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  1. The Flames have only played 6 games, so there is plenty of time to fix things. My concern is "how are they going to fix it?" Gaudreau and Tkachuk are scoring. Monahan and Lindholm have a little room for improvement. Maybe they can add a goal per game between the two of them? The other 8 forwards are contributing nothing. 4 points in 6 games. That is awful and leaves a lot of room for improvement. How much will they improve? Can they add a goal per game? This is where I am concerned. Obviously these guys aren't going to put up zeros every game, but they may put up zeros more often than not. It's not like they are generating many chances. I went to bed after the second period last night, but other than Backlund missing the net on a breakaway I don't remember much in the way of secondary scoring chances.
  2. Am I the only person who doesn't see how Reider would improve the team? I hope I'm wrong, but he is another smallish forward with below average hands. Cheap two way contract, so maybe he ends up in the minors?
  3. I don't feel that the team has improved over the summer. It hasn't gotten worse, either. I expect a similar result to last year. A good regular season.
  4. If I was lucky enough to be in Tkachuk's shoes, I would be asking for as much money as I could get for the following reasons: 1. Being a pro athlete is hard on the body and careers can end at any time. You never truly know if you will get the chance to negotiate another big money contract. 2. Taking a discount to allow the team to sign better players, while altruistic, can be a huge risk. - Will the team sign better players, or will it spend money on free agents like James Neal and Troy Brouwer? - Will the team take advantage of their opportunities or will they roll over and die in the playoffs (like last year)? - Even if the GM is able to assemble a really good team because you left money on the table, that doesn't guarantee anything. Many things beyond the team's control have to go right for a team to win a Cup - no key injuries, the playoff bracket (i.e. the Leafs drawing the Bruins in the first round last year), running into a hot goaltender, etc.
  5. I made a few changes. I think Kylington and Mangiapane will make it and Bennett will have a long career in the NHL. I moved Rittich up a notch, but this is one I am less sure about. Can he stay healthy?
  6. The current US tv deal provides $200MM USD a year. The Canadian deal provides over $400MM cdn per year. The American deal is a ten year deal. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect the US deal to double, or get to $500MM, but adding an extra billion a year seams like a longshot.
  7. Best wishes to everyone. Get well soon!
  8. Good to hear that Lucic is seriously trying to improve on last year's nightmare season. Does Oates include power skating as part of his skills package? I remember reading somewhere that coaches felt Adam Oates was interfering with their team (watching Oates on hockey night in Canada, he seemed to have an off putting personality). I hope that is just a rumour, as I wouldn't want a fourth liner and his entourage to be a distraction in Calgary.
  9. Unfortunately, that is probably true. In today's NHL, I think grit is another word for hard working. Continuously doing the things that aren't fun...blocking shots, taking hits to make plays, back checking as hard as you forecheck, battling in front of both nets and standing up for team mates. While I think the Flames are lacking in some of this grit/work ethic, I also think there is also a size element to it. Most of the Flames forwards are small (Gaudreau, Ryan, Mangiapane, Czarnik, Dube), or they don't use their size to their advantage (Monahan, Jankowski, and to a lesser extent Backlund and Frolik). If I was a defenseman on another NHL team, I would look at the Flames roster and think "these guys can score a lot of goals, but I won't need any ice packs after the game."
  10. I was at that Somewhere Back in Time show at the Dome. It was a great time! Thanks for this post.
  11. That Sun cover page was a low point for Calgary sports. Not as low as this year's playoffs, but a definite low point.
  12. I can't pretend to like this trade. Are any of the players he fought in this youtube video still in the NHL? Lucic was in 12 fights as an oiler. 5 were against the Flames. That means he fought 7 times in 3 seasons outside of the battle of Alberta. So...he gets in a fight every 30 games or so, unless he is playing the Flames. Maybe nobody wants to fight him because they are really, really, really, really, really scared of him. Maybe nobody fights him because the NHL is moving away from fighting, and players no longer have to drop the gloves. Maybe most players fight less because they are smart enough to realize that repeated blows to the head cause brain trauma. Take your pick, but I believe fighting skills are still way over rated in today's NHL. Being able to fight is about as useful as being able to clear the puck over the glass in the D zone. I thought Neal was the worst player on the team last year, and I believe he had almost zero chance of improving in 2019-2020. I don't think the team will miss a beat without him. I also believe he has zero value on the trade market. So how toxic was Neal that the Flames felt they needed to make this trade to get rid of him? The team will be no better (or worse) with Lucic than with Neal. The only upside is saving $500k towards the salary cap. If that is enough to justify the trade, the Flames are in real trouble. If I am Matt Tkachuk, I am using Lucic's contract as a new starting point in negotiations. I scored 6x as many goals and 5.5x as many points. I have to be worth at least twice as much as this guy.
