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  1. I think you are thinking of someone else, Matheson is mobile puck rusher, who is over aggressive in jumping into the play. He pays more like Keith Yandle than a stay at home defenseman. He isn't physical either 40 hits on the season.
  2. Hanifin has more value than Trocheck, so Florida would have to add. I really like Trocheck but he had one really good season and has been injury prone since.
  3. I like Matheson's skill set, but he is worse defensively than Hanifin. They have played him at forward a few times this season.
  4. I don't think Barrie will get as much on his next as he expects. I think he probably signs for something around 4x4.
  5. Timashov is on waivers today. Might be worth a look.
  6. Friedman saying again that we interest in Tyson Barrie. Johnston saying that we are looking to make a hockey trade and that there is possibly some big names in play. It will be interesting to see if anyone is held out of the lineup today. It is also the last day for players to go on waivers before the deadline, and AHL players need to be on the AHL roster by tomorrow to eligible for the AHL playoffs.
  7. Makes sense as we could use another depth defenseman, and he doesn't cost an asset.
  8. Gustafson is basically Barrie light so maybe. I really like Saad, and think he would be good fit on either of the top two lines. I think he will cost more than we would want to give up.
  9. Interesting on headlines they mentioned that they think Colorado will move Tyson Jost before Monday. I know we don't really match up well, but I would be really interested in Tyson Jost. I wonder if Derek Ryan would interest them at all, depth at center has another year in his deal.
  10. I am starting to warm up to the idea of Barrie, just because we don't have that true PP QB on defense and that is what Barrie does best. We also need RHD for next year and I don't think Barrie's next contract is going to break the bank. I would say he will come in around Gardiner's number maybe less.
  11. Lindholm is doing just fine on that line. As much as I like Mangiapane, he is the player we would be looking to upgrade on the 2nd line.
  12. Palmieri plays nothing Gaudreau, his game is closer to Tkachuk's than it is to Gaudreau. If I was to compare him to anyone on our roster, it would be Lindholm, similar release and shot and not afraid to go to the hard areas to score or dig out pucks.
  13. If we keep Bennett at center, that frees up Ryan to play RW. Gaudreau-Monahan-Lindholm Tkachuk-Backlund-Mangiapane Dube-Bennett-Ryan Lucic-Jankowski-Rieder That makes our right side look a bit better.
  14. The thing is if we can sign Hall in the offseason, it would allow Treliving to explore Gaudreau trades to fill holes in other areas. So it wouldn't be just be adding Hall and subtracting Gaudreau, it would be adding what we get in return for Gaudreau. So overall we could end up being a much deeper team.
  15. Please keep Bennett at center, he has looked great at center.
  16. Yelesin was shooting the puck in, Kylington has to back up in that position.
  17. Talbot with a rough start, but his defense isn't doing him any favors either missed assignments all over the place. Even when they win it looks ugly.
  18. Bad read by Kylington on the 3rd goal, he fell asleep on that one and let Coyle march in on the breakaway.
  19. Seravelli is saying that one of the deals that may have been talked about is a T.J. Brodie for Tyson Barrie deal straight across. I can see how Barrie would provide a more dynamic presence on the PP and offensively at 5v5, I just think that losing Brodie's shut down abilities would be tough. I really get the sense that Brodie won't be back next season, so getting a chance to see what Barrie brings to the table and see about re-signing him makes some sense as well.
  20. Hamonic going the other way is the only thing that really makes sense, maybe Brodie, not 100% sure trading Brodie for Barrie would make us better down the stretch.
  21. Interesting trade. That's about the max we would be able to get for Jankowski. Clears some space for Vegas, seems like they aren't done.
  22. Backes only has 1 more year on his deal, Lucic has 3 more years. So it's unlikely they would have taken Lucic. Plus they got a pretty good defensive prospect.
  23. https://www.tsn.ca/trade-bait-where-each-canadian-nhl-club-stands-1.1446307 Seravelli mentions that Hanifin might have been part of the package to go to NJ for Hall.
  24. Good to see Talbot getting another start. I think it's good for him and Rittich. Ryan coming back in will be good. Sounds like they are planning on keeping Bennett in the middle with Lucic and Dube.
  25. For anyone wanting Ondrej Kase, looks like we are out.
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