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  1. That little black round thingy is the called the puck guys !

  2. The expiry date on this team was 5 yrs ago. This is technically season 5 of the Walking Dead...

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    2. DirtyDeeds


      Not anyone..

      Just you.

      hey feel free to post something constructive, and contribute in the forums. I have no bias unless laughing at your comments is biased.. then definately. Thing is the whole thing centers around your comments. If you weren't trolling themn you wouldn't be hiding over here and you wouldn't be trying to switch the discussion over to me and what I think.

    3. sollostyles
    4. sollostyles


      LMAO already made a positive constructive post in a thread today...keep it up you are doing fine :D

  3. A few more wins and the promised land is in site for you guys :)

  4. Step it up CGY ! Your playoff window is rapidly closing . Time to dine on some Duck :P

  5. All is not lost Flames faithfull, there are enough games to make the playoffs. The team needs to STEP IT UP NOW !

  6. Tough gritty win against my Nucks. If they keep this up we may be seeing each other in the playoffs !

  7. Way to go KIPPER !!!! i am sure there are many more wins left in the tank :)

  8. Even though that went to a shoot out that was one of the worst efforts by this team in a long time. Kipp prevented that from being a complete blow out !

    1. kutarna


      Exactly. I know Backlund's possession numbers are good, but the guy needs to FIND some offense.

  9. Cmon Kipper 300th win up next !

  10. gotta love seeing the Sh..hawks get worked 3 games in a row :) Nice win Calgary!

  11. Way to flush the coilers tonight :P

  12. 500 goals with the same team ! When will we see that again ? Way to go Jarome !

  13. Crazy battle about to begin. iggy can get his 500th goal tonight, he always plays like a champ against my Nucks in van . Should be one hell of a game.

    1. C_worthy


      him getting a hatty in Van would be the next best thing to doing it at home

    2. C_worthy


      him getting a hatty in Van would be the next best thing to doing it at home

    3. sollostyles


      Nice win, you guys battled hard. 3 more still left :P

  14. Beat those dam coilers tonght !

    1. successfulblackman


      I will kill my self If we lose

    2. sollostyles


      easy now its just EDM lol

    3. sollostyles


      The big game vs VAN is next good luck :P

  15. Really sorry for GIO if I had a favorite fLAME it's him. hardest working player on the team.

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