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  1. I like the idea of Rakell, but I don't think that you pry him out of Anaheim without overpayment... and that's the problem with the proposal... Gio is 36, has 2 years left on his contract, and is starting to show wear and tear... There's also a good chance the Flames will trade either Hamonic or Brodie, so they are going to need Valimaki on D... I also think the Flames have high hopes for Valimaki's future, and doubt that they would want to trade him unless it was an overpayment coming back... They are counting on him to play a big role on D, and trading him would create a hole in the near future... Valimaki also has a year left with a $894K cap hit, so there's that as well... The Flames are going to need that value contract to help create cap room... It is also doubtful that Valimaki will come off injured reserve before the trade deadline, so that would likely take him off the table anyways...
  2. Having a problem as I got blocked after trying to make a post here in the GDT thread yesterday, so I am on a 5th different kind of browser... So this is just a test post as Peeps is trying to help me resolve this...
  3. C'mon Flames... Get the next goal here...
  4. Thanks man... If you ever decide you want to take a shot at it, all you need to get started is some software and some beer...
  5. We have a couple of D that I would like to see make a transition to D...
  6. Might make him more attractive as trade bait... Now Ottawa knows Hamonic can score some goals...
  7. One heckuva sneaky shot by Hamonic... Sure caught Rittich by surprise...
  8. JTech780 posted this in the GDT the other day... I got a pretty good chuckle out of it...
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