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  1. Tkachuk is doing the whole living rent free in the small minds of Kassian and the Oilers. It’s as if he’s already potted us a lead for Jan 29. Kassian will play unhinged hunting Tkachuk all night, this will also force Nurse to be on alert which disrupts there defensive focus. This is where the true value of having Lucic lies. Let the players play their game without worrying about a goon like Kassian.
  2. I think we’re not giving Gallant enough credit. What he did with Vegas was almost unheard. Taking a group of misfits to the cup final. I hate playing Vegas, especially in there building. They play a hard, unrelenting style of hockey. They assert their game onto the opponent. Something the Flames have struggled with. They play with an identity. Having MAF helps but their still a great team without Fleury. I think we should absolutely consider Gallant. What are the better options right now?
  3. It’s too early to decide on Wards fate. He’s not a new coach here so not sure how much of a fresh perspective he can provide the team. Flames have been very in and down, I’m still unconvinced they have what it takes to exceed last years disappointing playoff exit. I like Ward but if we’re still serious about winning within 2-3 years we’re going to need improvement in all areas. The good news is it’s starting to look like we’ll have some pretty good coaching candidates to consider this off season.
  4. Brains vs brawn. Brains won. The BoA now owes a lot to Tkachuk for increasing the intensity, value and entertainment of the series. The hypocrisy surrounding Kassians complaints are laughable. Tkachuk literally beat Kassian at his own game and it’s got him so butt hurt. Love it!
  5. I don’t mind Gallant as a coach, add him to the list of candidates BT!
  6. Hanifin does make some real boneheaded plays...he could be the new face for the pirate flag!
  7. Kassian. Classics “dish but can’t take” guy. He’s got the eyes of a muppet ..no eyelids! The guy looks like his first name should be Cleetus 😂
  8. We love chasing games! Need to tie this up ASAP and regain momentum
  9. Nice early comeback goal that was huge! We need a great 2nd period here!
  10. Here we go again!!! Huge game! Let’s put these Coilers in there place!
  11. If the Hawks kill these penalties the Flames are in trouble
  12. I’d take Laviollette! Why the heck not? He’s got a proven record, Cup winner...his teams have consistently played well and have been hard to play against. He’d probably be the most accomplished HC hire we’ve had in a long time. Does he fit this club? Who knows?...but then again who does “fit”??...cuz we still haven’t found the right coach for this team. If BT is serious about winning he’d atleast consider Laviollette
  13. Laviolette is available now. Looks like the coaching dominoes are starting to fall
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