  13. Gaudreau doesn't have to be a tough guy. Maybe he just needs to stop screaming at and/or giving the refs the stink eye every single time someone gives him a slash. If just once he would cross the line (like Sid did when he chopped off that defensman's finger tip) he might make players think twice about testing him. You don't have to be big or strong to injure someone with a hockey stick - you just have to be willing to do it. I am not condoning a lord of the flies scenario, but if the refs are letting things slide he may have to take advantage of the relaxed officiating. I have been around for a while. A small player the Flames gave up on was Martin. St. Louis...we all know how that ended.
  14. Fault of the player for never, ever standing up for himself. Gaudreau has 88 pims in 5 seasons. He is obviously not here to take penalties, but that is only a minor every 9 games (I don't recall him ever taking a major or a misconduct). I don't question his drive, he seems to be super competitive. But, nobody thinks twice about taking shots at him because he rarely retaliates and he never initiates. If Gaudreau is taking slashes on the hands in a game that Colorado is leading 6-2 or 5-1, it might be time for him to start chopping wood. Colorado players (and players from other teams) might think twice about slashing Gaudreau if the Avs lost Landeskog for the rest of the playoffs because Johnny broke Gabby's hand. Monahan was nominated for the Lady Byng. That is an honour as an individual. Johnny is a prime candidate for the lady byng, except he is constantly whining to the refs. If your two best players (or two out of three if you feel Tkachuk belongs there) are pacifists, then you might want to surround them with some size/physicality. The nhl/referees obviously want the playoffs to be physical/chippy. Most other teams understand that. Are the Flames management like Justin Trudeau - naively leading the world to a better place at all costs? I am not in the camp for blowing up the team. I think they are close to making a long playoff run. However, they need to add a player or two with size (who can actually win a puck battle and crash the net), speed (not 4th line plugs) and who are physical (unlike Jankowski). Easier said than done, but I don't think the current roster can have success in April/May.
  15. I hope tampa bay feels like they had a Stanley Cup stolen from them by the referees.
  16. If the Avs are a dirty team the NHL is becoming a house league. A couple wacks on Gaudreau were the only things I saw that were cheap plays. The unfortunate thing is that the Flames do nothing more than whine to the refs. Gaudreau might want to invest in some better quality gloves, or he needs to start dishing it out. This team is pillow soft.
  17. I was unpopular earlier this year for saying that this team needs a first line centre to be a contender. The Flames proved me very wrong during the regular season, but the playoffs are showing that I wasn't way out in left field. I think they need a number 1 centre or a top end two way centre for the second number line next year. That would bump Backlund to the third line where he would be a really strong player.
  18. I think you may have coached me at some point.
  19. I get/agree with what you are saying except for the part about their inability to backcheck. The only thing preventing them from backchecking is effort.
  20. Hard pass on Kadri. No discipline and is too small for the role he tries to play. I haven't been a fan since he cost Canada a gold in the World Jr. Championships.
  21. I thought the Flames would be fighting for a wild card spot this year. I was really wrong. This turned out to be a really fun season. Go Flames Go!
  22. Landeskog played ~ the last 5 games of the season and scored a point a game. Seems to be reasonably healthy.
  23. Why is game 2 so late? I don't ever recall an 8:30 start at the Dome.
  24. Jaret Stoll refused to sign with the Flames and then re-entered the draft. He was coming from the WHL, but same idea.
  25. Fantenberg would get my vote. He is a third pairing guy that you barely notice - in a good way. He doesn't seem to make many mistakes and simply gets the job done. No drama. I think he has been a great pickup.
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