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  1. I posted a little tid bit about Cammalleri on the Darryl Sutter thread and didn't really get any response. I'm still wondering if I'm alone in my thinking; do you think Cammalleri is worth his $6M cap hit?

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    2. Flame111


      I totally agree, I called letting Cammy walk the right decision from the beginning. Not that he isn't a good player but he isn't worth 6 mill. Where's your thread ?

    3. kutarna


      I posted in the Darryl Sutter thread a few days ago, just thought I'd give the ex-GM props for making the right call IMO.

    4. Flame111


      Lets start a new thread on Cammy - we certainly heard enough people yapping about re-signing him. I never thought he was worth that money. I missed your comment - certainly would like to comment on it but I think it deserves its own thread on Cammy - we have a post Neuf thread...

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