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  1. It's not flack against Backlund but cap realities do exist here. Also we need someone better or different IMO to get more Offense out of Tkachuk on 5 and away from a primary checking line. Many have said for years Backlund is better suited for being a 3rd line C and making no more than 4M, now he at 5.5M and being depended on as our 2nd line C with limited offense. It was just another suggestion no reason to get all bent out of shape over. If I had my way we never would have brought in Ryan last season and used Bennett as our 3rd line C which I would do now if they traded Ryan or Jankowski. I also suggested trying to use Bennett to get Patrick, PHI may love a player such as Bennett at his cost and style of game as they are starting to back up their depth at C with a number of quality options, maybe Patrick is available.
  2. It's easy to say trade Jankowski or Czarnik or Frolik but it seems nobody wants them, thus our problem of getting Tkachuk to a number his team is happy about. Maybe we should try trading Bennett to PHI for Patrick C. Nobody wants Bennett as a C here but Patrick could be that young C to go with a young Tkachuk. PHI has enough C that Patrick is down the depth chart, they may be receptive to such a trade.
  3. I'm aware of that but this team can't afford him anymore, just like TOR had to unload Bozak and JVR to move into the future. Get 1 more year out of Frolik to support Bennett and Tkachuk then get rid of both Bennett and Frolik after this season if it does work. Bennett is priced as a 3rd liner so he can be bumped down after this season if still no uptick to his offense, time to find out.
  4. We cant afford him any longer and he has real value. Replace him with Bennett and keep Tkachuk LW and Frolik RW maybe we will find out it Backlund that has held this line back offensively. What's the worse that can happen Bennett gets Backlund's 20 goals for half the price. Frees up 5.5M and Bennett get the opportunity he has always wanted, let's see what he does with it. Down the middle we would have Monahan, Bennett, Ryan and Jankowski with Dube and a few other good Centers in the making.
  5. Trade Backlund for picks and get this over with,send Czarnik with him.
  6. I like it and see it as a prudent way to go with Tkachuk. If they see themselves going for it again,which they should Brodie and Frolik would be good soldiers to have in the effort.
  7. Right now he fits in at 7M given the situation here.
  8. I guess we will see if he is still pulling off those numbers in a few years. Enjoy him for now.
  9. Perhaps if Peters is a tad better coaching in his 2nd season, the tad worse gets rectified. Go FLAMES Go !
  10. Hockey teams make the same mistake of falling in love with players for to long and more times than not fail to realize it. Look at LAK, pitiful. Time will tell.
  11. Rosterwise we are the same team as this past season maybe a tad worse.
  12. Does anyone else feels like Management just kind of took the offseason off ?
  13. Start of a new player cycle just like the Neuwyndyk for Iginla type of move.
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