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  1. Scandella just went to St. Louis for a 2nd and a conditional 4th, pretty good return on investment for Montreal who paid a 4th to get Scandella earlier this year.
  2. Oh I agree, but not Brodie is shortsighted, but I don't think Treliving would get the green light from ownership. I still think St. Louis trading Shattenkirk while they were battling for a playoff spot and then trading Stastny when they were in a playoff spot is the model we should be looking at. That being said you need to have the buy in from ownership, and they have shown that they can't see the Forrest through the trees on a number of occasions.
  3. Picks and prospects are all you are going to get for Brodie at this point, and I think Treliving should be loading up on ammo for next season. This teams issues are going to get addressed at the draft, whether that be by drafting players, or using picks to acquire players. Load up on assets now to help them for that time. I get that this team is in a playoff spot, but the way things are going that isn't going to be the case by the end of the season and if they do make the playoffs it is going to be a 1st round exit. I am just not buying what this team is selling this season. They aren't good enough and Treliving and the ownership have to be honest with themselves and the team and look to be better next season.
  4. Glad we aren't on that list. I really like Dillon, and if we were in a different situation then he would be a guy I would want us to target, but he isn't going to cost a lot. I would think he could fetch a 1st or at least a 2nd and a good prospect.
  5. Man if Greene, a 37 year old UFA defenseman, gets a 2nd, and DeMelo a solid 3rd pairing defenseman gets a 3rd, imagine what Brodie, a top pairing defenseman who can play both sides, and can play on your PP and PK, would get in return. I know we are already testing our defensive depth, but I think we should really look at trading Brodie, given the returns depth defenders are bringing in.
  6. I mean we are playing Reider, Rinaldo and Lucic in the bottom 6, so it's not like there isn't room for improvement there. Again this isn't a hill I am willing to die on, but think it could work.
  7. I definitely get what you are saying and I am not sure I can disagree with it. I just think that with everything Ho-Sang has gone through he is ready to come in and put in the work to stick in the NHL. It is a risk, I just think that it is a low risk move.
  8. I have a suggested this player in the past and it went over like a lead balloon then, and it probably will happen again. What about moving Jankowski for a Josh Ho-Sang? Jankowski isn't going to get qualified by us and is most likely due to become a UFA at the end of the season. I think we should move him for whatever we can get at this point. Ho-Sang is a skilled RHS RW, which is something we are looking for. Part of my thought process here is that if I remember correctly Ho-Sang and Bennett played minor hockey together and would have some familiarity. A line of Dube-Bennett-Ho-Sang would be an interesting line that should be able to give you some depth offense. I get the reputation part of the story, but I think Ho-Sang is a guy that deserves a 2nd chance or even a 1st chance to show what he can do at the NHL.
  9. My first choice is Gallant, to me he is a no brainer, but who knows if he wants to come here. My second choice would be Darryl Sutter. I would be really happy if it was even just for the rest of this season. He is a great coach. I think he would simplify the way this team plays and focus of defense, and to be honest that might be exactly what this team needs. Laviolette would be my 3rd choice. His results speak for themselves, though some of the things he does is a little head scratching (man to man defense). Boudreau would be my 4th choice. Not a huge fan, but he has been extremely successful.
  10. I am with Cross, that the biggest issues with this team at this moment are coaching. I think there are deeper issues with the core group but those aren't things that get changed at the deadline. First things first, get a new coaching staff in place and then resolve the player issues. The big thing for me right now, and I will admit that I waffled on it for the last few weeks, is we can't spend assets to try to right this ship because it isn't going to work, the guy steering the ship has no idea where he's going or how to steer the ship.
  11. So I guess that leaves this team in dreaded position of standing pat. A couple of depth pieces isn't going to fix this teams issues, so I wouldn't spend the assets to try and improve this team. The only piece they could probably sell is Jankowski and he really only brings you a 4th. Just ride out this season and see what happens. Just brutal. Nothing like being stuck in the mud with no way out.
  12. I have thought that Bennett have shown some good chemistry together the last two games. I said it earlier but I would put Ryan with those two and see how that goes.
  13. Our equivalent for Toffoli would have been, a 2nd, Jankowski and Zavgorodniy. I wouldn't have given up that package for a couple of weeks of Toffoli.
  14. No Toffoli for us, which is fine with me, just didn't want him to go to a division rival.
  15. I was just about to post that the team was quitting, when it was 3-1 and then they scored two quick goals to tie it. Good push on the 3rd, but they only played about half the game, can't do that against good teams, lucky they played the Ducks today but if they try that against the Bruins it won't go so well for them.
  16. Wrong Shore, we had Drew and Nick, but not Devin.
  17. I just find it weird that Gaudreau and Monahan aren't dressed for this game. I get that they haven't been playing good lately but to sit them in the press box is a risky move.
  18. Bennett has been fantastic at center, and he has had some real good chemistry with Dube. Have to find a way to keep them together, when Ryan comes back. Maybe Dube-Bennett-Ryan Lucic-Jankowski-Gawdin
  19. Sign him for the rest of the season.
  20. Gawdin was recalled today and it sounds like he will be playing.
  21. Get this kid some games, maybe he can replace Jankowski.
  22. JTech780


    For the 3rd straight season his numbers have taken a nose dive after January. I think there are bigger issues here.
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