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  1. I hate the NHL player safety and the league officials . . . period. Elbowing is a 2 minute penalty; so is slashing. So, when Tkachuk elbows Doughty he is open for supplemental discipline. Fine, great - I understand that. However, Doughty never missed a shift. So, why when Gaudreau was slashed (predatory slash at that), was the Wild player not also held accountable to supplemental discipline? I am so confused as to when and why the league will step in and handout supplemental discipline. Another interesting thing, the elbow by Tkachuk was missed by the refs, but not by the players on the ice as they went after Tkachuk after the whistle. How does Tkachuk take a roughing penalty from the scrum after the whistle when he was on the ice getting hit by the Kings players?
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