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  1. Happy Birthday Deeds!!!

    Hope you have a great one...

  2. Perhaps you are thinking a little bit too high with the amounts for Mangiapane's contract Horsman?...
  3. ... btw,... Fester was not a typo... More of a Freudian slip... Feaster always reminded me of Uncle Fester from the Addams Family...
  4. You are likely right about Mangiapane's agent trying to get some more coin on the deal... and here's the latest from Fan960's Boomer...
  5. Carty


    re: bolded... Problem?... I don't see one... The older way still works... We still see it on some teams, just not nearly as much as we used to... What bothers me is when we see another team doing it to our forwards, and our team doesn't clue in and do the same to theirs...
  6. Agreed TD... Tkachuck is only 21 years old and you can already see it coming... My bet is that he is a future captain... For the naysayers, I would ask who else they might think we have on the roster that they would say might be a better fit for the role when considering passion, heart and soul, and all of the other necessary talents to fit the role?...
  7. Definitely worth consideration... Good chance he could be had for under $1 mil... He won't likely put up a lot of points, but he could still contribute with his style of game...
  8. Looks like these guys could use a hint Deeds... The Flames coach with the 2nd highest amount of games is a tricky one...
  9. I think that there is a very good chance that is what we will see to start the season... Bennett and Lucic on the 3rd to give the opposition a line that should be tough to deal with... If Lucic doesn't keep up with the expectations of his role there, then they will look at moving him to the 4th line...
  10. Carty


    I hear ya JTech... Lucic hasn't been putting up points for the last 2 seasons, but at least he still made some positive contributions to the Oil with his defensive play... If we look at some stats from last season, the Coilers allowed 5.3 fewer shot attempts and .70 fewer goals per 60 minutes (5v5) when Lucic was on the ice... Both stats were among the best on the team... He was 7th in the league with 259 hits for an average of 3.37 a game... As for his Corsi for % last season, he still had had 50.72, making that 12 seasons in a row he's been above 50%... and that is pretty impressive... I'll put a couple of stat charts below to compare Neal and Lucic last season... and that is more of the point here... I am not expecting Lucic to do what he did in Boston, but I do expect that he will make a bigger contribution to the Flames than Neal did... We all know that both Neal and Lucic are on bad contracts, but at least I can think of a few things where I can reasonably expect Lucic to bring some positives to the team, and I really can't come up with much of anything positive to say about Neal for his time with the Flames last season... Lucic had 23 goals and 27 assist in his first season with the Oil in 2016-17, and even though I certainly wouldn't bet he'll get back to that level, maybe if we are lucky he can improve on his point totals for the last couple of seasons enough to make us all feel a lot better about the trade...
  11. McD tripped himself on the play that resulted in the injury... McD leaned forward and grabbed Gio's stick and then lifted it up and tried to go around it and didn't make it as instead he tripped and Video frozen at 1:09 for these still shots... McD is still holding onto Gio's stick right before he trips... At 1:10 McD still has ahold of Geo's stick and the stick is under him... Now we can see the stick again... and down he goes... McD took out Smith pretty hard as well... Complete video...
  12. https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/jesse-puljujarvi-does-best-thing-for-oilers-and-himself-signing-for-year-in-finland https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/oilers-mcdavid-lingering-injury-tough-focus-anything-else/
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