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  1. I have Jankowski and Stone in for the St. Louis game because it is the first game of a back to back and just want to have fresh bodies available for Edmonton.
  2. These are the lines I would go with for the next two games. Vs STL: Tkachuk-Lindholm-Dube Gaudreau-Monahan-Ryan Mangiapane-Backlund-Bennett Lucic-Jankowski-Rieder Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Andersson Stone-Hamonic Rittich Vs Edm: Tkachuk-Lindholm-Dube Gaudreau-Monahan-Ryan Mangiapane-Backlund-Bennett Lucic-Rieder-Rinaldo Giordano-Brodie Hanifin-Andersson Kylington-Hamonic Talbot
  3. They both have the same PPG (.53) over the last 3 seasons, the thing is Subban is in decline and Dumba is entering his prime. At this point Dumba is the better player. Not to mention that Subban brings a level of distraction with him.
  4. I think Rasmussen played junior with Valimaki, but I don't think there was a connection to Andersson. Burakovsky is best friends with Andersson.
  5. I think Giordano-Dumba, Hanifin-Andersson pairings makes a ton of sense for this team next year. Dumba would also add a big shot to the PP that is really missing. As TD said adding Dumba would make Brodie or Hamonic more expendable, so we could move one or both of them at the deadline for help in other areas. I could see Dumba costing Bennet and a 1st, maybe more.
  6. The name that came up during the Insider Trading that surprised me the most and jumped to the top of my list of targets was Dumba. IMO he fits what we need right now and going forward. I would prioritize him over anyone else rumoured to be available. Dumba would help our scoring with his ability to score and his ability to create offense. He is also a RHS D, who isn't afraid to play the body. Dumba is also from Calgary. I would put our 1st round pick on the line for Dumba.
  7. I was thinking Nylander for DeAngelo and Georgiev. I don't think the Rangers see Georgiev as their goalie of the future.
  8. That was a full season of Brodie, and they were looking to move Kadri anyways. Completely different story now.
  9. Since Toronto is in desperate need for experienced defense, who would we give up that would make sense to get Kapanen? I can't see Dubas wanting Hamonic, because he leans heavily towards skill and analytics and Hamonic doesn't really check those boxes. I think Brodie does and the fact that he was almost traded there earlier, makes him a likely target. We would have to eat some of the cap hit to make them match. I just don't think Brodie as a UFA gets you Kapanen. The other issue is, I don't think our defense is deep enough to be moving defensemen, so unless a defenseman is coming from somewhere else I just don't see a deal with Toronto as realistic. I also think Toronto will make a big deal with the Rangers involving a forward for Georgiev and a defenseman.
  10. Dallas is the one team I thought might jump at Gallant right away.
  11. That isn't entirely true, I could be wrong, but Reilly and Muzzin are expected to be back before the playoffs so they need to account for their cap hits to go back on the books as well. The Leafs have been juggling LTIR all season and basically have accrued 0 cap space for the deadline, so any trade for them will have to have the same money going out as coming in. As far as trading Ceci to add Brodie, its basically a sideways move for them. They need to add defense without subtracting any defense.
  12. Trades with Toronto are going to be really tricky just because of the fact that they need to do dollar for dollar trades and I am not sure I see a trade where that makes sense for both teams at equal cap hits going both ways. Also if we trade Brodie we need a defenseman coming back. I think a Hamonic to Winnipeg trade makes more sense, but with us battling for 1st in the division I can't see us moving a defenseman without it making us substantially better.
  13. I think you have to load up the first one as well, it is hard enough to score on the PP to begin with and if you aren't putting your best talent out there for majority of your PP you are missing opportunities. The top unit plays a 1:15 - 1:30 of the PP, so you may as well have your top end talent out for that time. My biggest issues with the PP, are that there isn't enough movement and they don't get the puck to the slot enough. There is a lot of passing on the outside, but there isn't enough movement from the players without the puck, they just watch the puck carrier. Monahan has one of the most accurate shots and quickest releases in the game, but they rarely get the puck to him on the PP.
  14. That's where I am at, if we wait till the off season, I don't think Gallant will available and there won't be a coach at the same level as Gallant available. I think we need to take our shot now. He might not want to come here either way, but hey if comes to Calgary he has an even better shot of sticking it to his former team for firing him.
  15. I absolutely agree about Ward, it is a tough situation. The thing is that Gallant is an elite coach in this league and I just think he is the perfect fit for this team. I like a lot of the things Ward has done, but there are signs that the players haven't totally bought in either, and that happens a lot when Assistant coaches take over.
  16. The more I think about it, the more I think that Gallant is the exact coach this team needs. I don't think he is really an X's and O's coach, but I think he has an idea of how he wants his team to play and he knows how to get the most out of players without being demonstrative about it. With this team struggling to show up on time and recover after emotional games, having an elite motivator as a coach might be the way to go with this core.
  17. Brett Ritchie is on waivers today. RHS RW has a cap hit of $1m. He is 6'4" 220lbs. He is a 4th liner for sure, but he is an upgrade on Rinaldo and brings some more size to the team. Might be worth a claim.
  18. Gerard Gallant was fired today and replaced by Peter DeBoer. If Gallant was fired for performance issues, I would be calling that guy today. He is a very good coach, who gets a lot out of his players. I think he would be a very good fit for our team.
  19. I love that Spector has an article on Sportsnet stating that Tkachuk has no respect for other players and is cheap shot artist, and has quotes from Scottie Upshall, James Neal and Zach Kassian to support his hypothesis. I mean going to 3 of the dirtiest players in the game to support your opinion isn't the direction I would go. Do any of those players really have a leg to stand on?
  20. For example the next two RHS after Matthew Tkachuk in the draft were Alex Nylander and Michael McLeod, that isn't just a huge gap in talent that is a grand canyon sized gap in talent. Only drafting RHS players in the draft is a sure fire way to set your organization back. If you acquire enough talent/assets via the draft you can use that as currency to acquire other pieces. Talent, hockey sense, work ethic and compete level should be the first factors, position would next on the checklist (Center and defense being the priority), then size, and then maybe handedness.
  21. JTech780

    NHL GMs

    I used to think highly of Bowman, I mean he does have 3 Cup rings and he comes from hockey royalty, but when you take a closer look, he is one of the most overrated GM's in the league. The core that won those Cups was put together by Tallon, and Bowman has just done a terrible job of surrounding that core with talent. Doug Wilson deserves some credit, he has kept that San Jose team as annual contender for a long time now, and has drafted pretty well considering he hasn't many high picks. This year looks a lost year and he has made some mistakes, but overall I think he is a very good GM. Doug Armstrong is a very good GM and should be near the top of the list of best GM's in the league. I am not as high on Chayka as Cross, I think he has made some bad trades the last few years. I wasn't a fan of the Domi for Galchenyuk trade at the time and I think it looks even worse now. I also think they overpaid for Hall, and the timing of the Hall trade doesn't make a lot of sense for me. I think Treliving does a lot of things well, his one blemish would be UFA signings but I think he is starting to figure that out as well. Lou is up there as well, as much as I hate to admit that, his teams just make the playoffs on a way too consistent basis for him not to be included on this list.
  22. I am big a fan of Dube, and I would make that trade, but I don't think Ottawa would. Batherson is 21, a RHS and is 2nd in AHL scoring. He just got called up and is playing in their top 6. I think they are pretty close talent wise. Dube is faster, but Batherson is bigger.
  23. Interesting recall. I wonder if someone was banged up last night. There also could be a trade coming but I would think that is less likely. The other scenario here is that Yelesin might have a clause in his contract that if he isn't in the NHL by a certain date he can go back to the KHL.
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