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  1. I wonder if Stone will be done for the year? If so that might allow us to do more at the deadline. I think if he does come back I would put him on waivers so that he can play some substantial games in the AHL to get his game back up to speed, chances are that we will need him in the playoffs.
  2. I see Nino as the better player offensively and defensively. Rask is a terrible defensive player and if he isn't scoring he brings next to nothing to the table IMO. I thought that Carolina won this trade in a landslide. I wonder if we can get Charlie Coyle for Derek Ryan.
  3. I was thinking the opposite. Rask isn't very good, at this point he is basically a 4th line center and they just gave up a 20 goal scorer, for a guy who has 6 points this year.
  4. I share the same concerns with Cross, I think there are portions of games lately where Rittich has been fantastic, but then there are other parts where his focus isn't to the level it needs to be. That isn't a shot at Rittich, it's just that he hasn't been a starter at this level before and that takes a significant toll on a player mentally and physically. I think it is something that he will develop, but it isn't going to happen overnight and it isn't necessarily something that will happen this season.
  5. Gaudreau needed to either shoot or pass and just stick handled himself out of room, can't be great every shift. Should have been on the PP going into OT, but the refs blew it. Calgary decided to sleep walk through most of this game. Hopefully they start to tighten up after this loss.
  6. That was a dirty play by Dahlin.
  7. There has been some iffy penalty calls against Calgary tonight.
  8. I was just about to say that PP wasn't looking very good and then they go ahead score.
  9. Czarnik has a wicked shot he needs to shoot more.
  10. Watching this Buffalo game, one guy I think might be a good pickup and I wouldn't think would cost much seeing as he is an RFA with ARB rights is Zemgus Girgensons. He is a gritty guy that has size and speed, can kill penalties, he's physical, can play the agitator role, and when you look at his advanced stats it shows that he can push the play in the right direction. He gets absolutely buried on zone starts, starting in the offensive zone 20% of the time but still manages to stay on the positive side of the Corsi (51.71) and scoring chances (51.64). He could be one of those under the radar type moves that pays dividends. Something like a 4th going the other way?
  11. Beaulieu might be ok depth, not sure that he is any better than what we have though.
  12. I must admit that I am not a huge fan of Hathaway, nor have a I ever been. I respect that determination and the work he has put in to get to this point, but at the end of the day I just don't think he is an everyday NHL player. He is a guy that has to hit everything and everyone, every second of every shift, he just doesn't have enough skill otherwise to make him valuable to have in the lineup. I don't necessarily need to see Jankowski out of the lineup, but he is a guy that needs to be really sheltered 5v5, because he just is not that good in his own end and he doesn't really drive the play offensively. As far as forwards those are the areas I would like to see upgraded, and I think between Czarnik and Lazar we have the upgrades on Hathaway. So if we could get a guy to play 3rd line center and move Jankowski to the 4th line LW position, I think our roselter would be much stronger for it, if we could get an offensive 2nd line C without breaking the bank, even better.
  13. I don't think we need to add core type pieces at the deadline, I think we have a good core it's more about getting depth pieces to help our existing core succeed.
  14. In Friedman's 31 Thoughts he mentioned that there were thoughts that JBouw might have gone up on waivers earlier in the season.
  15. I hate giving term to goalies, I think Rittich can be a good goalie for awhile, but I also thought Leland Irving was going to be a starter in the NHL for a long time. Even proven goalies like Schneider can lose their ability seemingly out of nowhere. I think I would do 4 years max for just about any goalie.