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  1. I agree with what Don said, I'm just denoting the humourous way in which people always interpret GMs' comments.
  2. See, if you an NHL GM, then your response would interpreted in the following way: - Does not list Suter; obviously going to acquire him. - Does not explicitly say Luongo won't be traded for Lecavalier; obviously Tampa needs a goalie, etc. Need I continue?
  3. Injuries are so bad, it would be embarrassing for the Oilers not beat us tonight. That said, the Flames will win. :) GFG

    1. UnrefinedCrude


      wait... you think the Flames have more injuries?

    2. kutarna


      Good point, injuries (as always) have hit the Oil pretty bad.

    3. sollostyles


      Uh yeah as much as I hate the coilers they are decimated by injuries again !

  4. Some people wonder why Vancouver;s 4th line is always changing. The answer is here.
  5. It's quite surprising that the net didn't come off the moorings. I guess he got pushed just right to go on top.
  6. DL, please take this bet. It might clear up some of the discussions we attempt to have around here.
  7. You could say he's right; they didn't score at exactly a point per game pace. They scored higher than that.
  8. Gotta love the media in Vancouver. I've never seen a team respond so directly to an article in the media. Basically, the Vancouver Province published an editorial saying that the Canucks should trade Luongo for Lecavalier, straight up (sounds like a pretty dumb trade to me). Gillis got pretty upset and fired back. It's been back and forth. Pass it to Bulis has a pretty funny account of it all (here is the link). Lol. Please make this trade, just to make this even more funny.
  9. I wasn't sure where to post this, but its hilarious! Is that not the greatest face ever?
  10. LOLOLOLOL Erixon got cut! Leave one team because you won't make the cut? Get cut by another team. :D This makes my day!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lil_Reaper


      Yeah I'm pretty amused myself. I hate that little traitor.

    3. Demonous_Xodus
    4. DarthHenning


      Serves him right.

  11. I went to school with #67's sisters, is that the insight you're looking for? Kosterman is ~ 6' 4", a defenseman who isn't flashy and seems to understand the defensive side of the game well. He's average size and isn't considered a threat offensively at the moment. However, he hasn't really been used in a role where he could show is offense. Scouts picked his as being effective in a mobile d-man role with above-average IQ and average physical tools. Skating needs some work; one of the reasons he wasn't drafted late (or at all) as was predicted he would. He was ~150th of the North American skaters.
  12. Well, there aren't many Flames stores in Vancouver, where I currently reside. (Please forgive me? )
  13. Maybe this is a little OT but it is a funny story nonetheless: On the weekend, I was at the Canucks team store. They have a shelf full of these foam hands, with one finger pointing. I had to alert the staff. "The merchandise must have been damaged; the hands are all missing a finger!" said I, "Everyone knows they finished SECOND!" They didn't like that very much...
  14. Interesting, I was always kind of confused by that. Thanks.
  15. Does cap space accumulate? I was under the impression that teams have to be cap-compliant every day and at the end of the season. (?)
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