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  1. I mean if we want to outbid a team like the Rangers who throw Zibenejad and Kaako in a deal and not blink an eye. Then we have to go Tkachuk, Valimaki and a 1st for sure, even with Pelletier in the deal I doubt it's enough to get it done.
  2. I don't think Monahan starts the conversation for Eichel. My guess is if you want Eichel you have to start the conversation with Tkachuk. Tkachuk, Valimaki, Pelletier and a 1st is what it would take to get Eichel.
  3. Yes that's the error. I usually access the forums from the NHL app on my phone. If I am on my wifi I can't access the forums, but if I can access the forums when using LTE data. It started happening in the middle of the game, just as I was about to hit submit reply on a post.
  4. Weird my IP appears to be blocked on the forums... Nice to get the win, but I wouldn't say the Flames outplayed Ottawa. The difference in the game is that Rittich made the saves and Murray didn't. They will have to come out stronger on Monday.
  5. IMO Lucic has been one of the better forwards and one of the most consistent forwards this year. I have had zero issues with his play this year.
  6. It's nice to see them get off to a good start. I do think they got help from questionable goaltending by Murray. This period will be interesting. If Ottawa scores early does the tide turn? Do they sit on this lead, or do they push for more?
  7. Let's not forget that Giordano has a modified no trade clause where he can give a list of 19 teams he can be traded to. He can make trading him difficult if he doesn't want to go. I don't disagree with the reasoning of trading him, I just see it as really unlikely. I agree with Cheers that it ultimately will be Giordano's choice if he wants to be traded.
  8. Lucic just dummies Watson, and Watson is a tough customer. Tells you how strong the big guy is.
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