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  1. Ya, that was kind of a huourous statement... hence the and the complete reversal of my original point
  2. Its irrelevant either way... He was injured for almost 1/3 of the season... He may have won it, He may have ended where he is now. I dont see the point in "what if" conversations. Bourque didnt make it, Kesler didnt win it therefore ...PK- Bourque=Kesler Otherwise Bourque >Kesler
  3. DvD : I really dont wee how there is any question wether you are a Canuck or Flames fan. Calgary Defence>>>>>Vancouver Defence. Kipper vs. Luongo: Both solid goaltenders, hard to say which is better... Both have flourished with great defences, and skidded with poor ones. Raymond vs Boyd: I cant make a decision until Boyd is handed a better playing role... but as of right now, i have to say Raymond.... in the future, Boyd 6vs6: Calgary > Vancouver
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