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  1. I totally agree. Tkachuk comes across as someone who not only wants to win, but also hates losing. At least publicly, he is the most accountable player on the team. He is also willing to do the dirty work/play the villain to win. I don't think the rest of the leadership group has a win at all cost mentality. Maybe that is the problem?
  2. The game on Saturday was the worst team effort I can remember. Other than the goalie, nobody was interested in playing. Totally unprofessional. The game on Monday was ok. They had yet another bad start, came back from a 2 goal deficit, but then gave up a shorthanded goal late in the third. Somehow, they were able to sneak out a win in overtime. The game on Wednesday, for me, was the most painful game I have watched since they blew a 5 goal first period lead against Chicago (I googled it, and that game was on Oct. 13, 2009). The traditional slow start resulted in an early Canucks goal. Then they took yet another bad penalty (too many men). Then they gave up another goal. To be fair, I thought they played fairly well in the second half of the first period and for most of the second. They finally score with about 1.5 minutes left in the second. I was thinking, "this will be an interesting finish." Nope. They give up 2 goals in 30 seconds and finish the second down 4-1. Was there anyone that stayed up to watch the third? tmac, I hear where you are coming from. Before I read your post, I had told my wife I wasn't going to make a point of watching many more Flames games this year. They aren't playing entertaining hockey and they aren't building towards a better product. I'm not out forever, but I see no point in watching this sinking ship. Having said that, they will probably win the next two games against the oilers and they will suck me back in...hopefully.
  3. I have always thought that Bennett needed to earn his opportunities. He hasn't been able to put it together offensively and he takes too many bad penalties...so he hasn't gotten time on the #1/2 lines or on the powerplay. However, 7 games into the season I am starting to change my mind. Lucic takes bad penalties and doesn't score much, yet he is a fixture on the second powerplay unit. Lucic is Bennett without the speed, but he has a wwwaaaaayyyyy lllloonnnngggeerrrrr leash. I don't blame Bennett for asking for a trade. He will never succeed in Calgary (he may succeed elsewhere, but there is zero chance it will work with the Flames). Unlike Cross, I am a little upset about the situation. Bennett is one of a handful of Flames forwards with has some size and grit (Tkachuk, Lucic and maybe Leivo would be the others). Without Bennett this team will be even easier to play against. The Flames will be negotiating from a place of weakness, so they aren't going to get much back in a trade.
  4. A season and a half in the NHL isn't really a vet. Nesterov is still learning how to play in the league. Whether he is a risk taker, or hasn't learned when to jump up into the play, I don't think he is the guy who should be mentoring Valimaki.
  5. The Valimaki/Nesterov pairing is killing the Flames right now. I don't understand why Ward is playing the 2 least experienced d men on the same pair. Why not give them a chance to play with and learn from a veteran, instead of throwing them to the wolves and potentially sewering the season?
  6. I have to admit, Lucic has been playing much better the last couple of weeks. He seems a lot more engaged. Probably not worth the salary, but he is working as hard as anyone else on the team. Leading by example.
  7. At this point I see no reason to dress Lucic for games. He is on pace for 6 goals and is not contributing enough offensively. He isn't fast enough to be effective on the forecheck. On many nights he can't give or accept a tape to tape pass properly. By his own admission he can't goon it up anymore because of the way the game is officiated. I don't know the details of his contract, but if he can't be sent down to the minors the Flames need to scratch him. At this point he isn't helping the team and is below replacement player value. It sounds crazy, but they may need to scratch him for the remainder of his contract because he isn't going to get better over the next 3-4 years.
  8. That was a bad hit on Killington and nobody on the Flames did anything about it. When the refs only call a two minute minor on a play like that the players probably need to take matters into their own hands. Should Lucic have gone after Lowry in the third period?
  9. I am late chiming in, but if I recall correctly, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle went to the AHL because of an NHL lockout. The AHL was the best league they could have played in while the NHL was shut down. That is a different situation than sending Bennett down after a relatively successful rookie season in the NHL. I used to think Bennett has to earn his opportunities. Now I realize how difficult it is to do a good job when you aren't allowed to make mistakes. Every time Bennett makes a mistake he seems to get bumped down the lineup or has his ice time cut. I'm sure it really hard for Bennett to relax/focus when he has no margin for error. Not a recipe for success. However, he really needs to cut out the bad penalties. There is no excuse for such a lack of discipline.
  10. Good to hear that Lucic is seriously trying to improve on last year's nightmare season. Does Oates include power skating as part of his skills package? I remember reading somewhere that coaches felt Adam Oates was interfering with their team (watching Oates on hockey night in Canada, he seemed to have an off putting personality). I hope that is just a rumour, as I wouldn't want a fourth liner and his entourage to be a distraction in Calgary.
  11. Unfortunately, that is probably true. In today's NHL, I think grit is another word for hard working. Continuously doing the things that aren't fun...blocking shots, taking hits to make plays, back checking as hard as you forecheck, battling in front of both nets and standing up for team mates. While I think the Flames are lacking in some of this grit/work ethic, I also think there is also a size element to it. Most of the Flames forwards are small (Gaudreau, Ryan, Mangiapane, Czarnik, Dube), or they don't use their size to their advantage (Monahan, Jankowski, and to a lesser extent Backlund and Frolik). If I was a defenseman on another NHL team, I would look at the Flames roster and think "these guys can score a lot of goals, but I won't need any ice packs after the game."
  12. I was at that Somewhere Back in Time show at the Dome. It was a great time! Thanks for this post.
  13. That Sun cover page was a low point for Calgary sports. Not as low as this year's playoffs, but a definite low point.
  14. I was unpopular earlier this year for saying that this team needs a first line centre to be a contender. The Flames proved me very wrong during the regular season, but the playoffs are showing that I wasn't way out in left field. I think they need a number 1 centre or a top end two way centre for the second number line next year. That would bump Backlund to the third line where he would be a really strong player.
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