap Jail. That being said...they are definitely better than the Flames right now.
  5. There is now way around it. We will likely have to sign an nhl goalie in the offseason at least one who can share time with MacD. I would also like to see Taylor get some time.
  6. I am a 6', 185lb roofer who is crying. The Flames are less of my favourite team today than yesterday.

  7. Happy birthday Tiny Ninja! Flames AoP Salutes you!!!

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      Happy Birthday t-man.

  8. Happy Birthday Annie...one of the best trolls to ever grace this board. Take notes newcomers.

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      flattery gets you everywhere ;)

  9. Arnott failed the physical in NY didnt he? Might not be any different in Edmonton. It may only be a month that Horcoff is out but a month is a third of the season right now. Any injuries to anyone are magnified right now.
  10. Sig bet on whether the Flames or Oilers finish higher in the standings at the end of the season. Does anyone else feel like most of the animosity between the Flames and Oil is between the fans. I want both teams to make the playoffs so the teams can get back to some good old fashioned hate. Lets see a rivalry like Van and Chicago again!
  11. Yes Connor I will take your sig bet. Sorry just got back. On topic. oilers Devan Dubnyk has been good so far...I don't worry about him in the near future. Top 6 are probably among the best in the league overall. Problems I see are a below average bottom 6 and a bottom half of the league d core. Took me 15 minutes to type this Don't post tired people. It's bad.
  12. Back from up north. Thank you Flames for putting in the effort so far this year and playing like we knew you could.

  13. I think it will be the Flames. They keep hovering around the playoff bubble and I believe they are better this year than last. Edmonton is better too but they have further to move up the ladder. I will take your bet and I pick the Flames. PM with the details and I'll get back to you after work.
  14. Possibly. I didn't follow the Oil enough to know if Hemsky and Whitney were playing with injuries. I believe Hemsky played 60ish games and Whitney 51. I did take those totals into account in the goal projections and I think a 20 goal pace(full season) for Nail Yakupov is fair but we will see. TBH though banking on both Hemsky and Whitney to have injury free seasons is kind of a long shot with their history isn't it? P.S. It's nice to have discussions about our favorite teams without things degenerating to name calling isn't it?
  15. I put in the numbers beside your totals extrapolating 48 games from last years stats. Does Krueger's style allow for an open playing style? From what I understand about him he is very much a defence first guy. Honest question as I never watched the Swiss games very much. The other thing Connor is that to get the significant statistical increases in GAA you almost HAVE to take a hit in your Goals For. Since the returning cast is nearly identical to last year asking for massive improvement in both areas seems like too much. I'm not arguing that the Oil will take a few strides forward. They might even be in the playoff hunt until the last few games of the season. This team still has too many holes however. I also think Krueger is the main component of this years success if any.