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  1. Lucic... He doesn't have to wear an Oilers jersey anymore...
  2. Mystery solved... That finally explains the reason for the multitude of pro-tank posts that you have made over the past 10 years...
  3. Once you've seen a pride of lions catch an elephant... You've seen a maul...
  4. There is an organization that says otherwise...
  5. You need to pack that pun away in a trunk somewhere...
  6. More for the example of the deal he got as a comparable than any possibility of Dzingel becoming a Flame... But Dzingel signed a 2 year deal with the Canes for $3.25 mil the 1st year and $3.5 mil for the 2nd...
  7. That's 3 posts in a row that I agree with... I may have to consider the possibility that I have entered the twilight zone... I think you are pretty close on dollars and term as well... Back at the beginning of February Tkachuk made a few comments about the Mathew's deal saying that it set a new bar for RFA's this year, and that a few guys that change the money, whether higher or lower,etc... Tkachuk specifically mentioned the 5 year term of Mathew's deal, and once again said that it definitely set the bar for this year... I agree with your guess of a 5 or 6 years range for term, and between $8 - $8.5 mil a year cross.. My guess is a 5 year deal, and I think that it just might take $8,5 to get it done... If the Flames, and the rest of us, are lucky... the term might be extended as a concession for meeting the high dollar ask...
  8. Happy Birthday 420!!!


    Hope you are having a great one...


    Signed...   "The Dude"...   

  9. As if an Oiler fan has the right to criticize anything related to hockey... Now just jump right back into the pit of hockey hell where you belong...
  10. After all of the uncalled Satoshi in this series, they call that on Tkachuk... Wow...
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