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  1. I thought Alec Martinez was really solid last night, I still think he would be a very good trade target. I actually liked what I saw from Toffoli for the most part, last night, though he looked pretty slow. I just don't know if I see where he fits in the lineup. I wouldn't mind taking a flyer on Forbort, I wouldn't give anything more than a 4th, but he has size and is plays a pretty simple game. In some ways he reminds me of a bigger LHS Hamonic.
  2. I get what you are saying and I am not saying Hanifin is perfect, but I also don't think he is that bad either. Last night for example he played 10 more minutes than Kylington against tougher competition. I think a lot of the same things being said about Hanifin here, were being said about Brodie when he first came up.
  3. See and I don't really get the Hanifin hate. First off no defenseman played well last night, but the forwards constantly making turnovers and putting the defense on their heels doesn't really help, for me last night's loss was squarely on the forwards. Secondly Hanifin has stepped up and been one of the best defensemen on the the team the last 3 games. Kylington on the other hand hasn't been able to capitalize, he is getting the same ice time as before and last night he got his face kicked in (44.44% CF, 30% SCF). Hanifin on the other hand saw increased minutes and took most of the defensive zone assignments and still finished with better possession stats than Kylington (47.06% CF, 47.37% SCF). The first goal Hanifin was on the ice for was when he was leading the rush and got in deep, but the forwards didn't cover for him and neither did his D partner. The 2nd was a terrible D zone turnover by Lucic.
  4. From what I saw, he looked lost a lot in his own zone, never seeming quite sure where to be. I think of a lot of that could be from him playing in his first game and it might get better with time. The problem is we just don't have time for guys to learn on the fly.
  5. Yelesin made a few good plays, but overall looked a little overmatched. I am not saying he isn't an NHL player, I would just rather find another time to find out if he is an NHL player. Hanifin has his warts no doubt, but he isn't as bad as he gets made out to be.
  6. Seeing what happens when guys are forced into more minutes than they can handle, might be able manage for a game or two, but it eventually catches up to you. That being said ultimately the forwards were the ones that dropped the ball, all the goals were a result of soft plays by the forwards, when you are missing two top defensemen you need more help from the forwards. I hope we can leave LA with a defenseman, because this team can't go much longer with Stone in the top 4 and Kylington, Davidson and Yelesin in the lineup period.
  7. Not sure where Yelesin was going on the 3rd goal, went in the opposite direction of the puck. Nice passing play for the goal.
  8. I thought they started that period better and then lost their focus after scoring.
  9. His first few shifts were pretty rough, but he is settling in, see how the rest of the game goes.
  10. Two soft plays on the other half of the ice leads to goals against, have to be more determined all over the ice.
  11. Bad turnover by Gaudreau leads to the first goal, bad read by Andersson leads to the 2nd. Andersson should have been off the line when he saw that Hanifin had pinched, and he had no help behind him.
  12. I will be watching Toffoli, Martinez and Forbort closely tonight as possible trade targets. I am surprised Hutton is scratched as he was playing in their top 4. Is Bennett still sick or are they just sticking with the same lines from the other night?
  13. First off, crap I posted in the wrong thread. Secondly, Kovalchuk looks great in Montreal because he is playing 20 mins a night in Montreal, which wouldn't happen here.
  14. Steve Pleau scouting Montreal and Boston. I don't see a fit between Calgary and Boston. Montreal on the other hand has a few pieces that might work. Jeff Petry would make sense for Calgary, big RHS top 4 defenseman, signed for another year after this. Marco Scandella would sense as a depth defenseman, same with Christian Folin. Joel Armia is a big RHS RW with another year on his deal. The one guy that worries me as I just don't see a fit here in Calgary is Kovalchuk. I just don't see him as a fit with Gaudreau and Monahan and I don't see him as a fit with Tkachuk and Backlund. All of sudden we would have another James Neal situation where you have a guy sulking because he isn't playing in the top 6. I really hope we stay away from Kovalchuk.
  15. Maybe he would, I doubt it, but maybe. I also don't think LA would offer him a contract, they are rebuilding, and probably don't want to sign a 30 year old defenseman who is slowing down to a long term contract.
  16. To add to all this Sam Bennett talk, this is his 5th season in the NHL, he is on his 4th coach. It sure makes it hard to get your footing in the NHL when your organization has zero stability.
  17. I too am a big Bennett supporter, I think where Bennett struggles is that he wants so bad to be the player he was in junior that when he gets chances he tries too hard. If Bennett could keep his game simple, go hard to the net, forecheck hard, play straight line north/south game he would be the perfect fit with Gaudreau and Monahan, and the production would come. When he gets his chances there, which are few and far between with a short leash, he changes his game to try and be more like Gaudreau and Monahan, which isn't what that line needs.
  18. You are grasping at straws, Hamonic is nearly 30 years old and is unlikely to sign in LA, as he is probably looking for a place to win or be closer to home, LA gives him neither of those things.
  19. A 2nd is more than I would give up for Toffoli, I just don't see him as a fit here, or specifically on a line with Gaudreau and Monahan, maybe with Tkachuk and Backlund. Hamonic has no value in a trade with LA. What do they need a pending UFA for?
  20. I would be fine with finding a depth defenseman or two giving up a 4th round pick or later, or finding a RW with term. They should stay away from the high end rental market though.
  21. Not a bad idea, but taking that cap hit would make it really hard to make other moves at the deadline. I know we could use a depth defenseman or two right about now, but the cap hit has to make sense.
  22. Backlund with another strong game, he has looked more like himself since getting put back on the 2nd line with Tkachuk.
  23. This game hasn't been a masterpiece, but the effort has been there and when you are missing two top 4 D and your 7th defenseman is playing in you top pairing, you are going to see lapses in the defensive zone. When you are missing two key players you need the unsung guys to step up and I would say getting multi point games from Rinaldo and Lucic counts in that regard.
  24. Second strong game in a row for the Hanifin-Andersson pairing. I hope they keep these two together even after everyone gets back.
  25. To add to this when you get goals from Lucic, Reider, Rinaldo and Jankowski you better win the game.
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