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  1. I'm sure he will, but is there a rule saying Neal has to draw back in? Is he a better offensive option than anyone he replaces? Not based on this season. Is he a faster than anyone he would replace? No. Kill penalties? No. Bigger/stronger? Sure. Here's hoping he turns his season around.
  2. Since it is written, it would technically be libel. However, since there is probably no way to prove hockey players are more or less intelligent than other athletes, this likely wouldn't even qualify as libel. Plus, pro hockey players are celebrities which likely nullifies any claim of libel.
  3. I don't want to dump on Smid because he was an honest player, but I don't think it is fair to say he didn't pan out in Calgary. He came as advertised - a shot blocking hard nosed dman. No more, no less. Unfortunately, the Flames traded a future NHL calibre backup goaltender for a replacement level stay at home defenseman in the midst of a five year playoff drought. Broissoit may never have developed in Calgary, but like almost all of the Flames prospects of that era, he was never given a real chance. The Smid trade was one in a long line of veteran acquisitions that stunted development of almost all of the Flames' prospects for close to a decade.
  4. I thought that was a bad trade from day 1. Not because they lost Broissoit, but because they brought in Smid. He was a second or third pairing dman that played up the depth chart in Edmonton because they had a week d core. Broissoit turned out to be a descent goalie. Smid turned out to be a high paid, slower skating, stay at home dman with not much offensive upside. Not a Gilmour for Leeman level trade, by any means, but the Flames got taken for a ride by Craig McTavish. Ouch.
  5. Sad news. RIP.
  6. Sportsnet is airing the jersey retirement at 6:30 MST according to my shaw cable box.
  7. You're right. I must have been thinking of last year. I knew the Flames were garbage in shootouts, but that stat is embarrassing. Neal is now 0-3. Time to give someone else a chance.
  8. Because Tkachuk and Monahan have scored shootout goals this year.
  9. There is a good article on the Sportsnet website about Brian McGrattan and his role with the Flames. He is doing some really good things.
  10. I agree, Neal played well (other than the bad interference penalty he took). But at this point he is playing well for a third liner. He is generating some offense for his teammates, but without looking at the stats I don't recall him having any scoring chances last night. The reasons it bugged me so much are A. he is 0% in shootouts this year, B. he has a 0.04 shooting percentage (he only scores on 1 of every 25 shots) and C. a situation where a miss costs you a point is no place to "try to get him going." At some point, weeks or months ago for me, you have to stop looking at what he did in the past and start judging the player on "what have you done for me lately." I don't think he has done anything to earn a spot in the shootout.
  11. Horrible call to put Neal as the third shooter.
  12. For what it's worth, I think bumping Neal up to the first line will reduce first line scoring. He won't score as much as Lindholm. Dropping Lindholm to the second line will increase scoring on the second line. Bumping Bennett up to the second line will reduce scoring on the second line (he isn't going to be an offensive player in the nhl, he is an energy player). These two probably cancel eachother out. Dropping Backlund and Frolik to the third line will increase third line scoring. The fourth line stays the same. If you add all this up, it is at best a wash. I don't see the upside. The Flames are already second in the league in scoring, not a lot of room for improvement offensively. I agree that things are chugging along and there is no need to tinker, much less overhaul the lineup.
  13. I agree. A -10 and a 0.04 shooting percentage also shows you aren't playing well. And, as per tonight's broadcast, blaming your sticks is looking for answers that aren't there.
  14. Lucic has a lot more hits.