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  1. 1 goal in 2 games won’t get it done. This team has been very meh all round this season. Need to actually show up tommorow against the Knights
  2. Man, who the hell are the Calgary Flames this year?
  3. Rittich just made Mike Smith proud
  4. It’s seriously time to consider moving Backlund...the penalties he takes are ridiculous...always I’ll timed, so blatantly unnecessary..just lazy decision making every year. I see you to Bennett!
  5. The worst part of these last few games is this tendency to only start playing in the 3rd when we’re trailing. We’ve done this ‘comeback kids’ , most goal in the 3rd period stuff already. None of it got us far
  6. He’s not my goalie...he’s someone’s though! Bishop gets hurt every year, I approve him tweaking his groin right
  7. As a Flame fan your happy ...if you own Bishop in fantasy your sad about losing the shutout lol
  8. Wacklund! Another perfectly timed turnover/penalty by the Flames!!!
  9. Snore Canyon back as the anthem singer ??😞
  10. Talbot in net and the Stars are in town..🤔. Flames have struggled against this team recently, they seem to match up well with us. Another big task for the Flames, hopefully Talbot gets a big win and we get a true 1A 1B in net.
  11. Frustrating they waited until the 3rd to start playing only to bury themselves with a classically ill timed Brodie penalty
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