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  1. Not excited about Ward being our HC next season. Why should I be? There was nothing elite about this team under Ward. Sure he did a good job considering the circumstances he was forced to work with but I don’t think ‘good’ cuts it for this team anymore. Flames fans don’t get complacent!! Why settle for “good” coaching when this team obviously needs EXCELLENT coaching to move this team to the next step?? I do agree part of the blame falls onto BT and the players. Personally I don’t feel Ward displayed any signs of being THE COACH this team needs. I guess we’ve already forgotten how we were embarrassed by yet another consecutive post season showing...which he was on the bench for both oustings. I guess we can keep trying the same things and expect a different result but that’s wishful thinking. According to Einstein that makes us a little bit insane too! Here’s to hoping Ward proves me wrong...but more than likely we’ll just be in here whining about having to start a new coach and GM thread by mid season
  2. Hunter Smith was 100% Burke’s call. That was literally weeks after he uttered his “truculence” philosophy. That approach made us overlook some current NHLers unfortunately. Think we drafted Brandon Hickey that year as well, wonder where he ended up?
  3. Pretty sure we owe this one to Brad Pascall. He was fresh out of Hockey Canada at the time and they were high on Macdonald at that point. Some very poor draft choices that year , Hunter Smith to name another. Demko was the obvious choice, I know the Nucks were probably dumbfounded we let Demko fall to them
  4. Yeah the collapses...they are really hard to understand. Flames during the Hartley tenure had a never die attitude and they won a ridiculous amount of comeback games. That same drive is non existent on this team, as soon as 1 thing goes wrong it’s all over, they just cannot recover and regroup. Not saying I’d rather we have Hartleys edition of the Flames, far from it but I do miss that ability to Will our way to win games. Looks like next season is already starting to shape up, Kapenen is now a Penguin and the Leafs got a 1st rd pick out of it...
  5. I was rooting for Ward initially until it become apparent we really struggled with identity this year. Under Ward I just found the Flames rarely if ever asserted their game onto the opponents. We also rarely scored first so we’d spend good portions playing catch-up and adapting to the others teams style of play. It seemed as though Ward just lacked the skill of a high level tactician. When the Flames game plan failed ...he’d just start shuffling lines. I just never saw him making in game adjustments that worked effectively. We struggled putting together full 60 mins games, each period was a different Flames team on the ice. He’s a good coach but we need an Elite coach. We’ve tried gambling on coaches like Gully, tried reclamation projects with Hartley and gave a fairly unproven coach in BP an opportunity. It’s high time we just went all in on a coach, this way if that still fails then we know it’s 100 % on our players
  6. This...just..No! The coach sets the mental tone for the group in preparation, style/discipline of play and in execution for any team. It is the coaches job to forge a teams identity, without one and good coaching the players are lost. Ward isn’t a bad coach. He’s just not THE coach for this team. He did a good job all things considered this season, however he clearly lacked the ability to adjust to in game situations. We won the regular season series against the Stars, so no they weren’t clearly the better team. When you’re up 3 goals in the playoffs and allow 7 straight goals against do you think Ward really “has the room”? Whatever he said behind those close doors evoked such a reaction from the team they allowed 7 straight goals?!?... In the playoffs!!? You’re right...this wasn’t the Colorado collapse because it was the Dallas Stars collapse! Ward was behind the bench to witness them both. Once Ward started juggling lines prior to the break you could sense some desperation. Him pulling Talbot was just another example of Ward panicking. He was out coached and the team was outplayed. Who exactly were the Calgary Flames under Geoff Ward? The year posed a lot of instability and the team played as such under his tenure. We were consistently inconsistent all year. Now that’s not 100% on Ward, there’s blame to be shared. But it’s pretty clear the Calgary Flames would only go so far under Geoff Ward. He’s amongst one of the changes this team needs.
  7. I don’t see Ward coming back. He was handed a tough situation but I think we’ve seen enough to know he’s not the coach that’s going to take this team to the next level. He mismanaged too many opportunities not to mention his team handed the playoff series to the Stars. Flames are far too fragile mentally under Ward. There are MUCH better options at HC that will be available
  8. As embarrassing as last night loss was. It was necessary. This group of underachievers needs a change, without question. I’m in the group not pinning this all on our GM, however Gio needs to go and we should consider parting with either Monny of JH. We’ve spent a fortune on chasing an elite D corps...and we didn’t even get Hamonics services when we needed it most. Now here we are chewing out our teams defence. We have a good young D corps in place but new leadership is sorely needed. On that note we need a real coach, one who can be successful enough to stick around for more than 2 years. We lack stability on this team and it showed.
  9. No need to overact but it’s obvious we need an actual head coach for sure
  10. So what did the Flames learn from last years embarrassing exit?
  11. I don’t want to see this same team next year in any shape or form
  12. I asked this question at the beginning of the qualifiers. In what’s another lost season, What do the Flames do now??
  13. Is it too late to drop a “We got em right where we want em!!”??
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