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  1. Get real with your trade suggestions. Why in the world would it cost Brodie, Bennett and our 2020 1st. Please back up the reasoning, would love to hear it. I understand there may have to be an add to my suggestion but definitely not where you are going.
  2. Wonder if a Brodie and Frolik to BUF for Ristolainen RD and Reinhart RW would fly ? Gives BUF some added experience without a long commitment. Ristolainen has been a bone of contention there and could do well playing with Giordano or fellow Finn Valimaki. Reinhart RW would be a good fit with Tkachuk LW and Bennett C.
  3. Is Monahan a playmaker, is Backlund a true playmaker, is Jankowski a playmaker ? I think your logic is wrong and Bennett with a playmaker could be every bit as good as Monahan. Sometimes when you search and search for an answer it is staring you in the face all the time. I believe it is management and coaching decisions that have taken Bennett in the wrong direction however having watched his game elevate this past season I think he would do well with the challenge. He is our best puck carrier after Gaudreau for offensive zone entries and once in he can work with Tkachuk down low, with the right RW we could have another dynamic line. Just add to this thinking, Kadri who many would have been fine with is very similar to Bennett from a career path standpoint, early struggles for Kadri until he got matched up with better line mates. I think Bennett could do the same matched up with a player as dynamic as Tkachuk being the playmaker.
  4. If Peters is going to experiment early in the season I would like to see them move Bennett back to C with Tkachuk. They have to remain conscious of keeping speed and skill with Monahan and Tkachuk. With this said I think we need at least one other skilled RW, preferably a RHS - RW good at some face offs like Lindholm. If the plan is to trade Frolik then they need two RWers which could leave our defense lacking within the forward ranks. I would say we ride with Frolik in 2019-20 by trading Brodie plus to land us what we need on RW rather than convert what we have out of position. I'm not sure what is out there but this is what I think Treliving should be trying to accomplish.
  5. Right now I would say Dube doesn't have a position on the NHL team roster so the situation almost dictates he starts in Stockton again.
  6. I don't know who that is but we enjoy some good conversations. I'm not really concerned about thoughts on my posts. You don't like them or agree with them don't comment.
  7. NO not agreeing with your take at all but you think what you want.
  8. Not always and I could care less about me or you being an insider. Your logic is out to lunch some days and I'm not sure what your understanding of the NHL actually is really.
  9. This is your perspective and hardly fact or truth in what really happened. You don't lose a position to a guy that has never played with the team before as in Tkachuk. The choice was made to have him with Backlund and Frolik to look after him. Bennett was moved back to C where they wanted him to play and they saddled him with a number of crappy line mates. I give Bennett a lot of credit for perseverance through everything and still come out with his great effort this past season. Neal was brought in here to play top line and Peters had different ideas from the get go which rendered Neal useless from a chemistry standpoint. In the end we had all 3 that struggled with a poor match up of Bennett, Jankowski and Neal together. As I said in another post I have no problem with the addition of Ryan he is a good player and an excellent RHS faceoff C which causes a potential squeezing down again if they were to add another 2nd line C into the picture. I'm not sure that was the plan but obviously if the Kadri deal reported happened Ryan or Jankowski is out the door. In order to become solid contributors as you say one needs consistent ice time and the right line mates to make it happen, very seldom is hockey a one man show.
  10. Numbers are numbers, my point for Bennett was there have been numerous makeshift lines and arrangements that have not enhanced his play and therefore the numbers related.
  11. What part don't you get that all your answers and reasoning for everything on this forum are not the correct ones. I happen to know some of the owners and people that know them as well so I don't need you telling me what they want or need when it comes to their team. Management is management and they will be judged by their failures and successes for the areas they are responsible for each season.
  12. I will say this once again, the line of Bennett, Jankowski and Neal was a disaster for all 3 and to judge any of them from a progression standpoint regarding point production is wrong and inaccurate to their abilities. TD sees Bennett in one light only and sees nothing beyond that picture. Jankowski showed me he is a finisher when provided those opportunities, his defense on the PK grew tremendously this past season. What does everyone here complain about, how he handles himself in our zone, well big lanky guys aren't always the quickest of foot so put some fast quick wingers with him. How about a line of Mangiapane, Jankowski, Czarnik and see what happens ?
  13. I think there is way to much blaming of the players and not enough on the coaching and GM here. Bennett did fine his 1st season learning and playing alongside Backlund and Frolik. Then he became an after thought when Tkachuk arrived, maybe they should have sent Tkachuk back to Junior for another season rather than mess up Bennett's progression. We seem to run into situations that have not been very well thought out or decisions that go south fast when players like Brouwer and Neal are brought in for one reason and are not utilized for their strengths. Now we have Jankowski who IMO is progressing as a player but was another player that didn't fit with Bennett and Neal (let's all admit this line was an utter failure). Peters has Treliving bring in Ryan on a 3 year deal which I have no complaint because he is a good player but it messes up the proper development of Jankowski and Dube or perhaps even Bennett again if he were to be a C again. Now the talk with Lucic here is Bennett and Dube switching to RW which will be another trial and error scenario for both (not a preferred scenario when trying to win a SC) I have to say this offseason has been a huge failure so far.
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