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  1. Has anyone heard anything about the puck and player tracking? This was supposed to be in place for this years playoffs but everything went sideways. If there was a year to try out new things with broadcasts, whether it be using stats from player tracking or puck tracking, or even different camera angles, this is the time to do it. I think they really need to have camera's on a wire above the ice, so you can follow a break out. Baseball does some interesting things with their StatCast. Hockey should be able to do similar things with their tracking.
  2. One guy who I think the Flames should look at in free agency, is Tyson Barrie. He is a RHS D who can effectively QB a PP. Two things this team could use on the backend. Similar to Gardiner last off season I don't think he is going to get as much as he thought. I think he will get around $4m-$4.5m.
  3. Bottom line for me is that wherever the team picks they have to keep the emphasis on work ethic and character. When I say that skating ability and skill still are integral traits you are looking for, but I want the work ethic to go hand in hand with those things. If we end up in the 9-13 range there are guys like Jarvis, Sanderson, Lindell, Holloway all show a good blend of speed, skill and work ethic. In the 16-20 range guys like Holloway, Lapierre, Mercer, Zary should be available and they also have that blend we are looking for. The more I look at Jarvis, I just don't know how he isn't a top 15.
  4. https://flamesnation.ca/2020/07/02/when-will-the-flames-draft/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter This article breaks down the possibilities of where the Flames might draft.
  5. Having Eastern teams playing in the East and playing at earlier times makes sense if you want to maximize TV ratings.
  6. To add to this, one player who I wouldn't blame one bit for staying home is T.J. Brodie. His wife has MS and I would think it would be a difficult decision to play hockey this year with the risks associated with it.
  7. There will be people coming and going at these sites. It won't be sterile. The players will be in the bubble, but the people who work at the hotels or cooks will be coming and going. To be able to enter Canada on an international flight you have to be a resident, immediate family of a resident, or a temporary foreign worker. They are pre screened for symptoms before they get on the plane. And if they show any symptoms they aren't allowed in the country. There are risks either way. I am just saying the government has to be careful so we don't end up like the US.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I agree if a player isn't comfortable playing, then they shouldn't be judged for staying home. I would feel the same if it was Giordano or Gaudreau who stayed home. Unfortunately the hockey mentality is too tough it out and if you don't you are a pansy.
  9. I don't see how the teams can allow families into these hub cities. It doesn't make any sense. From what I have been hearing is that the players understand that it is part of the sacrifice to keep the league going is for them to have to be away from their families for a prolonged period of time. I mean they are well compensated. As far as Wheeler goes. I am sure the Flames will make sure he gets back to his family as quickly as possible.
  10. Everything considered this isn't a good look for the NHL. Add in the fact that the amount of cases in the US is sky rocketing right now, 40,000 new cases every day. I am starting to wonder if they are waiting on announcing the hub cities, because they might have to go with two Canadian cities. Edmonton and Toronto. As much as I want hockey right now, and as much as I want to be positive, I just think that trying to finish a season right now would irresponsible. I think trying to do it in the US is a big mistake for sure, they have shown a staggering level of ineptitude in handling the pandemic. As far as having it in Canada, it would have to handled with extreme caution. Allowing a bunch players and staff from outside the country to come in and basically put all the good work the country has put in to keep the numbers low, at risk, is not something to be taken lightly. I don't have the answers and so far it doesn't seem like NHL or the NHLPA have the answers either. I guess I will just have to keep watching KBO.
  11. When you are that much bigger, stronger and faster than your competitors, you don't always have to go as hard to beat them. When you get to the NHL it's a different story. My only question is does he have the extra gear to go to when things get tough. I am not saying he doesn't, I just haven't seen it to say he does.
  12. It will be interesting if any players decide to opt out. Three players from MLB have opted out of their season, including 2 players from the Nationals.
  13. Of course, they should keep all the options open, and I would be fine with taking Byfield with 1st overall pick, there will just be some risk there. I could see a scenario where you trade the number 1 pick for 3&5, and still get Byfield at 3. Stutzle is a very gifted player and would be a star in LA with his ability. If we could get those picks from Ottawa, I don't think LA could match. At 3 we would get Byfield or Stutzle, either one you can build around. At 5 we could get Drysdale or Sanderson, both project to 1st pairing defensemen. That's two cornerstone players from one draft. Of course this is all very hypothetical and very unlikely to happen.
