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  1. Ummm.... Backlund played in the CHL for two months, Hodgson played for the entire season..... that's why Hodgson is the CHL player of the year (shouldn't it be Tavares?)
  2. Of course I can compare Butcher to Backlund, there's a huge difference between the calibre of play between those two players... The gap between Hodgson and Backlund however is so small that it's very hard to compare the two.... basically the only way you can is by playing them in the NHL
  3. Well frankly we can't compare Hodgson to Backlund until they see some NHL minutes. Both of these players have dominated in the junior leagues, which is typical for most stars (ie Crosby, Tavares, Malkin, etc.) Sorry but until both of them have proven themselves in the NHL, I can't compare them
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