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  1. I am a 6', 185lb roofer who is crying. The Flames are less of my favourite team today than yesterday.

  2. Happy birthday Tiny Ninja! Flames AoP Salutes you!!!

    1. Flyerfan52


      Happy Birthday t-man.

  3. Happy Birthday Annie...one of the best trolls to ever grace this board. Take notes newcomers.

    1. Anie8706


      flattery gets you everywhere ;)

  4. Back from up north. Thank you Flames for putting in the effort so far this year and playing like we knew you could.

  5. Dear Mr. Bettman and Mr. Fehr...please let us know which kindergarten you attended so I can avoid sending my kids there. They obviously skipped the modules Sharing, and Communicating and spent too much time on Naptime, Recess, and Self-esteem.

  6. Just read an article that the Oilpatch is hurting for workers. Why then can I not get a job and they keep telling me I'm "overqualified"?

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    2. TrippinVdUb


      Flint ebergy has been calling me like crazy the last 2 weeks, maybe check them out!

    3. ifiwaschucknorris


      Thanks for the tips guys. The wife is really riding me about this :(

    4. The_People1


      chuck norris doesn't need money

  7. Great start to the Forum...Im relatively new as well(active anyways) and from what I can tell it's like one big dysfunctional family!

  8. I'm calling it right now. Iggy gets another 30 next year!!!

  9. Going to the game vs. San Jose. Not sure where the seats are but their corporate so I'm sure they are good :). Hope the Flames win!!! So far they are12-5 when I am physically at the game.

  10. Tangs out, should provide some opportunity for the younger players. Here's hoping some depth guys can step up.

    1. Canada15


      How long is tangs out? Ive been looking everywhr.

    2. ifiwaschucknorris


      day-to-day neck strain

  11. Wondering if these waiver moves means there is a deal in the works?

  12. All I want for Christmas is a winning streak...

    1. Snowfighter


      I like your posts, well thought out and your arguments are good. The respect factor is there as well. Good job so far buddy and I am sure the AOP would be proud to have you.

    2. ifiwaschucknorris
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