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  1. I think BT has learned his lesson about announcing the teams expectations prematurely and proclaiming what this team is. He labelled us a contender as recently as last season, after acquiring Hamonic he proclaimed the team had a 2-3 year window to win the Cup. Well...we’ve never come close to getting passed the 1st round and now we’re not playoff bound and looking like a likely top 5 drafting team. I don’t think your reading too deep into it, I think just like us, BT has no real clue what he has for a team yet.
  2. Sutter did say 1 of the reason he came back was because he thought we already had the right pieces in place, he just wanted to change their “style of play”. I think Sutter has learned quickly what he actually has in this roster and it’s clearly not enough.
  3. I honestly couldn’t see the Flames winning a 7 game series against any team right now. Maybe the Sabres?...maybe the Canucks but only because their out with Covid
  4. Our Power play actually means the other team has the advantage
  5. Pulling out all the self inflicting tricks tonight! We suck!
  6. There’s no reason for the Flames to win another game this season. It’ll accomplish nothing
  7. Yup. Ihave zero confidence the Flames have the ability to comeback anymore, those days are over. Once the other team scores, Flames are done for. Atleast they made it to the 2nd period
  8. Imagine being a team that’s playing hard but not effectively, and they’re trying to win games. A team that struggles deeply with generating offence and can barely score , and they’re trying to win games. I can’t imagine the moral on this team right now. There’s no way your believing in your selves with losing results. I don’t imagine any sport is fun if you aren’t scoring. Is there anything to build off of this year?
  9. They might just wait until the new arena until they unveil a new anthem singer. Ppl underestimate the power of the energy a really good anthem singer can bring. We’ve been getting it all wrong all along by swapping coaches...it’s been George Canyon, the anthem singer this entire time. His singing is as boring as our identity and style of play 😒
  10. This game really was over once the Leafs scored early. Flames offence is so ineffective , we would never outscore them.
  11. If not for bad luck ...the Flames would have no luck at all
  12. Wow...only took 1 min to get scored on. This game is already over
  13. We are out , this team is missing some key ingredients. I keep thinking it will all click for this team and it never does, almost gets worse. It’s just a matter of coming to terms that this isn’t the right team and the playoffs aren’t happening this season. Next season tho...!
  14. We are amongst the bottom feeders..Atleast that’s how we play hockey. Sutter can’t do much , BT panicked and brought in Sutter expecting a different result. Not gonna happen, we need a complete overhaul to turns this around. This group ain’t it!
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