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  1. Carty


    Still miss reading Flyerfan52's posts... Always will... Pretty sure that goes for a lot of us... I'll be looking forward to getting together again to watch a game and clanking a couple of beers together to remember Larry when the opportunity presents itself, and I hope that 420 can make it again as well...
  2. I thought that it was a weal call as well, especially in OT ... and it's not the first sketchy penalty the Flames have been given in OT... and no doubt it will happen again... It is the inconsistency that pisses me off more than anything... Seeing worse offenses from the opposition that go uncalled, and yet the whistle comes out for the Flames... Some teams they seem to let things go, and the Flames seem to get the short end of the stick more often than not, I'm starting to wonder how long the Wideman effect will last..
  3. Looks more like the intermission crew is fatigued...
  4. I just remembered to load you up with likes cfreining... Phone rang last time I popped in here...
  5. Thanks for doing the GDT cfreining... Nicely done too... No doubt that it took cfreining quite a while to do this, so give him some likes... and then give him some more...
  6. Chalk up another win... Good to see the team persevere...
  7. Hear ya conundrumed... There are some exceptions to the rule... I still think the Theo Fleury was one of the best smaller players that could play "big" that I have ever seen, he knew no fear... Johnny Gaudreau no doubt adapted his game at a younger age and is quite good at not getting steamrolled... Same for Martin St. Louis and a few others, but they are the exceptions... That said, it is hard to think of a successful team in recent times that has had quite a few smaller players on the roster all at the same time...
  8. Looks like they tried out a few different combos yesterday at practice... We will have to wait and see what they go with for tonight...
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