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  1. Oh I’m with you 100%. We could have traded him his 1st year of Norris consideration...think he had 20+ goals that year. He’d still fetch a handsome return today but he’s just become such a staple to this franchise. He’s reached “heart and soul” status now, it’s as close to untouchable as it gets. There will be a successor as Gio has really made an impression on many a player. Poor guy has massive shoes to fill though
  2. We’ve signed a rash of prospects of late, a lot of 4th rounders. I good sign I would think, Ruzicka could be one to keep an eye on in the coming years. It’s definitely time to restock though, not a lot of picks again this year
  3. How much did BP’s lack of playoff experience impact the Flames performance? Would the Flames have been better prepared to match the intensity and speed of the Avs? Or does playoff experience carry no bearing for a coach?
  4. Our entire 1st line is an asset of which I’d say Monahan is the most expendable, mainly due to his limited play making abilities and injury history...oh ya and lack of playoff ability. After that it’s probably Brodie, Backlund, Rasmus and Valimaki that are likely the most expendable at this point or sought after in trade. We aren’t moving Rasmus or Vali without significant future upside coming back at the least. Thing is with BT you just never know, maybe he swaps out our 1st/2nd lines in another blockbuster this offseason ?
  5. The issue with Gio is he’s the face of franchise on and off the ice. He epitomizes the qualities the ownership group strive for. His commitment to the community, the guy won a Mohammed Ali award...that’s rare company. Sometimes it’s deeper than hockey, or captaincy. In Gio’s case he IS the culture of this team. Which is why he’ll likely never get traded, and he’ll retire a Flame. Only instance I can see them trading him is if this core completely collapses, fails to qualify for the playoffs consistently then they may try and ship Gio off to a Cup contender out of respect and mercy. To Gio’s credit he hasn’t hit his wall yet. Logic says he starts to decline sooner than later but he’s somehow getting better with age which makes it even harder to trade him. His intangibles have almost made the guy invaluable in Calgary.
  6. Indeed patience is monumental. I agree, the Hawks and Pens were amongst the 1st teams to pull off a full rebuild in the modern cap era. However it was far from quick and easy, the Hawks were a bad team for years and years. I think what made it look “fast and easy” is how they went from bottom feeders to dynasty franchises. They went from being so bad to so exceptionally good that everyone assumed that was the recipe to a rebuild. I called out Edmonton for the stigma they’ve created around rebuilds. They got the draft picks but failed to develop and support their roster. Sure other franchises have struggled but none like the Oilers have considering the embarrassing amount of riches they’d been gifted. Going on 14 years later and they’re almost worse off now then they where when they started rebuild #1. They’re special. All in all we don’t need to blow this thing up. I think ppl forget how young the Flames are, especially after acquiring and locking up Lindholm and Hanifin.
  7. ...I’ll miss this guy. He knew what he was doing lol
  8. It’s actually effed up to shutout a team 4-0 in Game 1 then proceed to lose your next 4 games. 2 of them complete blowouts at that! Smh!
  9. Exactly, to reiterate both your points...the Flames weren’t honest with themselves or us the fans initially back in 2013. They dropped the ball big time on the Iggy trade because of their denial and literally refused to even say the word rebuild. It was ridiculous but so was much of that Feaster era. It cost us some key building pieces at a critical time. Mofos! Lol
  10. We learned to respect Nathan McKinnon. We learned that the regular season doesn’t determine who’s a Cup contender or Pretender. We learned that we have not yet built a playoff ready team. I learned that wearing your teams jersey doesn’t create any type of luck or give your team any kind of boost in the playoffs. I also learned with the ousting of the Jets, that leaves 1 Canadian team in contention being the Leafs. The amount of Leafs coverage alone is going to make sick! Lol
  11. The Draft is essentially the playoffs for the losing teams!
  12. I blame the Oilers for the stigma surrounding rebuilding. I agree, they don’t have to be painful if done right. I think what your saying is you can ultimately avoid full blown rebuilds by constantly upgrading/updating your roster. It took the Flames longer than it should have to admit they were in rebuild mode. At the time ownership and Feaster refused to even say the word ‘rebuild’, I’ll blame them for the delay! I get the excitement of building up a team but at some point you have to trust your core group. Shakeups can help reinvigorate teams for sure but you also need some form of consistency, the team has to gel and build chemistry. The message has be clear and that’s hard to do if your constantly changing the messenger(s). Look at our good friend(ha!) The Edmonton Oilers, something like 5 GMs and 9 coaches in 10 years. It’s impossible to develop your team identity in an environment like that. Do do they Flames need a complete rebuild at this point? I don’t think so, we finished 2nd in the NHL but faltered in the playoffs. Tinkering is likely what’s on the menu, I can’t see BT undoing his investment at this point, atleast not completely. As irrelevant as the regular season is, it matters because it’s the only way to get to the Cup. Just blows we squandered such a great season away.
  13. BPA all day! I feel we missed out on guys like Kucherov by reaching for a positional need and ending up with a bust like Tyler Wotherspoon .
  14. Sadly I don’t think Stone would have helped. This was a collective choke. The entire team was ill prepared for these playoffs. The coaches and players both failed each other. Stone would have just been an expensive 1st rd exit addition to the team.
  15. Personally I keep BT, he’s done more good than harm when you look at the big picture. Brouwer, Neal are forgettable but he’s made some nice acquisitions and extended with good value contracts. He’s active, he’s aggressive he’s still one of the better GMs in the league imo. Johnny Hockey. Our newest whipping boy undoubtedly failed to show up again this playoffs. If we trade Johnny, who do we replace the near 100 pts of production with at his price range and age. I’d love a Brad Marchand type player, skilled and great in the playoffs but he’s 5 years older than JH...and the cap is comparable. We’d need to acquire a guy like McKinnon or Barkov to replace the production, age and cap hit. Don’t see that happening tbh. I think JH will be fine but he does need better protection and a playmaking C. Defence. JJ you went in on them! Lol, I’m actually pretty comfortable where we’re at defensively. 1 nice discovery this season was the amount depth we have on D now. TJ Brodie is now expendable because of it, there’s a ton of young, mobile D men on our roster. Imagine if we’d been able to keep Adam Fox!...regardless I’d say we have one of the deepest stables of D men in the league right now. Ppl do forget we had a bunch of rookie D men in one of the franchises most successful seasons. It’s a good sign I’d say. Goaltending. Rittich was a great story to start the year! BSD! Played a nice role in our success this year. Smitty was our playoff MVP. We actually have one of the better tandems in the league. I honestly think goaltending has been one of our strengths this season. I’m expecting we stick with this same tandem for next season to the chagrin of many I’m sure. We still have Gillies, Parsons, McDonald and that recent Russian goalie we just added in the pipeline. I think Flames have been active in acquiring goalies, Elliot...almost had Bishop now we got Smitty. Not to mention finding Rittich a couple years back. We don’t have a true #1 but look what we achieved with our 1a and 1b options. Not too bad! The autopsy will happen this off season, if we are blowing things up we have to consider our current options. Fire BT? Who’s his qualified replacement that stands head and shoulders above him? Trade Gaudreau? For who? And at what cost? Same can be said with goaltending and D. We need to be careful not to overreact as it’s still a crucial period for the Flames.