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  1. Remember Ville Nieminen. Apparently he's been playing for Tappara in the SM-Liga and has 37 points in 42 games and 116 PIM. Link : http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=2661


    1. Flyerfan52


      No kidding! I just watched the highlights of the game against Peoria.

  3. billionaires and millionaires need more money apparently.

  4. What are your thoughts on Stajan? Does he turn around his career this year?

    1. Bastardsonofmacinnis


      I think he does. He'll carry the momentum from last season's end.

    2. Flyerfan52


      I certainly hope so. He's our best proven center.

  5. Not a bad trade for the Jackets considering how overrated Nash is.

  6. It's cool that Olli's staying in Canada.

  7. I don't like the Sarich signing.

    1. Coolie


      We had plenty of options and it wasn't necessary.

    2. FlamesLogic


      imo its just a sign that with wideman signing, they are going to move babchuk. Sarich brings more bite than anyone else in the system

  8. Wonder what we'll do this off-season.

  9. T.J Brodie had an even plus minus tonight despite us losing by nine goals. Thatwrinkles my brain.

    1. Flame111


      he is good, surprisingly good for a rookie D.

  10. Any word on Gio's status yet?

    1. FlamesShine4ever


      He's starting to skate, but I believe I heard that he's still a long ways off. (Kerr or Millions was the source I think?)I'm not entirely sure if this is correct or not.

    2. FlamesShine4ever


      To add an update I just found:

      RogMillions Roger Millions

      Look for Mark Giordano to get reevaluated this weekend...lots of talk he could play for Flames at home next week.

    3. Coolie


      Thanks. Well let's hope he's back soon.

  11. Holland's the WHL player of the week.

  12. Need to deke in the shootout more. That was a solid debut by Irving though.

  13. Pretty good game for the Flames. Lets build off of it.

  14. I'm down for the pool.

  15. I hate the offseason.

    1. Pyromancer


      Nolan Yonkman makes the rest of the acquisitions look like the Montreal Canadiens

    2. Coolie


      Hahaha, so true.

  16. Parise still hasn't signed with NJ.

  17. Possibly three sweeps in the second round...

  18. I'd like to see T.J Brodie and Tim Erixon on this team next year. Staios will be gone and maybe we could trade Sarich.

    1. h0k3y944


      Since Erixon is gone I wouldn't mind seeing Keith Seabrook brought up unto he comes back from the Manitoba Moose because the Heat loaned him to there for at least a few months

  19. Was watching the Rockies game and they mentioned that Simmer was in the crowd and of course Loubardias was beside him. Thought it was kinda funny.

  20. So you get a car if you get picked last at the all-star game?

    1. FlmsFnWindsor


      It is kind of ridiculous... where does the NHL get off throwing money around like that? Especially on an allstar bottom feeder. lol

    2. bigchief


      They should take your car away instead.

    3. Coolie


      They should of taken his cars sold them and given him a used segway.

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