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  1. All this fuss, and it turns out that Sebastan Aho is playing LD for the Isles tonight in the game against the Devils... Must be part of his rehab program...
  2. Sounds like Aho did take some damage...
  3. Nice to see them make the right decision in the hit... As we all know, that is not always the case... The long after the fact penalty and ejection that was called on Gio was ridiculous... It seemed more like Aho was in obvious pain so they figured that they better make up a call sufficient enough to placate the home crowd... Aho skated himself with his head down into a brick wall and paid for it... Hope he is ok though... So much for all the media bs about a high hit...
  4. It was a clean hit... This one was Aho;s fault, he skated into it with his head down and Giordano stood him up... Thinking Aho might have a knee injury, hopefully it's just minor, but the knee on knee was incidental and not Gio's fault...... Aho needs to learn to keep his head up...
  5. Bummer... No shutout for Smith today...
  6. Late again here, but... HAMILTON SCORES!!!
  7. A bit late here, but... STAJAN SCORES!!!
  8. As always you have done a great job on the GDT Deeds... Don't forget to give Deeds some +1's...
  9. There aren't many teams that would't want an upgrade for a top 9 forward if it was feasible, and the same with top 4 D... We have injuries and are missing a couple of forwards, the D is pretty darn good on paper, and it's has been inconsistent at times, but I'll leave that alone for now and just focus on another item you brought up, but did not attempt to address... Who would you try and get for a goalie that you think is an upgrade, and what would you be be willing to part with to do it?...
  10. Riitiich delivered the goods, again... It's been a long, long time since the Flames had a backup goalie that has played that well with that kind of consistency... Don't want to put the cart before the horse, but if he keeps it up he just might make a fine starter down the road...
  11. It sure is nice to have a backup goalie that can stop the puck... Another way of looking at it is Riittich will learn more from Smith in a season or two than he could from Sigalet in ten lifetimes...