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  1. I dunno about his decline being false, finishing 8th in Selke running is an honourable mention but he’s still outside the top tier Selke nominees. Not that Backlund is a problem on this team but he’s an aging vet with a decent price tag, I don’t see Backlund getting better at this point, think we’ve pretty much seen his ceiling and that’s reflected in his cap hit. I think he would fetch a nice return at this point in his career. He’s still a valuable piece but he’s one of our better trading chips
  2. How about moving Backlund while we’re at it ? He’s still serviceable but he’s on the decline, he’s solid 2 way but he’s no longer in that Selke caliber tier. Move him and Stone and there $9M coming off the books. Lindholm is the obvious successor to Backlund , that leaves Doc Ryan on 3rd line duties with Janko, Dube maybe Quine, left to fight over 4th line duties. We could land a 1st to 2nd liner in that $4-5M range, maybe get a 2nd or 3rd for Stone if we’re lucky....should trade him to Vegas to be with his bro and retain salary on his final year in return for a prospect/higher pick?
  3. It would make some sense to trade him now...but u don’t just trade the heart and soul of your team for some maybe prospects and a 4-5 Dman. Gio ain’t going nowhere, he’s the DNA of what the Flames strive to be....on and off ice. How many Mohammad Ali AND Vezina winners has the NHL had in its lifetime? He’s officially a one of a kind.
  4. rickross


    Smitty will quickly become a fan fav there...he’s big and plays with an aggressive edge. They’re not used to seeing that kind of character up there..😆. I think Smittys stick work will help out their weak D corps, Talbot down here gets to play with the current Vezina champ in front of him...i think it’ll do wonders for his confidence and comfort tbh. He was never the same after allowing those 3 back breaking goals in OT vs the Ducks in the playoffs. Shout out to Ryan Kessler tho 😲
  5. Thanks for breakdowns Cross, I have no idea what to make of our current crop of prospects. Sounds like there are no true blue chips but there’s some potential there. Everyone’s seems to be atleast another 2-3 years away, but it’s sounding like we have a decent staple of potential 3rd and 4th liners. No idea what we have for future goalies as I still don’t know what to make of Schneider, Parsons and Gillies...hopefully atleast 1 of em proves worthy. Doesn’t seem like we have much help on the way to be honest 😕
  6. rickross


    Cam Talbot and David Rittich. So how does everyone feel about our tandem moving forward? Is this a step back, forward or just more of the status quo in Calgary? Personally, there are worse options lol..I do think Talbot still has potential to be a 1a. He is playing in front of a better overall D so maybe he is ripe for a bounce back...or not!🙄
  7. Sounds like stressful time at the Dome. BT seems to be struggling off loading some cap...I guess most assume Brodie, Frolik and Stone are in play, but can BT even afford to take back any salary at this point? Those players would leave some pretty big holes in our depth chart, don’t see their replacements coming cheap.
  8. Hunter. Fluffing. Smith. You know it’s be great to know exactly which scout made the final call on these complete misses. Hunter Smith, even Christian Dvorak was still available. I hear u on Demko, I don’t trust him 100% but he’s atleast developed into an NHL player. Wotherspoon.....right before Kucherov. The entire 2013 1st rd we drafted or acquired other than Monny!... Poirier, Klimchuk, Lazar, Shinkaruk...nothing!
  9. It’s funny the constant cycle teams chase trying to balance skill, speed , size, grit, experience and hockey IQ. Flames can’t figure out the goaltending part and they’ve been back a forth between skill and that Burke truculence model the past 6 years. I hear what your saying in packaging some skill grit in the return like a Turris and Sissons. It’s pretty the ideal transaction, just get it all done with one partner
  10. Flames are housing a seriously soft roster right now...Sam Bennett and Hamonic are our 2 tough guys. We don’t need any knuckle draggers but this team needs some more quality sandpaper that plays with some skill. Pretty sad when Mike Smith was one of our most intimidating presences out there. Ferly is too expensive, maybe add a Maroon/Boyle?
  11. Mason Macdonald. Wasted 2nd round pick. I never understood why we took him when Demko was sitting right there? Rittich and Demko would have been quite the cost efficient option right now...even if Demko is still a bit raw, atleast he made it to the NHL! Will the Flames ever find an elite mainstay in net again??🤔
  12. rickross


    It’s an interesting conundrum as Smitty knows our team intimately and our guys know Smitty and his pick handling habits etc. If it is Talbot coming back our way we do get the younger and fresher goalie. Smitty will get injured for sure playing behind such a weak D in Edmonton, one that doesn’t even have Sekera now.
  13. rickross


    So are ppl mad if Smitty is simply resigned? He did stand on his head in the playoffs. I’m iffy on Talbot, he never seemed to be able to regain his confidence in Edmonton. Hard to blame him, but we could be in trouble if he cannot regain his 2017 form. Gillies is a ways away but I have this weird feeling he’s another Devyn Dubnyk in the making...or not! If Smitty signs with the Oilers it’s a bit of a problem as he has intimidate knowledge of our defensive and offensive schemes.
  14. I’ll go out on a limb and say Tkachuk signs between $7.25-7.75M, 5-6 yrs deal. Fingers crossed of course. He’s not our highest scoring forward but he’s definitely among our best, his intangibles are what you’re paying for...however perhaps BT really lays into the “But, can u do it again?” negotiating tactic and ends up with a more conservative cap hit...but shorter term
  15. John Gilmour. He was one of our draft picks until we didn’t tender him an offer a few years back if I’m not mistaken. He’s played with Janko on the Providence championship team. Anyway he’s apparently turning a lot of heads in the NHL. Sounds like he’s an up an coming D man we might have let go a bit early. Makes you wonder about guys like Brandon Hickey, where they at now??
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