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  1. As much as I thought Rittich starting tonight was a mistake, no goalie was going to come away with a win with the way this team turns over the puck and blows coverage. When you need Google maps to find where the defensive slot is, you are in trouble
  2. Monahan too busy watching the play to cover the front of the net.
  3. I am really starting to the issue with this team is with the forwards, and it has nothing to do with scoring. The forwards attention to detail is severely lacking. Most of the goals the last few games have resulted from turnovers or missed assignments from the forwards. I don't know if it's coaching or if they are listening to the media saying they need scoring and are looking for forwards making them grip the sticks and a little to aggressive for offense.
  4. Bad pass by the rookie Dube, I coach novice and they know not to pass pucks up the middle on their zone.
  5. Stone pinched to try and keep the puck in, it got passed him and Brodie was slow to react. The 2nd goal, Backlund should have stayed with Kubalik in front when he saw both defense behind the net.
  6. I am not super eager to move Hanifin, but I would think about it for Trochek, Florida would have to add. Trochek is a RHS C/RW with some bite and offensive skill, the problem is he can't stay healthy.
  7. Can't let Toews just walk in there, but Rittich should have had that one. Starting Rittich tonight after Talbot had a shutout makes little to no sense, add mismanagement of the goalies to the list of things Ward hasn't done well. Nice shift resulting in a goal by Bennett-Lucic-Dube.
  8. That was a quick recovery nice to see him back in the lineup.
  9. JTech780


    I am not trying bad mouth Rittich or anything, he is a fine goalie, but in 19 starts since December 1st he is 10-8-1 with .902 save% and 3.11 GAA. In the same time frame Talbot 7-3-1 with a .938 save% and 2.23 GAA in 13 games (11 starts). One goalie has performed significantly better. We can't afford to be worrying about anointing a number 1, we just have to go the goalie that gives us the best chance to win, and right now that goalie is Talbot.
  10. JTech780


    Talbot has been the better goalie for awhile now, I still understand the reluctance to ride him more. They are still playing Rittich like he is a number 1 even though he hasn't been very good for quite awhile. I had really high hopes for Rittich, and I still like him a lot but this season is showing that he isn't a number 1. I see him more as a 1B goalie.
  11. Friedman was on the radio this morning and he said the rental market is pretty light and that teams aren't getting the offers they thought they would for their rentals. I have a really hard time seeing us getting a 2nd for Hamonic. I think a 3rd is max what we would get in return. I just don't think a 3rd is worth giving up on the season. I get that we on the outside don't see the value of keeping Hamonic, but if you trade him at the deadline it is sending a clear message to the locker room that the GM doesn't think the team is good enough this year, and that might be true, sending that message while they are in a division spot might have the team turn against you. Or it could work out in a couple of years like St. Louis, at least they were getting 1st's when they did it.
  12. We have 4 games before the deadline, Chicago, Anaheim, Boston, Detroit. That's 8 possible points, if we can come away with at least 6 of those points, I think that puts us square in the division race. Any less than 6 and we are on the bubble. As much as I want to see trades now, it is smart of Treliving to wait as long as possible to see how this team responds and to see where Giordano and Hamonic are with their injuries. This can go 3 ways. If we are in a wildcard spot I think we just stand pat and see where we go. If we go on a losing streak here and fall out of it, I could see us sell. If we get 6 or more a points here I could see us adding. If we do add, I can't see Treliving going all in on a rental his history just doesn't suggest that's what he would do. I also think that he makes moves that you don't see coming. I have this feeling like something is in the works with Detroit, I have nothing to base it on. Yzerman is still looking to shape his organization and they way he did it in Tampa was to add skill and and picks and I think they are looking to do it the right way, aka the long way. So I could see them moving Mantha and Athanasiou as both are 25 years old, RFA's. He might look to capitalize on their value now. I could see them having interest in Kylington and a Bennett. Yzerman has been taking flyers on skill guys who weren't getting chances with other teams, Fabbri and Perlini come to mind. Mike Green is another guy that will probably be cheap defense depth that could make some sense for us. If we look to sell I could see the Blues having interest in Brodie, with Bouwmeester most likely done for the season and possibly for his career. They have some young forwards that it would be nice to grab if possible, Kyrou and Kostin for example.
