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  1. At home the always let in an early goal. Visiting teams must love playing in the Saddledome, they’re almost guaranteed to score within the 1st. Just over 10 games left and the team still struggles with “starting on time”? If playoffs started today we’d play the Oilers and I don’t even trust this team to beat them right now.
  2. This is exactly the state of the Flames. That’s IF they make the playoffs at all. I’ve been saying...don’t expect a different team in the playoffs. I don’t trust the Flames against any team in the 1st rd right now, they don’t yet possess the mental fortitude to put together even a 60 mins effort let alone potentially 7 games.
  3. Another wasted effort by the Flames.
  4. That’s likely the game! Was hoping we’d see a playoff ready Flames squad at home but instead it’s just your standard Flames at home game, already trailing after the 1st. Wrong team to pad a 3 goal lead..gonna take another comeback miracle. Still don’t take this team seriously
  5. Flames just aren’t a home team I guess. Realistically you can kiss away any thoughts of playoff success if you can’t win at home. Yet another puzzle to add to this team
  6. This one is a must win! Think if we lose this one we can pretty much kiss our playoff chances goodbye. We absolutely need to keep pace with a win here! Bob isn’t in net today so let’s light the lamp boys!!
  7. This is why I still can’t trust this team when it matters. What a wasted game for a team that just loves wasting games.
  8. I like Ward but he just hasn’t been effective as a coach. Once the dust settled we can see just how many glaring deficiencies this team has. What’s alarming is our state of defence. It used to be the backbone of this team but now it’s looking extremely average..even with Gio at the helm. Weren’t we one of the top teams last year with the fewest shots against average? What happened to that defensive structure?
  9. The fact the we are still just making lines up on the fly is telling in itself. This team is still searching for itself. It’s a team that doesn’t know how to generate offence they just hope they can score. They do not play a convincing game, the fact you can’t even trust them at home says enough
  10. Let’s see if that fight will be enough to regain that lead. Cannot allow another Bruins goal right now. Imperative we score next.
  11. Our defence is poor....think too many years of hearing how stout and stacked we were on D. Made us complacent now it seems...every game there’s major lapses. We have recently let 8 goals in , in 2 seperate games mind u
  12. Credit to the Bruins for responding so quickly when facing those 2 goal deficits. They didn’t wait until the 3rd period...they got after it right away. I don’t trust the Flames in a game like this tbh...the Bruins are all too experienced in these kind of games
  13. Is it the players or is it the coach? We’ve had great leadership in place with Gio at the helm but little success. Is this more a matter of the Flames lacking the right pieces all this time...or has it been the coaches holding the team back? Look at our roster now. Can this group win the Stanley Cup? Do you have faith in the current coaches to lead this team to a Stanley Cup? If the answer is no to both...it’s essentially rebuild time.
  14. Well here we are again...seems like we do this every 2 years or so. I feel like BT went old school with Hartley, new school with Gulutzan and old with the new with Peters. At this point I don’t think BT has much choice but to go with a vet with a recent proven track record of success. Laviolette is probably the best example of that, he does seem to stick around and have impact teams for more than 2 years. I think Gallant is interesting, he’d be an option I’m comfortable with...I just question his longevity with the players ...seems like he wears his welcome fairly quickly. Boudreau is successful but I’m not sure I trust him to elevate this team to the next level, he might make us a better playoff team but not sure he’s the guy. Darryl Sutter is too much old school for this league..he’s be great as a D coach but head coach I think his tactics to draw out negative emotions/fear will wear on players
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