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  1. It’s extremely early but if this is ANY indication of what we should expect this season. The #1 draft pick will be ours.
  2. Think it’s time we get over this Eichel fantasy. Flames need to get out of this saviour mentality and start focusing on building a team of players not just a bunch of individuals wearing the same jersey. Flames have better depth at D but I’m not overly thrilled with Gudbranson. Sure he’s a big body, brings physicality and is here to let the smaller skilled players play with piece of mind but defensively he is a liability. McDavid will have Gudbransons jersey inside out when he skates right by him. Sure he can clear a crease and fight but he’s pretty 1 dimensional D man. Not the worst D group but doesn’t really scream contender level. Hopefully there still moves to make that carry greater impact and value. Flames should be better but I’m not expecting a night and day turnover for this team
  3. Whoever said Backlund was expected to be a PPG player? I don’t know anyone who projected Backlund to be that kind of player. Like I said he’s still a capable 2/3C but I just think he plays soft and takes untimely penalties. Calling him a “huge success offensively..” is overkill. His defensive game outweighs his offensive one by a decent margin. Not a bad thing , just a more accurate description of the player.
  4. I see what he’s saying in terms of “killed any potential offensive output” for Backlund. He was considered more offensive minded but Sutter ultimately made him the 2 way C he is today. Backlund underwent a pretty painful development under Sutter but he is a more complete and better player today because of it. My knock against Backlund has been he’s soft as Charmin, he usually comes on later in the season and he can take some poor penalties during high stakes games. Other than that he’s still a capable 2-3C. Regardless BT still has to find ways to improve this team, and running out of time . Resigning Vali was good, Zadorov appears to be decent value with no risk in term. We are still a few moves away from contending.
  5. I think it’s a trap to model your own team under someone else’s philosophy. Never really understood why teams chase another teams identify and philosophy instead of developing their own. It’s just a bizarre idea to me, to simply mimic and replicate instead of forging your own path and create your own identity organically. I do agree Sutter will bring his own style and philosophy as opposed to Tre’s focus of chasing other teams models for success or following what the analytics/pundits are saying. This is why Stevie Y has been so successful, his Tampa model worked because it was his own and you already see what he’s been doing in Detroit. Right now we’re all just hoping the Sutter model translates into today’s game. We’d all love a repeat off 2004 (crazy to think that was almost 18 yrs ago!) but the game is different now and this team is still in the stages of developing its identity. Hopefully the combination of Treliving and Sutter finds success, it’d be nice for teams to be chasing the Flames’ model for once.
  6. I’m a bit concerned BT goes after Eichel with an aggressive offer that would cap our future..Sabres will make sure they get a nice haul. Hopefully it’s nothing that mortgages the next 5 yrs but with BT in the hot seat he’s going to need a big move. I like Coleman I just think he’s more of a complimentary piece as opposed to someone who drives the play. Zadorov will bring size and grit but he’s no all star by any means. I agree this won’t happen overnight but we all know Sutter isn’t here to entertain any kind of rebuild so the time is now. Sutter has 2 more years as our HC. Is that enough time?…with what we have?
  7. Ah..I just don’t see this team as much improved yet. Yes they’ve made some changes but mostly lateral moves. I just don’t see Zadorov or Coleman making us incrementally an improved team. Sitter should produce better results then Ward but I still don’t think we’re there just yet. We have some upcoming prospects who could surprise us but I wouldn’t want to depend on them making that next step. End of the day this team as it stands is still middling. Acquiring Eichel might help but we’d be losing a lot of assets in doing so. BT has a chance to reset the core within the next 1-2 years, not saying to blow it up, but the current group hasn’t gotten it done.
  8. For me ..I just don’t see Eichel landing here. I think the bigger concern is thinking this team is just 1 player short of solving its problems. We could bring Eichel here but I still don’t believe this team has the right winning culture nor personel to consider itself a true contender. Eichel might take BT off the hot seat for a little while and there’s no denying his talent but the Flames would likely end up giving up too much of its future for a high quality player who happens to cost $10M per and is currently injured! My concern is the Flames not fully grasping the context of a winning team. The focus has been on a “1st line RW” or “RHS mobile D men”… or circling back to gritty players. It’s always a plethora of problems with this team… we’ve never been “ just 1 player away..” so to speak. I’d be as enamoured as anyone to get Eichel, especially if the price is right. I just think it’s time this team actually builds itself a solid foundation as opposed to just filing jerseys.
  9. You can’t consider the Sutter impact without the negatives. He’s not for every player, his coaching methods can do good for some players while harming others. Offensive players who thrive off of goal scoring and play making might have to mute their instincts to fit into his system. It’s not exactly ideal. He could be impacting the types of players we acquire via free agency or draft. We could have had some deals fall through because the player(s) refused to play for a coach like Sutter? Who knows, Sutter success always comes with a price
  10. Quite the underwhelming off season thus far. If this is the majority of our final roster we will be drafting high next year. As it stands it’s really hard to say this team is an improved one. I know there’s still time and I don’t buy the Eichel rumours tbh. Although landing Eichel would really make for an interesting Battle of Alberta, Mcdavid vs Eichel….
  11. 6th best in the league? I just don’t see it, outside of Coronato do we have any true blue chip prospects? Last 2 drafts have been pretty decent hauls for the Flames but nothing groundbreaking IMO.
  12. rickross

    UFA 2021

    Wonder what proposed pick we sent to acquire Pitlick. Sutter was probably all over this guy
  13. rickross

    UFA 2021

    I’m almost positive we will witness the Oilers grossly overpay for Hymans services. They are desperate to do anything to generate a positive buzz for a change. I’m thinking they could go as high 6 yrs @ $6.25M for some Hyman
  14. rickross

    UFA 2021

    They essentially lost their 2nd pairing D for absolutely nothing. Kenny Holland isn’t instilling much faith in the fan base. They’ve now traded Hall and Eberle for essentially nothing, let’s not forget they’re still paying a portion of Lucics contract lol. A mess is right! For a team that struggled to keep pucks out of their net, this blow to their D corps definitely won’t help. They’ll likely buyout Neal but I think that’s like $2M/per for the next 4 years in dead cap space. Yup! Oilers still being the Oilers
  15. At this point I feel numb to coaching changes on this team. It hasn’t seemed to change anything unfortunately.
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