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  1. Wanted to add the second part of the tweet.
  2. It's not like he does a whole lot in the defensive zone anyways.
  3. Yeah, and I feel like the point shot and traffic is fine for a 4th line or a less skilled lineup, but ends in a lot of one and done situations for our skilled lines. It's too bad, because as things stand right now, I am not super confident that this coaching staff will be able to put Gaudreau in the best position to succeed.
  4. I think we have the forwards who are smart enough to play this way. I think the PP is too stagnant, not enough movement. Everyone just stands in their spots on the ice and the puck is moved around the perimeter.
  5. The most games one team will play is 7 games so the math doesn't work out. Russia didn't really split the games as much as Askarov was pulled twice and Miftakhov was pulled once. Knight played 4 games and Wolf played 1. The same goalies are coming back again. So Wolf will most likely play 1-2 games, unless Knight falters.
  6. https://dobberprospects.com/2020/10/30/liiga-report-october-2020/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Finnish reporter saying that Valimaki is the best player in the Liiga this season.
  7. They only play 5-7 games in this tournament. So unless Knight falters, Wolf will probably only get 1-2 games.
  8. Wolf will most likely be serving as the backup to Spencer Knight once again.
  9. Zary and Pelletier were named to Canada's WJC tryout roster. They may be in tough to get a spot as with no NHL going on, players who would have been playing in the NHL will be available for this tournament. For example Chicago is allowing Kirby Dach to play for Canada.
  10. I think his value next to nothing right now, so they may as well see if he can earn a roster spot first. I just don't think they will be able to get anything for him. As it stands right now, he a tweener, not quite an everyday NHLer but too good for the AHL.
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