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  1. I wasn't at all surprised that the Flames were leading the charge to not pay their employees. Their PR group is quite incompetent. Off the top of my head there is the "Forever a Flame" campaign and the refusal to retire Fleury's number. Par for the course. Giordano showed he is a good leader. Lucic, too.
  2. Wow. How to find a way to lose. Three guys watching Scissons skate to the slot and score. Rittich let's in an ultra soft one. Brodie tries to kick the puck out of the zone instead of taking a second to play it with his stick. Predators bring the puck back in and the Flames can't play defence for 0.1 seconds. Tkachuk skates right at two defenders, makes a lame playstation move, turns the puck over and Nashville skates it down the ice for the winner. 3 goals against in the last 7 minutes of a game against the team that is trying to knock you out of the playoffs. So frustrating.
  3. I have to admit, Lucic has been playing much better the last couple of weeks. He seems a lot more engaged. Probably not worth the salary, but he is working as hard as anyone else on the team. Leading by example.
  4. At this point I see no reason to dress Lucic for games. He is on pace for 6 goals and is not contributing enough offensively. He isn't fast enough to be effective on the forecheck. On many nights he can't give or accept a tape to tape pass properly. By his own admission he can't goon it up anymore because of the way the game is officiated. I don't know the details of his contract, but if he can't be sent down to the minors the Flames need to scratch him. At this point he isn't helping the team and is below replacement player value. It sounds crazy, but they may need to scratch him for the remainder of his contract because he isn't going to get better over the next 3-4 years.
  5. Lucic has to be a healthy scratch next game.
  6. Why does there always have to be disfunction with this team?
  7. That's the thing, though. There is no context when a white person can use the N word. It was the same way ten years ago. If he said it he needs to own it and he needs to face the consequences.
  8. This season is only two months old and it is a complete embarrassment. The franchise is a joke right now. On the outside looking in at the playoffs, worse than the Oilers, can't score, pillow soft, cap jail, and now the coach is probably going to be fired for dropping the N word. The only positive is the idea that Conroy might start helping out behind the bench. There has been so much doom and gloom around the team this year. I think that Conroy's positivity could only help. I say make Ward the interim head coach and add Conroy as an assistant.
  9. I don't understand why Quine was sent down instead of Jankowski. Quine is playing as well as Jankowski. If they send Jankowski down and keep Quine in the press box the Flames save a few bucks towards the cap. Jankowski can go work on his game. It's a win-win.
  10. Best wishes to TJ and his family. Get well soon.
  11. I don't think that was a sucker punch on Sherwood. He was poking at the goalie and should expect to be challenged. He has to ready in that situation. I think he took a dive trying to draw a penalty.
  12. I am glad the league suspended Lowry. That was a really dangerous hit. In another thread I asked if Lucic should have gone after Lowry. If the league is handing out suspensions like this, the Flames don't need to dish out vigilante justice.
  13. That was a bad hit on Killington and nobody on the Flames did anything about it. When the refs only call a two minute minor on a play like that the players probably need to take matters into their own hands. Should Lucic have gone after Lowry in the third period?
  14. I am late chiming in, but if I recall correctly, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle went to the AHL because of an NHL lockout. The AHL was the best league they could have played in while the NHL was shut down. That is a different situation than sending Bennett down after a relatively successful rookie season in the NHL. I used to think Bennett has to earn his opportunities. Now I realize how difficult it is to do a good job when you aren't allowed to make mistakes. Every time Bennett makes a mistake he seems to get bumped down the lineup or has his ice time cut. I'm sure it really hard for Bennett to relax/focus when he has no margin for error. Not a recipe for success. However, he really needs to cut out the bad penalties. There is no excuse for such a lack of discipline.
  15. The Flames have only played 6 games, so there is plenty of time to fix things. My concern is "how are they going to fix it?" Gaudreau and Tkachuk are scoring. Monahan and Lindholm have a little room for improvement. Maybe they can add a goal per game between the two of them? The other 8 forwards are contributing nothing. 4 points in 6 games. That is awful and leaves a lot of room for improvement. How much will they improve? Can they add a goal per game? This is where I am concerned. Obviously these guys aren't going to put up zeros every game, but they may put up zeros more often than not. It's not like they are generating many chances. I went to bed after the second period last night, but other than Backlund missing the net on a breakaway I don't remember much in the way of secondary scoring chances.
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