  14. I get what you are saying and that mix of size and talent and being a natural center would be enticing. For the biggest question mark with Byfield is, does have the next level gear or next level of competitiveness, or does just rely on being bigger, stronger and faster than everyone else. IMO that will be the biggest factor between him being a very good center in the NHL and an elite center. I haven't seen enough to know one way or the other, so for to say we should take Byfield would a reach. Lafreniere is a winger, but he has that ability to raise his game and to impact the game from the wing like few others. If Byfield was the choice I am not sure we would be able to get LA to give us much value to swap picks. I am not sure there is much incentive for a rebuilding team to give up any picks or prospects. I think they would just take there chances with whomever we left for them. Plus if we asked about moving back they would probably figure out we didn't want Lafreniere and would force us to pick someone else 1st overall.
  15. So I tried to figure out different draft scenarios for where we could end up drafting. Of course if we lose in the play in round and win the lottery we get 1st overall. If we lose in the play in round and don't win the lottery we would be drafting between 9-12. If we win the play in round and don't make it to the finals we would be drafting between 16-20. If we make the finals we would be drafting 30-31. Edit: If there are no playoffs we draft 16th.
  16. JTech780


    One goalie that should be available for pretty cheap and had a big bounce back year this season is Jake Allen. One more year at $4.35. Allen had the 4th best Sv% at 5v5 in the league this year. He fits in a tandem situation. St. Louis has about $3m in cap space for next season, they will need to pay Dunn and find a replacement for Pietrangelo. Can probably get Allen for next to nothing.
  17. Pelletier is a team captain as well. Foote was good in the WJC, but he wasn't a force by any stretch of the imagination, finishing 35th in points in the tournament. Pelletier was on pace to be on that team before an injury right before camp.
  18. Who is better that went after Pelletier? Foote is a one trick pony and barely put up a point a game. Suzuki again didn't produce in the OHL and is about as soft as they come. Tracey actually regressed this season. Beecher has 3rd line upside. Johnson is ok but nothing special. Pinto is good and there might be a case for drafting him over Pelletier. Kaliyev is lazy and soft and didn't get any better this year. Brink is small and not a very good skater. There wasn't playoffs this year so we don't know what Pelletier would have done in the playoffs.
  19. Pelletier and Lavoie had the same point totals, the difference is that Pelletier can play in all situations and Lavoie has a reputation as being a lazy player, nothing have seen or read says that that has changed. The Flames biggest issue isn't not having a RHS forward or not having enough skill, it's not having enough skill that wants to compete every night. That's what Pelletier brings every game, he was the right choice. I am glad they aren't listening to Button, there is a reason he doesn't have an NHL job and it's because he isn't very good at scouting. Here are his 1st and 2nd round picks GM of the Flames: 1st: Brent Krahn (9th), Chuck Kobasew (14th), Eric Nystrom (10th) 2nd: Kurtis Foster (40th), Jarret Stoll (46th) didn't sign with Calgary re-entered the draft, Andrei Taratuhkin (41st) never played a game, Andrei Medvedev (56th) never played a game, Brian McConnell (39th) never played a game.
  20. Say we do get the #1 pick: Lafreniere is the best player in the draft and would be the best player on our roster in short order. His skill level combined with his compete level put him in MacKinnon territory. Byfield probably fits our needs better and it would be hard to pass up on a 6'4" C who can skate and has elite skills. I am not sure why but I have a feeling that he might end up being a bust, probably because he was a complete non factor at the WJC. Stuztle has the skating and the dynamic skill to be a star in the league for a long time. I am just not sure if he will have the all around game to be a center in the league. I could see any of those 3 going 1st. IMO if the Flames did pick 1st I would still go with Lafreniere, because his compete level is elite, and that's what wins you Cups. I would then move Gaudreau for a top 6 center. Still sign Hall and move Tkachuk to RW. Hall-Monahan-Lindholm Lafreniere-Necas-Tkachuk Mangiapane-Backlund-Niederreiter Lucic-Ryan-Dube
  21. If Carolina wins the lottery then Toronto's pick goes to the Rangers.
  22. NY can't win the Cup and pick 1st. The condition on the pick they get from Carolina is they get the later of their 1st round picks.
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