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  1. There's nothing wrong with the trade, it was an AHL trade that makes sense for both teams. It's just sad how complacent the Oilers have become, so used to getting fleeced their over amplifying the impact of this trade as a major win. Gagne is for sure an upgrade over Spooner but let's not forget Gagne couldn't even crack the Canucks lineup...
  2. They’re the most annoying franchise just off the unnecessary over the top media coverage they receive. However they finally had enough and made a culture change that started with the front office and it’s working. For whatever reason the Oilers OBC has denied the franchise the opportunity to fully reset. They’ve failed at a historic pace and refuse to claim responsibility. They’ll just keep blaming the coaches..even the Hall of Fame ones like Quinn and Hitchcock. 8 coaches in 10 years and yet the same culture of losing is present as are the common denominators...K Lowe and co.
  3. Keith Gretzky is the GM of the year ( insert extreme sarcasm)! It’s actually just sad the amount of praise he’s receiving already, goes to show you just how poorly mismanaged they’ve been. The Oilers are so accustomed to being fleeced on trades that they’re treating the reaquisition of Sam Gagne from the AHL as a blockbuster. Oilers fans have been proven to be amongst the most gullible and blindly loyal followers of any market. Katz is fully aware of this and will continue to take advantage of them to keep filling his pockets. He conned them and the city into building a new arena the Oilers can’t even win home games in lol 😂 Its 2019 and the Edmonton Oilers sit only 4 pts out of the basement. Think about that for a second. They have the best player in the NHL now, they’ve been gifted countless golden opportunities...more than any other NHL team to rebuild, and have shamelessly squandered them all! As much as I don’t blame the fans, I DO blame the fans for allowing this to keep happening at their own expense. Any other market would have demanded change and respect by now, maybe even refused to renew season tickets to send a message. Not the Oilers fans, their still too hungover from the 80s.
  4. It’s pretty sad when the league had to install the “Oilers Rule” just to attempt to discourage tanking on purpose. Imagine that, the Oilers have had a losing culture for so long it’s effectively damaged the integrity of the draft. As shameful as it would be if they land Hughes, it would also likely set them back yet again. They’d treat him as yet another saviour and expect him, McD, Draisatl and Nuge to carry the team...with little to no support build around them.
  5. So...what happens when the Oilers actually do win the Hughes sweepstakes??...they’re only 4pts from the basement
  6. Make that 24pts!
  7. Hmmm...could he be headed to LTIR if it’s true? That would create an interesting scenario come TDL. I’m still wishing we land Simmonds somehow...I think him and Tkachuks net presence would be a lot for teams to handle, especially on the PP
  8. Sharks are definitely starting to peak , sane as the Blues and Hawks right now. Flames need to find their game, a win against Tampa would be a massive ego boost
  9. We’d have to include atleast a pick or top prospect to land Schenn for Frolik. Still think Froliks style of play will come in handy come playoff time. At this point, I, like everyone else is wishing we would have spent those Neal dollars on someone else.
  10. Still trying to determine what this team is exactly. They’ve been very good this year but are they good enough ? 2 back to back losses is pretty rare for this team this season however I know many are starting to question this teams play since the All Star break. I still think they are a top team in the league but not in the elite grouping yet. We play with pace and skill, good at applying pressure as we’ve seen them do and they are a resilient bunch but there’s still something(s) missing. I don’t think goaltending is our prime issue as we still struggle to play 3 full periods. We are better structured under BP, still 2nd overall but I’m still a bit hesistant on our chances in the 1st rd. I’m still waiting for that “next gear” to this team and some tighter defensive play should ease any goalie concerns imo
  11. As well as the Flames have played this year it still feels like we waiting for their best. The 3rd period comebacks are great but are suicide in the playoffs. Still just waiting for them to piece together a full 60 min effort. I feel it’s on the verge but I’m just hoping this team peaks at the right time
  12. What a mess of a wild card race....how the west has fallen! The Blues look to be gaining momentum right now, I’d love for a playoff BoA again but I’d still be leary of a crappy but desperate Oilers team in rd 1. It’s hard to say which of those teams battling for wildcard spots would be the ideal matchup for us. I just hope we don’t get too far ahead of ourselves and start discounting the lowly wild card teams
  13. The Casucks have done a much better job drafting and obviously have some key pieces in place. I do recall being genuinely shocked they took juolevi over tkachuk at the time. They’ll be a handful to deal with in a couple years, we should keep an eye on them. They’ll be looking to seek revenge on us for ousting them in rd 1 a few years back, tables reversed with them being the young underdogs now if they qualify.
  14. What a wasted game and to lose hamonic again makes it even worse. Maybe we’ll be holding on to Stone after all
  15. Lol! Well played. Just disappointed in there play today...Goalies cost us the game, a good as te Flames have been u cant front a team like the Sharks a lead like they did...this is a playoff game right now