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  1. Classic Hindsight is 20/20. We likely did overpay in futures but Hamonic proved his worth last season imo. He’s a heart and soul player and it’s those intangibles that give him value. He’s still very capable at the position and is active in the community which is a bonus. He’s not my favourite D man by any means but he is a good defender. I do do hope we’re over using our #1,2 Draft picks as simply currency, went thru that during the Sutter years already. We have a decent group still on the rise but we do lack high end , blue chip prospects which will require some luck and lots of losing to get
  2. I’ve always like ZZ top, just thought he didn’t get much of a chance playing with higher skill. I think him on a line with Looch or Smith Pelly will allow him the time and space for his severely underrated shot ability. He was easy to push off the puck last year but I think he could pot 15+ Goals this year in the right situation.
  3. The PTOs are great for driving competition and are cheap to sign if they earn a spot. I wouldn’t mind Smith Pelly and MacDonald in the fold as our 7th d man, we need the scoring grit and you can never have enough depth on D can u
  4. The best part is how overhyped the future of the Oilers has been. What’s funny is their player development has been so poor and the bar is set so low for their prospects, they aren’t being groomed to excel and thrive in the NHL, they’re just happy if they make the NHL at this point. A team of perennial 4th liners for years to come
  5. Not sure how we lost that home split game 3-2 in OT. We dominated pretty much the entire game, can’t be good for Talbots confidence. Should be hearing the Tkachuk announcement any day now...right? 🙄
  6. Gio is a special player, he makes it so he’s increasing his value as he ages...it’s an extremely rare trend and he’s got it. He’s arguably the best value contract in the league right now. I’m not sure why so many hate on the term...Gio has never shown any signs of depreciation.
  7. Mange took a nice pay cut for the betterment of the team! Like the kid even more now. Sounds like Flames are inching in closer to getting the Tkachuk deal done now. Gotta be careful though 3-4 year deal will coincide with either Monny or JH’s extensions...
  8. I can only imagine what Monahan and Gaudreau will command in a couple of years
  9. Can’t lose sight that this is impacting 2 starting forwards now with Mangiapane being handcuffed by Tkachuk. Pretty tough start to your training camp being down a top d man losing Valimaki already, now these 2. Great for the Dubes and Smith-Pellys of the world but it’s gonna stall some chemistry building on the team this season.
  10. Honestly Hanifin is pretty tough to assess at this stage. He was prone to Brodie like gaffes last season. He’s not physical but he has good position. He’s not slow nor is he lightning fast. He’s just such a young D man with so much experience at his age...and at his cap hit!? What team wouldn’t want the kid? He’s not my favourite but he’s so young u get the feeling he’s got room to grow still. BT locker him up to a sweet deal...trading Hanifin now would just be doing another team a big favor
  11. Well with Valimaki out this really makes this an interesting signing. Either we move Frolik and keep Brodie now or sign Tkachuk to a 2 yr at appx $5M?
  12. I think this might spurn that 2 yr bridge deal for Tkachuk...yikes!! Bad timing! Speedy recovery for Vali
  13. So about trading Brodie.....
  14. This would have been an excellent way to troll the Winnipeg Jets board lol
  15. Which is why we were so desperate for grit and toughness....we acquired Milan Lucic! I just think scoring wasn’t much of an issue at all in the regular season . Once the playoffs started and the play increased in physicality and there was less time and space...our top line vanished. It’s a tough act to balance! It’s hard finding scoring and grit 1 package, which is why replacing Frolik is a tricky task.
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