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  1. I am writing to say that I agree this team needs to have a change before they will get any better and it is not trading any of the players, if you watch the games that they have been playing and watch the bench while the play is going on no one is connected to the Game in progress....totally disconnected. Sloppy passes and line changes on the ice and kipper needs to go back to goalie school...he has real problems in breakaway situations and the shoot out. any other time the defense has let him down he needs to lay right into his defensive players that mess up in front of him. Look at Montreal going down hill fast then the famous fight between two Montreal players during Practice and bounce back because they have passion again. When the pressure is on Kipper is great because his blood is flowing and adrenaline is up, he is engaged but the other players have no respect for the people that they are playing for you can see it on their faces. You need someone to stand up for this team both off the ice and on the ice some one please start playing like that C on your chest means something.I meant the Calgary emblem not Iggy's C but that should be addressed as well Iggy needs to learn a new role within this team as his age is catching up with him and when his feet are not moving the pucks don't either. I have been a Flames fan since they came from Atlanta and this absolutely makes me ill to see them play this badly..we can beat The Canucks but loose to the Bruins...in an absolutely embarrising showing, I know 7 rookies in the line up with all of the injuries and Bourkes suspension( again) but still no excuse...that was pathetic showed no pride at all. You would think that with all of them rookies one or two would take the initiative to show they really want to be in the NHL and deserve to be here. Seems to me the players have mixed signals let the players play and not worry about the other crap. Brent it is your J.O.B to instill the motivation to get the players to play the way you want and this seems like it will be the third year in a row they just do not so either you change or Leave. , I agree when Daryl was here there was a bit of a conflict and caused the drama off ice that hung over there heads like a menacing cloud of doom but that is gone now and yet they and everyone else still seems to blame him for the crap they call hockey today a year later...give me a break. It is a Sutters fault but NOT Daryls's he is a great coach the main mistake he made was going to the GM spot he is an amazing coach as LA is realizing and benefiting from now.
  2. I have to agree with Erizon ..Look at L.IRVING WE DRAFTED HIN 1ST ROUND A FEW YEARS AGO and he is a very good goalie that is playing very well i.....n the minors and has never had a chance at the NHL level....why? I know we need to develope these players at a level that is not as rough and tough as the NHL and is abit slower in the juniour league but that being said they are professionals and need to be given the option to attempt to fit in and if they can not, then go back to the minors for a bit. We need to start worrying about the issue in our faces the Main team the Flames and the other pieces will fall into place. With proper planning the future will be about nothing but the young guys we have now but they need to feel like they actually have a chance to play in the big league. Or they will want to leave also. We need to stay focused on devolping our system but not at the expense of our team now...hard thing to balance I am sure but not impossible. No reason why Kipper needs to play that many games at all at the end of the year when we require our Top Goalie to be on his game he is to tired to perform and our younger players (L.Irving ) for example are not experienced enough at this level mix it up throughout the year. That is with all positions . Hope this year is more about the young players and getting them some real ice time as we have seen the older guys don't seem to have what it takes..two straight years and no playoffs.. What can it hurt..sucks is sucks.
  3. Hey, Calgary Flames you know there is a position on the team called `DEFENSE`you might of heard of it a long time ago.

    Also stop trading away all of our good players,I.E Gilmour,sorry will try to stay more recent..lol Gelinas, Lombardi, Camellarie,Hamerlik,Drury and Ference .

    Why are you content with poor effort from the big salaried players while the young guns just 3rd of 4th lines ...

  4. I have been a Calgary Flames fan since they were in Atlanta...that is a long FN time.

    All I would like is the same as every other Fan out there would like for this team...A Cup...

    If the situation that is as of now Dec 26th 2010 stay the same will never happen.

    We need leadership in the administration as well as in the locker room.

    Not saying to make any trades, Just people ...

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