  13. I will be honest I have never been a fan of Boudreau, that being said there is no doubt that he is a very good coach. With Gallant, Laviolette, Babcock and Boudreau all available, there is some elite coaches out there for Treliving to choose from. Gallant is still my first choice. Laviolette would be my second and Boudreau would be my third choice. I wouldn't bring Babcock here under any circumstances.
  14. Last game of the road trip. Second game of a back to back. Four goal lead. Pick your excuse for them letting their foot off the gas here in the 2nd.
  15. Zero urgency on this PP, even going back the last few games, or the entire season for that matter.
  16. I know there are some people who want to trade Hamonic and Brodie at the deadline, and I can't say they are wrong or that disagree completely. I just don't think the return for rentals is as good as they used to be. I think we get 2nd round picks at best for either of them and I could see the return for Hamonic being closer to a 3rd. If we are out of it at the deadline then for sure, have a fire sale, but I am not sure that is a good enough return for me to give up on the playoffs at this point.
  17. On insider trading, McKenzie said that Calgary is one of the teams that has interest in Alec Martinez and that the asking price for Martinez is a 2nd and a prospect. I would make that trade depending on the prospect of course.
  18. I noticed that Detroit had two scouts at our game last night, I doubt they were scouting LA. I wonder if Detroit would move Anthony Mantha. He is an RFA with arb rights at the end of the year. He is 25 years old and not sure if he fits with their window or not. He is a big (6'5" 235lbs) RW, but is LHS. He is a pure offensive forward with lots of skill and a nose for the net. He checks some boxes for us and wouldn't be a rental.
  19. He is a 23 year old top 4 defenseman playing 21:32 a night signed for 4 more years at under $5m. His value is just fine.
  20. I think at the end of the day I think we are fairly close on our evaluations, in a perfect world Hanifin would be 3rd on our depth chart for LD behind Giordano and Valimaki, and I think that's how it plays out by the end of next season. I think we all have our little biases good and bad with certain players. I know I do, I try my best to avoid it and stay partial. All I am really trying to get at is, for me I would rather have Hanifin play more minutes than Kylington, and I think we will probably disagree there. When Valimaki overtakes Hanifin on the depth chart, I am fine with moving Hanifin, I just think we aren't as deep or as good on defense as even the GM thinks they are, so moving pieces off the backend right now doesn't make sense for me.
  21. I thought Alec Martinez was really solid last night, I still think he would be a very good trade target. I actually liked what I saw from Toffoli for the most part, last night, though he looked pretty slow. I just don't know if I see where he fits in the lineup. I wouldn't mind taking a flyer on Forbort, I wouldn't give anything more than a 4th, but he has size and is plays a pretty simple game. In some ways he reminds me of a bigger LHS Hamonic.
  22. I get what you are saying and I am not saying Hanifin is perfect, but I also don't think he is that bad either. Last night for example he played 10 more minutes than Kylington against tougher competition. I think a lot of the same things being said about Hanifin here, were being said about Brodie when he first came up.
  23. See and I don't really get the Hanifin hate. First off no defenseman played well last night, but the forwards constantly making turnovers and putting the defense on their heels doesn't really help, for me last night's loss was squarely on the forwards. Secondly Hanifin has stepped up and been one of the best defensemen on the the team the last 3 games. Kylington on the other hand hasn't been able to capitalize, he is getting the same ice time as before and last night he got his face kicked in (44.44% CF, 30% SCF). Hanifin on the other hand saw increased minutes and took most of the defensive zone assignments and still finished with better possession stats than Kylington (47.06% CF, 47.37% SCF). The first goal Hanifin was on the ice for was when he was leading the rush and got in deep, but the forwards didn't cover for him and neither did his D partner. The 2nd was a terrible D zone turnover by Lucic.
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