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    Avs fan from Berlin, Germany. Decorated hockey author for the german Wikipedia.

    My following articles have been awarded "featured" or "excellent" status at the german wikipedia:

    Ryan Ellis
    Peter Forsberg
    Paul Kariya
    Howie Morenz
    Bobby Orr
    Bud Poile
    Joe Sakic
  1. Javris pls

    You kuldnt be mor wrogn


  2. Dolan isn't funny.

  3. Dolan isn't funny.

  4. thanks buddy, what was the first one? I saw the last one with the Rock.

  5. Ha, you made me post two applause gifs this week. I don't always post them, but when I do, I really lol'd IRL. Good job...

  6. Hahaha well Keanu's a pretty good looking dude, so I'll take that as a compliment :P

  7. Ha! You look a bit like Conspiracy Keanu. :D

  8. Plus one in your face!

    Seriously, you've earned a few from me of late. Nice work. You're no el peppero though!

  9. Happy Birthday ;)

  10. One of the most pleasent users here. :) 5 zech stars for you ;)

  11. Haha thanks... I guess :>

  12. Ok, now you're killing me with the Hunwick stuff! 5 spoon stars for you!

  13. A man called Jarvis ;)

  14. Who's that guy on your avatar? :>