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  1. I'm thinking Smith will be back in the net Saturday... Gully probably keeps Lack as the backup... But unless he improves, his days are limited unless he improves, soon...
  2. Maybe the refs get free pizza...
  3. If I was GG and we still had Wideman I'd be saying "Listen, Dennis... You wanna go out with style?... Put a zebra head on your wall maybe?"
  4. 5 minute PP for the Wings... Nicely done refs...
  5. Smith made up for the Flames poor play in the D zone on several occasions... Good thing, or the team would be a lot lower in the standings... Not saying that the play in the D zone doesn't need t improve, but saying that also shows the importance of having a good goaltender...
  6. We're gonna need a bigger bench...
  7. Lacks SV% actually improved to .71 for almost a minute there, but that 5th goal dropped it back to .667...
  8. Lack has a SV% of .667 for the 1st period... Yikes...
  9. Time to give Lack the hook...
  10. I haven't been impressed by Lack so far this season, but it looks like he gets another chance to step up tonight and show us that he was a good choice as backup...