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  1. Bottom line is this team is no better off than last year's team, it may even be a tad worse with Valimaki out. I like that Peters is trying Mangiapane and Bennett as RW options on these middle lines but hard to say 3 games in if either is any better of an option than Frolik over time. I like Mangiapane with Backlund and Tkachuk because he is more of a scoring threat than Bennett, plus I think he is the smarter player. I would prefer to see a 3rd line of Bennett, Ryan, Frolik using all 3 players in familiar positions. Also I have to say bring back Stone was just stupid.
  2. I'm curious to see if there is chemistry with Tkachuk, Backlund and Bennett.
  3. I wasn't soliciting another unnecessary comment again either.
  4. Enough about Neal. Move on Tough call regarding these lines, all guesswork right now. I don't prefer Bennett on RW but with Lucic here we are forced to move him there IMO. Personally I would just leave Lucic on the 4th line and use him on the 2nd power play, take what we get from him.
  5. Holy Cow you two this is two games and the coach is trying some stuff for chemistry. Drawing conclusions about players losing their spots or getting less playing time is futile at this stage.
  6. I think we have seen Treliving sign a number of UFAs with all the right intentions but the wrong results. I believe a GM and a Coach have to be on the same page when it come to the type of team both should want. We all know the coach trail that has been created so hopefully Peters is here to stay for at least the next 3 years as well. Peters IMO had the right idea putting Lindholm a RHS, C/ RW with Gaudreau and Monahan, no argument here. This takes you to the 3M and it is also hard to argue against the duo of Backlund and Frolik that have played well together for years plus brought Tkachuk along. Peters tried to break this up but kept coming back to it, first indication Neal wasn't going to work out well here. Bennett, Jankowski and Neal was a further disaster and kept getting worse. This offseason was the time to fix the problem and Treliving did, like I said hopefully Lucic does well for us. I don't think we are at the point where any of our forward lines are ideal except for the top line again. How things develop or unfolds remains to be seen.
  7. Agreed nothing more to say here. Damage done, damage gone.
  8. This is where fans get it all wrong with professional players especially ones that have been around as long as Neal with already determined accomplishments. Right or wrong he came in with certain expectations however he has also already earned those expectations. If Treliving misrepresented the scenario and created another misfire on a UFA that's on him. All we have as fans is seeing the on ice result of a player with a disgruntled attitude and a lousy result. Treliving went to desperate measures to correct the end mistake so all we can do now is hope Lucic helps us be a better team.
  9. It isn't that hard to figure out where Neal went off the rails. He thought he was coming here to play with Gaudreau and Monahan but Peters had other ideas and he tuned out. Unprofessional yes but not totally unexpected behaviour after being told one thing from a GM that wants to sign you and then finding yourself on a 3rd line by a new coach. Either way it's over, let's move on.
  10. Let's call it the "Giordano" window to win a SC.
  11. I'm not saying they will or they won't go for Ho-Sang but we could use his speed and small size increase over Czarnik. for our RW. Inexpensive upgrade worth the risk IMO. Peters appears to want a fast skilled team which Ho-Sang brings.
  12. I really thought this would have been the season to put Bennett back at C, if not with Tkachuk in the top 6 then as the 3rd line C. I like JTech's suggestion of trading Czarnik for Ho-Sang, then have a 3rd line of Mangiapane, Bennett, Ho-Sang.
  13. Attitudes can change with opportunity. Change of scenery. Change of situation. I'm sure you have heard these before.
  14. Not by the look of his assists vs goals through the years. Trade Mangiapane for him we could use the RHS-RW for our team.
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