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  1. Is there enough room for Hoffman, Vatanen or Hamonic even? Think Kylington still needs to get signed. I’d be all for Hoffman but don’t think we’re in the his asking price range. Perhaps we can get a guy like Vatanen to help out the PP...the hole Brodie left gets bigger by the day!
  2. Tyler Parsons resigned the other day and it was very under the radar In terms of attention. He was once our new goalie of the future after it was clear Gillies wasn’t it. I know he’s been injured but perhaps there’s still a chance for this kid to revive his prospect and re emerge
  3. Barring a trade I don’t believe we can afford Hoffman. It’s looking more and more like we’re heading into 2021 with the same group of forwards and ultimately expecting different results. Sounds crazy lol but there’s still time. Personally I’m happy we landed Markstrom but I don’t believe we are necessarily a better team with our current roster
  4. Been saying this for some time now and I think the Flames are hoping to solidify that now with proper goaltender. Build from the back right? I’m giving Wardo this year to lay his footprint on this team, we didn’t have much of an identity last year with the coaching change but we desperately need an effective one. Flames have had a couple mantras over the year. Brent Sutter tried to bring his “Wolfpack” mentality, Hartley ran with “Always earned never given”. I think the identity has shifted from a mentality to more of style of play since analytics has taken over. Flames need a simple but effective play style they can stick to when plays break down. Dallas and the Avs proved how easily we can unravel. Flames need an identity they can impose/initiate on opponents instead of always having to react and play catch up.
  5. Expected a quiet day from the Flames. Still need to deal with Breadeater’s arbitration #, plus Kylington too boot. There’s still plenty of time for a trade to transpire but I think Treliving is petty much done in free agency. Atleast we got “the” goalie! I’m not passing judgement until we have a final roster and we’ve played some games but so far it’s not looking like we can say we’re a better team. There have been changes indeed and it appears we’ve finally shored up our net but our defence is still incomplete and our forwards group is the same that failed to get us past the 1st rd again. Tempered. Expectations.
  6. I’d imagine it will be a much quieter day for BT today, maybe some smaller moves here and there but I don’t really see Hall signing here, dont believe we can afford AP at this point. I’d still be fine with adding Vatanen and even Barrie to a lesser degree but not expecting too much on the Flames front on day 2
  7. We are slowly becoming the Calgary Canucks 😆
  8. Tanev is a reliable D man, he’s steady back there. He’s not contributing much on offence but he’s a good defender. I don’t like the cap hit and obviously prefer 2-3 years but Tanev isn’t the worst signing by any means.
  9. Think Hammy might walk so Tre found his replacement. He’ll be a pretty good mentor to Ras, Valimaki etc.. Gio and Tanev is a good leadership team on the back end, not a big fan of the contract but that’s what u get in free agency. I’m not even a big fan of Tanev but it’s a good addition to the defence. Maybe we still land a more mobile D man like Vatanen still...Brodie has his gaffes but pretty hard to replace that level of skating ability.
  10. I think we are understating the value that Calgary brings to players. A lot of players just want a city that is a accessible and safe for their families. Calgary offers much of that as well as access to scenic mountain landscapes and world class skiing etc..Traffic in Calgary is nothing compared to LA or NY. I think Covid life will actually deter some players away from some of the larger major cities tbh
  11. We are a traumatized bunch. The poor drafting of the past is so deeply etched in our psyches it’s hard to see the positives over the years. Flames drafting has improved considerably since the Sutter days, I don’t like or hate any of our picks because I know nothing about them. It’s hard to imagine we missed out on every single pick we made this year! Let’s see if free agency brings a more positive outlook for the Flames
  12. No need to apologize...it’s 2020! This draft was effed up, it didn’t feel like there’s was much flow to it and that added to randomness of the picks. I think Flames did well in getting extra picks but the jury is out on the potential of our picks. Flames actually need help on pretty much every front. Our future is pretty bleak with our current crop of prospects so I do get the frustration. I’m just gonna trust the scouts to do their job and hope for the best at this point. No one wins the cup at the draft
  13. If I’ve learned anything from the 2020 Draft its that Flames fans do not trust the Calgary Flames scouting department...at all! 😂
  14. Lol I hear ya Rob! Right now there doesn’t appear to be much to get excited about but it’s just too early to say. We don’t know what we have yet in any of these players. Maybe we managed to nab a gem or 2. Regardless , teams like the Sens and Rangers likely won’t be able to afford all the talent anyway and who’s to say their picks pan out? Right now we’re all just operating off hype. Let’s revisit this draft in 3 yrs time
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