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  1. Gaudreau doesn't have to be a tough guy. Maybe he just needs to stop screaming at and/or giving the refs the stink eye every single time someone gives him a slash. If just once he would cross the line (like Sid did when he chopped off that defensman's finger tip) he might make players think twice about testing him. You don't have to be big or strong to injure someone with a hockey stick - you just have to be willing to do it. I am not condoning a lord of the flies scenario, but if the refs are letting things slide he may have to take advantage of the relaxed officiating. I have been around for a while. A small player the Flames gave up on was Martin. St. Louis...we all know how that ended.
  2. Fault of the player for never, ever standing up for himself. Gaudreau has 88 pims in 5 seasons. He is obviously not here to take penalties, but that is only a minor every 9 games (I don't recall him ever taking a major or a misconduct). I don't question his drive, he seems to be super competitive. But, nobody thinks twice about taking shots at him because he rarely retaliates and he never initiates. If Gaudreau is taking slashes on the hands in a game that Colorado is leading 6-2 or 5-1, it might be time for him to start chopping wood. Colorado players (and players from other teams) might think twice about slashing Gaudreau if the Avs lost Landeskog for the rest of the playoffs because Johnny broke Gabby's hand. Monahan was nominated for the Lady Byng. That is an honour as an individual. Johnny is a prime candidate for the lady byng, except he is constantly whining to the refs. If your two best players (or two out of three if you feel Tkachuk belongs there) are pacifists, then you might want to surround them with some size/physicality. The nhl/referees obviously want the playoffs to be physical/chippy. Most other teams understand that. Are the Flames management like Justin Trudeau - naively leading the world to a better place at all costs? I am not in the camp for blowing up the team. I think they are close to making a long playoff run. However, they need to add a player or two with size (who can actually win a puck battle and crash the net), speed (not 4th line plugs) and who are physical (unlike Jankowski). Easier said than done, but I don't think the current roster can have success in April/May.
  3. I hope tampa bay feels like they had a Stanley Cup stolen from them by the referees.
  4. If the Avs are a dirty team the NHL is becoming a house league. A couple wacks on Gaudreau were the only things I saw that were cheap plays. The unfortunate thing is that the Flames do nothing more than whine to the refs. Gaudreau might want to invest in some better quality gloves, or he needs to start dishing it out. This team is pillow soft.
  5. I was unpopular earlier this year for saying that this team needs a first line centre to be a contender. The Flames proved me very wrong during the regular season, but the playoffs are showing that I wasn't way out in left field. I think they need a number 1 centre or a top end two way centre for the second number line next year. That would bump Backlund to the third line where he would be a really strong player.
  6. I think you may have coached me at some point.
  7. I get/agree with what you are saying except for the part about their inability to backcheck. The only thing preventing them from backchecking is effort.
  8. Hard pass on Kadri. No discipline and is too small for the role he tries to play. I haven't been a fan since he cost Canada a gold in the World Jr. Championships.
  9. I thought the Flames would be fighting for a wild card spot this year. I was really wrong. This turned out to be a really fun season. Go Flames Go!
  10. Landeskog played ~ the last 5 games of the season and scored a point a game. Seems to be reasonably healthy.
  11. Why is game 2 so late? I don't ever recall an 8:30 start at the Dome.
  12. Jaret Stoll refused to sign with the Flames and then re-entered the draft. He was coming from the WHL, but same idea.
  13. Fantenberg would get my vote. He is a third pairing guy that you barely notice - in a good way. He doesn't seem to make many mistakes and simply gets the job done. No drama. I think he has been a great pickup.
  14. Fox was drafted in the third round in 2016. Only two players drafted in that round have played more than one game. These are generally marginal players. Not anything to get too excited about. Besides, this loophole is open to pretty much everyone. Nobody forced these kids to play in the CHL. Anyone good enough to be drafted in the higher rounds would have been good enough to get a scholarship to a US college
  15. What about my other point? If you are targeting a handful of teams at draft, as a player, why not be forthcoming? A team wastes a pick on you, so you can tuck it away as a, "last resort". As I said earlier, the appearance is deceit I see your point, but what's to say the team would listen? It's an extreme example, but Quebec still drafted Lindros. Sports and the military are the only careers where your employer owns you. Opting out of that system doesn't bother me.
  16. I have no problem with a guy looking for a fight after he is hit. Weegar didn't like the hit so he did something about it. Byron could have declined. Usually small guys are left alone if they mind their own business. If small guys want to run around throwing big hits they have to expect retaliation from bigger players. I do agree that the slashes on the hand have gotten out of control. It has become a way for plugs to even the playing field against skilled players. The officiating is ridiculous. If a slash hits a stick and makes a noise it is a two minute minor. If a slash hits a player on the hands (and makes no noise) there is no call. It's a joke.
  17. Looking at it from the other side, without a contract any investment the team makes is more like a donation. As in business, if someone makes you an offer you don't like, you aren't obligated to accept it. Further, NHL teams aren't known for their loyalty. Players are traded all the time, teams make lowball offers to RFAs all the time, contracts are bought out all the time, guys are burried in the minors, etc.
  18. I can understand staying in college over going to the minors. Playing hockey while going to college would probably be a lot of fun. King of the campus situation. Guys in the AHL don't make a pile of money and wouldn't ever be able to save up enough money to pay for an ivy league education (for example). The bus travel probably sucks. Most of the teams aren't located in tourist hot spots. I would be surprised if many players would choose college over a guaranteed NHL spot, but what team has ever offered that? Entry level contracts are all two way.
  19. I'm sure he will, but is there a rule saying Neal has to draw back in? Is he a better offensive option than anyone he replaces? Not based on this season. Is he a faster than anyone he would replace? No. Kill penalties? No. Bigger/stronger? Sure. Here's hoping he turns his season around.
  20. Since it is written, it would technically be libel. However, since there is probably no way to prove hockey players are more or less intelligent than other athletes, this likely wouldn't even qualify as libel. Plus, pro hockey players are celebrities which likely nullifies any claim of libel.
  21. I don't want to dump on Smid because he was an honest player, but I don't think it is fair to say he didn't pan out in Calgary. He came as advertised - a shot blocking hard nosed dman. No more, no less. Unfortunately, the Flames traded a future NHL calibre backup goaltender for a replacement level stay at home defenseman in the midst of a five year playoff drought. Broissoit may never have developed in Calgary, but like almost all of the Flames prospects of that era, he was never given a real chance. The Smid trade was one in a long line of veteran acquisitions that stunted development of almost all of the Flames' prospects for close to a decade.
  22. I thought that was a bad trade from day 1. Not because they lost Broissoit, but because they brought in Smid. He was a second or third pairing dman that played up the depth chart in Edmonton because they had a week d core. Broissoit turned out to be a descent goalie. Smid turned out to be a high paid, slower skating, stay at home dman with not much offensive upside. Not a Gilmour for Leeman level trade, by any means, but the Flames got taken for a ride by Craig McTavish. Ouch.
  23. Sad news. RIP.
  24. Sportsnet is airing the jersey retirement at 6:30 MST according to my shaw cable box.
  25. You're right. I must have been thinking of last year. I knew the Flames were garbage in shootouts, but that stat is embarrassing. Neal is now 0-3. Time to give someone else a chance.
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