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  1. 5 minutes ago, travel_dude said:

    Tkachuk wasted the only zone time we had in the OT.

    Selfsih play with little chance of doing anything.

    Then we have Gus playing D with JH and Lindy.



    It's what Tkachuk does, I love 95% of his game, but he makes a lot of selfish plays trying to make the highlight reels, that result in bad turnovers. If he really wants to be an impact player he needs to cut that out of his game.

  2. 1 hour ago, cross16 said:


    I disagree. You have a team that had a great regular season slowed down at the end and then had a sub par playoffs. Is that really a "contender" i'm not so sure I would go there. I think this was a team that exited last season with a ton of questions both in the short and long term so I don't agree that keeping things the same was the only way to go. 


    Now there are lots of things that happened that are out of his control, injuries and Kadri turning down the trade for example, so I'm not suggesting it's his "fault" but at the same time I think it's more than fair to question the approach. 


    I get what you are saying, but Treliving was still in a position where he had to go forward with this core and give them another shot.


    I also think that because of thier pending UFA status I don't think Treliving was getting a ton of great deals for Hamonic and Brodie. I think he had to get a hockey deal done for those players and teams were probably offering picks and prospects in return for the most part.


  3. 3 minutes ago, The_People1 said:


    Considering Brodie has a 8 team NTC, I find it hard to believe BT would setup the trade knowing Toronto was on Brodie's NTC.  BT would be wasting his own time.

     It depends, not all NTC are set up the same. Some the player has to submit a list by a certain date and some don't have to supply a list till the team asks. 

  4. 2 hours ago, travel_dude said:


    This is the part that frustrates me.

    You go into the season with two pending UFA's and a bunch of RFA's coming up.

    The RFA's tend to take care of themselves, but the UFA's needed to be dealt with.

    At the very least, a one-year deal should have been worked out.

    Whomever you decided was needed.


    Poor decision making in that there was no formal talks with Brodie prior to swinging for Kadri.

    There was no plan B.

    Instead, Brodie hears like everyone else that he was part of a failed deal.

    If he was thinking about coming back, then the summer was not the right time.


    I have heard that even if Kadri waived his no trade clause that Brodie wasn't waiving his to go to Toronto. I don't think it is fair to say that he heard about the deal through the media, I am guessing that both GM's went to the their players at the same time to get them to sign off on the trade, we only heard the Kadri side.


    I see a lot of blame being put at the feet of Treliving for not dealing with the UFA's which is not even remotely fair and is using a lot revisionist history. This team was the top team in the West last season and while the season ended abruptly the expectations for this team were that they were going to be very good again. You don't move two top 4 defenseman just because you couldn't get a deal done in the offseason when you are going into the season as a contender. Now things haven't worked out as planned, and there are various reasons why. 


    The same reason we want to move pending UFA's is the same reason other teams don't want pending UFA's or at least don't want to give value for pending UFA's.

  5. 7 minutes ago, conundrumed said:

    Well, it is funny no mention of Hamonic ever in trade rumours.

    Somehow the conclusion was reached that Brodie was the expendable one.

    Although Gio had his best seasons with him.

    With the dysfunctional Flames, it won't be shocking when we re-sign Stone.

    So, as a little too dramatic starts getting noted on here more and more, count me in.

    Losing Brodie, imo, is losing our #2 that our #1 loves playing with (as per Stajan).

    But the club has shown all intentions of retaining Hamonic, who, along with Hanifin, are no better than a 3rd pair.

    4 UFA dmen (5 with Stone). And there's no need to be dramatic...

    So when would it be okay to be dramatic?

    We have:






    Kylington (RFA)



    How is that looking to everyone heading into UFA?


    You make it sound like Brodie has no say in the decision and that it is all on the Flames whether he will be back or not. Maybe they tried to have contract negotiations but Brodie made it clear that he was going to look elsewhere for a contract and that's why he was in trade rumors.


    From your list going into next we are missing 1 RHS D for the top 4, but the rest looks pretty darn good. Gio is Gio. Andersson has shown steady improvement and is easily capable of jumping into the top 4 full time next year. Hanfin has been streaky, he looks a lot better paired with Andersson though. Yelesin has shown some potential and at the very least should be able to handle the Stone role next season. Valimaki is the guy who will eventually replace Gio, he will push Hanifin out of the top 4 at some point next season. Kylington might not be my favorite but he can handle 3rd pairing duty.

  6. 1 hour ago, cross16 said:

    So as of now no Bennett at center and he's back on the 4th line. Very frustrating. 




    I have been pleasantly surprised with Lucic's play this season, I think he much better defensively than he gets credit for and the guy almost never loses a battle along the boards. That being said he shouldn't be playing on the 3rd line over Bennett. I think the lineup becomes more effective if you swap Lucic and Bennett in the lineup.


    If it was me the bottom 6 would look like this:





    On another note, those might be the best looking D pairs we have seen all season. It just looks a lot deeper 1 through 6.

  7. Between Brodie and Hamonic, I choose Brodie. I just don't think he will be back.


    I think the more cost effective choice, might be to bring Gustafsson back, depending on how the rest of the season goes. Forbort could be brought back as well as do think this team could use a steadying force on the back end.


    Use the cap space to beef up other areas.

  8. I liked the way the Bennett-Jankowski-Rieder line handled what is probably the hardest assignment in the league, matching up against the Perfection Line. Now they did get beat on the analytic side of things, but that is to be expected going against the top line in hockey. I just thought that they did well pressuring them and keeping them to the outside. 


    If that line can handle more of a checking role, it opens up the 3M line to take more offensive situations which will help the offense overall.

  9. 23 minutes ago, travel_dude said:

    I'm going on record as being in support of the two new guys.

    Gustafsson might be a gem.

    Forbort couldn;t be any worse than Stone.

    I watched a bit of Forbort last year, and thought he was okay.

    I doubt they qualify him this summer at that price.

    Gustafsson is much cheaper and seems to be able to put up points, even in a down year.


    Forbort is actually a very solid defenseman, who has averaged over 20 mins a night the last 3 years prior to this year.


    I think now, when someone says a defenseman is a stay at home defenseman we assume he can't actually play, but Forbort can play.

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  10. 28 minutes ago, travel_dude said:


    Yes, I updated the post with that point.

    I expected it might happen, but it doesn't really make a lot of sense.

    Dube may not play every game, but he only goes there if the Flames are eliminated.

    Kylington is a waiver exempt casualty.

    He's a known quantity over Forbort and better than Stone.

    They send him down instead of Stone and it's just wrong.

    But, hey it's business.

    We like you, but we like the guy we bought out and re-signed for league minimum better because we don;t want to waive him.


    Basically when it comes down to who do you eating popcorn in the pressbox, I would choose Stone over Kylington. When Giordano gets back we will have 8 defensemen, the choices are to carry 8 for the rest of the year or send Kylington down and keep him fresh and keep him playing.


    At this point Forbort is a significant upgrade over Kylington, especially for our area weakness, the defensive zone.

  11. Till Giordano gets back I would go with:






    When Giordano gets back:






    When Hamonic gets back:






    Sub Forbort for Gustafsson if we need more size on the back end.

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